your brainwashed

it is important to look at Mistress LOVE’s pictures every day… letting your mind become brainwashed into my little thrall… my mindless toy… isn’t it?



It’s mind control, Corruption of your thoughts, Destruction of your soul. Don’t let them mold your mind. They wanna control mankind.
Seems like their only intention is to exploit the earth, And you trust in their deceit. Your mind causes your defeat. And so you become an invention to distort this earth. Propaganda and lies is a plague in our lives. How much more victimized. Before we realize? Grandmaster (Satan). Let the people go. You put them in total confusion to downs-troy their soul. For they practice what you preach, so they’re always in your reach. Hi-tech slavery in these days. They’ll make it attractive to get man distracted. Corrupting your soul, polluting your soul. Destroying your soul, mind control. The Truth is there for us to see.
—  Stephen Marley

Val would follow Sybok to QI’tu’ without being brainwashed purely so she can fight god.

It’s a Klingon thing.