your chariot awaits

Your Night out.

You have won a night out with the man himself. He is even coming to pick you up in one of his Jaguar cars. You have spent all day getting ready and getting nervous. If you listen you can here him parking outside now. And if you look out your bedroom window there he is looking up at you.

He gets out all suited and booted and looking like a Disney prince. The rain that’s been pouring all day, is still coming down but our Handsome hero is up to the task and comes to your door with a huge Brolly for you to get under. Before you do that he takes your hand kisses it and tell you, your chariot awaits. leads you by the kissed hand to the car and helps you in.

You have to go through all the red carpet nonsense when you get there and you choose to stand at the side lines and watch your date strut his stuff for the cameras. He even winks at one point and only you know its for you. 

The rest of the night he gives to you his undivided attention. Telling you jokes about film sets and actors. dancing so close to you that you can feel his breath on your neck and never once letting you out his sight. 

All to soon its Cinderella  time to go home but in stead of being taken back by some unknown driver, Tom insists on taking you back himself and inviting himself in for coffee. you sit nervously on your sofa by him wondering how the evening will end. He hold his hand out as he did at the start and kisses it, leads you to your bedroom, whispering sweet nothings in your ear and promises of pleasures to come. 

In the Morning, he still hasn’t left. He lays besides you and smiles gives you a wink and says he’d like another coffee and another date.


Happy Dreaming Girls

picture my edits but not mine to start with. Lets face it if I had been there to take them in the first place, Id still be getting over it.

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