your boyf

#1 hoe tip anyone could ever give you

Look girl i want you to fuck whoever you want to fuck. Fuck yo best friend fuck yo friend fuck a stranger fuck your boyf fuck your girlf , Fuck whoever (be safe about it!) as long as your happy doing it.

But that does NOT include someone who is in a relationship/married. I dont care if you love them and they love you, or their partner isnt satisfying them enough, whatever the case may be, it still does not justify how fucked up and disloyal you guys are being. 

Dont try and pull any shit on me like ‘You dont know what its like to be in that situation’ because all of this is coming from someone who fucked around with their best friends boyfriend. Yeah, I know what the fuck im talking about. Let me give you a little background details on the situation. I fucked around with her boyfriend for abt 3 months and it changed me as a person. He made me feel like the most special girl in the world when i was with him, but any other time i never felt more disrespected and degraded. Theres no pride in the side girl title, theres no pride in fucking somebody who isnt yours to fuck. On top of that, the guilt ate me alive. And karma sure as hell kicked my ass for it, because when we ended up dating, he turned out to be a mentally unstable piece of shit who emotionally, sexually, and physically abused me. On top of that he cheated on me multiple tips. Shocker. (keep in mind that if you end up dating the boy thats cheating with you, hes going to cheat on you too. once a cheater, always a cheater, youre no exception.) That was a year ago and ive grown a lot as a person since then, but it is sincerely my biggest regret and it still haunts me. You deserve to respect yourself. You dont deserve to be a dirty secret and a side girl, just like the other person doesnt deserve to be betrayed like that, and just like how the guy/girl whose cheating doesnt deserve either of you. 

And i dont want anyone reading this to think im only going after the side person because to be quite honest, the cheater is the dirtiest one in this situation. Im just trying to tell you guys to avoid a dirty situation of hurt feelings and broken hearts.

Ive been reading a lot of similair blogs to mine encouraging the side girl position and i just cant back it. If you dont agree, unfollow me, you wont be missed. 

call out post for iori:

  • sends me weird shit over text all the time
  • yet he can’t stand my puns and will physically kick me out of his lab
  • yet he put up with it during the entirety of project-s
  • and yet 
  • the yet’s just go on with this man
  • what even is iori shirou
  • what is he
  • he’s like this human cryptid that none of us can explain 
  • houka get your boyf in-control it was only a project how did it end up like this ( it was only a project, it was only a project )

cosmicphandom2k16  asked:

You and your boyf are so cute! 💜 congrats on 4yrs! Been with my boyo almost 16yrs now lol (get less than that for murder 😂)

Awe thank you!!! Omg you and your boy give me hope tbh, i cant wait for that!

wahhh, what a life

back in 2014 or 2015, I watched Discovery of Romance and rooted for the 2nd lead guy. Because why would you choose your ex when your current boyf is perfect like Nam Hajin?

but now it’s 2017. I discovered Shinhwa in weekly idol ep. Well, it’s not the first time I saw them because they appeared like 2 times in Running Man, and I watched AOHY too last year, but man after weekly idol I really love them and watched their Shinhwa Broadcast, and here i am, re-watching Discovery of Romance and crazily rooted for Kang Tae Ha. ahahhaahhahah