your beauty makes me cry


Lets get lost,
never to be found,
in the wilderness,
where neither heart nor mind knows no bounds,
my heart longs to be one with the ocean, to this earth i wish to be unbound,
become a drop,
never to be found,
be one with all creation and The Creator, oh! With joy my heart abounds
,let us get lost my friend,
in a crowd of faceless people,
where my lips need not make a sound
,i can stay lost in a sea of strangers,
no one would miss me when i am no longer around.
I want to be lost forever,
Never to be found.


We’ll get lost together
never to be found
because that’s how wandering hearts
connect when we’re darting all around
In the wilderness
and in heaven
where wolves in sheep’s clothing howl
They’ll never know we were there, friend
until we’re taking our last bows
You say you want to disappear
be lost forever in the sphere
of the ocean sea dropping and dripping
Who says you won’t be found gripping
to the pier in absolute delight
or is it fright I spy in your reckless plight?
If it’s one way or the other
You won’t ever have to mutter
Because I’ll be here with hands stretched wide
And catch you when we finally collide.

A letter to every fanfiction author

Yes, this post is for you, the person who just spent another night writing a chapter for their fanfiction, writing for hours for those hungry fans who are following your work. 

This goes out to those amazing fanfiction authors who write amazing pieces of work. You have an amazing plot, beautiful descriptions and your characters are always perfectly in character. Reminding us all of the stories we love so much.

You make me laugh out loud. You make me cringe in embarrassment. You even make me mad enough to rant for hours. 

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But then, with your beautiful words and imagery, you make me sad. 

You make me cry and scream for those characters I love. You make me want to throw my tablet across the room while still wanting to hold it tightly to my chest. You make me feel emotions for these characters, emotions only the true creators have managed to pull from me.

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Why would you do this? Why break my heart into a million pieces and throw them to the wind to scatter my sadness around? I’m sure it hurts you more to create these stories. To see those characters you have loved, just as much as I, hurt or get hurt. It must break you bit by bit to write the words to complete that one scene. 

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But also, thank you. Thank you for the beautiful story you crafted for hours. And thank you for making me feel those beautiful emotions. Thank you for letting me live with these characters for a little while longer.

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                                              Just, thank you. 

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Things you said 31) (but vice versa TLD) Pls make me cry 😭 Love your beautiful writing style. ❤️

31) things you said while I cried in your arms

I don’t know what I expected.

No, that’s a lie. And I can’t- I shouldn’t be-

I expected ridicule. Not because it’s you, never that, I just- always- whenever I’ve- even Mum-

But, you, you, you wonder, you- you’re quoting fucking poetry, you know exactly what to say, even if it’s hardly anything at all, just murmuring shh, shh, shh, and Jesus Christ, Sherlock, thank you. 

But still I feel like I’m ruining everything, like always, like…and I try to speak, move, do something, but the words are stuck and strangling me, and I choke on a sob and-

Your grip slackens oh so slightly, a warm hand rubbing a gentle circle on my neck. “John. It’s okay. Shh. You don’t have to- to try…”

If I wasn’t crying still, maybe I could have listened closer, because it almost sounded like your voice cracked, too. But, then, you’re back, smooth and gentle and perfect:

“I just need you to breathe for the next few minutes, alright? No talking, John. You’re alright. You’re still standing, still breathing, still living. You’re doing all you can. That’s it… that’s…”

God, I love you so much, Sherlock.

I’ll wait. I’ll wait until I’ve got my breath, and I’ll tell you.

I’ll keep breathing for you.

Doing johnlock prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled: 6; 31


This is one of those ‘imagine your otp’ songs.

It makes me cry about how beautiful it is.

And how relatable.

Okay now you need to shut up, the mascara is running.

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hi your fics make me cry. like literally cry. There's parts in fics like My True Love Gave To Me that made me simply tear up, and then there's Paparazzi and Addicted To You that had me sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow at 3am. i love you and your fics a lot please keep writing 💗💗 (also i just reread Addicted To You for the 5th time and i'm all for a lil epilogue/sequel ;;))

I’m sorry for making you cry but also extremely happy because that’s like the best compliment I could ask for!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my stuff, and don’t worry, I fully plan on continuing to write for a long time. XD <3<3 (I’m glad you mentioned that, it’s possible a little something might be getting uploaded tonight…? *grins*)

So recently on Instagram on that recent edit I made of Glitchtale, someone decided to insult @camilaart’s animations??? Like I so badly wanted to go off on them but I have to keep my composure 😤
And not to be rude, but their art isn’t even anything to freak out over? Like they call themselves an artist but honestly with this kind of attitude I don’t think they deserve that title.

This just inspired me to say that Cami, your animations and art are absolutely outstanding, and I can only hope to be as good as you one day. Your animations are beautiful. (and make me cry. oops?)
Keep doing what you’re doing and stay amazing

EDIT: Oh my god like three other people have started arguing with them and honestly its the best

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your singing makes me cry happy tears :,))))) you're beautiful

Yaaaaay! Not that I’m happy that you are crying but being able to cause you such an emotion like that with my voice (I hate my voice!!!) makes me so happy! Like happy tears??? This is amazing!

Thank you so much, friend! It means a lot that you are listening to my covers and sending me a feedback! Hope you are okay and having a great day!

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Can't wait for you and Arsen to brake my heart and make me cry with both of your beautiful writing ❤

After today I don’t have a performance for another 2 weeks and spring break starts next week which means I’m finally gonna have time to write and I plan on making it as sad as I can dude

‘I’m here… sweetheart…’

‘so…come back…..please…’

‘sweet heart…..’

Decide to color the doodle of this beautiful AU Flowerfell

thank to these amazing people @underfart-snas @siviosanei​ for creating such a wonderful AU

and you  @leviticusarts for make me cry for every time i read your beautiful fic..

it’s my first time drawing Underfell!Sans ….so…. ugh… sorry ; __ ;

sorry if it kinda suck OTL