your chariot awaits


In the war, of the Gods we’re so greatly burdened
Confined to chains of our sins, as our lives are bartered
We must stand in the end, we must face our demons
Turn our backs to the sky, as we bleed for freedom
Bleed for freedom

Your chariot awaits….

                                         Our life here on earth:
                                         to what shall we compare it?
                                         Is it not like a rowboat
                                         departing at daybreak,
                                         leaving no trace of us in its wake?

                                                                         – Takaha Shugyo (1930~ )

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Your Chariot Awaits…
Photo by Orren R. Louden

The little dogs laugh because their performance is sport and even big white Pegasus wears a pleased expression. Like the human members of the circus family, they love the petite trainer. She and her husband, who directs equestrian acts, are among the brightest personalities under the “big top.”