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It makes me quite sad that people who say who kinda look like Sara feel bad because men keep shitting on her looks and that BW made her jaw thinner. I'm from a slavic country and most women here have a wide jaw and men think it's attractive and they don't mind big noses either. I've heard from most of my *male* friends that they think she's cute. Then again, a man shouldn't dictate how you should feel about your features, you're all beautiful no matter what.

My feelings about this are here. Sara was beautiful before they changed her. They could have made her animations better without changing her looks so much. 

And I admit I really don’t care what men find attractive but it’s a good point because beauty is based on social ideas. 

Anyway, people don’t realize what it means to others when they call her a toad or ugly. It’s not just men (that’s perhaps the most disappointing thing to me…).

It’s taken me YEARS to finally gain the courage to wear a dress like this. My body may not be “perfect” according to society’s standards…however I’m learning that it’s healthy and beautiful regardless of how often the media tells me that it isn’t. Your body is BEAUTIFUL no matter what shape or size it is❤️

Truth about fandoms

YOU there! Yes, you who is reading this right now while procrastinating again. I have something to tell you!

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It doesn’t matter which fandom you are a part of. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an observer like me, where you like to stalk the fandom and obsesses over any little piece of art or fiction. 

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Or if you are a creator, who writes beautiful fiction, draws amazing images, dedicates hours to a blog about your fandom, or even if you just create those gifs that everyone uses.

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It doesn’t matter who you are, what fandom you are a part of, who you ship or ever how much you know about your fandom. 

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              The most beautiful truth about fandoms.

Is that no matter what, someone will always be there for you. All you need to do is ask. 

           Because in a fandom family, YOU are never alone. 

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So please, if you ever feel lonely, if you feel like you need someone to talk to because you feel like no one understands or gets you, reach out to members in your fandom. They are the sweetest, most caring individuals ever, and I promise you won’t ever have to feel like you’re alone again. 

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And if you are one of those beautiful people who happens to receive a message from someone, I plead with you to speak to them. We are a family, and family doesn't get left behind. 

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It is becoming too much of a regular occurrence that I find out someone in one of my fandoms felt as if there was no one ever there for them and ended up taking their own life. I don’t think anyone ever deserves to feel like that, and I really hope that you message someone if you need them. Hell, message me if you like. 

But remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And you deserve to smile. 

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OTP on Snapchat

Person A sends a decent selfie of themselves smiling lovingly, captioned “I love you”

Person B sends an up-close picture of their closed eyes smiling face from a low angle captioned “I love you too”

Person A’s heart melts at the snap they received because it is their Significant Other and they are beautiful no matter what

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These top 10 you do are really great, you have such good ideas. Would you be willing to do one like "Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning" (from interviews, caught by paparazzi, public, whatever you decide) - something like the sweetest, sappiest shit the media managed to catch of them and had everyone wonder how did these two go from rivals to relationship goals. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

Hi!! Just wanted to say I love your story too much, especially the social media bits that make it even more enjoyable and funny!!! Also, if you feel comfortable with it and haven’t done it already, I was wondering if you could do Top 10 Viktuuri Posts that made the Fangirls Die from Nosebleeds!! Sorry if you already answered it or don’t have time, I still love you and your beautiful fanfiction no matter what!!!

Top ten Viktuuri PDA moments?

Right, I’m going to group these all together because they are similar enough that I can’t come up with separate lists for them all.

Top Ten Romantic Moments:

10) Once, when they had been apart for a couple of months for euros/4c, they reunited in an airport and it was like romance movie level drama. Yuuri literally ran and threw himself at Viktor and Viktor caught him and spun him around while they were both smiling and laughing and then dipped him into a kiss and everyone around them was like ‘that’s super adorable but also can you two not be Extra for like 2 minutes around each other’

9) At one point the paparazzi caught them on a date in Detroit when Yuuri was still living there and Viktor had come to see him and they both brought each other flowers at the restaurant and tried to give them to each other at the same time and then laughed about how they had both picked the exact same way to try and surprise each other

8) Once after a competition in a cold country Viktor said something to Yuuri that made him glare at Viktor for a second and then stuff freezing cold snow down the back of Viktor’s jacket in revenge. Viktor retaliated by chucking a snowball at Yuuri and it devolved into a completely childish snow war that ended with them slipping and falling together and then laughing and kissing in the snow.

