your beauty is unfair to the rest of the world

limelight; taehyung

genre: fluff (soulmate au)

words: 3.7K

summary: the world in which you lived in allowed you to see the life of your soulmate through their eyes while you slept and after discovering who your famous soulmate is, you planned to arrange a trip to meet him and his group.

member: taehyung from bts

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A/N: yet again, i very much enjoyed writing this scenario and am very happy with what I’ve written for this soulmate!au series! i hope you precious baby stars have enjoyed the scenarios so far and anticipate the rest of the scenarios coming up. have a great day and happy reading! x

yours truly, admin tina.

Oh, how beautiful Daegu was.

You weren’t physically there to breath in that fresh air, or watch those buildings shoot up to the sky, but you would see it through the eyes of your soulmate.

In the world you lived in, there were soulmates and everyone possessed the power to see the world their soulmate saw whenever they slept, and because the world was both fair and unfair, what you saw wasn’t their closed eyelids but their open eyelids as they casually strolled past the Eiffel Tower or their open eyelids as they just stare at the lit up signs in a busy street in Tokyo.

  In your early childhood, when your young eyes closed as you drifted asleep, you always saw the city which would later be identified as Daegu. You’d watch with your eyes closed as your soulmate at the time would still be out and about, running around his garden while his best friend chased him. You would enjoy your times spent with his best friend, so much so that you would refuse to wake-up on some days because your soulmate always was around his friend that you found yourself having fun with.

As you got older, you saw that friend of your soulmate less and less as your soulmate grew older too, and then suddenly, you never saw them again. Over a handful of years while you slept, your eyes would see a totally different city from what you were use to seeing, as well as seeing new people. Your soulmate’s parents — you’d see them on rare occasions when your soulmate would get the chance to see them, but on most days, you’d just witness your soulmate mostly cooped up with a new bunch of friends — six of them to be exact — either singing in a recording booth, learning the choreography of a dance you would see your soulmate perform several times, sometimes by himself but most of the times your soulmate would do these dances in front of adoring fans.

This made you feel quite inadequate since your soulmate lived this fast-paced with loyal fans by their side as they travelled from country to country, while you were suck in your own little city, never taking long distances trips and only living your boring life attending college and but having some excitement in your life with the successfully run YouTube channel you had created and your amazing subscribers built up for you.

One day, when the grass was as green as could be and the wind had finally stopped whistling and brought a great deal of gentle sunshine upon your city, your best friend and fantastic camerawoman rushed to you one day while you were working at your job in a café on your college campus, computer cradled in her arms as she took a seat with you in one of the booths at the coffee shop and showed you a newly released music video of one of her favourite Kpop groups.

Oddly, when she started playing the music video for you to watch, you had recognised the set in which the music video was shoot in from the point of view of your soulmate was you slept, and were quick to tell your best friend this.

“I recognise this set from my dreams,” You commented with slight disbelief.

Your best friend, Amber, immediately paused the video, her finger slamming against the pause button before she turned to look at you and said, “So, you’re saying that your soulmate could possibly be one of the guys from BTS?”

“If BTS is this group you’re showing me, then yes,” You answered, and witnessed Amber roll her eyes in annoyance at your lack of remembering any names of the groups she ‘stanned’, whatever that was.

“Well, do you remember what he was wearing?” Amber curiously asked and you shake your head with a nervous bite of the lip.

“Maybe you should play the music video and I can see who it is,” You suggested and in all your years of being friends with your Kpop obsessed best friend, you’ve never seen her click the play button as fast as she did in that moment.

You caught the title of the music video, smiling to yourself when thinking the music video was probably named 'Fire’ because of how 'lit’ the song and video actually was. Suddenly, one person that appeared on the screen, full head of red hair that wore an outfit you recognised your soulmate wearing on the days spent shooting the music video, you instantly pointed to the screen, screaming, “That’s him!”

Amber paused the video again and turned to face you, her eyes as large as golf balls while she stared at you in utter shock. “Dudeeeeeee!”

“What?” You questioned out of curiosity, your eyes not having a proper opportunity to get a good look at supposed soulmate.

  “Your soulmate is so hot — and I mean, hot!” Your best friend loudly expressed as she slammed her hand against the wooden table. “He’s my bias wrecker in BTS, because he literally cannot keep his tongue in his mouth for more than 0.2 seconds and he’s just — just, just disrespectful as hell with that model-like face of his.”

