your child seems perfectly fine to me

Alex Nylander- Wait....what?

Request:  Hey so I know this is kinda crazy but one of my friends just had a baby but didn’t know she was pregnant until she was in labor. It was insane. But baby and mama are perfectly healthy and he is a beautiful little boy :) So I was kind of wondering if you could do an imagine based on this? Maybe with Freddie, Auston, Willy, or maybe Alex Nylander! Thank you love you so much!! If not I totally understand and still love you 💗💗

Author note: of course! sorry it took so long. Hope you like it! Glad to hear that they are both okay.

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I had missed my period for months at a time since I got it. So when I didn’t have it for a while. It wasn’t anything new. So, I brushed it off.

Though I got back pains and cramps, I brushed it off too, thinking it was just PMS, which I still got even when I didn’t have my period. I was gaining weight but didn’t pay mind to it. I mean it was probably just water weight.

Tonight, Alex had his first game with the Sabres as a signed NHL player. I stayed home because I got sick this morning.

Alex had asked my best friend to keep an eye on me.

As I was walking from the kitchen to the living room I suddenly felt a wetness go down my legs. Then I get the worst cramp of my life. I fell to the ground clutching my stomach. Tears falling down my face.

“Are you okay?!” My best friend asks as she rushes over to me. The phone already open so she could call 9-1-1.

“I’m gonna call an ambulance.” She says. I let out another cry as the pain comes back a few minutes after the other one. Leaving me breathless.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?!” She exclaims after she got off the phone with 9-1-1.

“Cause I’m not!” I exclaim back as another pain hits me.

“Yes you are. The ambulance is on its way.” She says sitting next to me.

“Call Alex.” I say wincing as the pain was lingering.

“Okay,” she says then we both hear the sound of an ambulance. She quickly rushes to the door. She soon comes back followed by the paramedics.

“Ma'am, we are going to put you on the stretcher. Okay?” The paramedic asks. I see my best friend on the phone with who I presume to be one of Alex’s training staff.

Soon after I was being rushed through the hospital to the pregnancy ward. Which still confused me. I couldn’t be pregnant. He’s gonna hate me. we arent married and Alex and I are so young. We were careful. He’s gonna be so upse-.

My thoughts are cut off by an extremely bad pain in my lower stomach, sons after followed by another. The pain was getting worse. The tears were still streaming down my face. They put me in a room and hooked me up to an IV and some other machines.

I was scared and all I wanted was Alex. I didn’t know what was going on.

“(Y/N)!!” I heard a familiar voice yell, as I heard foot steps running down the hallway. Alex was half dressed only covered by his under armor. His hair sticking to his head.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He rushes out as he sees me laying on the hospital bed. Tears and sweat covering my face.

“I don’t know.” I choke out. He grabs my hand and stands by the bed.

“Mrs. (Y/l/n)?” The doctor asks while entering the room a chart in his hand.

“What wrong? Is she okay?” Alex rushes, his eyes full of fear.

“Yes, she is perfectly fine, so is your child.” The doctor says.

“Wait…what?” Alex asks looking between me and the doctor.

“You wife her is pregnant sir.”

“You didn’t tell me.” He says looking at me with hurt in his eyes ignoring that the doctor called me his wife.

“I didn’t know either.” I reply followed by a blood curtailing scream, caused from the pain that seems to become more constant.

“We are going to move you into the birthing room.” The doctor says typing something into his pager. Soon after, nurses rushed in, handing Alex, a hair cap, gown, and a face mask, as well as shoe cover things.

As I get rushed off Alex is putting the things on as he follows me. Never once leaving my side.

After they get me situated in stur-ups, they tell me it’s time to push. The pain just keeps intensifying. Alex holds my hand the whole time. Talking to me calmly through the whole thing.

After six hours Alex is holding our son, tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He soon after hands him to me.

“What do you want to name him?” Alex asks.

“You pick.” I tell him.

“You pick the middle name?” He asks, sitting next to me on the bed, his arm wrapping around me, his hand creasing our sons cheek.

“Okay, what’s his first name?”

“William.” Alex responds a smile on his face.

“What his middle name?” Alex asks

“Maximilian Alexander junior” I reply with a smile. While looking down at our son. 

