your beds

but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017

BTS Reaction to: their S/O overworking themselves

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Jin would go into complete mother-mode when he saw how exhausted you were. The second he found out you hadn’t been eating properly, he’d drag you into the kitchen and sit while he made you feast. Jin would feed you so much you wouldn’t be able to move afterward, so he’d scoop you up and carry you to your bed where he would tuck you in and force you to rest. 


When Yoongi found out you were overworking yourself, he’d get so concerned even though he frequently does the same thing. He’d take you by the hand and force you to cuddle with him on the couch. Yoongi would be so comforting; he’d stroke your hair and give you forehead kisses while begging you to take better care of yourself. 


Hoseok would drop absolutely everything he had to do to focus on taking care of you. He’d want to do everything he could to make sure you took a break from working so he’d run you a bubble bath and offer you a massage afterward. I imagine him being very sweet about it as well by showering you with compliments on how hard you work all the time and he’d probably do something really cheesy like buy you a bunch of roses. 


Namjoon would start lecturing you on the dangers of not taking good care of yourself, but he would always mean well about it. He’d tell you that you always work so hard for what you want, but that you needed a break sometimes. He’d also probably end up going out and spoiling you with a ton of gifts like candles and bath bombs so you could take a day for yourself. 


Jimin would try to take really good care of you when he noticed that you couldn’t do it yourself while you’d been working so hard lately. He’d wrap you up in comfy blankets on the couch and would bring you hot chocolate. He’d then lay down with you and would stroke your hair while singing softly until you fell asleep. 


When Taehyung saw how hard you’d been working lately and that you barely had time for yourself, he wouldn’t say anything directly, rather he’d immediately begin planning a relaxing date to surprise you. He’d probably prepare a super romantic candle-lit dinner and I imagine him playing music and dancing with you around the house; he’d just want to make sure you had a relaxing break from your work because he knew how hard you were constantly working. 


Jungkook would feel so bad when he saw how hard you were always overloading yourself. He’d try to be really playful and cute with you so you could get your mind off of working. Jungkook would also keep bugging you until you stopped to pay attention to him and he’d then drag you away to go get some ice cream. 

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No one in this world gives a shit about the feeling of regretful Trump voters. If we’re honest.

“Well, he said he would build a wall!”

*everyone else*

“Cool, guys. Meanwhile, the rest of us (no, literally, the whole world) are terrified because he is a rambling, unhinged mad man with nuke codes who is going to start World War Three and end existence as we know it. But, sure. You got pissed about a woman’s fucking emails and José the gardener and feeling like you were left behind. You doomed us all.”

When you make your bed…but everyone else is forced to lie in it too.

All I really want to do is mend
Every soul that needs a friend
Each and every beating heart
Can I spread peace and joy through art?
Chaos proliferating all around, There’s hateful protesting in every town
The earth is trembling & voices too
Signs held high
They loved once, just like you
Don’t give up, Mama said
How blessed you are to read the news from your bed
I’m crying in bed wrapped in my silky duvet
600 thread count, who am I to complain? I’m living in euphoria amidst the chaos that remains
I spent last Tuesday beneath the rising sun
While a terrorist was online shopping for a gun
I ask for your forgiveness. Because I know I can do more
There’s children in Aleppo who don’t know life without war
While bombs went off and families said their final goodbyes, I was at peace, under cotton candy skies
Waves crashed as I sipped red wine
While rates of violence, terrorism, and human suffering took a massive incline
It’s time I turn my prayers into actions. Damnit, please stop bombarding civilians
Let us plant seeds of peace and love for generations to come
And if we all start accepting and understanding our differences, one day those seeds will blossom
Let us cherish the times we hear “Honey, I’m home” Before we’re forced to face the true meaning of being alone
Teach your mind to only look for the similarities. Show empathy and be a precious jewel through your rarities
If you spread anything but light, then why are you here? In a world with too much sadness and not enough cheer
In the Buddha’s words, “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
I pray to god one day you can stop feeling scared
You have a purpose. You are the change you seek. You matter, you really do; and I dedicate this poem to you
Wherever you exist in this beautiful world, let my words be a hand to hold, reminding you, be brave and be bold
Harmonize love. This I know is the key. Everyone with a decent heart deserves to be free
It’s not about win or lose
Your strength and courage can do wonders when you try walking in someone else’s shoes
Don’t you ever forget the power of love
And may you live for the angels kissing you from up above
How do you want to be remembered? 
What will your legacy be?
To inspire one human to rise above hate, 
that in itself is enough for me
Prioritize your education.
When your knowledge on the world expands, your potential can only strengthen
Because through education the resources to make a difference are provided
To someday live in a world that’s not so divided
What makes you passionate, my dear?
Answer this question and infinite potential is near
I know there’s something within you. 
A match that’s waiting to be lit
And once it’s sparked the journey you’ll embark on will be one you’ll never quit
Roses are red
Violets are blue
America’s got a new president
And dear god I hope he’ll practice empathy too
—  “We Are All One” by Riley Burke
BTS reacting to their s/o going to sleep after them but were already awake when they wake up


