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Big Bang: PDA

G-Dragon: despite all his swagger and ‘tough guy’ looks on stage, we all know he’s a little dork and a ball of fluff. He’d be too shy at first in your relationship to really do anything in public that you might be uncomfortable with. Like he’ll kinda just make sure you’re always in close proximity to him and he’d keep an eye on you constantly. Eventually you’d both get more comfortable around each other ofc and skinship would come naturally. Forehead kisses and light squeezes on your arms and slinging an arm around your shoulder would be the most he’d show in public.

T.O.P: lmao he’s a weirdo and a freaky one at that. Over time he won’t care about being affectionate with you in public, people can say whatever they want and he won’t pay them any mind. So needless to say, he’ll shower you with love despite being in front of people. But it’s esp when he’s feeling jealous or extra cuddly that he’ll actually kiss you fully on the lips and trap you in a tight embrace- randomly and out of nowhere. Then he’d have a goofy smile on his face when pulling away, so happy that you love him enough to let him be weird around you.

Taeyang: Yongbae is an all around cuddly bear and all he wants is just to have you close to him, holding his hand. He doesn’t want any more than that, even though he doesn’t really care about your relationship being public or private, he still wants to be low key for the most part. He’s content enough just to hold your smaller hands in his bigger ones and rub his thumb gently over your knuckles. Sometimes he’d hum in your ear and place his chin on your shoulder if there aren’t too many people watching.

Daesung: he’s so wild and loud while in public with you lol he can’t help it, you bring out his kid side when he’s around you. Holding your hand in his, swinging them back and forth and skipping over to an ice cream store is just another Friday night. He’ll gasp and jump up and down when he hears one of his favorite songs and instantly pulls you into his arms and sway along with you, enjoying the music. You can always find his arm wrapped around you, and he’d lean in and kiss your cheek every so often.

Senguri: omg I’d love to go out in public with him bc he’d be so fun and you’d have a blast with this goofball. Like Daesung, he’ll also be loud and very childlike with you- more so than he already is. He loves showing you off like, ‘yeah, this is my amazing gf and aren’t you jealous that she’s with me and not with you? Isn’t she so pretty? Isn’t she amazing?’ So smug about the fact that you’re all his, so his hands would be all over you if you let him. He’d booty bump you whenever you tease him and let out a loud laugh whenever you put a stop to his advances.

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RFA + minor trio please~ I don't admit this very often, but I'm a pretty casual cusser, so their reactions the first time they hear MC curse? Thank you~!

omg i love that you’re using “the minor trio” it just struck me at like 2 am and i thought it was adorable way to refer to the “desperately needs a route” club

okay okay I love this request here we go this got a bit goofier than i intended but w/e


  • what
  • but
  • princesses don’t swear!!!!
  • (well THIS PRINCESS DOES BUDDY [or prince or royal or whatever term of endearment u prefer])
  • You will wear your crown of profanity and rule over your trash kingdom in peace okay
  • Honestly Zen thinks it’s pretty sexy
  • Like every part of you is cute!!!
  • But when you swear it’s like
  • He’s imagining you as a biker chick or something. SO TOUGH. SO COOL.
  • Sometimes he tickles you and you swear at him and he’s just so delighted
  • he can never take it seriously though
  • unless you’re really mad at him
  • then he takes it really seriously.
  • He swears with you sometimes when you’re watching exciting things on TV. (like sports. and emotional dramas. and high-tension cooking shows.)


  • this precious little chick could never swear when his mom was around
  • never
  • n e v e r
  • it is now this super guilty forbidden pleasure so when he hears you just casually go “Ugh, fuck this shit” he’s like
  • ????
  • ?????!?
  • ?????!?!?!?!????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
  • why aren’t you whispering omg someone could hear you!!!!
  • You just look at him and you’re like
  • What?
  • dude we’re alone in the apartment
  • Okay so you have to teach this boy how to swear
  • he’s a denizen of the internet how has he not learned this shit by now
  • He says ‘crumbs’ instead of ‘crap’ and ‘darn’ instead of ‘damn’
  • Like holy heckeronni Yoosung UR SO CUTE
  • (one time he gets really drunk and says you have a “damn fine ass” and you’re LIKE OH MY GOD YOOSUNG WHERE DID THAT COME FROM)
  • (he’s quoting something he saw on TV lmao)

(more under the cut)

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Imagine having little coffee dates with Mingyu whenever he’s free.

Mind Reader - Dean x reader

Imagine: Dean, your crush, takes a potion to read minds in order to solve the case you’re working on. However, your thoughts are too loud and dirty for him to ignore.

Characters: Dean, Sam and reader.

Warnings: A few dirty thoughts and a bit of fluff, I’m sure you can handle it.

Word count: 2,934

A/N: Yes, I interrupted the Sam spam for this but I couldn’t help myself. I was watching TV with my brothers and I saw this guy who could read minds (on a cartoon) and thought “this one could work” and I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else but Dean. 

Requests are open! 

**The dialogs written in italics are thoughts.

None of you were sure the spell would work, but Dean took it anyways. You were hunting down a vengeful spirit, even had a few guesses on whose bones to burn, but no one in that goddamn town dared to say anything; they covered each other up. Therefore, when Sam suggested that one of them took a mind-reading spell to see if that worked, Dean didn’t thought twice.

“Feel anything?” Sam asked. Dean shook his head.

“It tastes like crap.” Dean complaint.

“Maybe because it does have crap.” You muttered and Dean almost fainted at the thought. Sam chuckled and palmed his brother’s back.

“Easy there, Dean. Don’t throw it up, maybe it ends up working.” Sam said and his brother nodded.

After a few hours of waiting, Dean was positive that the spell hadn’t worked at all. Sam and you groaned and went back to doing research, looking for something else to make the natives speak. Dean walked toward the mini bar at the hotel room and kneeled down to grab a beer, everything was fine until he heard a voice on his head.

Is it bad that I like his ass so much? I mean, just look at it, he fills his jeans perfectly.” It was your voice, “And oh my God, his eyes are so pretty, like how can someone have that colour of green… ugh… You’re wandering again (Y/N). Maybe if he wasn’t that handsome I could focus on the research, poor Sam is doing the whole work again… Fuck Dean Winchester and his fucking perfect ass and eyes and… Oh yes, fuck him, I want to…” Dean blushed fifty shades of red and snapped his head at you. “Oh fuck, he’s looking over. Act normal, (Y/N).” You looked down at you laptop and started reading the text in front of you.

Ugh, they’re doing it again.” Now it was Sam’s voice, “Their eye sex thing is killing me. Next time I’ll get my own room… I’m sick of those two, why don’t they kiss already? They’re both stubborn asses, maybe I should find a way of getting them together.” Dean stood up and drank his beer completely before speaking.

“Um… My head aches, I’m going to sleep early… Er… (Y/N), are you sharing bed with me or with Sam?” The hunter asked, barely looking into your eyes.

YOU, PLEASE, YOU OH MY GOD. I don’t know, Dean. Whatever you guys want. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch especially if you’re by my side… For God’s sake, control yourself (Y/N)!” You replied calmly, although your thoughts were beginning to become dirty.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d rather have you share bed with her maybe the proximity will convince you to stop being an ass and confess your feelings for her” Sam gave Dean his best puppy eyes.

YES! YES! Good job, moose! That’s why you’re the smart one!” Dean furrowed at your thoughts.

“Hey!” He bursted offended and you and Sam gave him a curios look. “Sorry, the spell is playing with my brain… I thought I heard (Y/N) say I… I smell like… Never mind.” Dean stuttered.

If only! You smell like whiskey and leather and… Okay, calm down, breathe. Oh wow, well I was actually thinking that we could search for a truth potion… Like the one in Harry Potter?” You explained.

Liar. Oh yeah, sure… You look for that, I’m off to bed.” Dean excused himself and left. His head ached so much he fell asleep almost instantly, and didn’t wake up until two hours later when you joined him.