7) During an interview which was the first that either of them had really spoken about what happened to lead up to The Big Kiss, Yuuri was really nervous. So all throughout the filmed interview Viktor kept subtly reassuring him with little touches and being close except nothing is subtle about the two of them and it eventually ended up with Yuuri practically sitting in Viktor’s lap for the majority of the interview and looking more relaxed than anyone had seen him during an interview before

6) At Hasetsu, a paparazzi snuck in to watch them on the beach together and got a bunch of photos of a super competitive beach volleyball game that ended with Yuuri tackling Viktor into the sea until he begged for mercy while laughing and then them kissing in the waves in a very ‘poster for a romance film’ kind of way in photo that very quickly went viral.  

5) Once Yuuri slipped and fell on the ice in a street in St Petersburg and hurt his ankle and instead of calling for a taxi like a normal person, Viktor carried him bridal style all the way back to their apartment

4) After being apart for a while, Yuuri and Viktor planned to meet up at one of Viktor’s competitions that Yuuri wasn’t skating in but his flight was delayed and his missed the start. He showed up in the middle of Viktor’s skating and as soon as Viktor got off the ice he ran and literally jumped into Viktor’s arms to kiss him with his legs wrapped around Viktor’s waist which got a lot of approving cheers and wolf whistling from the crowd around them.  

3) At the competition after the events of chapter 14, their exhibition skates had changed to Viktor’s being the duet of Stay Close to Me and Yuuri’s being Dark Eyes in honour of Viktor. Yuuri skating to something Russian made everyone’s heart melt and the Stay Close to Me duet became considered one of the most romantic moments ever. Both exhibitions were generally considered their best non-competitive skates ever. The only other one that came close to that title was the time when a group of people started saying that Yuuri had only slept with Viktor to win gold and in retaliation in an ice show, Yuuri skated to ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’ out of pure spite and everyone loved it.

2) The Kiss from chapter 14

1) The engagement announcement but I won’t say when, how or who proposed ;)

I’m that someone who will kiss you when you’re mad and will let you cry in front of me and buys you pizza and watches scary movies with you and holds your hand real tight even if it’s sweaty and thinks you’re beautiful no matter what you look like and I will let you steal my sweatshirts so you can sleep with my smell on your skin and who laughs at the same things you do and I just never will let you go, no matter how hard you try to push me away.



WORD COUNT: 1,373 

FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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a reminder to all trans people

you are trans even if you don’t want to transition.
you are trans even if you stopped transitioning.
you are trans even if you don’t experience gender dysphoria.
you are trans even if you’re experimenting with gender and aren’t quite sure where on the spectrum you fit.
you are trans even if you fit on the non-binary/genderqueer spectrum.
you are trans even if you haven’t come out yet.
you are trans even if you don’t wear the clothes that “align” with your gender.
you are trans even when you start doubting yourself.
you are trans no matter who you like.
you are trans no matter how young or old you are.
you are trans no matter your race, religion, sexuality, etc.
you are trans no matter what your pronouns are.

you are beautiful. and whoever you are, you are valid.
hang in there.

Jughead Jones X Plus Sized!Reader

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plus size reader x jughead

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I did a head canon set-up for this one, I hope that’s okay! This might be slightly triggering, maybe?