It was a perfect and romantic evening when you both finally arrived at home. You two laughed a lot while closing the door. All in all it was a succeeded date. After a few minutes Jin declared that he was to tired to talk anymore and asked you to come with him into bed. But you told him that you still had to do something and he should meanwhile go. He smiled and went upstairs. In the next morning he groped the other side of your bed but you wasn’t there. He looked for you in all rooms till he finally found you in the kitchen while drinking a cup of tea. He gave you a kiss and enfolded you in his arms. While you both stood together he explained you that he was waiting for you last night but you weren’t come. You apologized. He said that you have´t to apologize for such a thing you should only told him what´s wrong with you.

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You both were on a birthday party and came home late. Suga immediately collapsed into your bed when you arrived at home. You tried to be quite when you were at the way to the bathroom but then you stumbled and it wasn’t long before he stood next to you and asked if everything is okay. You smiled and calmed him. When you entered your bedroom again he lay in your bed and studied you. A few moments later he asked when you finally plan to hop into your bed. But you explained to him that you weren’t tired yet and would read a book till you felt so. He wasn't´t wondering about that anymore and it doesn’t take long that he slept deeply. When Suga woke up in the next morning and he heared noises from downstairs he already knowed that you awaked  earlier as he did. He decided to stand up and look for  you. When he found you he grabbed your arm and dragged you back in your bed. He ignored all your protests and waited till you felt asleep in his arms.

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Namjoon looked at your beautiful smile while brushing your forehand with his lips. You both were tired because it has been a stressful week for both of you. Both of you lay in bed and almost slept deeply but then you thought about the problem you will have with your boss next week and you began to become nervous again. You got out of the bed and sneaked along the hallway. But you weren't´t able to notice that Namjoon woke up and wondered about your weird behavior. But later, hours passed, he realized that you tried to came into bed without waking him up. In the next morning when he slept late he couldn’t believed his eyes. You were already dressed and on the way to go jogging. He got out of the bed and blocked your way. Then he made some bad jokes about how you were looked and spelled out that you seriously need your sleep. 

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Hoseok slept late yesterday but you were still fully awake when he  already dreamed. You weren’t able to sleep because of nightmares you had for the last days. On the next morning you startled up. You were sweating and your breathing was spotty, you couldn’t control it. When you calmed down you looked at your smartphone. The clock shows no more than 3 AM. It was always the same. The same nightmare. The same process after you woke up full of fear. You would stand up to went to went to the kitchen for drinking some water. but abrupt a hand enclosed your arm. You were frightened and turned around and looked straight in Hoseoks wondering face. He asked you why you were awake yet but you wouldn’t tell him whats wrong because he shouldn’t be worried about you. But that already happened. He doesn’t request anymore, he just decided to stay awake every night until you found your way into a peaceful sleep.

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You were in a fancy restaurant before you arrived in your hotel this evening. You  talked about the meal and how beautiful the evening was when he suggested to go to bed. You said that he can go first and you would come later but he just sat down next to you on the sofa. You were checking your e-mails while he tried to stay awake. But after a few minutes he lost the fight against his tiredness and felt asleep. When he woke up it was 10 AM and he couldn’t find you anywhere. An hour later you entered the apartment with fresh sandwiches and coffee. He smiled but then his facial expressions became hard. He promised you that from that moment he would confine you on bed when you don´t wake him up so that he could made the breakfast.   

