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Could you please write a "How the Mukami Brothers sleep with you (innocently) scenario?

How the mukami brothers sleep with you innocently


It was quiet in the mansion only soft breathing could be heard in the shared room. You cuddled into Ruki arm that was under your head. You stared at the vampire his normal sadistic demeanor gone replaced with innocent of sleep. You pressed closer to Ruki, hopeing not to wake him up. Suddenly Ruki shifted and trapped you with his other arm. “Stop moving I’m trying to sleep” he mumbled his lips inches from your face. “Ruki you looks so nice when you sleep” you said giving him a small kiss.


Yuma slept with you he normally spooned you in his arms. His hair always out of it’s bun so it would tickle your neck gently. Yuma normally would have your body locked into his grip. “Yuma can i get up” you whispered semi struggling to get out of his grip. Yuma moved but didn’t let go “you’re mine so you can’t leave my grip ” he commented.


Kou slept shirtless normally and tonight was no different Kou slept calmly next to you. You know you were suppose to be sleeping but you loved staring at him. He was beautiful when he slept and it angered you greatly when you learned or thought of people taking advantage of his beatuy. You touched his blond locks they were soft. “Is my Neko playing with my hair” he said. You blinked looking at Kou as he was woke. “I was just admiring your beatuy” you told him. Kou groaned “my beauty your the real beatuiful one here” he said pulling himself closer to you. “Go back to sleep” he said closing his eyes.


Azusa laid in your arms he always loved the feeling of protection from you. He enjoyed the feeling of someone holding him close. So you always did hold onto Azusa. He moved around in your hold as you softly ran your fingers though his dark hair. He was calm and you loved when he was calm and slept peacefully. “Mh you'reso soft” Azusa mumbled. He laced his hand through your hand “thanks” you said a blush rising to your cheeks.


Request away thanks for my first request, I can do nsfw if people want


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