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“You‘re Josh, remember?“

Request: “I was wondering if you could write a story where the reader meets Josh during a m&g and he instantly takes a liking to her w/o her realising it? Thanks! Btw your blog is my fav thing ever. (:“

(A/N): I hope I didn‘t let down your exceptions. Frankly, in my opinion this is one of my worsts works. Thanks for submitting x 

Words: 921

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You‘ve been standing in this never ending line for your favourite band for over four hours now. A fellow friend of yours was supposed to attend the signing hours with you but unfortunately, he has to work so you‘re all by yourself, surrounded by hundreds - or even thousands - of strangers in this malodorous and small area. Eventually, you‘re just one person away from meeting your favourite humans on earth face to face. At the beginning, could hear Josh greeting the two girls and Tyler‘s voice shortly after, because he‘s sitting at the very end of the table. 

Before you know it, the girls have left and it‘s finally your turn. Your stomach knots up and your breathing becomes rapid and shallow. Your legs start to shake as you take unsteady steps towards the table. You‘re afraid you might trip. The only thing you could concentrate on, is the hammering of your heart against your chest. It seems to be pounding so hard that you feel like it will possibly break your ribs apart. You could not figure out wether it‘s the excitement of meeting your idols or the crippling anxiety that‘s causing your body to react this way. Your eyes are seeing the two men but appearing not to. It‘s almost too good to be true for your brain. Somehow, you manage to utter a high pitched “Hey“ as the security man pushes you forward, despite your empty burning lungs. 

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Nicknames: Em, Emboo
Gender: Female
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5′ idk what that is in cm
Time right now: 8:36am 
Last thing i googled: Best ways to level up skills in skyrim (i needed help with the alteration one)
Favourite bands: Imagine Dragons
Favourite solo artists: Example
Song stuck in my head: tbh none currently since ive just woken up
Last movie i watched: Titanic
Last tv show i watched: Probably either catfish or kitchen nightmares
When did you create your blog: Oh jesus, like 2013 or something? this blog under this email has been through one hell of a fucking journey lemme tell you
What stuff do you post: Mainly F1 & Football now, some edits and shitposts are in there too
When did you blog reach its peak: Probably the “girls don’t want boys girls what Liverpool fc to win the premier league” post. my phone was freaking out at all the notifications on that
Do you have any other blogs: This one, @daddy-lallana (which is just liverpool) @forbidd33n-fruit (which is a porn blog rip) and another one but i have to log in and out so i never use it anymore.
Do you get asks regularly: mmm, i mean yeah i’d say so??
Why did you choose your url: Cause i’m Max’s lady ofc
Following: 386
Posts: 7.8k which isnt all that much tbh 
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor 
Pokemon team: Instinct 

Favourite colours: Blue most of the time, red if its a liverpool kit
Average hours of sleep: 7/8
Lucky numbers: Just 3 
Favourite characters: Glenn from walking dead, Newt from maze runner
What are you wearing right now: Nightdress and my dressing gown
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
Dream job: Mathematicion 
Dream trip: Mmm, i’d love to go watch a cl game, as well as visiting tokyo and watching F1 in spa

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trxllest6vanity  asked:

You lost a follower for being too harsh n bitchy bout cancers like come on fam you know we're sensitive I've been supporting n following your blog for months now n i see bs all over it . The least you could have done is be polite about how much you hate us smh

Funny how random cancers took it personal because I was justifiably ranting about a cancer that I know who has been treating me badly. Typical.
If you can’t take criticism about your sign like the rest of us then idk how to help you 🤷🏻‍♀️and show me where I said I hate all cancers, I’ve only ever said I don’t get along with them so stop trying to victimise yourselves I’m not with it

Quick update!

We’ve begun recruitment for artists for the JuminZen fanbook! We’ve gotten more interest than we thought, which is just amazing (you guys are the best!) - if we get a lot of sign ups, we will consider doubling the amount of art in the book so please, don’t hesitate to join! :D All proceeds of the book will go to charity, so your help is always significant!

For all artists who signed up, one of us will contact with you in the coming months. Right now we are writing our butts off (and battling real life bosses like exams xD), so we can finish the manuscript hopefully sooner than the deadline and thus in the end, get the book out faster!