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Taehyung went to bed quite early that evening. Before he was gone he exhorted you not to stay awake too long. After he was out of your sight you blinked your eyes and of course you stayed awake how long you would. A few minutes after midnight you tried to be really quite while going to bed too. But Taehyung noticed that. Early in the morning, you weren’t able to sleep anymore and would get out of the bed. But you stopped. You couldn’t move because of a half body laying on you. You were quite stressed but after you tried a few times to push Taehyung away you gave up. However it doesn't´t took to long and you were sleeping again. In the next morning when you woke up again he were already downstairs. You walked to him, ready to arc up about him. But he prevented your speech with a kiss. 

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After you were waiting backstage for him when he had a concert he badly needed a shower, so you two said goodbye and set out for your home. When you had arrived he went straight in the bathroom. While entering your bedroom a bright smile filled his face. Jungkook lay down next to you. After a few minutes he slept deeply. You studied him while he was breathing regular. When Jungkook woke up again, he noticed that you were already in the kitchen and smiled when he saw you. But when he saw the dark rings under your eyes he became serious. After that he began to pump you about when did you went to bed and how long you slept. You answered all his  questions honestly. For the next days he observed you while sleeping to make sure that you could sleep well. 

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Given that Sabriel confirms in Goldenhand that dragons really are just a shape Free Magic creatures can take on, à la Clariel’s dragon, is it troubling or fitting that the Abhorsens of old seemed to enjoy decorating their furniture with dragons?

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hi mom! can you please do the apartment!au for shinee?

me back at it again with the shinee aus when will i stop


  • when someone asks him if he has kids onew is always like ,,,,,,, do i really look that old,,,,,,, and the person is like oh no!! i was just asking?? and onew has to excuse himself and sit in his apartment quietly for the next four hours lamenting over how he’s become a Dad without having any actual kids
  • calls over jonghyun to help him see if he’s got any grey hairs growing
  • tried to keep plants for a while but they all died and sat on his windowsill for a month before he remembered to throw them out
  • is pretty indifferent to how his apartment actually looks and he gets scolded by key because “hyung,,,,,your bed sheets are hot pink and your rug is mustard yellow and your pillows are zebra stripes this place is a Hot Mess”
  • onew’s most well known for being really really good at saving up money. like ,,,,,, he knows all the grocery stores that are having sales on eggs like a month in advance. the old ladies love him
  • he’s always got coupons in his wallet and coupons pinned to his fridge like you won’t catch onew paying those extra 75 cents for milk no sirie
  • and you’ve been wondering for the past couple of weeks,,,,,,where the hell your sunday coupons have been going. someone always delivers a flyer of a bunch of them over the weekend but you haven’t gotten any???? and it’s so weird
  • but one day as you’re leaving early to get some laundry done you open your door and there’s your neighbor onew,,,,,,in his hands,,,,,,,,your coupon flyer
  • and you’re like “THIEF”
  • and onew is like “wAIT ,,,,, I CAN EXPLAIN”
  • and you’re like “four weeks of coupons. you owe me FOUR. WEEKS. OF. COUPONS.”
  • and onew is like,,,,,,,,,fine ill give you all the coupons i have right now to make up for it and you’re like pfft how much is that like five??
  • but he legitamtely pulls out a wad of coupons that looks like a wad of cash and you’re like holy shit there’s like fifty in here and onew is like “im the King of getting thos Good Deals”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god but also you’re interested,,,,,like how does one become the king of good deals
  • and onew is like “it all begins with a zen body and a zen soul,,,,,and then you think about how money rules everything and if you can get bread ten cents cheaper today that ten cents can save you tomorrow”
  • and you’re looking at him like woah,,,,,,,,,,,,,why am i so attracted to you right now
  • and onew is like “oh it’s because im also handsome” and you’re like good point
  • and he’s like “ill take you out sometime when i get enough coupons to get us two free dinners at the kfc down the street”