Oh my God, he looks so cute when he sleeps. Fuck, you woke him up! Shhh Dean, it’s me. Sorry I woke you, go back to sleep.” Dean nodded and relaxed again, unconsciously pulling an arm around you. “Yeah, I can definitely get used to this… Hell, I would kill to have this daily! Good night, Dean.”

The next morning, Dean woke up first. He was glad to be able to breath without your thoughts smashing inside his brain. He took a quick shower and, by the time he came out, you and Sam were already awake.

Hottie! Morning, Dean.” You said, brushing your hair in front of a mirror close to the bathroom door.

“Morning, sweetheart.” He replied, walking past you to leave a small kiss on your cheek.

OMG Dead, I’m so dead… He can call me sweetheart any time he wants… Although he already does that, but yeah.” You smiled at him like that was the most normal thing to do in the world and kept brushing your hair until it looked like you wanted.

Great, they’re doing it again. You might as well just have kissed her on the lips, jackass! Moring, Dean. Like, you’re so comfortable flirting with girls, why don’t you ask her out already?” Sam said with his usual morning voice.

“Hey, lil bro.” Dean cheered.

You big goofball, I can’t believe I took advice from you! That’s why I never got a decent girlfriend. You suck at girls, did you know that? You’re acting weird, are you okay? Or did you have a wet dream of (Y/N) again? It would be a lot better to do it in real life you know?” Sam inquired, frowning at his brother’s strange behaviour. Dean was smiling like an idiot.

“I’m great, Sam! Except…” Dean leaned closer to his brother, “I don’t like to be called a big goofball, I think asshole describes me better.” Dean whispered, winking his eye at his brother. Sam’s eyes opened widely.

Oh, crap.” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought when the spell started working.” Sam started opening his mouth to ask questions, except that Dean could read his mind and answered before Sam could even finish formulating the question. “I got it yesterday… Yes, I heard everything… No, I won’t tell you what I heard… I didn’t hear anything while you two slept, why are you so worried about that? Oh, that’s disgusting, bro.” Before Sam could ask more, you joined them.

“Hey, boys! Is everything okay? Sam looks weird, what’s up with him… Maybe Dean, oh Dean, told him a dirty joke and… dirty…” Both brothers looked at you. Dean had a dirty smirk on his lips while Sam was looking as pale as a ghost.

“The spell worked.” Sam simply said and your mind stopped thinking. Your cheeks blushed red for a split second and you had to shake your head in order to dissimulate.

“Really? Fuck!” You asked, trying to act as normal as possible.

“Really, sweetheart.” Dean replied, dragging the last word seductively. This time, the blush on your cheeks appeared redder, there was no way in hell you could cover it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck… Since when?” You asked, moving your head so that your hair fell and dissimulated your redness.

“Last night.” Dean had a very cheeky smile on his face, which only made it a hundred times worse because you knew very well what you had been thinking about.

I’m screwed, like super screwed. Oh crap; shut up, he can hear us… you… me… whatever, shut up. That’s great! We can now interrogate the locals and finish this case.” Dean chuckled and licked his lips.

“Oh for God’s sake, would you stop? It’s making me uncomfortable. Dean just buckle up and tell her…” Sam rolled his eyes and Dean snapped his head towards his brother.

“Shut up, Sam.” Dean said, “I’m going to get suited up and then we can go back to interrogate.” Dean winked at you and walked over to his duffel bag, grabbing his suit and locking himself in the bathroom. Your mind had been silent until then.

“What the actual fuck, Sam?” You whispered and Sam shrunk his shoulders.

“I don’t know… He won’t tell me what he heard and… I don’t know; just try not to think much until the effect is over.” He advised and you gave him a death glare.

“Oh yeah, sure. I’ll just turn my mind off, no big deal!” You replied sarcastically.

“Just, try to.” Sam insisted and you nodded. Dean came out of the bathroom, with his suit on and his hair fixed in place.

How ho… How excited I am for finishing this case! Really, (Y/N)? Omg shut up!” You thought and Dean laughed, he obviously heard you.

“Ready, Sam? Sweetheart?” Dean asked, again dragging the word on purpose.

“Sure!” Sam and you both said, stiffening and giving Dean a forced smile.

You were now on the car, listening to The Doors play swiftly on the radio.

Don’t you love her ways? Tell me what you say. Don’t you love her madly? Wanna be her daddy?You sang in your head, “Why doesn’t anyone love me like that? Is it because I’m weird? Maybe that’s why I’m such a perverted… If I had had a few more boyfriends in high school… Nah, Dean had a lot of hook ups and girlfriends and he’s still a dirty bastard.”

“I heard that!” Dean spoke and you let your head fall on the edge of the window, hitting your forehead.

Sam had chosen to read during the whole trip, that way his mind would be focused on images, which Dean couldn’t see, instead of thinking.

Yup, Sam is very smart… I wish I had brought a book… Ugh, stop thinking!” You groaned. Dean laugh filled the car. “What are you laughing at?” You asked Dean, leaning over to be closer to him.

“Oh nothing, just you trying to stop your loud mind to stop thinking.” Dean mocked.

“It’s not funny!” You argued in a childish tone.

“Yes it is! We can never get you to stop talking; I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to shut up your own mind.” Dean laughed again.

Do I speak a lot? Is that why nobody likes… SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, (Y/N)” Dean laughed again. “Stop it, Dean!” You pouted and Dean turned to look at you, his green eyes hypnotizing you for a second.

“I don’t think so… Sweetheart.” You blushed heavily and pressed you back to the seat, looking out to the window in order to let your blush fade. Dean chuckled and focused back on the road.

The interrogations were so easy for Dean, he ended up doing them alone. Sam and you just stood behind him while he and the suspect sat at the metal table to talk.

“So, Mr. Collins, where were you the night the murders took place?” Dean asked in his FBI agent voice.

“I was at home Queen’s crown pub, with Phyllis.” The last suspect was a lot dumber than the first three Dean had interrogated already.

“Right, and what did you order to drink.” Sam smirked, knowing his brother was about to close the case.

“A pint of… wait what? He discovered you, he know you and Phyllis were lovers” Dean leaned back on his chair.

“Sir, we know you and the victim were lovers, also that you too were at the Queen’s crown pub. What I don’t know is who killed Mr. Winston, any ideas?” Dean had his eyebrow lifted, you swore the suspect was about to pee himself.

“I know nothing! Phyllis did I swear! I’m innocent because Phyllis killed his husband! Please let me go!” Dean chuckled.

“Thank you for your time, sir. You’re free to go.” Dean got up and guided the man out of the room, closing the door quickly. “So, Collins and Phyllis are lovers, Phyllis kills his husband and then the dead husband comes back and kills Phyllis; afterwards, he goes to slaughter Jon, Phyllis best friend who also happens to be the one who introduced Collins to Phyllis. Then the ghost attacks Collins but he manages to escape… Now, I calculate we have like three hours before it attacks again.” Dean sounded like the cops on TV, so smart and so hot.

Fuck me. Good, we already know where the husband is, so let’s go. He is so hot while he’s suited up and acting like a real life cop… SHUT THE FUCK UP” The brothers nodded and the three of you walked towards the door, Sam walked out first and Dean kept the door open for you to cross it.

“Before I forget: thanks.” Dean winked and you furrowed your eyebrows. “I never liked being suit up but I guess I do, in fact, look hot.” You blushed instantly and walked out of the door, looking down to the floor not daring to meet those green eyes ever again.

After the easiest salt and burn on Earth, the Winchesters and you came back to the motel to spend the night before driving to the bunker the next morning.

“Um… I’m hungry, I’ll go get something to eat.” Sam said and both Dean and you nodded. “Make your move now or I swear I will tell her when I come back.” Dean pulled his middle finger out for Sam before he left.