  • You and Jughead started out as friends
  • You had been best friends since 1st grade, when you painted on each others faces.
  • “Look! It’s a butterfly!”
  • “Awesome! Thanks Y/N.”
  • You giggled, “You’re welcome Juggie.”
  • You hung out to together all through grade school but when middle school came around you started to distance yourself from him.
  • You had started to notice that most of the girls in your grade were much more skinny than you.
  • “Hey Y/N! My dad is taking me to Pop’s after school with Jellybean! You wanna join us?”
  • “I can’t, but maybe next time.”
  • Jughead wasn’t blind, even in middle school.
  • He’d been your best friend for so long, there was no hiding from him.
  • He worried so much about you that in 7th grade he begged his teacher to switch his classes around so he would have the same lunch period as you.
  • The teacher didn’t change it, so whenever he could, Jughead would hang out with you.
  • He started walking home with you after school.
  • “What’s wrong Y/N?”
  • “Nothing Juggie, sorry we haven’t hung out a lot.”
  • “We’ll just hang out over summer!”
  • And you did.
  • Jughead often slept over at your house, because around this time his dad was starting to struggle.
  • During that summer, you felt happy. You forgot about your bad self-image and enjoyed time with Jughead.
  • But by the time you finished 8th grade year, your problem had come back to roost.
  • You were never able to hang out with Jughead because you were either too busy trying to exercise or just weren’t in the mood to face other people.
  • Jughead would see you in the halls and feel something in him break.
  • You always looked so sad.
  • The summer before Freshman year started, your family planned a trip to a water park.
  • They had also extended an invitation to Jughead, hoping your spirits would lift.
  • No one knew exactly why you were down all the time. You didn’t dare tell anyone it was because of the way you looked.
  • You knew you’d hear the same old “nonsense, you look great!” or “Are you kidding me? You’re so pretty.” from your family.
  • You hated it. They openly would lie to you.
  • When the day of the trip came you put on your swimsuit and started to cry in front of the mirror.
  • Little did you know that Jughead arrived at your house, and was looking for you.
  • He heard you crying in the bathroom and knocked quietly on the door.
  • “Y/N, are you okay?”
  • All he heard was sniffles on the other end.
  • “I’m going to come in okay?”
  • You were too upset to stop him, you just reached for a towel to cover your ugly body with.
  • Jughead opened the door, and upon seeing you crying on the floor, he shut the door behind him.
  • He knelt on the ground before you, his swim trunks folding over his knees as he did.
  • “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?”
  • You just shook your head in response and Jughead sat next to you.
  • “You need to tell me, Y/N. I can’t help if you don’t.”
  • You sniffled, looking at the floor beneath your feet, “I’m fat.”
  • “Y/N, that doesn’t make you unlovable. You’re beautiful, no matter what.”
  • You turned and glared at him, “I am, please don’t lie to me.”
  • “But I’m not,” he said, moving so he was in front of you again, “you’re beautiful.”
  • He reached out a careful hand to brush some hair out of your face.
  • A blush crept onto your cheeks at his action, and he smiled.
  • “See? You’re adorable,” you let out a small laugh.
  • “I’m not like the other girls, pretty and thin and-”
  • “If you were, you wouldn’t be you.” He said, staring into your eyes.
  • “If you lose weight or not, you’re perfect to me. You should be perfect to you too.” He said with pink tinted cheeks, “you’re gorgeous Y/N.”
  • You gave him a smile and he stood up, holding his hand out to you.
  • “Let’s go swim okay? If you don’t feel comfortable you can wear one of my shirts over your suit.”
  • You took his hand, and that was your first step towards happiness.
  • Freshman year went by in a flash.
  • You spent most of it with Jughead, hanging out at your place or at the Twilight Drive In.
  • You would openly talk about your self-image with him, and he’d do his best to convince you that you’re beyond amazing.
  • Which you are, you’re beyond amazing.
  • Jughead finally opened up himself, and told you about his dad.
  • You offered him a place at your house, hoping he would take it.
  • He didn’t, “I’m staying at the Drive In for now, I’ll be okay.”
  • “You can at least use my shower whenever you need it.”
  • He laughed, “is that your way of saying I smell?”
  • “No, Juggie, you smell great.”
  • Your hardships only strengthen your friendship, because you shared them with one another.
  • You started to grow more confident, little by little.
  • You would look in the mirror and see yourself, not something you hated.