  • you know those neighbors who decorate their door for every holiday even if they don’t celebrate that holiday. that’s jonghyun. 
  • like jonghyun you’re not irish why is your door covered in green banners and glitter and pots of gold and a life size cutout of a leprechaun,,,,,,,st.patricks day isn’t even that popular in korea
  • but also like jonghyun is really hard not to like because he’s got a glowing personality that’s so upbeat and open minded ,,,,,,,well then there’s probably some Sad Salty people who wouldn’t like it
  • but you know,,,,,, he’s cute if he sees the grandma’s outside practicing their morning yoga he’s like “doing great ladies~” and he like ruffles kids hair or gives them snacks that he’s bring back home
  • like he’s a cheerful guy and his apartment is obviously that of a laidback person because he’s got blankets like everywhere and half-eaten bowls of cereal on the floor next to magazines thrown haphazardly here and there
  • but like if anyone has any complaints he’s like “hey, my kitchen has a vase with a flower in it that isn’t dead. that’s all the aesthetic i need”
  • mostly he uses his bedroom as a practice studio and sometimes he gets too loud but if anything people like his voice too much to tell him to stop
  • and you know jonghyun because of a tiny little,,,,,,,,,,,ok very big,,,,,feud you’ve both had going on when it comes to new years decorations
  • like every year you see jonghyun go all out and finally you were like, you know what, i wanna do that too
  • and so you ended up buying a wreath slightly bigger than his and getting lights on your door and jonghyun,,,,,,,,,,,well jonghyun decided this was a battle now
  • and so every time new year comes around everyone is like whoose door is gonna be prettier yours or jonghyuns???? 
  • and this year jonghyun even paid onew fifty bucks to stand infront of his door dressed as a snowman for added Effect
  • but you know onew so all it took was some food and onew betrayed jonghyun in a heartbeat and jonghyun,,,,,well jonghyun ends up pounding on your door and he’s like “that’s against the rules you can’t BRIBE my decorations,,,,”
  • and you’re like “there are no rules jonghyun also did you just call onew a ‘decoration’??” and jonghyun is like NOT THE POINT why are you trying so hard to beat me
  • and you’re like im not,,,,,,i jsut want a pretty door and he’s like HEY don’t play innocent and you’re like hmm,,,,idk what you’re talking about,,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “you took away my snowman, now i can take something of yours away!” and he reaches out to take off your wreath but then he’s like “wait. is this made of mistletoe?”
  • and you’re like “yeah wh- oh wait” and jonghyun’s hand is already lifting and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,we’re under the mistletoe wreath,,,,,,” and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we’re enemies”
  • and jonghyun is like “in the end you’re the cutest neighbor ive ever head and we can keep being enemies but like why not kiss and see where that takes us?”
  • and you’re like oh my god how did he transition from being pissed at me to flirting with me so naturally
  • but you’re like you know,,,,whatever jonghyun IS pretty cute himself so you lean up and jonghyun uses his free hand to cup your cheek
  • and when you pull back you’re like “so? we’re still enemies?”
  • and jonghyun is like “well,,,,,,,,,how about this you give me another kiss and i take this wreath and we’ll call it even. maybe we’ll even call it,,,,, are you free this weekend for a date?” 


