your beauty makes me cry

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Things you said 31) (but vice versa TLD) Pls make me cry 😭 Love your beautiful writing style. ❤️

31) things you said while I cried in your arms

I don’t know what I expected.

No, that’s a lie. And I can’t- I shouldn’t be-

I expected ridicule. Not because it’s you, never that, I just- always- whenever I’ve- even Mum-

But, you, you, you wonder, you- you’re quoting fucking poetry, you know exactly what to say, even if it’s hardly anything at all, just murmuring shh, shh, shh, and Jesus Christ, Sherlock, thank you. 

But still I feel like I’m ruining everything, like always, like…and I try to speak, move, do something, but the words are stuck and strangling me, and I choke on a sob and-

Your grip slackens oh so slightly, a warm hand rubbing a gentle circle on my neck. “John. It’s okay. Shh. You don’t have to- to try…”

If I wasn’t crying still, maybe I could have listened closer, because it almost sounded like your voice cracked, too. But, then, you’re back, smooth and gentle and perfect:

“I just need you to breathe for the next few minutes, alright? No talking, John. You’re alright. You’re still standing, still breathing, still living. You’re doing all you can. That’s it… that’s…”

God, I love you so much, Sherlock.

I’ll wait. I’ll wait until I’ve got my breath, and I’ll tell you.

I’ll keep breathing for you.

Doing johnlock prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled: 6; 31

So recently on Instagram on that recent edit I made of Glitchtale, someone decided to insult @camilaart’s animations??? Like I so badly wanted to go off on them but I have to keep my composure 😤
And not to be rude, but their art isn’t even anything to freak out over? Like they call themselves an artist but honestly with this kind of attitude I don’t think they deserve that title.

This just inspired me to say that Cami, your animations and art are absolutely outstanding, and I can only hope to be as good as you one day. Your animations are beautiful. (and make me cry. oops?)
Keep doing what you’re doing and stay amazing

EDIT: Oh my god like three other people have started arguing with them and honestly its the best

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your singing makes me cry happy tears :,))))) you're beautiful

Yaaaaay! Not that I’m happy that you are crying but being able to cause you such an emotion like that with my voice (I hate my voice!!!) makes me so happy! Like happy tears??? This is amazing!

Thank you so much, friend! It means a lot that you are listening to my covers and sending me a feedback! Hope you are okay and having a great day!

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Can't wait for you and Arsen to brake my heart and make me cry with both of your beautiful writing ❤

After today I don’t have a performance for another 2 weeks and spring break starts next week which means I’m finally gonna have time to write and I plan on making it as sad as I can dude

‘I’m here… sweetheart…’

‘so…come back…..please…’

‘sweet heart…..’

Decide to color the doodle of this beautiful AU Flowerfell

thank to these amazing people @underfart-snas @siviosanei​ for creating such a wonderful AU

and you  @leviticusarts for make me cry for every time i read your beautiful fic..

it’s my first time drawing Underfell!Sans ….so…. ugh… sorry ; __ ;

sorry if it kinda suck OTL

Apparently it’s fanfic writer’s appreciation day!! 


@otppurefuckingmagic: You are a goddess of the written word, an inspiration and wonderful story teller! Your work continues to move me in ways I can’t properly explain and it will remain with me until the day the kraken awakens and we’re all fucked. I simply adore your writing, every word is a master piece and I hope you continue to be inspiring and gift us with these wonderful works for a very long time!!! 

@dearestalec: A mixture of heart wrenching agonising angst that makes me cry and gorgeous au’s that leave me begging for more. You are a master, a queen of the written word and I both hate and adore you for it because I pretty sure your are responsible for my death and resurrection three or four times over. 

@lecrit: You have a gift to create complex, relatable stories filled with fun and heartache in equal measure. Your work is beautiful and never fails to make me smile, laugh, cry or make my work colleagues think I’m nuts!

@jezthemadficster: Your story is as graceful as a professional dancer, fluid and emotional in equal measure, you’re an engaging writer and I look forward to reading more of your work (I’m probably gonna wind up bumping it up the list after this sneaky look so prepare yourself for the gushing…its a-coming captain)

@chairmanmeow-and-church: a teasing mix of fluff and slow burn is what comes to mind when I think of you. Each chapter of your story always makes me flail like a fish out of water because GAH the cute, the emotions, everything about you story is just nailed, 100% perfection. 

@allofthefanfic: Wings and mermaids you are my queen and enabler. You provide gorgeous headcanons and stories that have me clawing at the laptop screen for more! Never stop darling, you are brilliant!

@m-aleciseverything: Take me to church is a stunning and addictive piece that I’m hooked on! Your work is so interesting and just pulls me in right from the get go and it’s difficult to turn away from such brilliant storytelling! 

@darquebane: My darling queen and your wonderful stories…You have a mild addiction to the angst but I can live with that so long as you continue to provide us with the amazing fluff and smut alongside it!

@sarcasticlightwood: Where would any of us be without you? You challenge, you calm, you encourage and you soothe battered egos in equal measure. You take the rabid plot bunny and whisper in its ear curing it of its nightmare tendencies and helping make sense of plots. You clean us up, shove us into something respectable and then kick us out into the world. Without you many of us would be a puddle of angst on the floor and I bloody love you more than I can say. 

@buffycuddlespigs: You’re all about the gays in space and I could build a galactic temple in your honour. You make me cry, you make me laugh but most of all you make beautiful stories that I feel so privileged to be able to read!


Aaron Tveit appreciation post :)

Although he’s not on social media, therefore he can’t see this, I’d really like to take a few minutes and say thank for him - well, for everything…

First of all and most importantly: thank you for existing. And by that, making me exsisting more too.

Thank you for delighting my life. Thanks for whenever I feel a little down, all I need to do is looking at your face and my day is already made. Thank you for your beautiful smile and your shining eyes that could really end even the most horrible and cruel wars.

Thank you for your beautiful and melodic laughter that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I wish I could hear it more, and especially: live…

Thank your for all that passion of yours for your job. Watching you makes me want to reach some serious goals in my life. You give me so much motivation, I can’t even tell how much. I’m so thankful you can share all your talent with us, I can’t imagine what I’d do without having your voice in my life…

Thank you for being the cutest person I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how you manage to look so sweet all the time but I’m so glad you do.

Thank you for being the most adorkable, life-ruiner piece of shit on this Earth. I don’t know what I would do without some of these ‘big Tveit moments’:

…well, my life would certainly be so much more empty.

Finally, thanks for being so kind to all of us. I haven’t got the chance to meet you in person yet, and I doubt I ever will, but I’m never gonna give up. But until then, thank you for everything. You made me a whole different person than I was, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. Whatever you do, you’ll always have my support, and I know it means nothing to you - but it means the world for me. Keep being my main inspiration, and give me more cheerful moments.