  • You wore the clothes you wanted and didn’t care about the looks you’d get in the halls.
  • Jughead would look too, because you were breathtaking. The air of confidence that surrounded you made him really happy, something he hadn’t felt since his dad joined the Serpents.
  • His feelings for you grew, as fast as your love for yourself.
  • At points Jughead had his own cases of self doubt.
  • You’d become so independent and strong, why would someone like you want someone like him?
  • He didn’t make a move, so you just remained best friends.
  • Until you asked him if he wanted to go to Jason’s memorial dance.
  • You were sitting in a booth at Pop’s, which had become your normal hang out spot right after school.
  • You’d normally help him out with his novel, but you had other objectives this time.
  • You asked him, and he just stared at you in shock.
  • He didn’t know what to say, not really; but he did know he wanted to.
  • “I was just wondering Juggie, you don’t have to stare like that.”
  • “No, no, sorry. I’ll go with you.”
  • “Really?”
  • “I’d be crazy not to,” you smiled at him.
  • “The fact your willing to go to a school dance is surprising in itself!”
  • He smiled softly, “if anyone else had asked I would’ve said no.”
  • You felt a blush crept onto your cheeks and you wondered if Jughead felt the same way about you as you felt about him.
  • You found your favorite and most fancy outfit in your closet, mentally preparing for the dance the next day.
  • Prior to the dance, you and Jughead agreed you’d met there; but as you looked around the gym, you didn’t see him.
  • You walked over to lean against the wall when you felt someone grab your hand.
  • You turned around and was met with Jughead’s green eyes.
  • “Hey,” you whispered, and you took in his attire
  • He was wearing a nice dress shirt, black jeans and shoes that, surprisingly, weren’t sneakers.
  • And his hat, of course
  • “You look great,” you said and he half-smiled.
  • “Have you looked at yourself?” he asked and your heart sank for a moment.
  • “If I look great, you look godly,” you smiled at him.
  • For most of the dance, you and Jughead just talked about everyone else.
  • He poked fun at the couples that were separated by teachers who didn’t want to watch them make out.
  • A somewhat slow song came on, and Jughead watched as you observed the couples that made their way to the dance floor.
  • He nervously got up, extending his hand to you. You smiled and took it, hoping this wouldn’t be the last time your held his hand.
  • You both made your way to the dance floor, swaying quietly to the music.
  • “Thank you,” you whispered, feeling tears swell in your eyes.
  • “For what?” He asked, his tone was concerned when he noticed your unfallen tears.
  • “For everything,” you said, “if it wasn’t for you, who knows where I’d be right now. Probably not here. Not with you.”
  • His heart broke a little at your words, even more when he saw your tears fall.
  • “You’re here right now, and you’re beautiful,” he whispered back, “your shape doesn’t matter. What’s inside, now that’s what matters. It’s what I fell in love with.”
  • You almost didn’t catch those last words, but when you did, you met his gaze.
  • He gave you a weak smile, “surprise.”
  • You smiled, “I fell in love with you too.”
  • He leaned his forehead against yours, “why? I don’t deserve you.”
  • “You’re perfect to me,” you murmured, and he smiled. It’s what he had said the day he found you crying in your bathroom.
  • Since the dance, you and Jughead became an official item.
  • Where one went, the other followed.
  • Nothing really changed otherwise, except now there was kissing. Lots of kisses.
  • Jughead isn’t one for PDA, but when it come down to it, if he wants to kiss you he will. If people are around and staring, so be it.
  • He wants to kiss you a lot!
  • He’d greet you with a “hello beautiful,” every morning at school so you started out the day happy.
  • If you were having one of your bad days, he’d never leave your side.
  • You often didn’t talk to anyone, including him, when you had your bad days.
  • Sometimes he’d buy you a flower, your favorite flower, and then you’d get mad at him for spending what little money he had, on you.
  • “Juggie, don’t buy me things! You-”
  • “Have enough money to get by. I always do.”
  • You’d accept the flower, and he’d sneak in a kiss.
  • You’d always text him good-night messages, knowing that he got lonely in the Drive-In.
  • Over the weekend, you’d sleep over there, watching old movies and cuddling with Jughead.
  • “I love you,” he’d whisper.
  • “I love you too, Juggie.”
  • You remained to be the others rock when it came to emotional issues.
  • You were quite literally, dating your best friend.
  • And you loved every minute of it, as does he.