  • put his dogs names up next to his on his nameplate outside his apartment 
  • more pet furniture than people furniture,,,,,,closet bigger than my hopes and dreams,,,,,,a stock of different wines in the refrigerator as well as an assortment of cheeses and grapes
  • is the only member of his group to have actually purchased wine glasses to drink wine. onew drinks it out of a mug, jonghyun broke all his glasses, minho drinks from the bottle and taemin is banned from wine. and anything that isn’t really lite beer
  • everyone who owns a dog in the building admires key because holy moly,,,,,he keeps them so well cleaned and they’re so well mannered and key is like “Yes, these are my Children”
  • a really good neighbor because for the most part he just locks himself in his room and watches dramas while shit talking them over the phone with friends
  • and when he does have people over it’s like,,,,,it’s never loud or crazy they all just sit in a circle and discuss the Drama while looking at fashion magazines or doing face masks like how,,,,,,ideal
  • speaking of Drama key lives for the building drama like omg what did miss kim do with the other miss kim’s husband last weekend WOAH do tell
  • you know key because out of everyone on your floor you,,,,,literally have never gotten into a fight with anyone or started anything and key is just like ,,,,,,,whenever he sees you he’s like how can a person be so lowkey 
  • and key is sure you’re hiding something so one afternoon you hear a knock on your door and there’s key,,,,,,,,holding a bottle of what you presume is like champagne and he’s like “we haven’t properly got to know each other so i came over to offer you a drink ^^” and you’re like o,,,oh sure come in
  • and key is like looking around and you’re like oh no is he judging me??? but in reality he’s just trying to see if there’s anything weird about you or like,,,,,,,,if there’s anything that gives away a secret
  • but you moved in only a couple of months ago so you haven’t done much with decorating
  • and you like take the bottle of champagne but you can’t open it no matter how hard you try and key chuckles because,,,,how cute and opens it with like a flick of his wrist
  • and you two sit,,,,,,at first in awkward silence as key swivels the glass around in his hand and you’re taking nervous sips trying to think of small talk
  • and key finally is like “tell me the truth: you’re actually a royal in hiding?” and you’re like fhljsasfd what???? and key sits back and is like “there has to be something about you,,,,,,,,something about you that you want no one to know since you have become close to anyone else out of your neighbors”
  • and you’re like????? i mean not really im just a busy ,,,,,,person???/
  • and key is like hmmmmm and you’re like “i,,,,,uh,,,,,,really hated this recent drama” and key perks up and is like “oh - why?” and i guess you just get super heated about this drama
  • because you end up talking for a while about how bad the plot is and how the actors could have been put in another better work and key is like “fINALLY, someone unDERSTANDS ME”
  • and you two both just go off about how you hated the main antagonist and for all the wrong reasons and how the main girl was such a mary sue and blah blah blah
  • you guys end up talking for like four freakin hours until key is like “i need to go and feed the kids!!” and you’re like kids?? wait oh dogs
  • and key is like “i thought you were gonna turn out to be some kind of freaky bug collector or something,,,,,,but you’re really cool and we should totally meet up and watch that other drama coming out so we can talk about how it’s definitely going to be a horrible nightmare”
  • and you’re like ok????/ at the bug collector thing but ok!!!!! and meeting up
  • and key smiles and he’s like “also, you look cuter with your hair down like this. really casual and nice. keep it like that more often” and then he’s gone and you’re left with a pounding heart a bit and half a bottle of champagne 


  • more gym equipment then necessary in his apartment,,,,,used those display cabinets that usually house like silverware to display all his signed soccer balls
  • has a ps4 but only to play one game: fifa
  • to put it bluntly his place looks like a ‘bachelors pad’ but at least it isn’t as messy as jonghyuns (or as hoarded up as taemins)
  • and for the most part minho is really liked by the neighbors because he actually takes the time to recycle and he’s nice enough to volunteer his time to help with morning exercise for the elderly if he can
  • but also minho please stop wearing a headband to bed,,,,,,no one does that,,,,,,,,, please
  • has the habit of putting the tv volume all the way up during a game and sometimes also yelling even louder than that tv and he’s had some noise complaints made about him,,,,,,im not going to lie
  • but he’s just a passionate boy who really loves sports and has a good heart like he calls his mom every chance he gets and gives some of his money to charities to help fund more afterschool sports clubs for kids like,,,,,,,a sweetheart
  • and you’ve been friends for a good while. sometimes you’ll come over and watch the games with minho and his friends and yes there are times when you’re there for the actual game. other times it’s because he orders an insane amount of pizza and you’re all about that
  • but also like,,,,,,,,,,for as long as you’ve known him,,,,you’ve always found minho like really super cute,,,,,,,
  • so seeing his concentrated face on the game, handsome features like a strong jaw and soft brown eyes like,,,,,,,you don’t mind coming over for the View
  • but as always,,,,,you somehow end up embarrassing yourself in front of the people you like
  • and it’s the most embarrassing when you lock yourself out of your apartment and knock on minho’s and he’s like “what’s up?? why do you look so down??” and you’re like “minho,,,,,,,we have a problem”
  • and when you purpose the idea of opening his window so you can climb out of it and try and stretch your leg out to the ledge of your own apartments balcony
  • minho is like,,,,,,,, “we’re five floors up though,,,,,,” and you’re like pfft that’s nothing ILL BE FINE
  • but then you two open the window and you look down and you’re like ok frick no i wont be fine
  • and minho is like “hey, you can spend the night here and in the morning get the landlord to unlock your door” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,spend,,,,,the night,,,,,,,
  • and minho grins and is like “ill take the couch, you can have my bed!” and you’re like oh my god,,,,and he’s like “here you can borrow a shirt of mine to sleep in since you don’t want to sleep in what you wore outside” 
  • and you’re like,,,,,this feels very,,,,,,intimate
  • and when you change into the oversized jersey you’re like,,shyly coming out and minho is on the couch and when he looks up like not even he can hide his obvious stare
  • and you’re like WELL ILL JUST ,,,,,,,,, go to sleep and he’s like “it’s 8pm though” and you’re like Right,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you sit down beside him on the couch and it’s a little (a lot) awkward but then minho is like “how about i teach you to play FIFA?” 
  • and you agree and before you know it you’ve got your hands on the controller and minho is cheering you on and you’re like i SUCK but he’s like you’re doing great!!!!
  • and once you get your first goal minho like pulls you into a hug and you snuggle your face into his chest
  • bUT THEN YOU’RE BOTH LIKE OH SHIT IM SORRY!!! And let go and it’s like you’re both blushy and like ok someone cut the tension with a knife just tell each other you like each other and makeout let’s gooooo 


