your brainwashed

mounting a one-man suicide mission into enemy territory to rescue your bro

saying you’d follow your bro anywhere and telling your bro you like him in tight spandex

revisiting a bar to try and get drunk after your bro dies even though the bar has been/is currently being bombed because thats the last place you were happy with your bro

moving in with your bro after his last remaining family dies so he doesn’t have to be alone

your bro remembering you after seventy years of intense brainwashing just ‘cause you said his name

reciting a promise to your bro that essentially means “im with you until death”

refusing to fight your brainwashed bro because you’d rather die than fight him

repeating the promise back to your bro and it breaks through your bro’s seventy years of intense brainwashing

just bro things

We all have our insecurities. Belly, thighs, arms, hair, skin, smell. This year has been a body revolution for me. I can run, jump, work, make love, laugh, cry and so much more. My body is beautiful with its stretch marks, cellulites, fat and bones. It’s hard to find love for your body when society brainwashes people with fat shaming. 

You are beautiful and respected.

  • Seven: Something brought you here, MC. Call it what you will – fate, destiny...
  • MC: Your brainwashed edgelord of a twin brother.
  • Seven: what
  • MC: what

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5 29 26 64 with bucky and lots of angst maybe? Thanks!

I am sorry it took so long to write . This is all the angst I could write . I hope you like it . 


”This was a mess before I came here”

“Please don’t make me hurt you.”
“I am not spying . Just copying some files that belong to them.”

“Tell me you’re kidding.”

You were now officially an avenger . You don’t do anything that you did in the past . You have learnt the difference between wrong and right . And to now actually make the world a better place you decided to join the avengers . You helped people , you saved them . It made you feel better . It didn’t wash away your sins , but it gave you a reason to live .

You were happy . You were doing something that made you and others happy .

Walking to the lab you were thinking about the life you made for yourself . You were around people who cared for you and had your back . Bucky , your boyfriend for the past year made you the happiest . You couldn’t ask for more  . You only hoped that your past doesn’t come seeping through the cracks of lies you had created to be here .

As you opened the door to the lab you saw Natasha downloading some files into the printer .

Tell me you’re kidding.” She muttered to herself .

“Nat? What are you doing?” You asked walking towards her , confusion etched on your face.

“Nothing.”, she answered nonchalantly .

“Are you spying?”

She laughed a sarcastic laugh .

I am not spying . Just copying some files that belong to them.”
“To whom?”
“Bucky and Steve.”

A pit of anxiety started emerging in your stomach . What if…. NO!!! This can’t be happening . You erased every evidence of your past . But you knew Nat was very good at what she does .

“You know…I always sensed something weird with you . I mean , you have no notable trace before the age of 20 . I always wondered why. And today I found it .”


“Nat ..Please . You can’t do this . You can’t do this to me , to Bucky . Please don’t create a mess now.”

“Oh honey . This was a mess before I came here .”

You were on the verge of tears . This was your worst nightmares . You didn’t know what to do . She started walking towards the door and you followed her .

You pulled her back with her arm .

“Please Nat . Don’t do this . I don’t do that anymore .”., you cried .

Please don’t make me hurt you Y/N  . And I don’t trust you .” She pushed you harshly before starting to walk to where  Steve was .

You followed her , crying all the way .

 You were finally happy . You left everything back to correct all your sins . You were trying . You were trying to become better . Trying to help . But every time you thought of moving on , you were kicked right back to square one . But you already knew that today you couldn’t escape .

“Steve , look what I found .”

He started going through all the files on the computer , his face falling , slowly anger creeping in .

You stood behind Natasha . Your eyes glued to the ground . Thinking about the consequences .

“Y/N.”, Steve said your name in horror .

“Steve let me explain.” You started reaching out to him .

“Nooo…There is nothing to explain.”

“Steve …Please…I was taken as a kid . I didn’t know .”
“I don’t care . You are the very person because of whom our life has been hell.”
“Steve NO!!! It wasn’t me . I stopped long ago . Please , you have to believe me .”
“I can’t . I don’t . It was you .”
“Noo. Steve . You of all people should understand . Bucky…..”
“Don’t fucking talk about him!!!! Bucky was different . He was brain washed . He was a victim . But you…..” He came closer to me , with anger radiating off of him.
“You did this with all your senses . You weren’t brainwashed . So don’t even bring up Bucky’s name.”