“William Maximilian Alexander Junior Nylander. I like the sound of that.” I reply with a smile.

“You know (y/f/n) (y/m/n) Nylander sounds really good too.” he says pulling a ring out of his shorts pocket, a smile covering his face.

“You gonna ask or just sit there holding a ring?” I tease him.

“Will you marry me?” He asks with a light chuckle.

“Hmmm….yes” I reply jokingly thinking. Alex kisses me, sliding the ring on my finger.

“You should probably tell Willy.” I tell him.

“Already did.” He smiles kissing me again.

Though our son was unexpected, he truly was one of the greatest surprises of all time….

Campbell Science is the Place for Me and You

A Camp Camp/Portal AU (Portal Portal) Fic.

3: This hurts you as much as me.

Max has an unfortunate encounter with his friendly tester. It doesn’t go well.

@portalportalau (remember that one anon who said they put David’s speech in their fic bc that was me and this is the chapter it’s in so here u go)

Previous chapter -:- Next chapter


Warnings: Swearing, violence (?), angry David


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You try to leave

AN: So, this is my first written imagine, like not fake text or whatever and Idk what will it end up being like, plus I’m really tired and overwhelmed today lots happening, so just bare with my ass, okay? It contains “strong” language so if you’re not comfortable with that don’t read please, I won’t take crap about stupid thing like that, thanks :)

Request: Hey, idk if you do real written imagnes but if you do can you please do an imagine where yn and justin are married but she decides to leave one night because of a lot of things that were piling up?  but he tries to stop her? you can decide if she leaves or not lol, thank youu

Word count: Shit loads, more than I’ve ever written in my life probably but wrote it directly here on tumblr and this shit doesn’t show numbers (or I’m stupid which is likely too)

Y/n’s POV

Justin and I have been married for two years now. We have a beautiful baby girl together and everything seemed to be perfect until few weeks ago, people who were really bad influence on him came back into his life. And for some stupid reason, he let them like he didn’t recall all the shit they did to him. He came back from touring just a month ago and even thought he knows how much both Adeline and I have missed him, he doesn’t seem to care too much. He was out again tonight and I really wouldn’t have a problem with it if it wasn’t the fourth night this week. Plus, Adeline hasn’t been feeling too well so she has been awfully hard to deal with. I knew that I was marrying a superstar but I never thought things would be like this. There is even shit loads of articles that are saying he is cheating on me and if he hasn’t been acting like this lately, I would brush them off like I did for the past four years, but now I really don’t know what to believe. It makes me feel so insecure, bad and boarder line stupid as hell. I’m here taking care of this huge, empty house and our daughter and this is what I get in return? I scrolled through instagram and saw a picture of him and unknown girl posing together and I really don’t know what came over me, but the next thing I now, I’m packing Adeline’S and my bags trying to leave this house. 

When I was done with hers, I went to our bedroom and started with mine. I heard some noise but I thought I left the TV on, so I didn’t pay much attention. I finally had the necessities packed so I walked back to my daughters room to get her when I saw Justin closing her door. He smiled for a second but then saw the bag on my shoulder and his face changed expression. 

“What is that?” He asks confused, walking slowly towards me.

“A fucking bag, as you can probably see,” I answered rudely, trying to go pass him and into Adeline’s room. 

“Y/n what are you doing?” He stopped me once again, taking my hand into his. 

“I’m leaving Justin and I want my child, so please move,” 

“Hell I am. What the fuck are you doing, what happened? Did I do something?” He seemed mad for a split second but then his face just turned completely confused. 

“Are you fucking serious? You’ve been home for a month and you’ve spent two days with our child and I. You’ve been out with people who screwed you over and leaving me, the only fucking person that stood strong my you through everything you did, to take care of our sick child on my own while you get drunk and party with other girls. So yes, you fucking did do something dumbass,” I whisper-scream, not wanting to wake Adeline up since it took me two and a half hours to put her to bed. 

Justin’s face changed so many expressions in next few seconds that it was hard to keep track. 

“You.. We’r.. I don’t understand anything,” His hand went through his hair, frustration taking over him. 