“So, you’ve been quiet. Managed to control your mind, already?” Dean asked, walking over to your shared bed, where you were laying playing on your phone.

“Yeah, I guess I found a way of shutting me up.” You chuckled.

“That’s a shame; I really liked hearing all those dirty thoughts about me.” Dean laughed and, once again, your cheeks turned bright red. “You’re pretty when you blush, you know that?” You grabbed a pillow and covered your face with it, your mind started talking again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck did he really just say that?”

“Yes, babe, I really did.”

Babe? Fuck! Shut up, okay shut up, you can do it.”

“Please don’t.” Dean whispered, pulling the pillow away from your red face. He moved your chin forward as he scooted closer.

He’s getting close; omg is he really going to….”

“Yes.” He said and captured your lips with his.

Oh my…” Your mind stopped talking; every thought was shaken and thrown again by Dean’s lips.

You grabbed his shirt between your fists and pulled him even closer. He was literally above you, kissing you like no one else had ever kissed you before. His tongue didn’t let a single inch of your mouth unexplored, and his lips moved in perfect sync with yours. You were in heaven. Suddenly, a terrible idea invaded your mind.

Maybe he just wants a one night thing… Do you really want that? You would never feel the same around him and maybe it’ll screw up everything… Just…” Dean broke the kiss and stared into your just opened eyes.

“Don’t think that, (Y/N). Don’t ever think that, ever again.” His voice sounded somehow sad.

“Dean, I…” You started but he interrupted.

“I’ve had feelings for you from the second I laid eyes on you. Sam has been ranting about how much of an ass I am for not telling you and he even left us alone for me to make a move. You’re not a one night thing, you’re not even a two month thing… I want everything with you.” You shivered at his confession. His eyes were watery and he looked so vulnerable.

“Dean…” You whispered and pulled him closer to kiss him again. This time, the kiss was sweeter, more romantic and it lasted hours. You would only break it to get air and then immediately get back at it.

I will definitely get my own room next time. Although, I’m glad the old man finally got her.” Dean broke the kiss and snapped his head to the door where Sam was standing awkwardly.

“Who are you calling old man, bitch?” Dean asked, acting like he was offended.

“You, jerk.” Sam chuckled and the three of you laughed.

Dean helped you up from bed and led you to the table, where Sam had placed the food he had bought in. You all sat down and had dinner before going to bed. It was the best night ever; you could finally cuddle Dean without worrying if you were being too obvious and the fact that you could now kiss him anytime just took a big frustration of your shoulders.

The next morning, you were packing up our stuff. Dean and you sharing glances from across the room; you were thinking loudly on purpose, trying to tease Dean.

You know, when I pushed you to confess your feelings to her, I was thinking this whole eye fucking thing would stop, but now it’s worse.” Sam complained loudly.

“Shut up, Sam. I’m trying to listen to my girl.” Dean punched his brother’s shoulder and looked back at you. A smile formed on your lips at the sound of him calling you his girl.

You know, when we get to the bunker we should do that thing where…” You started, but suddenly Dean stopped listening. It took him five seconds to notice that the effect of the spell had passed.

“No! No! God, no!” He shouted and you immediately changed your flirty smirk to an embarrassed one, thinking that the thing you suggested was way past Dean’s limits. “I can’t hear you anymore!” Dean pouted and you relaxed. Sam laughed loudly and his brother gave him a death glare.

“Poor thing.” You mocked, “You’ll have to guess what I’m thinking from now on.” You winked and grabbed your bag, walking out of the room sassily.

“Good luck with that, man.” Sam chuckled and he too left the room.

“Son of a bitch…” Dean mouthed.

What a fun ride that was going to be.

Hoseok As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

•He is literal suNSHINE
•He is the most supportive boy you will ever meet and he will always encourage you to do your best and he makes it his personal goal to make you smile and laugh multiple times a day.
•He would love if you had a background in music, dancing, singing, rapping, etc so he could relate to you on a deeper level
•He would be so open about how much he loves you and would hug you like all of the time. (Not like you’re complaining.)
•You would often have deep talks about his troubles when he is feeling down. He would tell you how much he misses his mother and everything else that may be overwhelming him
•You would listen intently, making sure he knows you’re there for whatever he needs.
•You would try to make his favourite meal like his mom did but you would low key mess up a bit
•He would still tell you it tastes amazing and would eat it
•He wants you to always critique him when he is dancing or rapping because he wants to do his best and he knows you’re honest
•Fights would be very minimal, you two see eye to eye on almost everything and when you two did fight, it was small and it was because one of you was stressed
•But like the fights would last like 10 minutes and then the other would apologize for being stressed and you would cuddle or hug
•I don’t really see cuddles being a thing for Hoseok? Like I see him hugging a lot but like not cuddling? Idk
•Cuddles would be saved for special occasions or when the other really missed the other
•But like you two would be always touching, like backs to each other, arms or legs tangled etc.
•He would Skype you all the time while he or you were away.
•He would lay beside the computer and stare at you, missing your face so much and wanting to kiss your cheeks OMG

Okay sex with Hoseok
•I don’t really wanna think about this but like it’s a valuable part and it will get notes.
•He will bite his lip while walking over to you unbuttoning his shirt, and you’ll immediately get turned on.
•He will grab your hand and lead you to the bedroom
•He will pull you with him as he falls back onto the bed
•Semi-Sloppy, Semi-Passionate kisses followed with bites along your collarbone
•Needs his hands on you at all times, rather on your hips, your ass, your boobs, or….yeah
•He would be pretty rough, just needing to know you’re there and wanting to give you all of the pleasure in the world
•Like omg omg omg
•He will be kissing you as he slams into you, making sure to hit every spot that makes you squirm with pleasure
•No matter who finished first (most likely him) he would make sure you did too.
•Because like what’s sex without everyone being happy after
•You’d lay on top of him, panting and all sweaty.
•He would want separate showers after to calm down a bit.

•When you two are in bed, Hoseok would be messing around on his computer, writing or playing flash games and you would be completing work or reading, he would cherish those moments
•Around the same time every night you two would turn out the lights and say your “I love you’d and go to sleep

•Cherish this boy pls

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RFA members + V meet MC at a coffee shop? 😊

a/n you all seem to like autumnal things so here you go; & I’m assuming that they’ve never spoken before >////< 


  • college cafeterias were the way to go and save money
  • so as the new transfer student you’re hurled into the hallway by everyone behind you rushing in to trying to get the food that was considered.. edible
  • all the tables are packed too quickly and the food is pretty much gone so you go to line up at the coffee machine
  • but coffee machines either suck or don’t work (is it just machines round my area or is this a normal thing idk)
  • pressing random buttons you’re trying to get something into the cup 
  • for fuck sake.. come on.. why isn’t this.. damn it
  • you end up hitting the machine and sighing as you realise you won’t be able to have anything for lunch
  • suddenly a hand out of no where presses the mocha button and hits a few numbers
  • you turn around and its a blushing blonde boy smiling to himself because he just witnessed you fighting a machine..
  • “I-I hope you like mocha..”
  • you smile before laughing to yourself in embarrassment because oh god well done you’ve literally been here less than a day and someone thinks you’re weird
  • he pipes up saying you’re a good fighter!
  • & you snort before replying thanks and muttering under your breath something to do  with shit warriors in LOLOL and Yoosung tenses up
  • “you- you play LOLOL?”
  • you nod and his eyes light up as he guides you outside to a free bench where he starts rambling about his character
  • all of a sudden he notices how beautiful your eyes are and bites his lip oh god oh god oh god
  • you’re both sitting there with your mocha coffees getting excited over LOLOL before the bell rings
  • “hey.. I didn’t catch your name?”
  • “uh.. Yoosung and oh and my username is yoosung8(idk man thats his email soo)
  • “meet you here tommorow Yoosung?”
  • and you guys meet there every lunchtime.. for the rest of the school year