In non-fanbook related news, we’re also helping to organize JuminZen week which has been highly requested! The date has been set for 22-28 May. There will be an official post from the blog we will make for it together with prompts. Those prompts will be optional because we don’t want to block creativity.

If anyone has any questions, you can send in asks or message us directly. <3

get to know me meme

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Nickname: nina

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: i don’t know anymore lmao. i haven’t checked in a while.

Last thing you googled: news about how the insufferable fast and furious saga has been renewed.

Favourite music artist: taylor swift

Song stuck in my head: hometown by twenty one pilots

Last Movie you watched: thor: the dark world

What are you wearing right now: my thg t-shirt and sweatpants

Why did you choose your URL: because i love the winchester bros!!!

Do you have any other blogs: yeah, a insp. sideblog: @qabrieles

What did your last relationship teach you: iiiii haven’t had anyone everrrr

Religious or spiritual: i’m catholic but idk, i think neither???

Favorite color: soft pink

Average hours of sleep: like 5 or 6 on school days, 10+ on weekends

Lucky Number: idk, 6???

Favorite Characters: dean winchester, katniss everdeen, bucky barnes, castiel, finnick odair, gale hawthorne, charlie bradbury, gabriel, loki

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream Job: i don’t even know where am i

20 people I want to get to know better (if you’d like to do this): @capitoldoll @chromamode @tylorswft @argentsxarrow @wntrslder @amal-albuloshia @amorecas @lemondropsonice @goldencas @abeautifultragic @buckrbarnes @redvevo @happycas @temistiel @bobbysidjit @winchsteres @winchcester @starksren @stardustsam @pcedamcron

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Nickname: Vicky, Vik, Taters

Zodiac sign:  Virgo

Height: 5′8″

Last Thing You Googled: Theraplay (I’ve been for more adoption training today)

Favourite Music Artists: Scissor Sisters

Song Stuck In My Head: History maker dean fujioka (Yuri on Ice theme song)

Last Movie you watched: Kingsman

What are you wearing right now: Jeans and an SPN ‘Family always has your back’ hoodie

Why did you choose your URL: I’ve been Taters since I was in the LOTR fandom way back in about 2002 and 169 is Lister’s rank aboard Red Dwarf. I have no imagination for usernames and if you come across a Taters169 anywhere there’s a 99.9% chance it’s me

Do you have any other blogs: @taterstinys but I don’t use it much anymore, I just mix everything in together on this blog

What did your last relationship teach you: I’ve never been in a relationship 

Religious or spiritual: C of E but not practising 

Favorite color: Blue

Average hours of sleep: 7 - 8  I get really cranky without enough sleep

Lucky Number: 169 or 42

Favorite Characters: Cas, Cat, Newt, Eames, Autolycus, Pippin, Boone, Tiffany Aching and of course Oscar Neon‘s OC

How many blankets do you sleep with: No blankets, I have a 15 tog quilt cos I’m a huge softy and hate being cold

Dream Job: I’d love to work supporting LGBT youth

20 people i want to get to know better: @bumblingsocialmoth @whatthisfemsheplikes @neonthebright @blueskimmer @d0nna-ake @miseriathome @canadianrainrp @sabriel-fanboy-83 @quinbus-flestrin @circesadventures @zestyquiche @borrowedtimeandspace @amazingtardis42 @strawbunny-slime @cc-supika @wingedkuriboh27 @not-your-everyday-geek @lilegite @lokianawinchester @que-pretty

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I don't think I've properly introduced myself before. My name is TimeBender25. My favourite character in the Undertale cast is Papyrus, though my all time favourite is G. I like Superwholock. I'm following you because a friend of mine showed me your blog. Undertale has taken over more of my life than comfortable, but everyone finds THAT fandom eventually. I'm socially awkward and have difficulty talking to people, which causes most of the regretted words. Heya. Great to meet ya.

Papyrus is definitely the best character in Undertale, and I know exactly what you mean when you find THAT fandom. This is the first one I’ve been in in a very long time and now we’re both in hell with no sign of escape.

