your chemistry was insane

Okay, now that I’ve finished Luke Cage, I have thoughts on the upcoming love triangles and by love triangles, I mean the one between Matt/Claire/Luke/Jessica (I guess a love quad). I was bummed out about what developed between Luke&Claire. I LOVE Matt & Claire and Luke & Jessica together. But I feel like people are underestimating the relationship between Matt & Claire and that it can be something that can change things. These two have a history. You never forget your “first superhero.” Everyone knows their chemistry is insane. They could have had something but Claire stopped it before it could, because she was afraid, because she didn’t want to go down THAT path, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped caring for him and vice versa. I think with her being around Luke, it will help her understand Matt more than she wanted to let herself before. And that opens up a can of worms. Matt himself has been pretty busy between Karen & Elektra, but he hasnt stopped caring for Claire either. I think his can will be opened once he sees Claire & Luke together. It will make him wonder “Why wouldn’t she fight with me and she would with him?” Claire Is going to be a big part of The Defenders and she will likely find herself between Luke & Matt alot, just as Luke will find himself between Claire & Jessica, a woman he has his own complicated history with. It’s definitely going to be interesting. Don’t rule out Matt & Claire!

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