You blinked, not particularly use to hearing the feelings your best friend had for all the Kpop idols she spent her time on. You cleared your throat, brushing off your surprise and asking, “What’s his name?”

“His stage name is V, but his real name is Taehyung,” She explains, and you look back at the screen, the screen frozen while displaying a clear view of your soulmate.

You found yourself blushing when your eyes laid on your soulmate for longer than a few seconds, this amusing your best friend, who began to tease you about the slight infatuation you had for her bias wrecker. “I see that smile on your face, you like him!”

“Of course I do, he’s my soulmate,” You were quick to reply, hoping the flustered smile on your face would fade before Amber could tease you even more.

“So, what are you going to do?” Amber inquired as she turned off her laptop and shut it closed.

You think to yourself for a moment, wondering if you were completely ready to meet your soulmate and how you would even have the chance to meet him with his busy schedule if you were going ahead and going to meet him.

You hummed, letting out a defeated sigh, “I want to meet him,”

“That’s great, isn’t it?” Amber questioned curiously when she saw the frown on your face.

“It is, especially the timing because it’s almost summer break and I’ve been saving up to go overseas,” You explained while you fiddled with your fingers. “But with the hectic schedule he has, I’m not sure that can happen.”

“Don’t say that,” Amber commanded with a playful shove on your shoulder, wiping out her phone and unlocking it, quickly tapping her screen and reading through something. “Oh!”

“What?” You quizzed in confusion, curious about what she discovered but not noisy enough to peer over her shoulder and see what she read.

“Their schedule here says that they’ll be taking a vacation in Sweden for a couple weeks, a week after our summer vacation starts,” Amber informed you, looking towards you while asking, “Do you want to go?”

You made a face of uncertainty. “But they’re supposed to be on vacation, I don’t wanna ruin that for him or his friends,”

“I hate to say this, but this is sort of our only chance,” Amber explained to you, “After their vacation, they’re jam packed with scheduled comebacks, fan signing events and all that jazz,”

You bit down on your lip in frustration, attempting to figure out what’s your best option in this situation. A moment later, you had made up your mind and respond to Amber’s bit of information with, “Let’s go to Sweden.”

Later on that day, when you were back in your small yet cozy apartment, you sat before your camera lens completely bare, not wearing any type of make-up with your hair pushed back while wearing your pyjamas.

“Hello everyone,” You greeted in a groggy tone, clearing your throat and putting on a faint smile as you continued to speak, “As you can tell, this is not like one of my regular videos because I currently look like shit,”

You chuckled at your own words before you continued onwards. “Anyways, I’ve discovered today who exactly my soulmate is. For safety reasons, I won’t say their name, but I will have to mention that they are famous, which I honestly did not expect,”

“I’ve realised that I — I’m ready to meet my soulmate but I don’t think I’m ready for the reaction of fans when they discover this. Nevertheless, I’m actually planning to travel to wherever he is when I’m on my summer break and try to meet him,” You explained candidly to the camera, not making much eye-contact as you usually did since you weren’t your confident self when making this video.

“Gosh, I hope this all works out,” You commented while letting out a stressed sigh. You looked up at the camera lens, pointing directly and pouting cutely as you said, “I’m coming for you, Mr. Soulmate person, and you better be able to deal with my awkward nature and unreasonable amount of love for butt touching,”

Summer quickly arrived and you and Amber set off to Sweden, and you honestly couldn’t of been more happier. Being on summer break had lifted a great deal of weight off your shoulders, and gratefully cleared all the skin problems caused by the stress of your college semester, as well as the stress of your work.

Therefore, sleeping in only to stroll through the streets of Sweden during the afternoon and then spend your nights with Amber exploring the night life and losing yourself within the new experience of being in a foreign country was something that felt like paradise to you. When you returned back to your hotel, giggling about humorous events that happened earlier that night, you would slip into your sleeping attire and fall asleep, witnessing your soulmate — Kim Taehyung — have himself driven to the airport, being surrounded by fans as he made his way through the airport, and eventually hopped onto a plane to Sweden.

That very experience made you wake up in the middle of the night because of how much anxiety built up in your chest. You couldn’t sleep for the reminder of that early morning, the nerves that had made homes in your stomach too active for you to ignore. That day, you spent your entire day in your hotel room with Amber, just talking with her about all the possibilities of what could happen when you met Taehyung, and also made plans to in fact go through with your plan and attempt to meet him, if you were lucky enough to know where he was at the time.

