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Hi! Love ur blog youre awsome! So may I please have an imagine about Jerome being the reader's ex-boyfriend and he being jealous and killing every date the reader have so he finally can be with tbe reader again? Please

//Thanks, I’m glad you like my blog! This is a fun idea, hope you like it!

Warnings: Murder, mild swearing. Use of word “arent’cha”, which isn’t really a “real word”(I couldn’t find it in the dictionary, so I’m assuming?) but I’m using it and if it bugs you I’m sorry.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Title: Kill For Her //


Jerome stares the tall boy that y/n had been with only hours before.

“Who does he think he is?” Jerome growls to himself, a look of disgust crossing his face. “She deserves better.” He says, moving forward slowly. “Hey, buddy!” Y/n’s boyfriend turns around, and frowns.

“Who the hell are you?” He asks angrily, upset that his time was being wasted. Jerome was already annoyed with him. He hated the boy’s flippant attitude. Jerome smiles, and throws his arms out.

“Who knows?” He says. The boy can see the reflection of the sunlight on the metal of the knife, and he stumbles backwards.

“Shi- what’re you doing man?” He stutters, holding his hands up. “I ain’t done nothing!” He says, taking a step back as Jerome steps forward. Jerome shoots him a questioning look, his arms dropping to his sides. He follows the man’s gaze to the knife in his hand, and then laughs.

“Oh, this?” He says, pointing the knife towards him. “This is nothing compared to what the last one got.”

“The last what?” He asks, looking around desperately. Jerome sighs, and points the knife at the boy’s neck, smiling.

“The last one I killed.” Jerome laughs out, his smile widening even more.

“Y-you what?” The boy stammers, looking down at him without moving. Jerome’s smile disappears and a look of exasperation replaces it. He sighs.

“You’re a slow one, arent’cha? Here’s the deal. Y/n. You know y/n, right? Pretty girl, about yay high? Beautiful e/c eyes?” Jerome smiles wistfully, and the boy nods slowly.

“Yeah, -I”

“Did I ask you to talk?” Jerome snaps.

“I mean, you- asked me a question…” The boy whispers, his hand beginning to shake slightly. Jerome’s eyebrows shoot up quickly.

“Oh, hm. I guess I did, didn’t I?” He shrugs. “The point is, you are in the way of me and y/n. And honestly, I’m tired of people getting in the way.” He taps the knife softly against his neck. “How will you get her back?” Jerome asks, impersonating the man’s voice. “Well, I’m glad you asked!” Jerome smiles broadly. “Come here,” He says, and motions for him to move closer. The boy does, and Jerome laughs slowly, his voice oddly high pitched. “I’ll go to her.” He whispers. In an instant the knife is in the boy’s neck, and Jerome pushes him away. His body crashes to the ground, and the boy gasps for air, pulling the knife out of his neck. Jerome hops next to him, taking the knife from him. “Thanks, pal.” He begins to search the body, and takes his wallet, keys, and phone. Jerome stands up and hums as he walks over to the parking lot, dancing slightly as he scrolls through the contacts on the phone, stopping when he sees “y/n”. He types in a quick message, and hits send before finding the car and climbing in.

Y/n stares down at her phone, confused.

Coming to pick you up, be ready. She frowns, and types in a quick response, asking why.

It’s a secret, ha…ha…ha. Y/n shakes her head. “He’s probably just drunk or something,” she mumbles, grabbing her jacket and slipping it on. She stands by her window, waiting to see his car pulling up. The loud sound of an engine reeving startles her, and then bright headlights flash through her window as a car horn honks multiple times, the last one drawn out until she opens the door and walks out. She pulls the door open and climbs in. “What the hell, Brendon?” She mutters, putting her seat-belt on.

“So, that’s his name.” Y/n barely suppresses her scream as she looks over.

“Jerome! What are you…” He smiles innocently.

“What do you mean?”

“Where’s Brendon?” Y/n asks angrily.

“Aw, he doesn’t matter. Come on doll, it’s me. Give me another shot, please? You won’t regret it, I promise. I’ve changed a lot. I think you’ll like me more now that I’m…myself.” She stares at Jerome. Her heart hurts at the loving way he looks at her when she knows he can be so cruel.

“Don’t lie.” Y/n scolds, folding her arms over her chest. A loud laugh escapes past Jerome’s lips.

“Fine, I haven’t changed. But you should still give me another chance. Will you?”

“Do you see me getting out of the car?” Y/n asks angrily. Jerome shakes his head, a smile spreading across his face. “Then I’d start driving before I change my mind.” She states, not looking over at him.