  • he was late for work.. like really late
  • to the point where he could just ditch saying he was ill because there was no point of coming in anymore
  • so he gets off at a random bus stop & he wanders around until he sees a cute coffee shop and since it was empty he goes in
  • walking up to the counter he sees you and his mouth goes dry as you look up at him???
  • what why whats going on
  • “I’m Zen”
  • “uh hi..Zen.. can I take your order?”
  • he does that cliche thing where he asks you to pick so you end up making a cappuccino
  • he doesn’t leave the counter though and watches you make the coffee you’re close to calling security
  • he ends up sitting down getting tiredand he pinches his arm because people are supposed to feel this way towards me not vice versa >;c
  • he doesn’t look up at you when you place the cup down as he’s overthinking but when he looks up to thank you you’ve already turned your back
  • shit does she think I have no manners now shit
  • before taking a sip of his drink he orders another cappuccino and you sigh and get to work
  • he’s hella cute but he’s really addicted to coffee man tf finish the first one at least
  • placing the second cappuccino dawn he grabs a ahold of your arm as you’re about to turn away and you nervously look at him
  • usually I know what to say to cute girls but I’ve seemed to forgotten all my manners.. drink with me?
  • he gestures to the second cup of coffee and you hesitate before sitting down as his pleading eyes made you give in
  • you both chat about your lives clicking instantly and you quickly have a small crush on the actor (how could u not dumbass)
  • he says he passes here everyday on the way to work (he doesn’t he has to get off early and walk 20 minutes in the opposite direction) but promises to come and get coffee here everyday
  • every day although he’s tired and a few minutes late to work he can’t help having a cappuccino with you at 9am


  • she goes to the same coffee shop every lunchtime because the smell of coffee and pastries instantly relaxes her
  • she collects her usual order of a flat white coffee with cream and turns to her usual table to see someone already sitting there
  • at first she’s pissed because what are you doing? (in my swamp.. omg i’m so sorry)
  • but she sees your tired expression with the laptop with your hand on your head and she can’t help but feel slightly sorry for you because same
  • she pulls the chair on the other side of the table and checks to see your reaction before sitting down
  • you don’t even notice her but you slam the laptop shut and a bit of her coffee spills over the edges
  • “oh my god I’m so sorry.. I’ll buy you a new one I apologise I-”
  • “It’s only a little bit, no need”
  • you smile sheepishly before getting up anyway and buying some cake and give it to her
  • …I’m sorry anyway
  • she’s slightly baffled but decides to pull out her own work and sips her coffee
  • you notice something on Jaehee’s face and bite your lip because do you tell her or…
  • “uh.. excuse me? you have some cream on your cheek”
  • omg she’s dead how do people turn this red
  • quickly wipes her cheek before looking straight down at her work praying that someone invents teleportation right this instant
  • you laugh to yourself at how cute she is and she lets hair fall infront of her face 
  • please don’t look at me
  • packing up your things she looks up to see your leave and you see her face fall but you have to go and give her a little wave
  • “bye..Jaehee”
  • omg how do they know my name and wait whats their name I never got to ask :(((
  • she gets up to leave a few moments later and notices that your coffee cup is still there and she tuts because why are you littering
  • but she sees a little note is stuck on the side???
  • “don’t freak out.. your name was on your cup.. and my name is on the other side of my cup too if you’re interested? ”
  • turning the cup slightly she sees your name and repeats it to herself blushing and smiling to herself
  • for some reason she can’t get you out of her head for the rest of the day ??


  • he’s having such a shitty day
  • his driver was sick so he has to take the bus home late at night and he’s in a baaaaaad mood
  • a client also pissed him off today by scamming him and he ends up getting off the bus angrily and walking round the corner slamming into you
  • you fall over backwards and scrape your knee but Jumin just stares down back at you
  • pulling yourself up and brushing yourself down you give him a dirty look before crossing the road and walking into a smallcafe to clean yourself up
  • basically you’re forcing yourself to clean up before you break down crying
  • he feels guilty and walks into the cafe a few minutes later and orders 2 chai lattes
  • he sits down at the table nervously holding his lattes rethinking about what he’s done and how stupid he was
  • damn it did I really just knock the girl over and stand there wow great
  • when you step out the bathroom you see him sitting there nervously with 2 drinks and you try walk past him but he manages to get up and swiftly block the exit
  • handing you the latte he mumbles a sorry under his breath
  • taking the drink slowly - you sip before making a face signalling that you don’t like the taste
  • he’s confused and also takes a sip and makes a weird face 
  • uh hey weird guy.. why did you get a drink you dislike?
  • i thought you might’ve liked it.. its supposed to be calming or something
  • you shrug and respond: well I like black coffee
  • oh.. so do i..
  • you give him a look as to say ‘well you know what to do then’ and he orders the coffee sitting down at your table and you both start chatting
  • “Allow me to apologise properly and introduce myself, my name is Jumin Han.”
  • and guess where he goes every evening from now on


  • dressed up as a cat Saeyoung is at a gaming convention!! (sorry call an ambulance please)
  • everyones looking at him because he looks cute?? excuse me why are you the cutest person here please stop
  • he’s just smiling at everyone 
  • but he locks eyes with you because omg are you a cat too???
  • you both gravitate towards each other and laugh because you’re both somehow wearing the same oversized kitten onesie
  • meow?
  • meow!
  • talk about instant friendship?!
  • you walk around the convention together and lots of people mistake you as a couple but you don’t even know his name
  • being cliche and cute you decide to go to a cat cafe for OBVIOUS reasons
  • you both order hot chocolate (it’s not coffee soz) and you both freak out when you say it at the same time and try jinx eachother
  • “I’m pawsitive we were destined to meet
  • eh im second guessing it now
  • when you ask for his name mid conversation he responds with “Saeyoung” and  hecovers his mouth because everyone knows him as Luciel 
  • why did I just let it slip out..
  • you’re confused and ask if he’s okay but he quickly leaves the cafe apologising .. what! just! happened?
  • you leave the cafe really disappointed that you left the Saeyoung kid on a low note or if that was really his name or something
  • you end up returning every day to the cafe but he’s never there and every day you return home disappointed with your hot chocolate
  • or so you think
  • one day you come in to the cafe and receive a text from an unknown number
  • “sorry for leaving you.. I’ll explain some things to you soon! and thanks for coming everyday to see if I was there.. - from.. Saeyoung.
  • you’re confused because how did he know you were here everyday? and how did the note get there wtf? how doES HE KNOW MY NUMBER
  • looking round the cafe you only see the barista and kittens and you’re confused
  • i swear to God is he a kitten??
  • you leave the store dazed and confused and Saeyoung watches through the computer at home smiling to himself because someone actually cared enough about him
  • see you soon MC.. :)


  • in a gallery you’re strolling around looking at the photographs and you’re feeling super intimidated surrounded by the elegant people chatting with glasses of wine
  • you don’t drink wine so you have a caramel macchiato from the coffee shop down the road and you couldn’t feel more out of place
  • you’re biting your nails staring at a photograph when someone taps your shoulder
  • get yourself together shit
  • “which one is your favourite?”
  • you point to the one in front of you and the man raises his eyebrows as if to say ..why?
  • startled you explain how the photograph of the field makes you feel free and close to nature and you see the man’s eyes light up - u okay bud?
  • looking down at your cup he chuckles at your innocence before nodding and saying caramel macchiato? nice choice!
  • and you blush because shit i should’ve got black coffee or wine damn it i look about 4
  • you’re about to turn away of embarrassment before he calls out
  • wait.. come with me to get a caramel macchiato with me?
  • since stranger doesn’t exist you accompany him to the small coffee shop down the road asking the barista for another caramel macchiato 
  • you listen carefully when the cute man says his name
  • “yes, my name is V”
  • V? tf kind of a name is that?
  • grabbing his cup he tells you to go back to the photograph and read the information and you frown because I did??? (no u didn’t)
  • he just smirks before you both go back to the gallery with your drinks and he walks off into the crowd without another word
  • strange but ok then
  • returning back to the photograph on the wall you peer at the information before seeing something that catches your eye
  • “photo taken by V”
  • you gasp and look into the crowd and catch his gaze before he winks 
  • shiiiiit
Finding You Again

Type: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 4010

Summary: You coincidentally met your ex, Jungkook. Would it meant that things between the both of you would become better or worse?