“Figured you were fucking clueless,” I tried going pass him one more time, but he grabbed me and pulled me back to our bedroom. 

“Y/n, you are not leaving and you sure as hell aren’t taking my child with you. Are you fucking insane?” His eyes were a little glossy and it honestly surprised you because he sure as hell didn’t seem to have emotions lately. He came closer to me once again and cupped me face with his soft, warm hands. 

“I love you, baby. I love you and I love our daughter to death and I’m so sorry if I made it seem like I didn’t. You and Adeline seemed to be working perfectly fine without me while I was away and you learned to take care of everything on your own, my mom I still so distant, my father has been all about his new girlfriend and I felt so alone that I just turned back to the people I knew would take me because I have money. Everyone I love seemed to be okay without me and me being away almost excluded me from everything that is happening in Bieber family. I’ve talked to my mom once since I’ve been back and it was only because I answered your phone, whatever I try to do for Adeline you already did it or need to do it again after me because I suck. My worst fears of my loved ones not needing me are coming true baby and it hurts me so bad, I’m so lost and I’m so sorry. But you are my world, always have been always will be so please don’t leave me and please don’t take my princess with you,” He was sobbing at this point and it was very hard for him to speak so he just took a deep breath and silenced himself. 

I have never felt more terrible in my life. I made my husband, my best friend, father of my child, my rock and the love of my life to feel like I don’t need him. Like my child doesn’t need him, like we’re good without him around.

“Justin,” I took a deep breath and tried to collect myself. “I’m so sorry that I’ve made you feel like Adeline and I don’t need you. We need you, we need you so bad but I guess I just got used to having to do this on my own. She is 8 months old and we’ve been on our own for 5 of those, and I’m not blaming you by any means because I know that you do everything you do for the two of us and for your family but some things are a routine by now. Your mom loves you but she is also so scared and blames herself for what you did and thinks she did something wrong in raising you. But trust me when I say it that she loves you and needs you just like Adeline and I do and I’m so sorry that all of us made you feel different. And I’m sorry I tried to leave when you weren’t here like a fucking coward. I love you,” 

We were both sobbing messes at this point, and I don’t even know how much time did we spend just standing in the middle of our bedroom, that damn bag still on my back, one of his hands on my waist and the other one holding my head close on his chest. 

We have gone through so much together, we got married and had child but I’ve never felt closer to him than at that given moment. 

“I love you so much babygirl, always and forever,” He mumbled into my neck bringing me closer if it was even possible. 

I Love To Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


There was a clear look of apprehension on Tatiana’s face when Loki and Alexandra told her their news ten days later when the baby moved in a way that prevented her from hiding it any longer, Eoin, on the other hand, was ecstatic for his daughter and son-in-law. That evening, when he and Loki had met to discuss an issue regarding Alfheim, he brought up the topic again.

“I have prayed, since the day we knew of her, that Alexandra would make it, and when she did, that she would not be inflicted with whatever curse befell her mother and I.” he stated.

“She told me of your troubles.” Loki solemnly, “I am sorry for the loss you have shared.”

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Things She Didn't Need to Know

Prompt: Their child gets kidnapped
Submitted by: anon
Setting: Post-series Konoha
Pairing: SS

Summary: Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter receives an untimely history lesson. 

The task of the shinobi group prowling outside the Uchiha complex should have been simple. They were to capture the heir and hold him or her in the Cloud until their demands were satisfied. However, no one had told them that Uchiha Sasuke sired three children.

The Kumo nin had spent the past few minutes peering through each child’s window trying to make a decision.

“Just pick one!” The yellow eyed woman hissed.

“But which one?” A man with white hair replied.

“It doesn’t matter,” annoy her man replied. “Hell, take all of them!”

“But we only need one. They’re still kids after all-”

Just then, the window they were congregated outside of shot open. A girl of about eight with shoulder length raven hair and emerald eyes glowered at them.

“Shinobi should honestly be stealthier,” the girl admonished, clearly unamused. She glanced at their headbands - Kumo - and remembered that her academy sensei said they were allies. “Are you lost? The embassy isn’t too far from here.”

The ninjas exchanged a glance. She almost made them not want to go through with it. Almost.