“SMACK “  Steve slapped you right across the face .

“I trusted you.” He said pointing his finger , a tear escaping his eyes .

“Steve!!! What the fuck???”

Bucky said as he saw you on the floor , sobbing .

“Bucky..Stay away from her .” Steve pushed Bucky as he was approaching you .

Steve started explaining to Bucky while Nat was calling Nick Fury .

“Bucky , listen to me . She worked for Hydra . She was a part of them for 12 years . She did things to people that no one can imagine . She tortured them , she made them do bad stuff . She put people through much worse than you have been through . She is not to be trusted . We are sending her to jail . She needs to be locked up.”

You could see the way Bucky expressions were changing . He was clueless at first . He couldn’t believe what was happening . But as Steve continued explaining he seemed to get angry and in the end you could see that he was hurt .

“I trusted you . I loved you .” He said stalking towards me with tears flowing down his face .

“I thought you understood me because you …you….Oh my god  !!! WHY??? Why did you do it??”

“Bucky …listen…”
“I can’t…I can’t think .I feel dirty . You touched me . I had your lips on me . You had your hands all over me. I feel disgusted . How could you do this? Do you still work for them? Are you here to take me back?”
“Bucky no.”, you cried reaching to hold him but he moved back .

“Did you even love me?”, he whispered .

YES .Yes you did of course love him . He gave you the courage to become a better person . He made you brave  .He made you who you were today . He gave you hope . He made you feel like you deserve a second chance .

As you were being dragged from the floor by the officials to be put in jail , you looked up at Bucky one last time .

You never wanted to hurt him . You never wanted to betray him . He looked so lost and hurt .

You couldn’t look at him . Only his face flashed across your eyes .  Teary eyed , drained face .

Your parents were killed by HYDRA and they took you in when you were only 8 . What child would at that tender age understand the difference between wrong and right . You did what they told. They made you believe that you were getting rid of bad people that corrupted the world . They gave you rewards for killing tem and it made you happy knowing that you were doing great things for the world . But you were 19 when you realised the truth . It took you one full year to escape HYDRA . You made a new life , away from bad stuff . You beat yourself up everyday thinking about how good you felt taking innocent lives .

You tried moving on but the nightmares kept those memories alive . Two years of struggling you came to terms that you couldn’t change your past but you can definitely make your future better . You erased every trace of your existence before 20 and made a fake one .

You joined the avengers due to the vast experience in combat and medical field .   You were feeling good .  You were doing good . Until it all came crashing .

You were thrown into the cell for life time imprisonment .

All you could think of was the hurt on Bucky’s face . Maybe you didn’t deserve second chances like Bucky did . Maybe you didn’t deserve to make things right like Bucky did . No one fought for you like the way Steve did for Bucky . Even Bucky didn’t fight for you . 

Maybe it is because you weren’t worth fighting for .

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Child indoctrination

Something that really makes me feel sad and sick is how children are indoctrinated. It’s so sad to see, I see it near enough every day and if there’s one thing I could stop religion from doing, it’s targeting children. You’re taking away a child’s innocence and forcing them into believing and practising something that they shouldn’t be doing. They don’t know any better. They don’t know what they’re doing, what any of it means, what it’s worth. I see kids reading off Quran or bible verses. Chanting Allah or Jesus. It’s like if I got my kid to learn and rap Eminem songs. You’d think I was fucking insane. You’re brainwashing your kids by making them believe in what you believe. If you wanna have religious kids, wait until they’re old enough to know better. But by then it’s too late. So it all works out anyway. Child indoctrination is child abuse. I’ve seen kids cry during religious prayers and as someone who has managed to escape the toxicity of religion it’s some of the most heart breaking shit I’ll probably ever see.

celtictexan replied to your link “Trudeau ‘very pleased’ Trump approved Keystone XL pipeline”

All you dumb fucks bashing him on this one thing need to quit driving and heating your homes or using any electric power generated by carbon anything. Put your money where your big stupid brainwashed mouths are.