Originally posted by jecn

You looked out your window to watch the first snow falling as you took a sip from your cup of coffee. Winter was definitely your favourite season mainly because you loved seeing snow. As you saw couples walking in the snow, suddenly memories of you and Jungkook came flooding back to you. Just 2 years ago, you were wrapped in Jungkook’s arms as you watched the first snow falling. He smiled his beautiful smile and whispered some cheesy things that made you giggle. As much as you wanted to forget about Jungkook, it wasn’t easy because everything reminded you of him. Jungkook’s group,BTS, has become increasingly popular lately. You knew because you would often see their faces on products as well as on television. Jungkook looked handsome as always but you noticed how his features seemed to be more defined and more matured. There was so many times when you were so tempted to send him a text to see how he was doing but then you remembered that things didn’t end on a good note with him. You looked back at your relationship and started to wonder how the both you ended up like this. The both of you were so in love and inseparable that when your friends and family found out that you both had broken up they were so shocked. It has been 2 years and you hated to admit that even though you seemed to have moved on, your feelings for Jungkook was just kept hidden inside and it could resurface anytime. Little did you know that it would be so soon…

You and your friend In-ha had planned to go out today after your last examination to have fun. As soon as your paper ended, the both of you decided to meet up at a café near your school. After chit-chatting for a while, you suggested to In-Ha that the both of you should go out and play with some snow since you knew a great place. She immediately agreed and the both of you head out to your destination. The place you suggested to In-Ha was actually the place that Jungkook had brought you to back when the both of you were still dating. He knew how much you loved the snow so the moment he found out about the place, he knew you would love it. Since then, it has been always been a special place you would go to every winter even though it reminded you of Jungkook.

In-ha suggested that the both of you should build a snowman and you instantly agreed to the idea though the both of you ended up having a snow fight in the midst of building olaf. You were running around trying to catch In-ha as you threw snowballs at her. The two of you were laughing and running around like little kids. You gathered some snow in your hands and made them into a ball as you prepared to throw it to In-ha.

“In-ha! Take this!” you said excitedly as you threw the ball at full swing. In-ha dodged the ball and it landed on somebody else instead. The guy turned around and you immediately felt your cheeks redden from embarrassment.
“OMG!I’m so so sorry!” You said. He was wearing a mask to cover half of his face so you could only see his eyes. However, you felt a sense of familiarity in his eyes. It was as if you knew him but you couldn’t pinpoint who he was. The guy then took of his mask and you swore your heart stopped the minute you saw his face. It was Jungkook.

‘’Y/n?” Jungkook called out to you. You were still in a daze but soon came back to your senses.

“Hi Jungkook,” you managed to say. He smiled and the next thing you knew he was walking towards you. You glanced at In-ha and she was as surprised as you were.

“What are you doing here?” Jungkook asked cautiously.

“Oh, I was making a snowman with In-ha,” you replied, almost regretting it immediately when you realized how childish it sounded.
Jungkook let out a chuckle. “You didn’t change one bit, Y/n.”

You were confused as to what he meant by that but you refused to ask. Instead you simply asked what he was doing here too.

“The hyungs and I are just playing around since we are on a break today.” Jungkook replied as he pointed to his hyungs.

“It has been a while. How have you been?” Jungkook asked nervously. He had been dying to ask you that question.

“I’m fine, got a job and a new place. Life’s pretty good now.” You replied as you smiled to him.
His mouth formed and ‘O’ as he nodded.

“Do you want to grab some coffee with me?” Jungkook suddenly asked and it startled you. You knew that it would be a bad idea to go out with him especially after how things ended between the both of you so you wanted to say no but at the same time you didn’t have the heart to reject him. When it comes to Jungkook, it was just so hard to reject him. You tried to think of reasons to escape from this awkward situation and then you glanced to In-ha and finally thought of an excuse.

“I’m sorry but I’m out with In-ha now, maybe next time?” you replied. You swore you saw the disappointment in Jungkook’s eyes. In-ha knew exactly what you were trying to do and immediately spoke.

“Y/n-ah, I’m fine. Anyways, Jungkook did say the rest of Bangtan are here right? It’s been a while since I’ve last talked to Jimin and Taehyung so I’ll just go catch up with them.” She said while smiling.

In-ha was also friends with the rest of the Bangtan members and they all felt that it was such a waste to see you and Jungkook break up. They have always thought that the both of you looked cute together and have been rooting for the both of you from the very start. Even till today, In-ha has always been suggesting that you should talk it out with Jungkook. You knew that there was no escaping now and you bitterly accepted your fate. You saw Jungkook’s face light up when you agreed to have a cup of coffee with him.

There was a café nearby and the both of you decided to head there. Jungkook sent a quick text to his brothers to inform them on his whereabouts before leading the way. The walk with him was silent and awkward. He told you to find a seat as he ordered your coffee.

“Here’s your latte,” Jungkook placed the hot cup of coffee in front of you as he took the seat across you.

“You remembered.” You said as you smiled. Jungkook simply nodded and smiled back at you.

“So how’s life?” You decided to be the one to break the silence.
It took Jungkook a while before he answered.

“It’s like a routine of practicing and performing.” He replied. He was so tempted to say that life hadn’t been great since you left 2 years ago.You saw the eyebags under his eyes and sighed. “You look so tired. Are they feeding you? You look so skinny.” You said with concern. The thought of you worrying about him made his heart flutter.

“Yes they are feeding me. Are you worried?” Jungkook smiled at you. You felt a blush threatening to show on your cheeks so you decided to look dwon at your cup to avoid Jungkook from seeing it.

Jungkook tried to make you feel comfortable by throwing jokes at you. You ended up laughing and he was relieved it worked. The both of you ended up spending the day chatting and laughing. You were beginning to feel that maybe you and jungkook could be friends again. After all, the both you were best friends before you started dating him and your friendship ended when the two of you broke up. When the sun had set, Jungkook insisted on taking you home. You thanked him for the day and he suddenly asked for your phone. At first you were confused but then you realized what he was going to do. It would be those scenes in the drama where he would insert his number and call himself so that he could get your number.

“Jungkook, if you’re trying to get my number, just ask.” You giggled. He looked at you with a puzzled look.

“How did you know?”

“Classic move in dramas, you dork.” You chuckled. So the day ended with the both of you exchanging your phone numbers.

The next few days mostly involved Jungkook texting you and calling you a lot. He had been wanting to do this for so long but was too afraid you’d ignore him since the both of you had broken up. He missed hearing your voice and the sound of your laughter. Soon, the both you started going out. Jungkook brought you to places where there weren’t much people since he didn’t want people to recognize him and start crowding around him when he was out with you. The two of you were getting closer but you weren’t expecting it to go beyond friends because deep down, you weren’t ready to get hurt again, especially by Jungkook.

One day, Jungkook decided to bring you back to place where the two of you met recently. He said that he felt like playing with the snow and since you loved the snow as well you instantly agreed. The two of you started throwing snowballs at one another and chasing each other. Once the both of you were starting to feel tired, the both of you decided to sit down and stare up into the sky. Jungkook turned to face you and smiled. It has been a while since he felt this happy. The truth was, he missed you so much but he was so afraid to contact you first. That day when the both of you met coincidentally, he suddenly gained the confidence to approach you again since you seemed like you had forgiven him. Jungkook wanted to get you back. He still loved you so much and the past 2 years has been nothing but empty without you by his side. He would often go to places the two of you often went to while you were both still dating and memories would come flooding back to him. He would miss you so much that he would sometimes visit your office area to hopefully get a glimpse of you. He couldn’t move on simply because you were the best thing that ever happened to him and losing you was the worst mistake he had ever made. Sometimes he even started hating his work because that was the main reason why he lost you in the first place.