i know carrie’s death is devastating, and i know we’re all mourning the loss of such a bright soul, but in these dark times please don’t forget what she taught us.

don’t forget that your mental illness doesn’t define you, but it’s not something to be ashamed of, either. don’t forget that you are so much more than it. don’t forget that you are not alone in your fight.

don’t forget that a jewish woman was a princess, and a general, and that she kicked some major ass.

don’t forget that you are beautiful no matter what age, no matter how your body has changed, no matter what unrealistic standards you face.

don’t forget that carrie was so much more than just princess leia. she was an author, activist, mother, friend, inspiration.

don’t forget that carrie would be so, so proud of you, just for being here and for continuing to keep fighting.

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Can I request for RFA + V and Saeran HC for meeting/dating a chubby/curvy MC who is super self conscious and insecure. Thanks!

RFA + V and Saeran with a chubby mc?

I had two requests for this and it also happens to be something I’ve thought about a hell of a lot with myself not being very thin. Just remember that you’re honestly beautiful no matter your size or what other people think of your size ♥


  • Physical appearances isn’t something that matters to Yoosung
  • When he was talking to you on the messenger, he felt a connection that he’s never had with anyone else
  • So when he first meets you, he is smitten beyond belief
  • You could literally turn up wearing a trash bag and this boy would tell you how gorgeous you look
  • He won’t see your insecurities right away, because in his mind there’s nothing to be insecure about, so it’s likely going to be something you have to explain to him
  • Emphasis on the explain because he honestly cannot wrap his head around it
  • You’re the most perfect person he’s ever met?????
  • But despite his confusion he’s extremely respectful, and if there’s certain areas you are extremely insecure about, he’ll only pay attention to them if you’re comfortable with it
  • Sometimes he’ll see you lost in thought, and on the off chance its a negative thought about yourself  he’ll just randomly compliment you
  • He has a young, dumb and naive vibe about him, but don’t be fooled, he’s quite intuitive and will use this to his advantage on making you feel better
  • His goal is to have you love yourself as much as he loves you


  • No matter who you are, the level of perfection that Zen embodies will bring out the worst insecurities in you
  • Which is even worse when they were already pretty prominent anyway
  • In pop culture the hot guy always ends up with the hot girl, and this internalised stereotype becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy around you all the time
  • You expected Zen to take one look at you and retract all those sweet things he had told you in the messenger and over the phone
  • But Zen has spent his whole life being judged for his looks, people not caring about who he is inside or the talent that he has, instead only caring about how attractive he was
  • This happening constantly has caused him to not care about looks, and as cliche as it sounds, he honestly only cares about the personality a person has
  • So when you do finally meet, you can’t help but notice the face splitting grin he’s wearing
  • He’s thrilled to have you in his arms at last, and he would never let you go if it were possible
  • There are certain times within your relationship where your insecurities feel like they are sky-rocketing, one of the biggest triggers for them being his fans
  • They’re always beautiful girls with model-like figures, and it makes you feel like shit
  • He notices this, every single time, and when he takes you to bed at night, he makes sure to pay extra attention to the areas you are most insecure about
  • He thinks you are a literal goddess, and he will worship you and your beautiful body as much as you need to feel better about yourself


  • As a woman, Jaehee is more than aware of the constant pressures society places on people to be ‘attractive’
  • In fact she likely has insecurities of her own
  • But she always seems not phased by things like that, so when you’re going to meet her, you feel extra nervous
  • It doesn’t help that she’s literally a dream girl herself
  • She looks effortlessly flawless when you do meet her, and for a brief moment all of your insecurities are heightened in ways they never have before in your life
  • Emphasis on the brief, because the second she lays eyes on you she is smitten
  • Her grin is so big and she cannot even hide it
  • She tells you how beautiful you love, pulling you into nervous hug
  • Even when the insecurities creep back up now and then during the day, you try your best to avoid letting them take over your mind
  • Working for Jumin Han has helped Jaehee be able to pick up the slightest change in behaviour or emotions however, so she’s immediately aware that something is wrong
  • She’ll ask gently, and you’ll mention that you’re a little nervous, maybe even let slip that you feel a little insecure
  • She won’t have it for a second
  • You’re so gorgeous to her, and you are the only person she’s ever felt this way about, so it leaves her a little dumbfounded that you might be insecure
  • But again, she likely has insecurities herself, and she’ll know that kind words and extra attention will go a long way
  • Every now and then she’ll compliment you subtly, but by the end of the day you’ll feel on top of the word
  • With her constant reassurances, you’ll one day learn to love yourself the way she loves you


