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Comfortable (Jungkook) *NSFW*

The door opened and you were immediately crushed in a one armed hug as Jungkook rushed out, smothering you in his basic white t-shirt.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said as you jokingly pushed him away, your head swimming from the lingering scent of his body wash.

“Hey, you’re hyper,” you observed as you turned around and started walking with him, his arm comfortably resting on your shoulders.

“I’m hype for this movie. The reviews have been really good,” he chattered excitedly and you couldn’t help but smile at how happy he was.

“Nice. What time is the showing?”

“Um… It’s at four so we have like an hour.”

“Want to get milkshakes then?” you said gesturing to the small ice cream and milkshake stand on the road.

“Yeah, it’s too hot out anyway,” Jungkook said eyeing the clear sky. You bounded up to the stand and made your order. As you payed Jungkook took his arm off your shoulder to grab his own wallet and begin to order for himself. You missed the presence of his arm slightly but pushed the feeling aside as you stood waiting for your milkshake, instead focusing on the woman making it in the back.

“What flavor did you get?” you asked Jungkook as he joined you.

“Cookies and cream. You?”


“Nice, they’ll be done quicker then,” Jungkook said as he bounced slightly on his feet.

“I’m starting to wonder if giving you more sugar is a good idea,” you joked.

“It’s always a good idea.”

“Oh god, I’ve created a monster.”

“I’m always a monster,” he smirked and you snorted. At that moment the worker handed you your milkshake. You gratefully took it and watched as she handed Jungkook his. When her hand slightly touched his he noticeably jerked back slightly and into you.

“A monster that’s afraid of girls,” you joked as you pushed him off of you and began to walk over to one of the tables outside. You looked down at the hand that had touched him when you shoved him. You wondered if it was possible he was made of metal or something. His body was so firm it surprised you. Glancing at him as he sat down, you realized again how well built he was, with wide shoulders, thick arms, strong thighs and a lean torso that most definitely had abs. You bit your lip before focusing on drinking your milkshake instead, pulling your eyes away from him to watch the birds and people around.

“I’m not afraid of all girls,” he argued as he sat down.

“Name one girl you’re not afraid of,” you argued back.

“You,” he said simply, his eyes burning into yours for a moment.

“Oh, come on. We both know I don’t count because we’ve been friends so long and you don’t actually see me as a girl, do you?” you asked, rambling slightly as you stirred your milkshake with the straw. When you didn’t get an answer you looked up at the shake to see Jungkook staring behind you with a serious, worried look.

“What?” you looked behind you to see a Ji Eun, a classmate of yours, pretty with healthy long sable hair and deep eyes. She was standing with a group of other girls joking around loudly, every now and then casting glances towards you and Jungkook. You could sense a bit of hostility radiating off her, probably directed towards you because you were close to Jungkook. You were used to it; you didn’t mind it and you understood it. After all, seeing Jungkook staring at her, his gaze slightly darker, different from how he looked at you, you also felt a twinge of jealousy.

“Don’t look at her,” Jungkook’s voice broke through your thoughts, his hand on yours to get your attention. You turned back to him, plastering a smile on your face, sparing only the briefest glance down at his hand on yours. The soft feeling of his skin on yours was distracting but you didn’t want him to know that.

“It doesn’t matter if I do since you already are,” you retorted. “You like her don’t you?” you asked, your tone slightly lower but still light.

“I do not,” he said, pulling his hand away from yours to make some large gesture and knocking over his milkshake in the process, spilling it on his shirt.

You couldn’t help but start laughing as you grabbed some napkins and leaned over to try and help him clean it up, dabbing at the stain on his shirt.

“Shit, this isn’t going to come out with just napkins. We should go back to your house so you can change first before the movie,” you said looking up at him. You realized how close your face was to his and pulled away, blushing slightly. You pulled out your phone and checked the time. “It’s only 3:20. We have plenty of time.”

“Okay, yeah, that sound’s good,” Jungkook said as he grabbed the rest of his milkshake and got up to quickly walk back to his house. You hurried after him, glad the milkshake stand was so close to his house. He let you in and started walking upstairs and you followed after him absentmindedly. He went into his room and you sat down on the bed. Jungkook took off his shirt and threw it into the hamper and you couldn’t help but look for a moment before looking away, letting your eyes roll up to stare at the ceiling.

Feeling slightly awkward as Jungkook took his sweet time rifling through his dresser to find the exact plain t-shirt he want, you decided to try and talk to him about Ji Eun again.

“So… Ji Eun, how long have you liked her?”

“Oh my god, really?”