I live in British Columbia where 92% of our electricity comes from Hydroelectricity (not an oil based energy source). My apartment is heated by electricity, not by natural gas.

I also don’t own or drive a car. I walk or use public transit. I do put my money where my mouth is.

Try harder next time.

Rough translations of Owari no Seraph Chapter 58 PART 2

Page 19
Aoi: …Lord Kureto, this…
Kureto: …Do you need more?
Aoi: …Eh
Raimeki: I need more, all together around 10 more hours
Kureto: …Damn it, only 10 hours

Page 20
Aoi: Ehm…I
Raimeki: As it is, crush your love, if you don’t
Kureto: I will get captivated…you mean
Aoi:…Lord Kureto…I…ehm…I…
Kureto: Aoi
Aoi: Yeah, Yes!
Kureto: …this is my defeat, I lost the qualification to be king

Page 21
Kureto: I got possessed by a monster which transferred from Tenri
Aoi: Ah…tha…that…
Kureto: I cannot restrain myself.
If I cannot provide the right amount of desire, I will lose my body
Aoi: Desire…than the kiss….
I am truly sorry!! That I caused so much trouble in this situation

Page 22
Kureto: …There is a need to achieve the desire
Aoi: …Desire, desire…
…What, what should I do?
Kureto: …What should we do
…Ah shit, damn it
Aoi: …Lord Kureto

Page 23
Kureto: Aoi, I cannot trust it from now on. So I’m going to call that guy I can rely on
Aoi: …Just what
Raimeki: Aaah incredible. He provided me with so many desires.
Good Kureto, even if you can’t trust anyone, you want to believe in someone.
Ah, be more corrupted, yield under your weakness. Just put your cravings in your mouth ((to say his desires))

Page 24
Kureto: …Call Guren, and Shinya.
I’ll/We’ll rely on those guys

Page 25
Mika: …Yu-chan seems happy. What have those people did to you?
[The situation is getting worse and worse]

Page 26
Mika: [Revival of the dead] [The end of the world] [Ferid Bathory ] [And at last Ichinose Guren]…
[I could kill him now] [Will Yu-chan hate me if I kill him] [Even if he hates me, it shouldn’t concern me] [If my decision comes to late, Yu-chan will become the new Guren]
[Right now, I have to protect Yu-chan]

Page 27
Guren: …I know that you want to kill me
Yu: What
Mika wait, Guren has his own reasons…
Mika: Sorry Yu-chan

Page 28
Guren: Sorry to say but I won’t die
Mika: No, you will die here

Page 29
Guren: Kk
Yu: Mika stop!!!
Mika: Let me go!!
Yu: I won’t!!
Mika: Why are you protecting him!!
Yu: Because he’s our comrade!!Mika: …Tch

Page 30
Yu: Ah…
Mika: …Sorry, even if you hate me me, I couldn’t…
Guren: …Mahiru give me…
Mika: …Sword drink my…

Page 31
Mika: …Damn it, why
Yoichi: We…we should talk…
Mika: If you don’t step back, I’ll kill…
Yu: MIKA!!!

Page 32
Mika: …This is weird, Yu-chan
Why is everyone so happy after he came.
He is the one who brought the world to its end, right?
Because of him, we are living in this world!!

Page 33
Yu: Mika, you may know Guren not to…
Mika: If I would, I’d be manipulated. Laughing after all this happened, it seems that your all brainwashed…
Guren: He’s right. I’m doing many hideous things. If you want to, I’ll apologise
Mika: Stop with those lies, if you want to apologise just get lost. Stop fooling with Yu-chan
Yu: Mika

Page 34
Guren: If I could, I would do it, but it’s impossible.
I have things to do
Mika: GET LOST!!
Yu: Mika!!
Crowley: …Wow, the argument is heating up
[Let’s see, how long those feelings will rest inside him…]

Page 35
Narumi: We heard that from Ferid Bathory.
That the world ended, because the Lieutenant Colonel revived his friends
But also that they will live only for 10 years.
It’s already been 8 years
Including Shinya Hiiragi, the Lieutenant’s squad has now only 2 years left
It’s the work you have to do the maintaining the life of those?
No, the order of the story is wrong. Please answer this first.
To revive Hiiragi Shinya and the others, you let the world end. Right?
Guren: ……Right

Page 36
Narumi: Does that mean, if the Lieutenant hadn’t done that, the world would be the same as 8 years ago?
Guren: …There is no excuse (for that)
Narumi: What, was the world already doomed
Then there is no reason to blame the Lieutenant

Page 37
Mika: That has absolutely nothing to do with this
Guren: Right, I triggered it. That’s the truth, if I hadn’t done that, the chance of doding it would have been…
Shinoa: Zero
Then, who set that plan?