The engine revs again, and the car tears out of the driveway, the screeching tires mixing with Jerome’s hysteric laughter.

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Hi! First of all: I love your writing and your blog so keep being awsome!! I also hope you feel better real quick, take care of yourself!! I know panic attacks can be a bitch and i hope you get better soon! I just wanted to tell you you're a strong, beautiful amazing person and it's going to be okay. Again, hope you feel better! Love you!!

Thank you anon, i appreciate it.

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to all ppl who made a poor decision and followed my blog 

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  1. i am cool and awsome
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Yours is the blog i was looking for all my life, you are awsome.

Yeah i guess I’m… *chokes* awe… *slips on the air* SOME!! *forgets her own name*

But seriously, thank you so much for enjoying my blog and for telling me! Have a great day/night!

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Hi!! I cant believe we're mutuals, i love your art, thanks so much for the follow hon!! ☺️✨🙌🏼

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!! THANK YOU @sterekisperfection , AND BLESS YOU!!!!! You’re the very first person ever who sent me an ask like this… *____* Thank you very much! I’m happy if you enjoy my ‘artistic’ attempts. And of course we’re mutuals, your blog is AWSOME!!!! *___*

Wet Hair

pixie-booh said to artist-refs:

Hi ! Tips on drawing wet hair (like under the rain) with photoshop ? Thanks ! Your blog is awsome !!

This is really just a diagram pointing out some things to keep in mind regarding the differences between wet hair and dry hair.
  • Wet hair tends to be straighter. The wetter it is, the straighter it seems to get. Also, because of the extra weight from the water, it appears to be longer. As it dries, it gets a bit wavy/curly-ish, even if the hair is naturally straight to begin with.
  • Wet hair tends to clump together. If the hair is completely soaked, like someone has just come out of a swimming pool, the entire head may be one single mass of hair. There are no fly-aways (individual hairs that go off on their own). As the hair dries, the clumps begin to separate and fly-aways begin to form.
  • related to the clumping thing, wet hair sticks to things. Especially other wet things, such as the body of the person it belongs to.
  • the shine in wet hair tends to be smaller and with less of a gradation, yet it’s also whiter and there are more of them. Kind of like if you adjusted the contrast on a photo.
  • wet hair, like cloth, appears darker.

Since you mentioned rain… well, it depends on how much rain there is. If it’s a light drizzle, then only the outer layer of hair at the top of the head would get really wet; most of the hair would be relatively dry. So, the top of the head should be flat, but the sides can be a little poofy. In a heavy downpour, the driest hair would be the very bottom layer, around the neck, and the hair would mostly lay flat against the head.

anonymous asked:

What the nordics would do if their s/o was cold? Btw your blog is awsome!

APH Denmark: Denmark would pick up his S/O and throw them over his shoulder the second he heard them say they were cold. He would laugh as they protested all the way to the bedroom, where he would toss them on the bed. Next he would find the biggest comforter that he had and he would wrap the both of them up in the worlds comfiest blanket burrito. His S/O would laugh and think it was ridiculous, but it was nice being so close to him.

APH Finland: Finny would offer to make them his world famous hot chocolate with extra mini-marshmallows. But he would try to make it really cute by arranging the marshmallows into a heart on top or something. As they were drinking their hot chocolate together they would just cuddle on the couch together, using each other’s body heat to warm up.

APH Sweden: When he realized that his S/O was shivering, he would instantly wrap his arms around them and pull them into his chest. While they were in his arms he would slowly walk o the fireplace, dragging them with him. He would plop them right in front of it, and they would watch as he set up the wood and lit it. No words would be exchanged during the whole thing. But words would probably ruin the moment anyway.

APH Iceland: When his S/O mentioned that they were cold, Iceland would begin by scolding them for not wearing warmer clothes or something. Once he got that out of his system, he would probably end up throwing his usual brown jacket right at their face and tell them to put it on before they got sick. It wouldn’t be all that romantic until they noticed the blush on his face. That would be what showed them that he really did care for them.

APH Norway: Norway would casually suggest that they took a bath to warm up. It would be a way to relax and keep warm at the same time; two birds with one stone. After promising that he wouldn’t try anything on them in the tub (he has a habit of doing that), his S/O would get into the tub, their back against his chest. They would just sit like that for a while in silence, just enjoying it. His partner might even drift off to sleep after a while, but he would be fine with it.