  • described as “interesting” by most of the people in the building 
  • has no sense of like,,,,,,throwing things out like he’s very much a hoarder and likes to collect trinkets and things he finds amusing but then forgets about in like 10 minutes but like now it’s here,,,,taking up shelf space
  • you know when people are like “i just picked this up off the floor and wore it” like taemin does that but he literally does that like ,,,, it’s not like he pulls things out of his closet it’s like “oh! there’s a shirt on the kitchen counter and some pants hanging off the bathroom wall,,,,,,,ok good outfit”
  • but he also has some kind of cute, nostalgic things in his apartment like pressed flowers he’s hung in frames and pictures of him and his friends when he was really young
  • and he never bothers anyone, sure he can come off a little,,,,,,eccentric with mostly black and white wardrobe, multiple piercings, and like,,,,,long skinny body
  • but like,,,,,he’s sweet also the neighborhood stray animals are attracted to him like a magnet. they’ll follow him home and he always has to carry them back out onto the sidewalk with a really sad face
  • and your window is right across from taemins,,,,,like you’re neighbors but in different buildings but you also see him around the neighborhood a lot
  • and you’re like well one day you notice that when you look out of your window at like 3 am because you’re up doing work you see the lights on in taemin’s living room and then you see him?????????
  • dancing????????
  • to like???? a song from the 70s???? and then straight up like trot music and you don’t mean to be Weird and stare but there he is sliding around his living room dancing
  • and you think it’s endearing because tbh you have your own Weird quirks about you that you’ll do when no ones watching like everyone does it
  • but it’s cute and nice to know that there are other people out there who dance to old music at 3 am
  • and maybe it’s because of taemin or maybe because you always wanted to do it you turn on this popular idol groups song at like 3 am one day and decide you’re gonna teach yourself some moves
  • and you’re trying to get into it, really just giving up on actual dance steps and just like dancing around your house being weird and like serenading your pillow
  • and when you do a twirl you look over and you swear you see taemin’s lights on as well
  • and you’re like dhkgjf i need to stop before he,,,,,,sees me like i saw him
  • but the next morning as you’re at the bus stop you notice taemin is there too and he’s ???? walking over to you???//
  • and you don’t talk much but he’s like hey!! and you’re like hi?? and he’s like “so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you dance at random times at night too?”
  • and you turn cherry red because oH GOD HE,,,,saw you
  • but taemin is just grinning and he’s like “it’s fun right? i bet a lot of people do it but it’s cool that we’re neighbors that both do it - that way we probably don’t bother each other!!”
  • and you swallow but you’re embarrassed and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t believe you saw that,,,,,,” and taemin just gives you a shocked expression and he’s like 
  • “don’t be so flustered, it’s cool!!!!!! we should have a dance-over one day”
  • and you’re like a dance-over?? and taemin’s grinning again and he’s like yeah! it’s a sleep-over but instead of sleep we dance!!!!1
  • and you’re like huh omg that sounds fun and he’s like it is here, take my number
  • and he pulls a pen from his bag and flips your hand over to scribble down numbers on your palm and you’re like hehe because it tickles
  • but the bus is coming and taemin is like i gtg, but text me!!!!! and he gives you another smile
  • this one that makes you realize that up close,,,,,,taemin is so damn cute and now you have his number like,,,,,,,,,,,,way to GO and it’s all thanks to you two being big dorks who love to get jiggy with it at night LOL 

@btswifi Requested:  BTS Drabble please? (anyone from the dance line) “Are you drunk?” “Did you just throw that at me?” “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?” thanks in advance <3

I hope you like it ♥

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Drunk Jungkook

Word Count: 766

“Are you drunk?”