  • You know the kind of women that try and throw themselves at Jumin
  • Most of them are model like and attractive in ways you didn’t even know were possible
  • And he rejects every single one of them
  • You can’t help but think he’ll do the same to you once he meets you, because in your eyes you are nowhere even close to those girls and if they can’t get him then what chance could you possibly have
  • You feel physically sick the first time you’re going to meet him
  • Somehow you had managed to convince yourself this would be the first and last time you saw him
  • When he came into view your heart almost stopped, he looked incredible, just as you imagined
  • And when he saw you, you almost stopped and turned to run away
  • His face was expressionless for a moment, before turning up into a sly smirk
  • To him, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, even more so than his precious Elizabeth 3rd
  • Similar to Jaehee, Jumin has learned to note changes in behaviour, tone, expression etc
  • It’s an important skill for him when doing business
  • Unfortunately he can’t quite figure out what it is that’s different with you, so being the blunt and forward person he is, he asks
  • When you tell him you feel insecure because of your size, he almost laughs, almost
  • He tells you how the only thing he’s thought about since he set eyes on you was how mesmerising you were
  • In his whole life, no one had managed to get through to him emotionally like you had, and that was the most important thing for him
  • All he wanted was you by his side, and now he has it


  • Honestly probably the least nervous for meeting because, you know
  • He’s already stalked your entire life online
  • So he probably knows what you look like already
  • Not to say that you won’t be insecure when meeting him, but it won’t be the very first time he’s seeing you
  • After all he’s also been watching you on the security cameras daily
  • You don’t even have chance to be nervous when first meeting him, because almost immediately gives you a bear hug
  • He’s literally beyond excited to finally meet you in person
  • You’re probably his favourite thing in the universe and now here you are, with him
  • He’s so in awe of you he definitely will not notice if you’re insecure about your size, and so it’s likely something you have to tell him
  • He’s ?? just ?? so ?? confused ??
  • In his eyes there isn’t a damn thing wrong with you????
  • In fact he really thinks you’re a million times more beautiful in person than in the pictures he’s seen or from watching you on the security camera
  • Definitely takes a mental note of anything specific you point out as an insecurity
  • Definitely pays extra attention to those areas when things get hot and heavy
  • And just in general like when you’re sat watching tv together or snuggling up together in bed
  • Tells you how pretty you are like a million times a day, and that is not an exaggeration 
  • He can’t believe how lucky he is to have you in his life, you make him feel so at ease
  • He couldn’t have asked for anything better to happen to him, you are the best thing that could have


  • Well let’s point out the obvious
  • He can’t see
  • He may still have that tiny bit of vision in his left eye when he finally meets you, but his sight was going pretty fast
  • So there’s a chance that he’s completely blind by the time it comes to meeting each other in person
  • Even still though, you are insecure, it’s just a part of who you are
  • He might not be able to see you, but you can, and others can
  • However, when you do actually meet, you find the fact he can’t see you slightly comforting
  • It allows you to spend time with him without being plagued by your insecurities
  • V has this vibe about him that just makes people feel at ease in his presence
  • Like he’s so gentle and soft but at the same time you know he is able to protect you and look after you
  • He is definitely the kind of person who enjoys having deep conversations late at night
  • So that’s likely when you eventually tell him about your insecurities 
  • He grins slightly, and tells you he’s always kept a secret from you
  • Even though at this point his sight is gone, when he first met you he still had a little bit left
  • He wanted to tell you how beautiful you looked, but he had an inkling doing so would change how you felt
  • You just looked so at ease and comfortable, and with a few little comments you made without realising he had quickly picked up on the fact you were insecure about your size
  • He tells you that it breaks his heart that he can no longer see your face
  • So much so that he’s actually been speaking to Jumin about getting the surgery after all
  • He was never interested until he missed being able to see your face
  • You’ve become so important to him and all he wants is to see your face light up, your eyes sparkle, every part of you
  • He loves you, and you are his literal goddess 


