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Your Will Solace is just so beautiful and basically makes me want to cry. He's so amazing, alrighty. That's all. Have a nice day!

Now he’ll talk about it the whole week (also nico’s shirt and mug were a birthday gift from will)

Car Sex, Yoongi/Suga

I wrote this one a really long time ago and I’m going to post it for you guys, not that it makes up for any of the lack of posts but until I’m finished with the other requests this should suffice a little right? Hopefully. It’s a little different but enjoy. ~

Warnings: Language

We stopped driving some time ago. I don’t know how long we’ve just been sitting here, car parked on the side of the road, wrapped up in each other’s embrace. As soon as he stopped the car he pulled me to straddle his lap, his arms wrapping around me and his soft hands sliding up the back of his hoodie. His nails drew light circles on my lower back, Yoongi’s quiet voice whispering how much he loves me into my ear repeatedly. He just let me silently cry into his neck, the only noise being my sniffles and Yoongi’s whispers.

“Hey,” he murmurs, his hands sliding to caress my sides. I don’t move my face from his shoulder and he kisses my ear. “Baby, look at me.”

I pull back so I could see him, but it’s not even like I could very well. It was so dark out, being almost one in the morning. The stars and moon shone brightly but it wasn’t enough to light up Yoongi’s face. I blink at him anyways.

“I love you,” he says and I nod. He’s been saying that for the last hour.

He pulls one of his hands out from under the jacket, resting his warm palm on my cheek. His thumb strokes under my eye, wiping at the dampness there from my endless tears.

“Don’t cry anymore,” he whispers. “You’re far too beautiful to have tears streaming down your face..”

“Don’t make me cry then,” I whisper back. He moves his hand back under my jacket, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close to him. I play with his hair, resting my cheek on top of his head while he snuggles his face into the front of me.

“I won’t ever,” he says.

I feel his head shift and I look at him, seeing him staring at me. He blinks, his eyes flickering everywhere on my face before settling on my lips. He strains his neck up, slowly leaning closer and I figured he was going to kiss me, but he just pushes his lips to my jaw. He moves down, trailing feather light kisses all the way down my neck before retreating back up and placing one right at the corner of my mouth.

“I’m promising you on everything, I won’t ever be the reason for your tears again.”

He was murmuring against my lips, his chapped ones brushing against my own but he wasn’t kissing me. It was driving me crazy, I just wanted a kiss. I initiate it, leaning down and capturing his mouth. My eyes slip closed when he doesn’t pull away and my heart flutters when he tilts his head so he could poke his warm tongue deep between my lips. He slowly licks at my tongue, his hands squeezing at my sides, his nails digging into the skin of my back. I arch myself into him and he sighs contently, pulling me impossibly closer.

“Baby girl,” he mumbles, nipping at my bottom lip and massaging my hips. “I’m going to make you feel so good..”

I pull away and rest our foreheads together, both of us staring into each other’s eyes. His arm snakes around my back to hold me still, while his other hand slips into the front of my shorts. Two of his cold fingers push between my wet folds and rub, causing me to gasp at the temperature change. He slides through my wetness, keeping his eyes locked with mine as he gently strokes over my clit with the rough pad of his thumb.

“So swollen and wet..” He whispers, rubbing me gently. I whimper when he pulls away, slipping his hand in further and circling my entrance with his finger.

“Yoongi please.”

My head falls back when he pushes inside, slowly sliding in up to his knuckle. My breathing gets heavier, my hands weaving through his curly hair, tugging on the short strands as he moves his finger in and out. He slips another one in beside the first, his fingers massaging my inner walls. I moan and his arm tightens around me, bringing me back to him.

“Shh shh shh,” he whispers along my neck, wetly kissing my throat. “I’ve got you.”

He was pumping his fingers inside of me so languidly, so slowly and relaxed, I couldn’t take it. As soon as my hips push down on his hand once, he locks me in place with his arm, enabling me to move anymore while he drives in deep. He pulls and curls his fingers so perfectly it makes my stomach twist with want.

“Yoongi,” I whine his name.

“Okay baby okay,” he whispers, pulling his fingers out and his hand from my shorts. He wipes his fingers off on his jacket I had on and grabs my neck to pull me down for a kiss. “Lift your body.”