“What? I’m just curious and you’re really obvious,” you said growing slightly annoyed. You tilted your head down to look at him and found he was staring back at you, annoyance clear in his posture.

“I don’t know what I have to do to convince you I don’t like her.”

“Maybe stop being so obvious about it?”

“Maybe you should stop being so oblivious,” he muttered and you couldn’t help but get ticked off.

“What is that supposed to mean?” you asked, voice slightly higher, as you stood up from the bed.

“It means I like you, not Ji Eun,” he said, his voice steady as he held your gaze.

“Why would you joke around like that just to avoid the topic? It’s not funny, Jungkook,” you said, your voice equally serious.

A beat of silence passed between the two of you before Jungkook was suddenly walking towards you, his hands grabbing your elbows and walking you backwards until you hit the wall.

“What makes you think anything I just said sounds like a joke?” he said, his voice low as he leaned down until his eyes were level with yours.

“It’s so obvious you don’t like me. You’re so comfortable around me compared to other girls.”

“Have you ever considered that I like you because I am comfortable around you?” he said leaning even closer, his lips just barely an inch from yours, his body caging yours in.

“Oh…” you said, words suddenly failing you as you struggled to comprehend what was going on. Jungkook smirked slightly at how surprised you were and you could tell he was still slightly upset with you for not believing his confession.

“Understand?” he asked, cocking his head slightly to the side.

“And your reply?”

“I’m comfortable around you too,” you said, allowing the simple statement to tell Jungkook everything he needed to know.

“Not for long.”


His mouth met yours suddenly, propelled by a sense of desperation, desperation stemming from days, months, years of pretending he never felt anything for you, desperation you easily returned as you kissed him back.

His whole body pushed you against the wall, his kiss immensely powerful, surely bruising your lips. However, the pressure didn’t last long as he quickly pulled away beginning to kiss down your neck, sucking hard to leave numerous hickeys. His hands grasped the hem of your shirt pulling it up as he sucked along your neck. He pulled back for a moment to pull the shirt up and over your head. His arms looped around your back, undoing the clasp of your bra before pulling it off. His body continued to lower as he kissed along the top of your breasts, slowly lowering and leaving kisses down your stomach until he was kneeling in front of you. He undid your shorts and slid them off, followed by your underwear. He kissed along your hips and continued down to your thighs, sucking lightly on the inside of one to leave yet another hickey. Holding your legs firmly in place, he brought his mouth to your clit, alternating between sucking lightly and running his tongue around it. He brought one hand away from your thigh to slide a finger inside of you, slowly pumping in and out before adding another. He continued to suck at and lick around your clit as he did and knotted your fingers in his hair as he did, thankful for the one hand that was still holding you up. He curled the fingers inside of you slightly, hitting your g-spot as he pumped them in and out. You felt yourself growing weak as he did, just barely able to hold yourself up. The house of cards came crashing down when his fingers hit your g-spot one more time and you came, your legs nearly giving out. Jungkook quickly removed his fingers, cleaning them off with his mouth before using both hands to hold you up and pull you close as he stood again.

He walked you over to his bed and helped you to sit down. You struggled to regain your breath as he walked over to the nightstand behind you to get a condom, taking off his pants and sliding it on. You felt him get up onto the bed and moved to turn around but before you could you felt his mouth, wet and hot, against your shoulder blade. He sucked hard at your skin, moving to leave hickeys up your shoulder and to the side of your neck as his hands encircled your waist before moving north to massage your breasts.

You let out a sigh as he pulled away, his hands leaving your breasts to pull down your shoulders so you were looking up at his face. He smiled and you weren’t sure if it was sweet or threatening but you soon decided it was both as he swung around so he was straddling you.

He stared down at your naked body, running his hand painfully slowly down your neck and breasts tapping along the hickeys beginning to appear from earlier.

You’re stared up at him, your eyes running over his abs and chest before coming to rest at his face, taking in the entirety of his appearance.  He looked up at you suddenly, his eyes half-lidded as he leaned down to kiss you. His kiss was as slow and agonizing as his hands had been earlier but sure enough he soon pulled away. He sat up and moved your legs so that they were wrapped around him, positioning himself at your entrance. He slid in slowly but fully, beginning to fuck you at a measured pace before gradually speeding up.

As he sped up, you brought your hands from the sheets of the bed to run them over his body but he brought one hand up to grab yours, his fingers intertwining with yours as he brought the hand back to the bed. You brought your other hand back down and he soon held that one as well, leaning down to sloppily kiss you as he did.

He continued to fuck you, alternating between slow and fast. Having just come earlier you were immensely sensitive and you found yourself building up quickly, moaning into Jungkook’s kisses.