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Nickname: morg, morgie, dog breath, tookanuke (dont ask lcnfjr)

Zodiac sign: leo 🦁

Height: 5'8" or 5'9" :-)

Last Thing You Googled: a fic on ao3 i think

Favourite music artist: twenty second airflights

Song stuck in my head: the duck song (punch me)

Last Movie you watched: tropic thunder with my brother

What are you wearing right now: shorts and a red shirt that has all of the sports teams from pennsylvania

Why did you choose your URL: its m name 🌟

Do you have any other blogs: just a sideblog

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: ive never been in a relationship yet:’) and for friends,, people are there for you

Religious Or Spiritual: dunno !

Favourite Colour: dark red almost a maroon/purple

Average Hours Of Sleep: what is,, sleep

Lucky Number: 99 and 3

Favorite Characters: newt scamander, eleven, dean and sam winchester, negan, and i cnt think of any more:’)

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 3 even tho its spring

Dream Job: a veterinarian !!!

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TMI Meme

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Nickname: Cyn
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′5″
Favorite Music Artist: Right now it’s Fifth Harmony or Shinedown
Last TV Show You Watched: Little Big Shots
Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: I have a Bucky Barnes [ @beyondtheredstar ], a Magnus Bane [ @unlockedbane ] and a multi-muse [ @fumblingmuses ]
Why Did You Choose Your URL?: It’s a play on Peter’s sass and his quote from 2a [”I’ve always been the alpha”]
Hogwarts House:

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Pokemon Team: When I played, I was Blue
Favorite Color: Blue or purple
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: Two
Following: 66
Followers: Peter has 579, Busky has 41, Magnus has 20 and my mutli-muse has 10

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HEY sorry for my complete inactivity here this blog has been 100% queued for about 2 weeks now and ive been signed out



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Nickname: stel, star
Zodiac sign: taurus
Height: 5'4 or 163cm
Last thing you googled: buzzfeed because i like doing the quizzes
Favourite music artists: oh wonder, the 1975 and dodie are a few
Song stuck in your head: ultralife by oh wonder has been stuck in my head since it came out
Last movie you watched: big hero 6
What are you wearing right now: jeans and a jumper
Why did you choose your URL: because dodie loves tea and the saying “your my cup of tea”
Do you have any other blogs: nope this is my only one
What did your last relationship teach you: haven’t been in one
Religious or spiritual: spiritual
Favourite colour: pale blue, yellow and purple
Average hours of sleep: around 7 to 8 hours normally
Lucky number: 3
Favorite characters: lily from the secret life of bees and stitch from lilo and stitch
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

i tag @poddleoddle @vloggery @romanticdodie @yeahthisisgettingold

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Nickname: Colie, Carrot, Little Riddle (by my girlfriend <3)

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 4′9″

Last Thing You Googled: hahahahahaha….chubby Oswald.

Favourite Music Artists: A*Teens, Backstreet Boys

Song Stuck In My Head: The Fighter by Keith Urban.

Last Movie you watched: I think it was 21 Jump Street?  I don’t remember.

What are you wearing right now: my GC?D shirt, some shorts, and my ? ring.

Why did you choose your URL: carrottheluvmachine has been my handle since the days of  Carrot Glace is the main character in a manga series called Sorcerer Hunters and he’s a self proclaimed “Love Machine”.  I have a deep love for him <3

Do you have any other blogs: college4swords, of course!  I also have an ask blog for Red, but I hardly ever use it.

What did your last relationship teach you: To laugh, a lot.  And that there are different kinds of love.  It taught me that break ups didn’t have to be painful and that you can have wonderful memories and stay friends.

Religious or spiritual: Neither.

Favorite color: green <3

Average hours of sleep: 10 - 12.

Lucky Number: 17.

Favorite Characters: Link, Genjo Sanzo, Edward Nygma, Oswald Cobblepot, Pit, Hiei, Kurama, Son Goku, Carrot Glace.

How many blankets do you sleep with: one sheet, two blankets, and a comforter.