I hold myself over his lap, balancing my weight while he unbuttons his jeans and pushes the zipper down. He shimmies his pants down his thighs, bunching them up at his knees before grabbing my hips. All we have to do is move my loose shorts to the side so he could have access.

“Come here,” he pulls me closer to him until our chests are pushed together, his mouth gently pressing to mine. “I love you so much.”

I whimper and Yoongi grunts as he lowers me down onto him, slowly. When I’m sat completely on his bare thighs, his hips roll in tiny circles, helping me adjust to his thick size. I wrap my arms around his neck, leaning forward to bury my face into his hair and he kisses along the juncture of my throat. His hands slide down my body and grip onto my thighs when he starts moving, pushing his body up and burying his cock deep inside me.

“Oh,” I squeak, tightening my arms.

My hands fist into his hair and he groans against my neck, his hips jerking. He keeps his thrusts slow, pulling out at an agonizing pace and pushing back in just the same, but deep. His arm wraps around my back, his other hand moving to my hip so he could move my body up and down on his shaft. I moan and he grunts as I bounce on his lap, his cock pulsing inside of me every time he thrusted in.

“God I love you so much baby girl,” he nibbles and sucks on my neck harshly, grinding up into me and making my head spin when he brushes against my sweet spot. “So so so much.”

“Yoongi,” I moan his name and his entire body shivers, his hips pushing up faster now.

His hand is on my side, his thumb pushing into my skin next to my belly button and his other four fingers pressing against my spine tightly, keeping me arched against him. His arm moves behind me, his hand sliding into the back of my pants and smoothing over my ass. I feel two of his fingers at my entrance, where his cock was pushing in and out quickly.

“Fuck baby. You’re so stretched out around me,” he lets out a loud whimper, breathing against my shoulder. “Wish I could see it right now. See how wrecked you are down there because of my thickness.”

I knew he wasn’t using nasty wording because of the intimate situation we were in and I loved him for it. I pull back and grab his cheeks, holding his head still while I kiss him, my body bouncing. My tongue dances with his, our slimy muscles sliding against each other so passionately. I breath heavily out of my nose and so does he, both of us panting with both our chests heaving. I slide my hands up his tank top and scratch my nails down his chest, his throat vibrating as he moans loudly into my mouth.

“Yes yes yes,” he grunts, shoving his hips upwards. He starts slamming me down onto his cock, over and over. “Right there baby girl, I’m right there. Keep riding me just like this. So fucking perfect.”

I whimper into his mouth everytime his swelled cock tip hits my sweet spot dead on, every thrust in he was hitting it. Heat curls low in my gut as my climax approaches and Yoongi’s thrusts were getting sloppier by the second, his memeber pulsing and jerking against my clenching walls.

“Oh fuck,” he whines. “Oh fuck baby. You bounce on me so beautifully. You look so beautiful right now. So gorgeous, I love you.”

He grunts and with one last thrust inside, we both come undone. I moan into his mouth, my nails digging into the sore skin of his chest and he whimpers out a loud, firm, ‘uh’ while he releases. After we’ve both calmed down, Yoongi pulls out and fixes my shorts for me. He pulls his boxers and jeans back up before grabbing me and pulling me to lay down on top of him on the seat.

“I came inside you,” he says, no worry in his voice whatsoever as he rubs my back. I don’t reply and close my eyes, my ear resting over and listening to his fast beating heart. The sound was soothing and almost lulls me to sleep as I cling onto him.

“Hey,” he whispers and I him to let him know I’m listening. His lips push to my forehead in a sweet kiss. “You’re so god damn pretty and I love you.”



 Across The Universe by @miniinfinity | @princedokyeom

( SVT | SoonSeok )

Soonyoung builds a small mailbox for strangers to send in mail.

A moodboard based on Across The Universe, and dedicated to Genevieve because she writes magically and if you like coughlovecough SoonSeok, I recommend reading her works TT TT ( moodboard 1 | 2 | 3 )

It’s been a while since someone asked how I’m doing” playlist:

Stephanie Mabey- I Know You’re Out There

Chouchou- Children’s Shrine

Reese Lansangan- A Song About Space

Christina Perri ft. Jason Mraz- Distance

Billie Ellish- six feet under

The Honey Trees- To Be With You

The Narrative- Eyes Closed

Kris Allen- Falling Slowly

Harren- midnight in asakusa

Sleeping At Last- Chasing Cars

City Girl- You Could Go Anywhere But You Stay Here

in love with a ghost- we’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something?