  • Similar to his brother, Saeran has already seen you
  • When you became involved with the RFA, he definitely cyber stalked you, and potentially actually physically stalked you a little too
  • Just gathering intel as he would tell himself when he did it
  • However, you are unaware of this, so to you, it’s the first time he’s seeing you
  • When you meet you expect him to not like what he sees
  • But he doesn’t look surprised, or shocked, he just looks kind of content to see you
  • He’s his usually angsty self, but slightly, bubblier? 
  • It’s not a word you thought you would ever use to describe Saeran, but it was the only one fitting
  • You go for ice-cream, and your insecurities almost fade away
  • He’s another member of the group who probably won’t notice if you’re feeling a bit off due to insecurities, and even if he did have a slight feeling, he wouldn’t know what to do and so would ignore it
  • It isn’t until you open up to him a little and tell him about your insecurities due to your weight etc that he starts to understand
  • Seeing this slightly more vulnerable side of you brings out a more compassionate side in him
  • And he tells you about how your first meeting wasn’t the first time he saw you
  • He had actually seen you many times before that
  • And he was never honest with himself as to why
  • But he knew it was weird that he would seek you out 10x as much as the others
  • He confesses that he was captivated by you, how you were just so damn beautiful in everything you did, without even realising
  • There was always this desire within him to meet you because of this and become a part of your life, and he’s beyond grateful that he’s achieved that
  • Because even though he isn’t always open about his feelings, you are the one thing he needs more than anything else
  • You are his life now and he wouldn’t have it any other way

Bts walking in on you crying because nothing is fitting right.

You’re perfect and you shouldn’t be insecure because I’m sure you’re biases would love your body type, I sure do! ❤️


Maknae line 

hyung line

Jungkook: He would worry because you’re taking a long time in the dressing room than you usually do. So he would go into you’reroom without knocking because of course he has seen your body before and the sight he saw broke his heart, seeing you cry always broke his heart. He would walk up to you asking what’s wrong holding your hands but you want to cover up because you’re insecure. He would know what’s wrong right way after you tried to cover up because you told him your insecure so he would just hug you and whisper things in your ear to make you feel better, “Y/N, you’re beautiful. I love you no matter what your body type is. You shouldn’t be insecure because the only one that’s going to see your body is me and I love your body type. I love you.”

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iggys-hot-butt  asked:

Even though you dont draw tf2 anymore, I stayed because I enjoy your blog and your art in general! Your art is beautiful no matter what you draw and ill always enjoy it <3

A-aww gosh, you’re very sweet! It really warms my heart hearing that you still enjoy seeing my drawings~
(๑´ω`๑) ♥

Nct 127's reaction to having a s/o that enjoys singing

Request: I was wondering if I could request a reaction from NCT 127 to his s/o being a singer? like, not a professional or famous one but more like a casual singer who happens to be very good at it :) cheers!

A/N: i like singing myself and this was so fun to write , thanks for requesting !



Since he’s a really good singer himself , you were too shy to tell him that you yourself enjoyed singing , afraid that he may judge you .

But one afternoon while you were cooking lunch , you started singing to the music playing in the background , as you thought Taeil was sleeping in his room , like always . Little did you know he was mesmerised by your voice , as he appeared from behind you , harmonising and singing together , with a proud and bright smile on his face .

After that day , the both of you started singing together during your free time , as he gives you tips and advice on how to sing better .

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He always knew you liked singing , as he’d always catch you humming to songs while you were doing work , and also hearing you sing as you watched the different music shows on television .

He loves it when you sing , and would always clap cheerfully and loudly , acting like your fan , as he jams to your singing .

this is him whenever you sing:

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Mother Taeyong woud find your singing beautiful and mesmerising , as he often sat beside you , giving you a proud smile as he cheered you on to finish the song .

He loves giving you compliments every time you sing , and he encourages you no matter what ,

“ Your voice is so beautiful , i’m in love ”

“ You should go be a singer babe , you’re doing great .”

“ Such an angelic voice ”

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Whenever he heard you sing in the shower , he’d smile & laugh to himself , as he found it cute how you always didn’t sing infront of him , but would get so into singing in the shower it’d get really loud .