BTS was having their comeback 2 years ago and Jungkook had been very busy. Being the understanding girlfriend you were, you never once complained about the fact that Jungkook has been spending lesser time with you. You knew how much Jungkook loved his job and you wanted to support him with all your heart. However, as BTS was becoming more and more popular, Jungkook seemed to distance himself away from you even more. You used to see him at least once a week and would video call him almost every night but things began to change. You barely saw him in a month and you rarely got replies or texts from him. Even if he did reply, it would be a short one. You tried to be patient, you really did but things got worse on days when he wasn’t there when you needed him the most. It almost felt like as if you were the only one in this relationship. You began questioning yourself if Jungkook got bored of you or if he had lost feelings for you. It hurt so much to know that Jungkook was barely there for you and even though you tried to be patient and waited for him, he never did come back.

Then one day, you woke up to the news of Jungkook dating a member from a rookie girl group. You could feel your heart shattering at the thought of Jungkook being with someone else so you decided to confirm the news by going to his dorm to ask him yourself. Just as you arrived, you knocked on the dorm door only to be greeted by a girl. You then recalled that she was the girl that appeared on the news with Jungkook. The pain you felt was unbearable. It felt as if someone was stabbing your heart repeatedly. Just then, Jungkook peeked out of the door and was surprised to see you standing there.

“Y/n?” Jungkook questioned you. Tears started streaming down your face and Jungkook immediately figured out why you were crying. He quickly walked over to you and tried to explain the situation but it was pointless. Your heart was already broken and even Jungkook can’t seem to piece it back. You decided that you couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore and you burst out right there and then.

“Jungkook, I’m done with all your shit. You have been ignoring me for almost 2 months now yet you have time for her? I know you are busy with your comeback so I didn’t want to burden you even further but the least you could do was to reply to my text or call me once in a while. I just want to know how you’re doing Jungkook and after all I’m your girlfriend. Do you know hard it is to wait for someone? Every day I tell myself that you’ll be back when you’re not busy but it gets so hard sometimes because you aren’t there when I needed you the most. I’m sorry Jungkook but I don’t think this is working out. I think we should… we should break-up.” there, you finally said it and tears stream down your cheeks.

Jungkook felt like the world came crashing down on him. He didn’t realize how he had neglected you all these while. He had been so busy with his work that he hadn’t been paying any attention to you at all. Furthermore, Hayoung was simply for publicity. His company wanted to create sensation so he suggested that he and hayoung should pretend to be ‘dating’. Jungkook wanted to tell you this but he didn’t know how. Then after spending some time with Hayoung, he didn’t expect himself to grow comfortable around her and he started to hang out with her more. Jungkook started to feel something for Hayoung and although he knew that it was nothing compared to how he feel for you, he didn’t realize himself starting to forget about you. Before he knew it, he was too late. Telling you the truth now wouldn’t even make a difference because he knew the minute he looked into your eyes that you were already too broken. He could feel his heart tearing apart at the sight of you crying and that was when he realized again that what he felt for you was so much stronger compared to the developing feelings towards Hayoung.

You left him standing there like an idiot as he regretted everything he did. He was so caught up with these ‘new’ feelings that he had forgotten that you were the one for him. Seeing how awkward the situation had become, Hayoung decided to leave but before she left, she tried consoling him. It was useless of course because the heartache that Jungkook felt was like an insatiable fire that burnt all the oxygen in his body leaving him listless and empty. He wanted to run to you and begged you to stay but he didn’t have the guts too. He felt like he didn’t deserve you and as much as he wanted to get you back, he knew you were simply too broken. He knew you needed time to heal.

Since then, Jungkook never contacted you again. You were of course saddened at the fact that he didn’t try to get you back but then you knew that maybe parting ways was for the best. He needed to focus on his work and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you didn’t want to be a distraction to him. It took you months before you finally started to live your life again. You didn’t move on completely but it was enough for you to continue with life.

Jungkook winced as he recalled the painful memory but he never took his eyes off you. You looked down from the sky and realized that Jungkook had been gazing at you. You felt your heartbeat quicken and a fuzzy feeling in your stomach. You gazed back at Jungkook and you were mesmerized. He was beautiful as always and his doe-shaped eyes seemed to sparkle under the moonlights. You felt a small smile tug at the corner of your lips. You didn’t know what you were thinking but your hand suddenly reached his cheeks. You held his face like that for a moment and you suddenly remembered why you loved this boy. Jungkook was startled at the sudden contact but he didn’t move away. Instead, he took the opportunity to enjoy your warm hands. He missed the feeling you gave him and he would give the world to have you back. Jungkook didn’t know what got to him but he leaned over and kissed you. You were shocked but soon melted into the kiss. Jungkook deepened the kiss and the kiss was filled with love, passion and desperation. He was the first to break away and you were both panting. Jungkook rested his forehead on yours and it took you a while before you realized what happened. You quickly pulled away and you began to panic. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You weren’t supposed to fall back in love with the same guy that broke your heart. The feelings weren’t supposed to resurface. You were supposed to stay friends.

“Y/n… I’m so sorry but I didn’t know what got to me…” Jungkook was trying to find the words to say to you but he was equally speechless.

“Jungkook, you know we can’t do this… it won’t work out…” you said as you recalled the pain you felt after your break up. Tears were now threatening to spill.

“I know I screwed up last time but I promise I will do my best this time. Even after these 2 years, it is still you, Y/n. I was such a fool to let you go before but please give me a second chance so that I can make it up to you. I love you, Y/n. Always had and always will.” Jungkook’s voice showed how desperate he was.

You were shocked to hear those 3 words from Jungkook. You could feel your old feelings threatening to resurface any moment now. However, you couldn’t seem to stop yourself from asking that one question that seemed to have been bugging you for 2 years.

“So then why didn’t you try to contact me?” you finally asked. Jungkook fiddled with his fingers before answering.

“Believe me y/n but I wanted to chase after you. I just didn’t have the courage to do do. The fact that I had broken you was enough to make me realize that I didn’t deserve you. it killed me to know that I was losing you. I promised you that I would make you happy but I was the one that had been causing you the pain. I thought that maybe you’d be better off without me so I watched you from afar. But when we met recently, I couldn’t help myself but feel selfish. I realized how watching you from afar wasn’t enough and how I needed you. It made me want to prove to you that I will be better and that I will become someone that deserves you.” Jungkook said as he felt a tear slipping down his cheek.

At that moment, Jungkook looked so vulnerable and you felt the urge to hug him. You knew that the feelings that you had been trying to suppress was now out. You knew that you fell in love with him all over again. But that didn’t mean you weren’t afraid. You were scared that Jungkook will break your heart all over again.

“But Jungkook… what if it ends badly again?” you finally spoke. Jungkook looked at you so lovingly you swore you heartbeat quicken.

“I promise that this time, I’ll make sure you won’t get hurt. I’ll prove it to you.” He said with a weak smile. He knew that you were giving him another chance but he wanted to be cautious. He didn’t want to push too far. He wanted to wait until you were ready to go back to him because he knew that you needed time to think.

So the next few weeks consisted of Jungkook showering you with love. He was constantly trying to make time for you despite his busy schedules. He would visit you at night after his schedules and during the weekends. He would take you out on dates and bring you to places you had never been too. On some days he’d come over to cook you dinner and the both of you would spend the night either talking or cuddling while watching movies. Jungkook did everything he could to show you that he had changed and you could feel it.