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Your art is beautiful. Your Lance drawing make me want to cry. I get emotional looking at it. Ahhh!!!

Thank you so so much oh my gosh! I’m so happy you liked my lance drawing! It started out as a procrastination doodle for a different piece I’m doing (I want to paint the blue lion in a sky). But the concept of lance painting a sky looked neat and I tried it out! 

Thank you so much for such a sweet ask! And don’t cry friend, here, feel better

Now he is painting himself as the winner he is

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i miss your haikyuu art so much it was the best - dont get me wrong i fucking adore your bnha art but like,,,,, haikyuu,,,,,,,

Well pal, aren’t you lucky, you might have been missing from my blog in the past two weeks but if you scroll down just three posts you might notice I’ve been drawing haikyuu again (x x x)

Anon said: People don’t remember baccano anymore? :o

I assumed so since it’s been ten years since it aired and the fandom has always been small and quiet anyway, but it looks like I assumed wrong!!!! That made me so happy, honestly? Baccano’s my fav anime ever, it’s always super nice to see it appreciated!

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Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.

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You art makes me want to scream in admiration and show it to all I know. Seriously, you deserve more recognition!! Whenever I see your art I just get this nice warm bubbly feeling, which might be weird?? And your sketchbook is amazing! I've watched your sketchbook tours and it almost makes me cry at how beautiful it is?? Anyway, before I ramble too much, I just wanted to say I admire your work greatly and to keep up the amazing effort!! See you later, dude!!

hello! Aaaaaah thank you ! omg this means so much to me you don’t even know :’D hahaha thanks for making me smile like an idiot XD <3 <3 <3

it’s still you. after all this time it’s still you.
it’s you i see in my dreams, you i think about when i can’t sleep.
memorys of you, of us, that make me smile, make me cry.
your laugh is still the most beautiful melody.
your smile is still the most beautiful view.
your eyes are still the most beautiful green.
but all that i don’t have anymore.
i don’t get to hear your laugh anymore when someone makes a joke.
i don’t get to see your smile anymore when someone compliments you.
i don’t get to see your eyes anymore and how they brighten up when there’s a beautiful sunset.
i don’t have you anymore and i don’t know if i ever had you.
all i know is that it’s still you.
you i want, you i need.
it’s you, after all; it’s still you.
—  zombiepoetic

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Can you write No. 1 AKA soulmates AU for either Cresswell or Wolflet because your writing is honestly so beautiful and makes me cry tears of joy!

Okay so this has been sitting in my inbox for forever now (I’m so sorry) but as it’s summer now and I don’t have school for a few months, I’ll be doing fic requests again! So here is the long awaited (at least by me anyways haha) Cresswell Soulmates AU! 

Thorne dragged a towel through his damp hair and wiped down the foggy mirror. He smirked at his reflection and pointed finger guns at himself in the mirror. He turned slightly to catch a glimpse of his soulmate tattoo on his right shoulder blade and sighed. Of course the fates had to give him and his soulmate a silhouette of a naked woman as their matching tattoos. While he wasn’t exactly complaining about the tattoo itself (I mean what guy doesn’t want to wake up to a hot, naked woman every day? He’d asked himself) but rather complaining about its repercussions.  Everyone had made fun of him in school, and his parents were absolutely mortified. They’d even tried to have it removed, knowing full well that soulmate tattoos were permanent, no matter what.

He figured that the girl with the matching tattoo wasn’t too pleased to have a naked woman as a permanent fixture on her body. “I guess I’ll find out when I meet her,” he told himself with a sigh.

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Hi your art is so beautiful it makes me cry. 💚💚

Hi anon

There, there, it’s nothing, no need to cry, here’s a handkerchief

Thank you so much for enjoying my work and taking the time to contact me! You’re a sweetheart ♥

EXO Reacts To Showing Their Shy S/O Affection

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You were sitting next to him on the couch at the dorm watching a movie with the rest of the members.