Dream Job: if I weren’t so lazy I’d say a writer…

20 people I want to get to know better: You guys know who you are <3

I was tagged by the lovely @themadnatxd and the awesome @somewhatsociable 😊 thank you both! I really appreciate it❤️

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Nickname: Mel
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 5'7"
Last thing you Googled: blues vs wild score. THEY WON GAME 3😍
Favorite Music Artist: this is way too hard to decide a favorite right now haha
Song stuck in my head: Undressed by Kim Cesarion
Last movie you watched: the Lego Batman movie with Nat
What are you wearing right now: an ACDC tank top and shorts
Why did you choose your URL: It has been one of my nicknames for 6 years now, but I thought it was really cool and unique to me.
Do you have any other blogs: i have another blog that only has a few personal (and stupidly emotional) posts because the guy I had feelings for follows this one and I didn’t want him to see it🤷🏼‍♀️
What did your last relationship teach you: People don’t change, fuckboys are gonna be fuckboys. You should also trust your gut and don’t be afraid to leave something you’re used to/comfortable with.
Religious or spiritual: I was raised Catholic. I still hold some beliefs that coincide with the Church, but some definitely do not. I would also consider myself kinda religious.
Favorite color: Blue.
Average hours of sleep: 7
Favorite characters: the ones I can think of right now is Tina Blecher (Bob’s Burgers), Robin Scherbatsky(How I Met Your Mother), and Dwight Schrute (The Office).
How many blankets do you sleep with: up to 3, but it depends on how hot it is
Dream job: Elementary school counselor or maybe even an art teacher or art therapist. I’m keeping my options open right now because I still have no fucking clue what I specifically want to do😅
Tagging (in no order): @thethoughtsicantspeak
@bradykinetics @realpassionlife @northweest and anybody else I forgot to tag and wants to do it❤️

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Nickname: everyone sort of has a different nickname for me, and i’m not about to list like all 30 of them LOL

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 5′2

Last thing you googled: “the pale emperor” (my favourite marilyn manson album 10/10 would recommend) 

What are you wearing right now: the same over-sized grey hoodie i’ve been wearing all winter long + very tiny sleeping shorts

What do you post: yugioh af, mainly pupship + dumb memes (i used to run a soft-gore and pastel blog, but those days are well behind me)

Why did you choose your URL: it’s my username on most platforms/sites, or like some variation of it because someone already had my usual screen name RIP

What did your last relationship teach you: i’ve never been in a relationship. my last/current best-friendship taught me that it’s ok to be yourself in public (ie. i don’t always have to wear makeup just to go outside, or dress my best all the time, especially if i’m not feeling up for it, because we all have our ups and downs, and it’s ok to show it. no one’s really looking at you, anyways, so don’t worry about it.Thanks Vicky xoxo)

Do you have any other blogs: hmmm, not really, just other social media and a website

Religious or spiritual: i’m not sure if i’m supposed to pick either/or, but, I’m decently religious. I don’t ever really talk about it with others, because it’s really just something I prefer to keep to myself. I have been religious more-or-less my whole life, although my beliefs have changed over the years. also pretty spiritual

the person I reblogged this from talked about ghosts, here, so I will, too, since that’s sort of what I’m known for irl idk,,,,,

definitely do believe in ghosts, and I’ve got like a thousand stories, some of which have happened while I was alone, others had witnesses which include an ex bestfriend, another ex bestfriend, general friends, and also an entire church full of people. fun times

also FUN FACT: I have a tattoo on my right hip of the name of the ghost I’ve been living with for 9 years, now. 

Favorite color: pastel pink and pastel yellow, usually. green and red are also really nice. favourite colour to wear is black, though (it’s just easy and then everything matches)

Average hours of sleep: depends how narcoleptic my body decides to be that day. if it’s not being bad, I can and will get like 4 to 6 hours, because i’m usually busy doing stuff and I don’t have time to sleep more than that. if it’s really bad, then i’ll sleep for like 14 hours straight, plus naps during the day or whenever the hell my body feels like it (this is usually the case most days, unfortunately)

Lucky number: haven’t quite figured that out, yet. 

Favorite characters: Joey, Tea (ygo), Jaden (ygo gx), Matthew, Karis (gs dd), Red, Steven, Hau (pokemon),  + partner pokemon from pmd

How many blankets you sleep with: 3 during half of the year, 2 during the other half

tag twenty people: hoe i don’t even know 20 people ok. @murgleiss @yuuugis @sombreset @wmolecules @sky-kaijou @coffeevamp