Soon enough, you felt your muscles seize up around Jungkook as he fucked you, your hands tightening their grip on his. Jungkook fucked you through your orgasm before finally slowing down as he too began to come right after you had.

For a moment your breaths just echoed in the small space between the two of you, his eyes boring into yours as if he was trying to burn the moment into his memory, the feeling of your bodies against each other. You leaned up to place a weak, tired kiss on his lips, letting your head fall back against the bed as Jungkook finally snapped out of his haze to get up and throw away the condom. He pulled on his grey sweatpants on the floor before lying in the bed next to you.

“What did you mean earlier by saying I wouldn’t be comfortable for long?” you asked, suddenly remembering the conversation. “I mean I’m sore but I’m definitely comfortable.”

You turned your head to look at Jungkook, awaiting his reply, but as you did, Jungkook swiftly moved to straddle you again, his hands grabbing your wrists to hold them above your head.

“You were relaxed just a moment earlier, right?” he asked with a smirk, moving so both your hands were held down by only one of his, taking the other and running it slowly down your face and neck before resting it on your heart. “When you’re relaxed, when you’re comfortable, your heart shouldn’t beat this fast,” he said, his hand hot on your chest. His grip on your wrists loosened and he brought his other hand down, snaking it behind you neck. He moved off of you to lay on his side, the hand on your chest gripping your waist to bring you onto your side as well. You took the opportunity to curl up against him, thoroughly enjoying his body heat.

“I can make you uncomfortable too,” you said lightly, your competitive side coming alive.

“Hmm?” Jungkook hummed dismissively, teasing you.

Instead of replying, you simply leaned forward to place your lips on his chest, sucking hard before pulling away. You kissed up his chest, craning your neck to reach his own throat, leaving one sole hickey at the base before relaxing again, curling back into his chest. In this position you could hear the satisfying thrum of his heart, as well as feel his grip on your waist tighten.

“Okay, you’re right,” he conceded and you smiled against his chest. “But you’re going to regret that later,” he said, his voice low and flirty. You knew you probably would, Jungkook was an expert when it came to winning fights. However, you couldn’t help but look forward to your next fight.

Nice Try (Hoshi)

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“Hoshi, what about this one?” You said as a smirk spread across your face and you held a lace lingerie set against your body. Hoshi turned and gulped immediately, attempting to hide it with an awkward chuckle. “Its great babe.”

He turned away and you saw him standing in a strange position. “Well, come on, I want to try it on.” You said gesturing towards the dressing room.You both knew that you were doing this on purpose, and Hoshi was not going to have it.

He gulped and slowly followed you to the back, watching your hips sway like waves. Damn, why did he wear skinny jeans today. They weren’t helping out his major boner.

Hoshi stepped into the changing booth hesitantly and you swung the curtain closed. He turned his head away to have a better chance of his boner not growing, but it didn’t help that the walls were pure mirror.

You stripped your shirt off and heard a small groan from Hoshi’s mouth and he pushed you against the wall. “Quit it out, now.” He growled.

You smirked. It was adorable when he was mad. “Fine, I won’t try it on. But I’m still buying it.” You said, stubborn as ever.

You picked up the lingerie and the two others you chose and stepped out of the changing room. Hoshi turned to the mirror walls and fixed his shirt to cover his zipper.


You paid for the clothes and were walking out when you decided to tease Hoshi even more. He was walking behind you when you “Accidentally” dropped your bag onto the ground, bending over to pick it up.

You made sure you ass was stuck in the air and Hoshi stopped in his tracks, seeing other people looking other directions. He walked up and grabbed a handful of your ass in his hand, groaning.

You stood back up straight and looked back, grinning. He was so gonna get you at home.

You continued walking to the car and the minute both the doors were shut and you were on a main road, your hand slipped dangerously over the zipper of his pants.

You watched as his knuckles turned white against the wheel and his jaw flexed. His eyes were strained on the road and his forehead almost had veins sticking out of it.

You slowly tugged his zipper down and flicked his button undone. His boxers flew up into a large bump and you giggled. Your lips began to drag across his ear as you rubbed him through his boxers.

You were taken by surprise when the car jerked a turn and it got dark. You looked out the window and saw you were parked in an ally, but once you turned back to Hoshi, he crashed his lips against yours roughly.

You smirked into the kiss, knowing you won. Hoshi pulled away for a split second. “You’re so mean.” He growled and he grabbed you by your hips, picking you up and setting you on his lap.

Hoshi’s first instinct was to grind upwards and he groaned into your ear. His fingers shakily tucked into your shorts, tugging on them.

“Take them off.” He whined, hands already slipping up your shirt. You gladly undid your shorts and slid them down your legs, throwing them back to the passengers seat.