So he teased you sarcastically at first , “ Wow , you sing so softly in the shower , i can’t hear you at all ” . And when you hit him playfully with your cheeks all reddened , he’d smile again and hug you, “ kidding babe , your singing’s wonderful , you should do that outside of the shower too , i want to hear it everyday ”

the way he smiles whenever you sing for him :

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You never really thought you were good at singing , as you just sang casually to songs , and it was not until the first time Doyoung heard you sing that made you more confident , as he complimented you non stop ,

“ I think you can sing better than i can , wow ”

“ You’re so talented babe ”

“ I could listen to you sing all day and not get bored . ”

When he has the time he sings with you and both of you would often record song covers too .

when he first heard you sing:

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Jaehyun instantly smiled and clapped his hands as he heard you singing for the first time - when he joined you and a few other friends to a karoke session .

Soon after he’d beg you to sing for him , claiming that he needs to see your ‘performance’ at least once a week .

He loves singing with you , especially when it’s a duet ballad song , as the both of you are able to interact and sing together ,showing your strong connection .

pretend you’re mark in here:

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This cute bun would be shocked at first when he heard you sing , his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised , but would slowly smile and blush as he found your voice and vocals amazing .

He saves your contact in his phone as “ my idol ❤ ” and likes to joke about making you a trainee in sm , then forming a collaborative unit with you , claiming that he’d be the dancer , you , the singer .

But he loves it most when you sing to him late at night , as the both of you are cuddled on the bed , as he finds your voice soothing and calming , making him fall asleep .

the way he stares and smiles at you when you sing:

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Mark found it amazing how you’d always sing while doing activities , from doing work , to simple things such as watching the television .

Like Taeyong , he smiles at you encouragingly whenever you sing , and would clap & cheer for you everytime after you finish .

He loves playing his guitar while you sing , and both of you could spend hours playing and singing together , and he’d compose songs for you to sing to when he has the time .

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This dork teased you as soon as he heard you singing , claiming that he was a better singer than you were . But deep down he loves it when you sing , and at times you’d catch him smiling to himself unknowingly , as you sing softly to yourself .

He often finds excuses to make you sing , but doesn’t make it obvious ,

“ You know they say , practice makes perfect , if you want to be as good as me , then sing more often ”

“ Sing for me now , i need to give you advice so you can improve babe ”

“ Your singing isn’t as good as mine but since i’m a nice boyfriend , i’m willing to listen ”

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*Scars* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. The reader has scars all over. She has a scar on he face from when she was attacked as a child. Is stands out. It doesn’t bother Newt he thinks your beautiful no matter what. What happens when Tian tries to convince newt to leave the reader for her.  Tina thinks he should be with someone like her. Who doesn’t have a huge scar on her face. 

♦ A/N: Although I do not hate Tina, for this story she is written as the mean one. So, if you are a super Tina fan, this story may not be for you!

You had grown up self conscious due to the fact that you had been attacked at a very young age by your parent’s Hippogriff. They were breeders of the magical creature and that’s how you had met your best friend and now boyfriend, Newt Scamander. His mother was also a Hippogriff breeder and were close friend’s to your parent’s. 

Unfortunately, at the tender age of four, you tried to approach the mighty creature without the proper knowledge of how. In it’s frightened state, the creature attacked and ever since you had a fear of the creature. 

Newt, being a magizoologist, was gentle with you and made it known that he would help you gain the trust of the creature when you were ready.

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Love isn’t based on age, Beauty isn’t based on size, just like Happiness isn’t based on wealth…
—  Ashten Varhola
Dear Tumblr Artist...

So, I just want you to know how awesome you are.

I’m sort of new to Tumblr after a long stint away (it’s complicated), and I’ve only been here a few days, but wow. There is so much amazing art here! The things you create are so diverse, with different mediums, styles, and methods, but there’s always love.

So keep creating, and keep sharing, even if only a few people notice. Your art is beautiful, and you’re doing an amazing job.

No matter what type of art you do - drawing, writing, comics, animation, photography, video, makeup or hair, tattoos, sewing and crafts, and anything I forgot to list - keep going for it!

Your art is important. Your art is loved.