That night, with the help of an overdose on caffeine, you stayed up and watched all the music videos that your soulmate starred in, a smile growing on your face wider and wider as memories of your dreams flooded back into your mind. After watching all BTS’ music videos and just so happening to fall in love with the group Taehyung was in, you decided to watch anything that even remotely mentioned your soulmate and by the next morning, when Amber discovered you passed out on your bed with your laptop cradled in your arms, your heart was beating with a heavy infatuation for the idol.

Taehyung witnessed the entire thing, from the minute you discovered he was your soulmate to the last second you watched a fancam of him during a fan signing and fall asleep, he watched the whole thing through closed eyes and could only hope that he could get his members out of their guesthouse before you would wake up.

You woke up later than expected, but this proved to be an advantage for you because you could see Taehyung get up in the morning and rush his members out of their guesthouse and plan an entire day in one certain area.

As soon as your eyes peeled open, you rushed Amber to get herself ready and after you were ready yourself, you two dashed out of the doors of your hotel, Amber carrying your trusty camera and documenting the entire morning.

“How are you feeling this morning, Y/N?” Amber asked you as you two sat in the backseat of a cab your hotel so kindly called to transport you two to your destination for you.

“Honestly, I’m feeling a little bit nervous,” You confessed whilst staring out of the car window, turning to face the camera and sending a nervous yet cute smile. “I hope he just stays wherever I last saw him in my dreams, so we don’t have to spend our day searching for him,”

“Maybe you should take a nap or something and check where he is now,” Amber joked, and you laughed along with her as the taxi you were in got closer and closer to your final destination.

“Good idea,” You commented, and pretended to fall asleep, opening your eyes seconds later and laughing with Amber again. “But seriously, maybe I should, just to check on him.”

Amber then suddenly turned the camera on herself, grinning at herself before explaining, “Well, you heard it, folks. Y/N will be taking a nap to check up on the whereabouts of her soulmate, who I am extremely…I’m just gonna say, he’s disrespectful as hell and my god, Y/N is going to need Jesus, or any type of higher power when she’s in a relationship with that man.”

“The way you talk about my soulmate kind of makes me feel a little uncomfortable,” You told your best friend, who merely just shrugged and went on to explain. “Hey! It’s not my fault he’s extremely rude and makes me feel things,”

And that’s when the camera stopped rolling.

As stated in the vlog Amber started filming, you did happen to take a nap and found Taehyung standing and waiting not so far away from a mountain that his friends were climbing. He would gaze down at his wristwatch, mumbling words in Korean and looking for something — for you. When you arrived at your destination, nearby the mountain Taehyung’s friends, you instantly shot up and jumped out the cab, leaving Amber to pay the cab driver.

Amber chased after you as you ran towards the place you had last seen Taehyung. Even when your chest felt as if it was set on fire and felt like it was shrinking to the size of a particle, you still carried yourself as you ran, ran to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately for you, you had to slow down otherwise you’d collapse to the floor since you felt so light-headed. You speedily regained your breath, in those moments you closed your eyes and breathed in seeing Taehyung search around for you, who was nearby. With one final breath, you patted your knees and stood up straight from your hunched position and continued to walk, well-aware that your soulmate wouldn’t dare to move when he could physically feel your presence.

Just then, your footsteps came to a halt when your eyes laid on a familiar full head of brown hair that literally at the time made your heart stop all together. Taehyung turned in your direction, confused when seeing a variety of people making their way towards the mountain. However, with the way you stood so frozen like a deer in the headlights, he couldn’t help but think — holy crap, that was you. And damn, did he manage to get such an ethereal soulmate.

You don’t necessarily recall who was the first to start running towards one another, but what you do remember was the smell of the air, it was slightly scented with the smell of approaching rainfall and that air, so fresh that it cleared your heavy anxiety filled chest as you ran once again, your legs having no power to run anymore, but there was just something about the fact that this was your soulmate you were running to that gave you the energy to run.

You were pulled into a tight hug, one that instantly made you feel as if you were right at home with the warmth and comfort it brought you, this specific embrace literally sweeping you off your feet as Taehyung picked you off the ground and twirled you around in his arms, his excitement getting the best of him as he held you close, breathing in your signature scent and already falling in love.