Chen decided that he was going to lay his head on your shoulder. Now normally you would be comfortable with this sign of affection but you were with the rest of EXO and it just seemed… weird.

“What are you doing?” You gasped at him.

He looked at you, “Nothing.” He smiled.

Originally posted by smileysoo

You were watching your boyfriend do an interview and during it the MC asked about your relationship. 

Your cheeks got hot when you watched the other members lean over to look at him. 

“Ah, she’s wonderful. She’s the best.” He said.

All the MC’s awe’d and coo’d as you blushed from your side of the screen.

 “Why don’t you blow her a kiss huh?” The lady asked

He smiled and did it, your face got even hotter and you turned off the tv quickly, hoping no one saw it.

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

This gif has nothing to do with this but can we just… holy fuck!

You were in the dorm when all of the sudden Xiumin walks up behind you and back hugs you.

You froze and blushed when you heard the boys holler and hoot.

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You were sitting on the couch with your legs draped over Lay’s lap.

All of a sudden he leaned over and kissed you on your nose.

He noticed the heat that reached your cheeks and smirked.

“Don’t be shy, baobei.”

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He wanted you to sing for him so he grabbed a guitar and started playing. 

When you finally got comfortable and actually started to be confident in your singing, you caught him looking at you admirably.

“You’re beautiful, jagiya.”

You blushed and he chuckled, looking away.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


He’d giggle and blush at your own blush-iness.

“Jagiya, you’re so cute!” He cheered.

You rolled your eyes and pouted, “Whatever, shut up.”

Originally posted by littlebyuns


“How are you so cute?” He asked, pinching your cheeks as you couldn’t stop smiling from the sudden action of affection.

“Aish, y/n. What am I gonna do with you?”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind


He looked at you in awe as you hid your face after he kissed your hand.

“What is this beautiful perfection? It makes me want to cry.”

Originally posted by sehurn


“You are adorable, jagiya but don’t forget, I will always be the master at aegyo.”

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Hi so idk if you've answered this already but i just wanted to know if you think it's okay for non-trans folk to write trans enjolras fic? I really really love that headcanon but i'm scared to write it because idk if it's my space and i don't wanna be disrespectful? thanks xx (p.s.: also all the best for ur future. your family is beautiful and makes me wanna cry with happiness and gives me hope)

I mean, it’s okay to write it - but there’s a few things you need to remember.

- cis people shouldn’t be writing trans stories in the sense that. Well. Don’t write fic that revolves *around* him being trans. That’s for trans writers to do. Don’t make the focus of the story his transition or being trans. A fic where Enjolras happens to be trans? Go for it! A fic about his struggle with coming to terms with it? Nah. Leave that for someone who’s lived it. We have enough inaccurate portrayals of the trans experience written by cis people. I think we’re good now. We don’t need any more.

- please try to avoid writing it from his POV. You can try but honestly I just grimace every time I see a cis author write from a trans character’s perspective. It’s just always so melodramatic, over the top, inaccurate and sometimes insulting. So, say, write it from another character’s POV (say it’s exr; try to come at it from R’s perspective since it avoids the landmines of Enjolras’ dysphoria)

- if you write a sex scene…dear god, please ask a trans person to check it and check it again for you. The two extremes I see when people write fic that has a sex scene with a trans character in it are super hella fetishization or ‘I am hating every second of this because my body is WRONG AND I HATE IT.’ Which like. Chill. A lot of trans people have pretty fulfilling sex lives and quite a few of us are okay with some aspects of our bodies. The most important thing is a partner who double checks before doing things and is respectful of terms/phrases that might make their trans partner uncomfortable. So keep that in mind.

- learn the right terminology if you don’t know it already! This is just simple and respectful. Google is your friend.

- honestly the most important thing, I’d say, is to get a trans person to give it the once over before you say, publish it on Ao3. Most trans people will be able to spot something uncomfortable a mile off in a fic so yeah.

But yeah - you’re welcome to write trans Enjolras, just make sure you’re respectful and keep these pointers in mind. If you need any help (or someone to read it for you) hit me up!

And thank you for the nice words mon ami!