Hope of an new life

(female hody = hadly)

The girl lays on the cold beach, not moving and lifeless. She managed few days ago to escape from some humans with handled her as an slave but she must pay an high price for her escaping. Now hadly has an broken leg, 2 rips also and other bleeding wounds on her whole body.

@pipergreenmanlte​ tagged me to do this. Thank you so much I love your blog!

NAME: Eavey

NICKNAME: I don’t really have one 


HEIGHT: I am 5′3, 



LUCKY NUMBERS: my favourite  number is probably 24

LAST THING I GOOGLED: When does season six of the walking dead start again?

HOURS OF SLEEP: On week days roughly six hours, and on weekends like 9 hours.


FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: There’s too many to list! Richard Campbell Gansey III, Noah Czerny, Theodore Finch, Gabriel Boutin, Achilles, Patroclus, Baz, Blue Sargent, Alina Starkov.

FAVOURITE BOOKS: this is really hard! All the Bright Places, The Book Thief, The Song of Achilles, The Raven Cycle, I’ll Give you the Sun, The Wrath and the Dawn, The Night Circus, The Half Life trilogy.

FAVOURITE BANDS/ MUSICIANS: My Chemical Romance, Imagine Dragons, You Me at Six, All Time Low, Coldplay, As It Is

DREAM JOB: I really want to be an archaeologist specialising in either classics or Egyptology, but if that doesn’t work out I want to be an author.

WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: Black leggings and a grey long sleeved top.

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: erm I think it was last year?

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: Mostly books, but occasionally mythology and tv series.

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: No I don’t, I’m really lazy and just put all the things I like on one blog.


WHO IS YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER: my most active follower is @ohmerde46 thank you!

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: My sister convinced me to get one


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: I am absolutely obsessed with the raven cycle series and my url is a reference to a quote from the second book

RULES: tag 20 followers that you would like to get to know better

@willherondalesdragontattoo @finch-and-fluorescent-laces @achilltatos

Anyone else that wants to do it I would love to know more about you!

I just wanna say that besides the little time that I am here, I already love you all and all of your gorgeous and wonderfull blogs.  You’re awsome and I’ll follow you forever!

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Hola fellow writers
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~Writers Creed Team

anonymous asked:

Hey ! I love your blog, and thanks to make me discover MGRP, an awsome anime ! I have a question : If you discover your boyfriend is a crossdresser (or if you know already he is one), how do you will react? Accept him ? Reject him ? Tolerate him ? I'm asking this since I crossdress a little bit (not often) and i know girls react to this differently.. Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my native language. Thanks :)

Hi beautiful baby!

I’m really happy that you found MGRP and like it!

Well if I had a boyfriend (which I don’t 😱) and I learned he liked / enjoyed doing that, I wouldn’t mind.

It’s 2016 for fuck sake, we have a lot of options available for us to enjoy (call it turn ons, preferences, kinks, whatever) and nobody should be ashamed of whatever they like as long as they’re not hurting anybody with it.

Boys and girls that like crossdressing for fun, sex or whatever are totally fine to me. It’s like role playing and it’s hot. It’s not something to be ashamed of. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you should let them know since it’s something  you enjoy and your bf/gf needs to understand, and if they don’t, then they’re not the one for you.

A bf/gf is that person that completes you, supports you and loves you for what you are (whether it’s liking to crossdress, swimming naked, Yuri On Ice, maths, etc) so I think it’s healthy that if you’re beginning a relationship with someone you should tell them about this, waiting will only make it worse because you both might get hurt (that person might not be into that and then the relationship can fall apart) so I think it’s the best for you to be honest and say it before getting in a relationship so that you can find out if that’s the right person for you, if they are, they’ll accept it (and if you’re lucky even like it too!) if they aren’t, well there won’t be any relationship and that’s less heartbreaking that already having feelings for someone and the relationship being suddenly finished.

I don’t think that this only applies to turn ons, kinks or whatever you wanna call it, I think this is important for every important aspect of your personality. Of course, you don’t need to be knowing each other for 7 years before getting in a relationship but I do think that it’s important that before you do, you both need to know the basics and main/fundamental aspects of each other so that you know if you are the right person for each other.

So beautiful baby, do not hide whatever you like (it’s not healthy to hold back aspects of your life/personality) and let that person know (if there’s one).

If that person doesn’t understand well fuck them, they’ll miss a great person! (and also you’ll be able to move on and be free to meet the right one!).

I hope everything works out for your beautiful moon rabbit!. You deserve it!.

Let me know if you need anything.

And do not worry about your english, it is totally flawless!.