So one day, Jungkook had decided to bring you to the beach at night. He prepared some camping equipments and food along with a blanket to share with you. The both of you were enjoying the cool breeze of the sea and the millions of stars above you two as Jungkook grabbed your hands. You couldn’t help but feel your heartbeat increasing when you realized how his huge hands fitted your tiny hands perfectly. You looked down only to see Jungkook gazing at you. He looked at you with so much love that your heart simply melted.

“Y/n, I don’t know about you but I know that I can’t live without you. You’re that missing piece that completes me so even if I know that it’s shameless to ask you this but can you please give me a second chance to show you that I can be the best boyfriend you want me to be?” Jungkook spoke and you swore you felt your heart soar. You were so happy and somehow all the negative thoughts seemed to be gone. You realized that even though Jungkook was the one that broke you, he would also be the only one that could fix you.

You simply answered him with a kiss. Jungkook was shocked but he soon kissed you back. He was the first to break away and it had left the both of you gasping for air. You saw a smile forming at the corner of his lips as he said, “I love you, Y/n. A lot actually.”
You giggled as you replied him. “I love you too. Always had.”

You smiled at him as you let your head fall onto his shoulders. Jungkook tightened his grip around you as if he was afraid you might slip out of his hands. The two of you ended up spending the night cuddling as you both enjoyed the view of the calming sea.

At this moment, all that seemed to matter was the fact that the two of you were wrapped in each other’s arms and as you looked into Jungkook’s eyes, you realized that love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see everything you need, for you also know that no matter what Jungkook does, you will always end up forgiving him because that’s just how much you loved him.

The End.

You tell them you want kids


I’m gonna set this in a time where they are older and married to you just to make things easier ok bye

Xiumin: He would love to have kids with you but he’d have to sit down and talk to you about it first seriously just to make sure it was something you really wanted.

Lay: Imeediately starts laughing and jumping with happiness nodding his head in agreement because he has literally dreamed about the day you two could start a family and now it was coming true and he would just pull you in for a hug and repeatedly kiss your cheeks with happiness omg i need Yixing

Chanyeol: Gets all excited and happy nodding his head eagerly before grinning widely at you and saying he wants kids too. He runs and tells Chen about it and they both start practicing childrens games that they’re gonna play with your child once he/she is born.

Chen: “Jagiya, whenever you’re ready i’ll be here for you and if thats right now then fine.” He doesn’t really say too much about it but he kinda just cuddles you thinking about how lucky he is to even be having this conversation with you.

Baekhyun: Laughs before realizing you’re serious.”Wait.You want kids.Now?” Nut after he gets over the shock he’ll break out into a smile again agreeing with you.

Suho: “Oh really, you want kids?” He says shooting you a pervy look. You slap his arm trying to get him to be serious before he stops smiling and takes your hands in his. “You really want to do this?”

Sehun: Gets a bit nervous because this is a HUGE step but at the same time he wants it just as much as you. He looks down at the ground smiling slightly to himself before looking back up at you agreeing and telling you he loves you.

Kai: Is kinda nervous when you ask him but super ready at the same time. He wants kids so is super happy when you tell him you want to have them. The next time he sees you he proudly shows you the teddy he’s already purchaced for your child telling you how much he/she will love it before pouting at you when you laugh at him.

D.O: Listens carefully to you telling him all the reasons why you think you should do this. Once you’re done speaking he agrees with everything you said but he’s still a bit nervous about it all so you have to reassure him that you’re both going to be in it together every step of the way.

Kris: Chokes on his drink when you tell him all of a sudden but he recovers from it and asks why you suddenly decided that this is what you want trying to understand how you thought about it so out of the blue but agreeing nonetheless.

Tao: “I would want nothing more than to have kids with you”. He spends the rest of the day smiling sweetly at you as he plans out everything in his head, thinking it out even more than you have.

Luhan: Doesn’t say anything because he’s so overwhelmed with emotions so he kinda just grabs you in the tightest hug possible.

A/N I hope it wasn’t repetitive and you enjoyed it!

BTS Reaction: They have to leave to go on tour

A/N: request away!!!!! I hope you like this one xx p>

Jungkook: I feel like jungkook would get teary eyed every time he looked at you but he wouldn’t want you to see and get upset. He’s spend the whole day avoiding you because he knew you’d be upset too. When you finally corner him and have to say goodbye he would immediately bury his head in your chest and wrap his arms around you and just stand there for like 5 minutes. You’d stroke his hair and breathe in his scent before he’s pried away from you.

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Suga: Suga would be in that mood where he is really loud and random. He’d spend the whole day being extra nice to you, and actually allowing some PDA. When he’s just about to leave he puts one arm around you smiling. “You’ll be alright, won’t you?” He know how upset you can get when he’s not there. You half heatedly smile back trying to not make him worry but he sees right through you bringing you in even closer and kissing your cheeks.

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Jimin: This cutie omg he would be so quiet all day because he’d just be thinking about not seeing you for the longest time and it just makes him sad. You’d spend the whole time comforting him and stroking his hair trying to convince him that it’s ok. It’d be like this even if he’s gone for like 2 weeks. You grab onto him and make faces and act cute in front of him to cause him to smile but he clings onto you before he has to leave.

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V: He’s normally very chill and lighthearted when he’s with you but this is one of those moments where you see the other side of him. He can’t help but hide the sadness in his eyes even if he’s smiling. “I don’t want to go.” There’d be a lot of pouting and burying his head in your chest refusing to move.

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Rap monster: He’d act the same as he always does. He wouldn’t be too different until the moment he was about to leave. That’s when he would bend down and put one hand on each of your shoulders. “I’m going to miss you. Make sure you look after yourself and contact me lots, ok?” He’d make you pinky promise a phone call every night before he then pulls you in for a hug and kissing you goodbye.

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J-Hope: J-Hope would be super excited to go on tour that he kind of forget that meant leaving you behind. When it finally sunk in however he kept reassuring himself that time would fly by. When he saw you for the last time before leaving though, all those thoughts would fly out the window and he’d suddenly grab on to you. Confused you’d try to shake him off but he wouldn’t budge. Once he’s accepted that he can’t with you for a long while he pulls away before kissing your forehead. “You’re too good for me.”

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Jin: Jin would start listing off all the things you need to make sure to do when he’s away, all of them centred around keeping yourself happy and healthy. He’d get worried because he couldn’t see you physically and you’d have to reassure him before making sure he does everything he’s been nagging you about. “I’m sorry, I just care so much about you.” He’d realise he was almost babying you but he just has to make sure you’re protected even when he isn’t there. He gives you a huge bear hug not wanting to let go but knowing if he doesn’t soon he’ll make it harder for himself.