Eventually, Taehyung had gently put you down onto the ground and beamed his famous angelic rectangular smile your way as he introduced himself in his adorably accented English, “Hi! I’m V, my real name is Kim Taehyung,”

You chuckled in admiration at his enthusiasm, his explosive dose of enthusiasm something that was new yet exciting to you as you took his stretched out hand and shook it, “Nice to meet you, Taehyung. I’m Y/N.”

“Ah, such a pretty name,” Taehyung commented and it was enough to make you smile a flustered smile while a blush threatens to creep up on your cheeks.

“Thank you,” You mumbled with the feeling of your cheeks placed against the surface of the Sun’s core. You turned your head to talk to Amber, but right away roll your eyes, delaying your first question when you rhetorically ask her, “Did you really have to record that?”

“Of course I did. It’s the first video I’ll be using in a series of videos used to make an adorable video at your wedding,” Amber joked, and you can only slap your forehead and sigh while you heard Taehyung laugh at your gesture.

“You don’t happen to know some Korean, do you?” You curiously questioned after sending Taehyung a sweet smile.

“Only enough to get me through a simple conversation,” Amber replied back to you, and you sighed yet again.

This is going to be a long day.

Coincidentally, your flights back home are on the same day near the same time, so you and Taehyung planned to meet beyond the immigrant gates. Since he didn’t have to go through the gruelling process of checking in and standing in a long line for immigrant, he arrived much more earlier at his gate and waited for you as you reluctantly went through the entire process and dragged your suitcase with you as you hastily walked in the direction of Taehyung’s gate, which is across yours that isn’t open quite yet, but will be when Taehyung’s flight took off.

Although there was a gloomy and strong feeling that devoured all the happiness within you, you still managed to smile as you sawTaehyung. You let go of your suitcase handle and threw your arms around him, enjoying the last of his warm embrace and fresh cologne scent.

You pulled away from the snug embrace, your cold hands cupping his soft cheeks that were made chubbier when you applied more force onto them, your chuckle of amusement infectious as Taehyung laughed with you. Your laughter faded, and all you did was stare at one another, soaking up every detail of each other and desperately clinging onto whatever seconds you had until Taehyung was forced to leave before passengers arrive.

You suddenly remembered something and quickly reached for this in your backpack, handing it to Taehyung, who gave you a curious gaze and asked, “What’s this?”

“It’s a bunch of letters,” You explained, your hands over his hands as he inspected your gift. “I got them translated into Korean, and just hope Google Translator didn’t fail me with all the grammar,”

You laughed half-heartedly whilst watching Taehyung’s reaction to your small gift with a large amount of thought put into it. He looked up at you, a frown painted onto his naturally happy features, and your heart sunk.

“Thank you,” He politely bowed and sucked in a breath, “I really…really appreciate this,”

You smiled at his efforts to speak to you in a language you had no trouble understanding even though he has been trying to speak as much English as possible with you after your meeting near the mountains. You swore from that day onwards, you could assure yourself that Kim Taehyung was the sunshine in your life that you’d been so blessed, so blessed to have come across.

  “I’ll come visit Korea before summer ends,” You informed the boy, who nodded affirmatively and deeply giggled.

I’m so happy!” Taehyung smiled as he tried to clap his hands with your gift in his hand.

While you were admired his happiness with a fond smile, you noticed how one of the managers you had met during the time you were spending with Taehyung whilst in Sweden approaching the two of you. You let out a sigh when he stood nearby and waited for you two to finish off saying your goodbyes.

The reality of your current situation smashed against you like a train filled with bricks and you tried your best not to cry, especially in front of precious Taehyung that looked like he might shed a tear here or there any minute now. You threw your arms around him yet again, burying your face into his shoulder and wishing this wasn’t your fate with your soulmate.

“Have a safe flight, TaeTae,” You called him by his nickname, sniffing almost silently as you pulled away and pointed towards one of his managers patiently awaiting his arrival.

He let out a defeated sigh, gazing at his manager for a mere second before he looked at you and said with a wiggle of the eyebrows, “You too,”

Sadly, the time had come for the two of you to separate and it was probably one of most heart-breaking moments you have ever had the tragedy of experience. He turned around in your view, waving at you while he swallowed a lump in his throat and shouted for the entire airport to hear, “I love you! Visit me soon!”

Your heart that was in the process of shattering, pieced itself back together and fills up with the utter most love for your newly-found soulmate. You smiled, even if your eyes had tears blurring your vision, waving back at him and yelling back, “I love you too,”

And boy did you love him

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