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          She was supposed to meet someone she’d be working with on her next job and, as someone already told her before ‘get to know her coworkers’. Emi almost never did that kind of thing while working as a model but it wasn’t exactly bad. She had no idea who that person was but still, the girl put up one of her cutest dresses and waited on the agency’s lounge.

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She pressed her head against her palm, tapping her fingers against her cheeks as she watched that monkey man walk toward her (or, rather, toward the kitchen, that’s what he was really after), looking sweaty from a day of training. That’s all he really did, damn it. All he ever did. 

You’d think after kicking her ex to the side and getting knocked up by this guy would make him straighten himself out a little. No, she should have known better. But she could at least yell at him for not paying constant, undying attention to her, couldn’t she?

“Vegeta, who said it’s time to eat yet? I’m not your slave, you know. You should eat when I decide to make the food.”



The Whatsonstage Awards are the only awards in the UK voted for by theatregoers and this year Tom Hiddleston, as well as other members of the cast and crew of the Donmar Warehouse’s Coriolanus are shortlisted for the awards.

Coriolanus is shortlisted in the following categories:
Best Actor in a Play- Tom Hiddleston
Best Supporting Actor in a Play- Hadley Fraser and Mark Gatiss
Best Supporting Actress in a Play- Deborah Findlay
Best Lighting Design- Mark Henderson
Best Revival of a Play- Coriolanus

This is your chance to show the cast and crew of Coriolanus your support where they missed out this year at the Oliviers.

An incredible production that deserves recognition, please vote here - note you can only vote once per email address and per browser. For example, open Google Chrome and vote using one email address then open Safari and use another, etc, etc.

Voting is open until 31st January before the awards ceremony (which tickets will be available for) on February 15th.

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Savannah waited. She waited for dad to come back. He told her to wait shivering on the side of a playground. He didn’t say how long he would be gone but it had now been 3 hours. He had never taken to the playground before so she didn’t want to disobey him so they could come back one day. The snow on the ground was soaking through her thin pants. Her bare arms were almost purple but she still waited.