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boyfriend! mingyu

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  • a really extra boyfriend
  • loves making jokes
  • and telling u abt them
  • like outta nowhere he’d come up to u and would be like “hey wanna hear what genius thing i came up with this time?”
  • teasing u 
  • loves back hugs!!!!! like wrapping his arms around ur waist and resting his chin atop of ur head
  • he’s a big sucker for neck kisses
  • like if u want to ask him for something and need to do some convincing just kiss him there and he’ll melt 
  • “…..fine”
  • occasionally surprises you by cooking you dinner
  • like you’ll just come home from a long day of work/school and he’d welcome you at the door with an apron and a big smile
  • “what are you doing here???”
  • “being the best boyfriend ever duh what else”
  • accepts thanks in form of kisses
  • honestly the type to wear “kiss the chef” aprons
  • outdoor dates!! like going mountain hiking or camping 
  • he’d pack ramen in his bag lol 
  • loves putting his arm around your shoulders in public
  • just to show everyone that you’re taken
  • gentle forehead kisses!!! 
  • like when he’s walking you home at night and you guys get to the front door he’ll gently grab you by your shoulders and press his lips against your forehead
  • he’ll tell u the softest goodnight u’ll ever hear
  • and he’d just linger there for a little bit more bc he knows he has to leave but he doesn’t really want to
  • texts you to come hang out at the dorm!!
  • when you get there half the time you’d find the dorm empty except for mingyu and other times it’s so loud bc the boys are playing some kind of game
  • “you’re finally here! ive been waiting for 500 years!!”
  • “its only been 20 minutes chill”
  • “in my book thats equal to 500 years “
  • when you’re out on dates and it’s late and chilly he’d automatically strip off his jacket and place it over your shoulders
  • and when you look at him like???? he’d just give u a cute lil shy smile omg
  • when you’re sick he’d come over and cook you all his home remedies for sickness
  • while lecturing you about getting sick
  • “i cant believe you got sick”
  • “i thought idiots dont get colds”
  • “mingyu shut up”
  • he’d put on some movie that wonwoo gave him to “put u at ease since ur  sick” 
  • “i honestly have no idea what it’s about but i trust wonwoo”
  • the type to ask you “me or _____?” as a joke but then gets salty when you dont say him
  • “hey mingyu can u pass me the sauce?”
  • “why dont you go ask minghao to pass u the sauce since u like him more than u like me”
  • he’d pass u the sauce anyway
  • his saltiness would only last like 5 minutes then he’ll forget about it
  • cuddling on the couch!!! with ur legs over his lap and some type of snack there for you two to munch on
  • sometimes when mingyus feeling extra cuddly he pats his legs for you to sit on his lap
  • cooking dinner together!!!!
  • he’ll tell you funny stories that the guys did while you guys are sharing the small space together, enjoying making you laugh
  • loves to hear u laugh
  • like he’d poke at your sensitive spots to hear u giggle
  • or tell you lame jokes that has u rolling ur eyes but u cant help but let out a small giggle
  • omg if u ever see a bug and scream he’ll come rushing over like “!!!! what!!! what happened!!!!”
  • but then when he sees it was just a bug he’d be like…….. u….. i’m leaving….. i can’t believe……
  • he’d kill it in the end anyway lmao
  • for your anniversary he’d buy you a diamond necklace that he’s been saving up for months for 
  • he’d put it on you himself like he’d tell you to hold up your hair and he’d come in really close like he was going to hug you
  • and he’d peer over your shoulders so he  could see what he was doing 
  • and when he steps back to look at it on your neck he’d just give you a smile with a special sparkle in his eyes and kind of mutters
  • “it’s beautiful on you”
  • he’d always gaze at you with that “wow i can’t believe youre mine” look in his eyes whenever youre not looking
  • and he’d wipe it right off his face when you turn back to look at him
  • if you ever catch him he’d put up a front like he’d scoff and would be like “me? do that? funny.”
  • he tells you he loves you for the first time late at night when you’re cuddled together on the bed at your house and your head is on his chest and he’s about to fall asleep
  • and he just cranes his neck to kiss the top of your head and mumbles “i love you” against your hair
  • after that first time, he continues to tell you he loves you at moments that you aren’t expecting it
  • like whenever you catch his eye and when the moment is right, he’ll just say it with a smile on is lips
  • whenever he isn’t feeling well he’d find you and just rest his head against your shoulder
  • loves it when you run your fingers through his hair
  • tells you about his problems over a cup of coffee, honestly just enjoying your company, like you wouldn’t need to give him comforting words or anything
  • he’d just be comforted by your presence 
  • loves falling asleep while laying in ur lap but would never admit this
  • becomes a giant blushing mess whenever one of the boys mentions u 
  • whenever you do something cute he’d coo and would pinch your cheeks
  • “awwwwwwwwwww omg”
  • just a giant puppy!!!

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BTS reaction where they find you wearing there over-sized shirts

Kim Seokjin/Jin:  

Jin would find you absolutely adorable in his pink shirt. He would compliment you and chuckle at you when you tried to pull up the big sleeves and the shirt was more like a dress for you. He would smile “wow jagi you look like a little prince”(Because Princess Jin has no flaws)

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

Oh his brain would go blank, he might have a sexy brain but “DAMN YOU LOOK GOOD JAGI!” he would say loud causing you to stare. He would then smirk at you and whisper gently into your ear “you look so….CUTE!” (You DIRTY MINDED PERSON!)

Jung Hoseok/J-hope: 

One word: FANBOYING!!!! He would scream and how cute you looked at how amazing you were and omg your cheeks were just so much more pink than usual and you looked like a little cuddly thingie. (You cant escape the hope).

Min Yoongi/Suga:

He would not say much but would SO SECRETLY LOVE IT! He would like how he could see your legs and how the shirt swayed at your hips “damn…this is making me so…TIRED!” (he tots wants to cuddle you while sleeping so he could stroke his finger on your leg up and down).

Park Jimin/Jimin:

This bun would die of cuteness and just giggle at the sight of you in his shirt, he would take you in his arms kissing you and say with a big smile “aren`t you the cutest but, not as cute as me” (we all know he is secretly a little bun).

Kim Taehyung/V:

Oh he would admire you and tell you how amazing you looked and how much his plushies thought the same but, he would take you into a big hug and tell the other plushies to leave because you were all his (I JUST HAD TO)

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

Our Maknae would stare like just stare and not understand what this was in front of him, he would smile and tell you how beautiful you looked. When you hugged him he would say “But i look better in that shirt than you”. (Sassy maknae is sassy).

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what would the hyung line's kissing be like? would they prefer short kisses, long ones, etc?

Why are u doing this 2 me….i haven’t kissed someone in over a year this is ridiculous i’m crying

Seokjin: He would almost always grab your cheeks to kiss you omg. They would usually be fairly short but meaningful. Afterwards he would run his thumb across your cheek a few times and look into your eyes for a bit. Long, passionate ones would be rare because I can honestly see him smiling and giggling like a kid half way through. I feel like Seokjin would be a very light kisser, never not smiling when kissing you unless the situation was appropriate. He is definitely the type to kiss your hand randomly when holding it. They would never really be unexpected–he would probably stare at you smiling a bit before he did it, to make sure that it was fully okay with you (even if you guys were dating for a long long time). He’d probably be really good at it too! 

Yoongi is definitely a passionate kisser. They would be long and serious. He wouldn’t do it often, but when he did it would always be perfect. He would probably grab you by the chin a lot to kiss you, leaving trails from your jaw to your neck often. I can see him as the type of guy to do these things just to get you going, and then do nothing about it afterwards. He would tease you a lot when kissing you like biting your lip and putting his hands around your waist to pull you closer to him. He would never kiss you in public though, he’d always leave it for when you were alone just in case it led to anything else GODDAMNIT WHAT IS YOONGI DOING TO ME RIGHT NOW  

Hoseok: Light, airy, playful kisses. Lots of pecks on the lips and cheeks. Short kisses when saying hello and long ones when saying goodbyes. I think he would always kiss the side of your head every time you guys were hugging. Long, passionate ones would be for when things were more private, but I can definitely see him as  still being light and gentle even if it was long and passionate. He would never be too rough with you (unless you wanted him to lol) and would never really pull any sort of tricks on you. I think he would jokingly kiss you on the hand a lot and probably grab you to peck hundreds of kisses all over your face until you told him to stop. 

Namjoon: Would be a mixture of Yoongi and Hoseok. He wouldn’t kiss you a lot in public unless it was to say hello or goodbye. These would be pretty fast but not super light–like those kisses where you grab hands and both kind of fall into it you know? Namjoon would be a GOOD ASS KISSER bro he’d always go into it like he knew exactly what he was doing and exactly what you wanted him to do. I can see him being a bit rough unless you told him not to, definitely the type to back you up against the wall so that it was easier (if he didn’t already do so before he kissed you). Definitely a teaser, pull a Yoongi and get you going and then pretend to walk away. Namjoon would definitely know exactly what to do at exactly the right time goddamnit.