“Did you just throw that at me?”

“Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”

The slam of the door and the loud yell of a curse word woke you up. It’s not like you haven’t been woken up like this before, the breaking of glass, the banging on the door when he forgot his key and didn’t think to call you instead. It was all a pattern with Jungkook, drink until he couldn’t any longer. You sighed and got out of bed dragging your feet on the ground and making your way to see a very clumsy boyfriend of yours.

He couldn’t walk in a straight line if his life depended on it, one step went to the left and he gradually would just sway in place holding onto the corner of the wall eventually leaning his back on it allowing his eyes to finally meet your angry ones. “Are you drunk? Really Jungkook?” Jungkook just groaned in response his eyes closing then reopening. Your arms were crossed over your chest and the irritation was obvious to Jungkook and he just rolled his eyes.

Getting fed up with his constant behavior you turned on your heels and turned away from him. Anger boiled deep in his system, hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction, and he knows it’s too much to handle, he knows how much alcohol he’s ingested, he knows he’ll regret whatever happens tonight in the morning and he knows he can’t control what he does now. The pressure of this raging sea of anger would force him to say things he does not mean, or to express thoughts he’s been suppressing for weeks. He knows that this feeling will pass, but while it hasn’t, he’s well aware he could really hurt you.

The anger doesn’t go away while he’s watching you leave down the hallway. He does the only smart thing his poisoned mind could think of. He stumbled quickly to the couch and grabbed the pillow immediately chucking it at you.

The pillow didn’t hurt you, it was a pillow after all, but with your frustration and irritation that was the icing on the cake. You whipped around, your eyes were narrow, rigid, cold and hard. In that moment Jungkook knew you were already too far gone. This thing you two had, it wasn’t like it was in the beginning, and it was toxic and had you both weak to each other. Neither one of you wanted to admit that the relationship was toxic, with Jungkook constantly drunk and you crying when he was away or when you were alone, there was nothing you two could do at this moment, you two were powerless.

“Did you just throw that at me?” You spoke, anger dripping from every syllable.

Jungkook’s drunk mind didn’t know better, a mixture of a laugh and scoff escaped his lips before he spoke. “I mean I could’ve thrown that book at you but you see, it’s a hard cover and that would’ve hurt you.”

“How sweet, you actually thought of my wellbeing for once.” You rolled your eyes crossing your arms over your chest once again.

“What are you talking about? I always care about you-”

“Come on, Jungkook! You’re constantly drunk, you never come home anymore and I’m sick and tired of it!”

You know that when tension is high you should inject love instead of anger, give him an olive branch instead of enmity, but sometimes it just isn’t that easy with Jungkook. He gets all up in your face, though he never uses his fists with you, no matter how drunk Jungkook may get he knows better, even with the toxic alcohol messing with his mind he just uses his words, screaming to get his point across. But still, you get this urge to smack him down but if you do that he’ll be gone, lost, hurting. So instead you take all the courage you have and use it to suppress your violent impulses even though you know it will hurt you more than ever. You take a big breath and let out the words you never wanted to speak. “I can’t do this anymore!” You yell silencing Jungkook almost instantly. Tears filled your eyes and you began stuttering “I-I think you need t-to leave.” Tears fell down your cheeks as you looked up at him. A hard look was written all over his face when looking down at you. “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”

“Please go.” You whimpered, eyes falling down as you saw him turn away from you and flinch when the slam of the door shot through the apartment.

Cat Nap

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Cat Nap
[Gray comes home to see you asleep in his bed.]

After a long work shift, you found yourself dragging your feet, dreading the commute home. You had to take two buses and climb up six flights of stairs just to get to make it to your creaky bed. Maybe it was time to just flip the mattress? But who actually had time for that?