Page 38
Shinoa: It was the Hiiragi’s anyway.
The Lieutenant can’t resist the Hiiragis. Today or back in the days.
And furthermore, the person that controls the Hiiragi-Clan and whom my brother is desperately fighting-do you know abou that?
Guren: No
Shinoa: I can’t believe you

Page 39
Guren: I really don’t know
Narumi: Then, what are you doing/planning right now?
After associating with Ferid Bathory, for which reason are you moving?
Not knowing the person behind this and even causing the end of the world.
Mika: […You mustn’t ask that]
Narumi: There’s no way to pass without answering these questions.
Killing your comrades, what are your motives? Ichinose Guren
Mika: …You mustn’t ask that

Page 40
Yu: Please tell us Guren, after all we’re family, right? Just what are you doing?

Page 41
Guren: I will revive all the humans I killed and mankind and bring back everything to normal

Hey boys!

Wanna know how to win your girl’s love after she was tortured under a mountain just for you even when she was mortal? Just follow these simple steps!!

1. Ignore all of her PTSD symptoms. This also includes her extreme weight loss and her nightly vomiting due to nightmares reliving how she saved you and your entire species.
2. Completely ignore the fact that she stopped painting due to said PTSD symptoms. IGNORE IT. Even when YOU KNOW that was her passion. Even when you know she can’t even look at the colour red anymore without triggering said PTSD symptoms. Yes red, one of the colours she uses in painting. Definitely ignore that.
3. Get her sisters kidnapped. Yes, the ones she worked so hard to keep alive and suffered so much for.
4. Not only that, make sure said sisters are shoved into a giant pot and transformed into a creature they despise. This will definitely win your girl’s approval
5. Actually insist your girl is being brainwashed by the guy she so willingly left you for so that she breaks her sacred bond with said guy. You know, the bond that runs deeper than marriage? Yeah f that amirite

That’s right boys! By following these 5 simple steps, your girl will be so madly in love with you she’ll continue wearing fluffy dresses and planning your parties!

((I hope everyone can sense my obvious sarcasm in this post. DO NOT take this seriously in the least.))

So dear Tamlin,

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  • Trans people: trans women are women
  • Terfs: um no they're not honey, cause they're socialized as males uWu
  • Trans people: well maybe we should make it easier and safer for young trans kids to come out and get support?

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I was of the impression that El/Mugaro was saying exactly all the things that Gabriel wanted to hear/expected of him to say, but inside he was constantly thinking about getting Azazel back as soon as possible. Though I may be wrong and he's indeed being brainwashed (which doesn't change the fact that Azazel will be the one to break the spell, so whatever).

Same same same.

I also thought Mugaro was secretly thinking about something else, while Gabriel was so shamelessly trying to brainwash him.
Like, I’ve got this feeling Mugaro can actually tell when people are lying or if they have good intentions or not. That’s why he followed Azazel: he trusts him because Aza honestly cares for him and want to protect him (sweet Jesus they both want to protect each other so much. I’m melting)

That’s why I think he’s secretly agreeing with the angels - because he actually cares for Jeanne too, and the chance to bring her back is relevant material - but I think and hope he will try to get peace and Aza & Jeanne in the most pacifical possible way.

Mugaro isn’t able to war. He’s too pure to war. Even when he agreeded to do that, he said “because it’s my dutynot because he actually wanted to.
And Sofiel probably thinks the same. Honestly it’s just Gabriel that’s getting on my nerves lately

Also damn yes, if Mugaro isn’t side thinking to free everyone using peace and is actually brainwashed, I hope Azazel or Nina (but mostly Aza) will bring him back to his senses. He’s a good child, too pure for this world, no need to stain his beautiful soul.