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Finn Balor - Endless Love.

Finn Balor -  Finn introduces his girlfriend to all his friends for the first time. Then Karl tells Finn that he’s never seen him so crazy about a girl - he then tells Finn that she’s the one for him.

- Warnings - Major Fluff

Word Count - 1,465 words.

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You tapped your manicured nails along the dashboard as Finn drove the both of you to the arena; you had been continuously tapping for around 10 minutes when Finn suddenly placed his hands over you.

“Love, why are you doing that thing with your nails- I know for sure you only do that when you’re nervous about something.” He questioned, glancing at you whilst trying to keep his eyes on the road. Your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as he pointed out one of your most common habits. Finn saw the blush on your cheeks and sighed, “Love, why are you nervous? you’ve talked to most of the lads already and you know they love you.” You pouted your lips slightly as you tried desperately to think of a half believable lie.

“I’m not nervous at all” You tried; your voice meek and failing to provide any sort of legitimacy. He raised an eyebrow at you, practically begging for an actual answer. “Okay so maybe I am a little nervous- I’ve only spoken to Karl, Sami and the girls over twitter, so what if they just hate me in real life. It’s like the equivalent to them thinking they’ll see a cool tiger or something and then up I turn, just a turtle. Also just will put it out there, it’s insanely cute you know my nervous habit.” you let out a small giggle, intertwining your delicate fingers with his free hand.

“First, you’re welcome darlin’. But most importantly, turtles are cool.” Finn spoke, a soft tone echoing through the overly cramped car you were sitting in. “And don’t even try to argue with me about it. You just do you and you’ll be fine alright, if not… I’ll be there.”

“God baby, I know that and I don’t even know why I’m nervous. I just think it’s because you’re so close to literally all of them and I want it to stay that way.” You muttered. Obviously, by any means, you didn’t want to affect Finn’s relationships he’s built for years now.

Shifting his hand from your palm and placing it firmly on the top of your thigh, a faint sigh left his lips. “You, yes you. Need to stop worrying so much.” He uttered, tensing his hand in order to squeeze your leg with a small smirk etching on his face. 

After a car journey which seemed to have lasted a lifetime and the constant halting at what was practically every red light across the state you finally reached the arena. You leant your body to maneuver yourself out of the car door, instantly letting your eyes roam to the colourfully bannered arena wall; Finn’s face plastered all over it. Soon after, the muscular physique of your boyfriend appeared next to you, his arm immediately wrapping around your shoulders for your bodies to meet in a tight hug. “My baby looks good on a building.” you giggled whilst nuzzling your face into his shoulder; the familiar smell of his cologne strong against your nose.

“I always look good. Now c’mon you goof, we better head in.” He chuckled in return, leading your frame in through the entrance to the arena and towards the main area which is a direct contrast to the peaceful area you were previously in. His arm released from your shoulder slightly, twisting your body to face his, “Karl said he’d meet us up the corridor, you ready babe.”

With yours and Finn’s relationship, you never liked to be apart under any circumstances and with his job and the one you were currently training to partake in; it was hard to find time for each other… that’s why whenever you were together, your bodies were in contact at all times. Continuing to walk further into the busy bustle of people in the corridor, both your and your boyfriend’s fingers found each other’s as his long-lasting friends Karl and Luke were seen only a mere few steps away.

“Ay there’s our Finn.” Karl exclaimed, tugging him into a so-called ‘bro hug’. “This must be Y/N, it’s nice to actually meet you in person. I know a lot of the girls have been asking about you coming, they want to see you.” He laughed getting an approving nod from Gallows.

“Oh thank you, it’s nice to finally meet you guys.” you exclaimed before wrapping your arms tightly around Finn’s as he backed away from his brothers. “Well, it’s nice to actually be face to face with the two people who he’s going on non-stop about every single bloody day.”

Light chuckles could be heard from everyone’s lips as you received a small nudge from your boyfriend signaling his unamused response at your playful remark. “Darlin’ I know we literally just got here and I’d love to introduce you to everyone but I do seriously need to get to this creative meeting and then do my paint. I really do hate to leave you but I’m sure one of the others will find you sooner or later.” Finn spoke, glancing down at the glistening metal watch fastened tightly around his wrist.

A small smile crept over your face knowing just how sincere he was in his realisations. Of course if you both could you’d be together every second of every day, however, a little time apart can be the best time of all. Especially when he’s stressed; when he’s stressed he’s cranky and when he’s cranky he’s unresponsive. You tugged your arm to be released from his hold and placed a playful push on his perfectly chiseled bicep, “Just go, I’ll be fine babe. I promise.” After a matter of seconds and a few more nudges, the figure before you slowly made his retreat leaving you in a situation of pure independence…

~ 2 hours later ~

Finn’s POV

Strolling down the corridor, my eyes searched each and every open door to spot her; her perfect body, her intense eyes and her contagious smile. But still, even after reaching the 5th door frame, I was with no luck whatsoever. Multiple ongoing thought surged through my mind; I guess I couldn’t help it. I needed that assurance she was always fine- there’s no way in hell I’d be able to think clearly not knowing otherwise…

My head jolted around every corner until a familiar figure caused my attention to draw his direction. “Karl brother, have you seen Y/N? I can’t help but worry and I know it’s stupid but have you seen her.” I exclaimed in a flash, hurriedly approaching the seated body of my ‘best buddy’. 

“Woah woah, relax- slow down there. She’s fine, come take a walk with me.” My friend mumbled, leaping off the crate he was previously perched on to walk further down the overly cramped arena corridors. I followed unsure of where we were going but the same comment stuck in my head the entire time spent walking; “She’s fine.”

No more than a mere minute later I found myself stood in amongst the currently unoccupied seats of the sold-out arena. My eyes gazed intently on the squared-circle before me, and most importantly the person in it… She didn’t recognize me staring and part of me was glad for that fact but still, even with this much distance between us, I could still see her eyes glisten in amongst the multicolored lighting, even if she wasn’t looking my direction. She just had that effect on me- an effect that no one else on the planet could. “Jeez Finn if you stare anymore, I’m afraid you’re gonna let her take my place as your main babe.” Karl joked, his elbow jabbing the exposed skin on my arm.

“That might just have to happen to be honest. It’s hard to even keep my eyes off her for two seconds here and those past two hours killed me.” I added; a wide grin becoming an ever-present part of my facial features now.

“No seriously Finn, I’ve never seen you so crazy for a girl before. It’s actually unbelievable how much you both care for each other and it shows. Even in that ring full of 5 other women, your eyes have never left her and that’s an accomplishment in itself. She’s honestly the one for you Finn; it may have taken long but you finally found her.”

I guess I always knew I’d found that one special person from the moment I laid eyes on that girl. My heart may not have wanted to show it for a while but now, every waking moment I spend not being able to hide my love for her. It’s impossible. But in other words, it’s also impossible to believe that I found her; a living angel in a world of 7 billion people…

A/N - Yeah sorry guys for dragging this out for so so long! I just felt like it was so crappy for ages but I finally finished it so I really hope you enjoyed it and it was okay. Sorry again for being inactive for so long, both of us had a lot to deal with over the past couple of weeks xo ~ Nikkii

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