You sat pack on his lap and his boner felt twice as hard through the thin fabric of your black lace panties. Both of you were glad you hadn’t put the new ones on, because Hoshi tore them in half, throwing the ripped fabric to the side.

“Hoshi. That’s the fourth pair this month, damn it.” You hit his shoulder and he smirked. “Buy stronger underwear. Or don’t tease me.” He suggested sarcastically.

You pulled his length out of his boxers and tightened your hand around it, causing Hoshi to let out a low groan and shuffle in the seat.

“Didn’t I say stop?” He growled, grabbing your wrists and holding them above your head with one hand. Hoshi reached down to the side of the seat with his free hand and his seat started going back.

Once it was far enough, he leaned back and his hands ripped your shirt over your head. You helped him undo your bra because he had trouble every time.

Hoshi’s anxious hands flew to your breasts, kneading and pinching wherever he could. He took one of your nipples into his mouth and you swallowed your moan, trying to regain control.

Hoshi must of noticed because his teeth began to nip at the sesitive bud, pulling at it. You bit your lip to hold in your sounds and Hoshi was even more determined.

He crashed his lips to yours to get your attention and once he had it, his hips bucked upwards, letting his shaft slip into you.

You couldn’t help the moan the echoed through the car as you gripped Hoshi’s shoulder’s to keep yourself upwards.

Hoshi groaned and through his head back, falling back onto the now low seat. You fixed your hands on his chest and sucked your bottom lip between your teeth. You looked into his eyes and rolled your hips once.

Hoshi’s arm flew over his eyes as he whined. You were in control now.

You lifted your self up slowly, falling back down with one fast movement. Hoshi’s hips forcefully met yours as they came down, causing a friction to run through your spine.

Both of Hoshi’s hands grabbed your hips and he held them firmly in place. Your judgments were wrong, he was still in charge.

He thrusted his hips upwards, grunting along. He repeated this movement several times before his thrust became harder and faster, a fire building in the pt of your stomach.

You groaned out, forgetting you were in an ally and someone could walk by and second. You didn’t care.

Hoshi’s hips rammed upwards into yours, the car beginning to rock. You heard the seat squeek but you couldn’t have thought of anything else when your sight when white and you became dizzy. The only thing you felt was a huge force against your hips and the only thing you heard was a loud roar.

Once you got your vision back and you could actually breath, you looked at Hoshi and the vein that stuck out of his neck.

You rolled over to sit in the passenger seat. Hoshi was still breathing heavily with his eyes shut.

“Yah, drive. I wanna take a shower now.” You frowned. Hoshi chuckled and started the car back up.

“Nice try, but when we get home It’s round two.”


I saw Chris Evans in a Starbucks once, and I can tell you that his whole body visibly froze up and went on guard when he realized I recognized him. I kind of panicked in response (guess who also has severe anxiety, sigh) and made a bunch of frantic “no it’s cool it’s cool I won’t make a scene just go get your coffee it’s fine!” gestures, and went into a pretty bad spiral of “oh no, I really upset him” afterward.

In any case, though, his discomfort with just one person recognizing him at a Starbucks in New York City was that freaking palpable, so everybody going to SLCC better realize he’s making a freaking sacrifice of emotional safety and likely of spoons to come there at all, so do everyone a favor and please try to not be godawful. Please .

You turn one of the boys on

LUKE - Calum

As you wake up you stretch out expecting to feel a lanky runner bean next to you but it was empty. Opening your eyes and adjust to the bright room Luke is no where to be seen. You check the time on your phone.


“Luke?” You grumble, expecting him to come out the ensuite bathroom. Nothing. Its unusual for Luke to be up this early. Sighing you grab a bra off the floor and walk down the stairs. From the hallway you see Luke standing in the kitchen with his back to you, making a cup of tea.
“I hope you made one for me.” You joke, wrapping your arms around him and kissing his shoulder.
“Actually he made one for me.” A voice behind you says. You spin around to see Ashton, Calum and Michael staring at you.
“Nice set Y/N” Michaels laughs and gestures to your half naked body. Yours and Lukes eyes fell to what you were wearing. Your cheeks getting redder by the second.
“Shit!” You realise that the bra you put on was a skimpy khaki lace bralette that you had worn the night before for Luke. You run out of the kitchen and upstairs in total embarrassment.
“YOU’RE A FUCKING DICK!” You hear Luke scream.
“IM SORRY SHES FUCKING HOT THOUGH” Calum screams back defending himself.