In a split second, a lightning infused net was launched into the window. Gasping, Setsuna leapt to the side and made a dash for the kunai she kept underneath her pillow.

Before she made it a cold hand wrapped around her ankle, causing her to crash into the floor. Almost at once, she could feel the bruises beginning to form on her fair skin.

She kicked the offending arm away and started making a hand seal. “Katon: gokakyuu no jutsu!”

When the ninjas walked through her fireball as though it were refreshing mist, the small Uchiha knew she was in over her head.

“Excellent,” the woman snarked, smirking down at her. “We found the genius.”

Setsuna inhaled deeply to scream only to have a large hand clamped over her mouth. She bit the hand until she tasted liquid copper but the trained shinobi wouldn’t release his hold.

“Tough kid,” the man commented before swiftly chopping her neck to knock her out.

Then, as quickly as they came, the band of shinobi tore off into the night with their prize in tow.

On the other side of the spacious Uchiha residence, Sasuke shot up in bed.

“What?” Sakura grumbled, roused by his sudden movement. The kunoichi rubbed her eyes blearily and glanced at the clock. It was three thirty-seven in the morning. Absolutely nothing should be awake at such a time, especially not the head medic at a very busy hospital.

“Someone’s in here,” Sasuke said decisively, mangekyo already activated and spinning wildly.

Sakura sighed, exhausted, and pressed a pillow against her face. She went through this far too often. “You were dreaming,” she yawned. “Go back to sleep, Sasuke-kun.”

Completely undeterred, the jounin left the room with his kusanagi sword to survey the rest of the house.

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anonymous asked:

If your mental illness is really that bad, please get off of Tumblr and go to a fucking doctor, seriously. I suffer from severe depression, and I live a perfectly normal life (minus the suicidal thoughts). From what it seems, you are perfectly fine, you are just a serious attention whore, and self diagnosing yourself doesn't count. (Seriously, your a middle class white girl, get over it.)

okay you literally know absolutely nothing about me.
1. not middle class by any means. I have been poor all my life, both of my parents have lived off of foodstamps and state issued assistance since I was a child. you know what that state issued assistance means? I had a medical card! you know what that means? when I turned 19 I was dropped from the program! that means no doctor! and even IF I were middle class, the amount of money somebody has typically does not correspond with their mental health status.
2. the majority of things that are wrong with me are NOT self dxed, not that that even matters! why do you hate poor people? there was a point in 2014 when my dad (who can barely afford groceries half the time because he stopped getting foodstamps) was driving me 30+ miles to the next town over to see a psychologist. do you know how we paid for that? we didn’t! Kansas has a special mental health help grant program!! guess where I don’t live anymore!! .
3. you come onto my blog and you take the fucking time out of your day to tell me that you have a mental illness and a “normal” life. starting with your dedication to harassing a stranger: wtf?? and your idea of normal?? you mean… the social idea of normal? wtf?? to me my life is normal.
4. I don’t know how you think I’m being attention seeking when I was literally only answering the asks I got unprovoked. look at yours. I didn’t seek this attention by any means, you just gave it to me!! and you know instead of blatantly bullying somebody you don’t fucking know here’s an idea: unfollow them. unfortunately, you won’t have the chance to unfollow me because you’re being blocked, goodbye.

Zig and Zag

Kurt surprises them both by wanting a baby first. He’s not above hinting or scheming to get Blaine on board. PG-13. On AO3 here

Kurt surprises them both by wanting a baby first. It starts with nudges and hints. It’s Kurt cooing at babies in the park and making Blaine look so often that Blaine turns it into a game to see if he can spot the baby before Kurt does.  Kurt wants Blaine to look at cute baby clothes. He wants to design cute baby clothes. He wants Blaine to talk to him about the cute baby to put in the clothes. It’s cute and baffling.

It turns into outright pleading and flattery.

It’s the post-coital babbling of, “You’re going to be such a hot dad,” while Kurt presses kisses to every inch of skin he can reach. Blaine’s first thought is to wonder what’s wrong with him now, unguarded and open to Kurt’s scrutiny, that makes Kurt think about what he’ll be like when he’s so much older. His fingers fly to his own face. Kurt laughs and kisses there too.

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