Instead of heading home you found yourself stopping off in Hongdae. Just a few blocks from the station was your boyfriends apartment. You were completely on autopilot as you made your way to his unit. Typing in his key code and dropping your bag by the door. Slipping your shoes and your jacket off you padded into his room and sank down on his bed. Sunghwa was always a little over the top when it came to decorative blankets and pillows and as much as you teased him for it, you adored how comfortable it made his bed. 

It was like sleeping on a cloud. It never creaked, the springs didn’t hurt your back. And on top of it all, it smelled like him. His cologne mixed with his natural scent and it was just so welcoming. You weren’t in bed two minutes before you were whisked off to a deep sleep. 

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NCT 127 + Ten Reaction when their girlfriend leaves the wet towel on the bed (Quando a  namorada deles deixa a toalha molhada na cama)

Espero que goste hihihi

~Adm Rabbit~

Taeil: *Takes your towel for you without saying anything, but deep down he thinks is super annoying* // *Leva a sua toalha para você sem dizer nada, mas no fundo ele acha que isso é muito chato*

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Johnny: On the first week he relieved that, but the next week you found his underwear on your side of the bed, wet… // Na primeira semana ele relevou isso, mas na semana seguinte você encontrou as cuecas dele em seu lado da cama, molhadas…

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Taeyong: Ah, you left your towel in the bed again? I said this a thousand times, wet towels on the bed is unhygienic, you should pay attention to what I say! *He cleaned for you anyway* // Ah, você deixou sua toalha na cama de novo? Eu disse isso mil vezes, toalhas molhadas na cama é pouco higiênico, você deveria prestar atenção no que eu digo! *Ele limpou para você de qualquer jeito*

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Yuta: *He left his towel there first, so who put the towels in their place was you* // *Ele deixou sua toalha lá primeiro, então quem colocou as toalhas em seu lugar foi você*

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Ten: Ten doesn’t criticize you because he doesn’t think a towel in bed is a big deal after all he also makes mistakes // Ten não te critica porque ele não acha que uma toalha na cama é grande coisa afinal de contas ele também comete erros

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Doyoung: *He made a big drama because of the towel, but 1 hour later left the refrigerator open and who did the drama was you* Oh my God, you are so dramatic! // *Ele fez um grande drama por causa da toalha, mas 1 hora depois largou a geladeira aberta e quem fez o drama foi você* Ai meu Deus, você é tão dramática!

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Jaehyun: *He calmly took your towel away* Y/N Please don’t leave your towel on bed! // *Ele calmamente tirou sua toalha* S/N Por favor, não deixe sua toalha na cama!

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WinWin:  He saw the towel on the bed, didn’t payed attention and ended up leaving there, when you came back you saw the towel and fought with him thinking it was his and he didn’t remember if it was his or yours. // Ele viu a toalha na cama não prestou atenção e acabou deixando lá, quando vocês voltaram você viu a toalha e brigou com ele pensando que era dele e ele não lembrava  se era dele ou sua.

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Mark: *You ran out of the bathroom and asked Mark to put your towel in place for you and as the good guy he is, he did* // *Você saiu correndo do banheiro e pediu Mark para colocar sua toalha no lugar para você e como o bom rapaz ele é, ele fez*

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Haechan: COF COF Did the miss saw what she left on MY bed hum? Take this out of here now before i call Taeyong hyung! // COF COF A senhorita viu o que ela deixou encima da MINHA cama hum? Tira isso daqui agora antes que eu ligue pro Taeyong hyung!

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See You Later

alexander hamilton x reader

prompt: “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

a/n: this was lowkey inspired by a line i heard in the lego movie i hate myself. but just a little fluff for the lack of fics nowadays. i’m going to write tonight i promise.


You were tossing and turning, writhing violently in your bed as visions of Alexander going into battle filled and corrupted your once peaceful dreams.

“Alex no!” You shouted desperately, tears seeping from your eyes as you reached out into the thin air, unable to grasp what you wanted.

There was a sudden flurry of footsteps waking you from your deep sleep, interrupting your terrifying dream as you shot out of bed, sitting straight up as your chest heaved for the air that you needed.

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