CALUM - Michael

“Fuck sake!” you shout as luke beats you at yet another fight in backyard wrestling. You throw the controller on the floor in defeat.
“Who’s next?” Luke laughs, looking at the boys. The boys exchange looks and none of them step up to the challenge.
“Let’s play something less competitive.” Calum says, attempting to keep the peace between you all.
“Little Big Planet” Ashton jumps up and screams like a little girl, as he walks into the kitchen. Of course he’d choose Little Big Planet. You laugh as you get up to change the discs over. You were wearing a white spaghetti crop top and red and white runner shorts, your usual lounge around the house with Calum attire.
You bend over to press eject and grab the disc, it was a good job you weren’t wearing your Bridget Jones knickers as the shorts ran quite high and exposed most of your lower arse cheeks. You hear a wince from behind, thinking it was Calum you turn to flash him a flirty smirk.
“I uh, need the.. uh.. toilet.” Michael mutters and shuffles out of the room quickly. Calum flashing him daggers on the way out.
“Whats up with him?” Ashton asks as he comes back into the living room with arms full of junk food.
“He got a boner.” Luke says bluntly and sniggers.
“Y/N go get some clothes on.” Calum hisses through his teeth.

MICHAEL -  Ashton

Ashton walks into the living room and slumps onto the sofa in a huff.
“Is your back still sore mate?” Michael asks. You were both cuddled up on one sofa, your legs interwined and your fingers running through michaels hair.
“It fucking kills” Ashton muffled, his face was face down in the leather.
“What did you do Ash?” You’ve never seen him moan about something so much. Ashton doesn’t like people to know when he’s in pain, he’d rather just grit his teeth and get on with it alone.
“I have no fucking clue, i woke up one morning after a show to this incredible pain and it feels tight and like i’ve pulled every fucking muscle in my back and neck.”
“I can try and massage it to relieve the pressure if you want.” You suggest, you wanted to at least try to help him. Ashtons head flips up causing him to wince at the pain and hold his neck.
“Are you serious? You would do that?” He questions your generosity.
“Y/N is great at massages. They help so much, she has all these cool oils that do different things and does different hand techniques, honestly the best feeling in the world. I’m sure it’ll help!” Michael chimes in. It was a huge strain on the boys seeing Ashton in pain and grumpy and not his usual upbeat and healthy as shit.
Ashton reluctantly agreed to a massage from you and follows you upstairs into the spare room. He lies on his front and you get to work using your stress relief oil and chronic pain rub. Just by applying a bit of pressure you could feel that he had some huge knots and tension in his shoulders and lower back.
“I didn’t know you were a masseuse” Ashton mumbles into the pillow.
“I’m not, i studied beauty in my school years and learnt how to give a good massage and it’s clearly helped Michael and..”
“Yeah? Is it too much pressure on that shoulder?” You ask concerned, you forgot that everyone isn’t like Michael and doesn’t like it too deep or rough.
“No.. no.. it’s great uh.. i just need 5 minutes alone.”
“Oh uh sure, just let me know when you’re ready ok?” You stop what you’re doing and leave the room, wiping the oil off your hands on a towel. Just before you close the door behind you, you remember that you’d left your phone on the table.
“Sorry i uh forgot my phone.. shit” It was pretty obvious looking at Ashtons sweatpants why he’d asked you to stop, you scurry out the door, uncomfortable and embarrassed.


“Is this ok Ash?” You asks as you examine yourself in the mirror. You were currently on holiday in Mexico with the boys and you were all going out for a meal to celebrate everything the guys have achieve this year.
“You look beautiful, sexy and mine.” Ashton growls as he wraps his arms around you from behind and kisses your neck.
“Can you see my nipple covers though?” You ask ignoring his horniness. You were wearing a black lace dress from Pretty Little Thing but you didnt realise that there was nothing under the lace around your boobs so to stop a rare nipple appearing during the night you had to wear nipple covers.
“Your boobs look great babe, honestly. I love them so much, i love you so much” He was now kissing down your cleavage. You throw your head back getting carried away in the moment.
“Come on” you finally breath, “if we dont leave now we’ll never make it out tonight”.
You meet the boys and their girlfriends in the hotel lobby and jump in two taxis. You, Ashton, Luke and his girlfriend in one and Michael, Calum and their girlfriends in another. Ashton was particulary clinging tonight and you knew it was partly because he had had a few drinks while waiting for you and because of the dress.His hands never left your body and he had pulled you so close you were practically sat on his lap. Ashtons head was in your hair and his hands wearing roaming all over your body. You couldn’t help but notice that Luke was awkwardly staring at you despite his girlfriend chatting away to him, ignoring Ashtons actions.
“Luke!” His girlfriend gasps looking down at his crotch.