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Older daddy Ciel! X reader

Hey, I loved your Sebastian baby daddy imagine and I was wondering if I could get one for Ciel x reader but with a twist? (Also apologies for sending this through submission rather than your ask box,I just didn’t want to overload you with multiple asks,I hope you like my ask. Also I Love love love your writing ❤)

Where due to her past and having very little to do with her father as he walked out on her,she is slightly worried that Ciel will do the same to their kids despite having complete and utter trust in him(its just a small worry I have and I was curious as to how Ciel would deal with the reader in this situation. Gah~ I’m sorry if this part makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway,if so please feel free to ignore it >.

Using ‘Daisuke’ for your child’s name again because I’m too lazy to think of another one.

You had just put Daisuke to bed. A usually happy time of day was tainted by your heavy heart. Both your husband and your young son had picked up on the black cloud hanging over your head, but you had yet to tell them what was wrong.

Daisuke was only four and a royal pain in the arse. You loved him, you did, but sometimes he had more energy than both you and Ciel combined. Sometimes, even Sebastian was weary after a day of looking after him. 

At the thought of Ciel, your mood dipped even further. He had been withdrawn and focused on his work a lot more than in recent weeks,and you couldn’t help but compare his behaviour to your father’s before he had left. Ciel didn’t seem the type to leave you, you knew that and wished you weren’t so anxious, but you worried that history would repeat itself. After all, those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.

You left your son’s room and headed over to Ciel’s study, expecting to see him bent over some book. Instead, you found him leaning back in his chair, arms crossed and eyes fixed on the open doorway, where you know stood.

He had been intending to speak to you, you realised.

“Y/N.” That tone… Monotonous with a hint of worry. This was the Ciel you knew and loved, though his eyes were swimming with some unidentifiable emotion.

“Hi.” You smiled weakly and his eyes narrowed imperceptibly.

“What is it.” It wasn’t a question and as the door shut behind you despite the stillness of the air, you knew you had to voice your worries. He had given you no choice.

“I trust you, Ciel. You know that?”

His hands tightened on the arms of his chair and he nodded, not interrupting you.

You sighed. “You’ve been working so hard recently and I’m afraid that you’re distancing yourself so that when you leave us it won’t -” 

His hands roughly seized your face - you hadn’t even noticed him approaching you - and his lips caught yours in a bruising kiss. His kiss was fire in your veins, lighting up the darkness in your heart left there by your father. You were both breathless when he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.

“You idiot. Why didn’t you come to me sooner? You should know I could never leave you, not simply for the fact that I love you but also because, if I even considered it, Sebastian would drag me right back.” A ghostly chuckle reached your ears - Sebastian had heard Ciel, wherever he was, and found the truth amusing. “Do not listen to that voice in your head any longer. Am I understood?”

You could only nod.

He kissed you once more, pulling you from the room and through the Manor until you reached the kitchen, where Sebastian had prepared a candlelit dinner for the two of you.

Ciel Phantomhive: @liemarce @miyakokurono

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Hey, love your blog. Just wondering when you're in public with an SD do you get lots of strange looks? What is the general vibe you get from people? I'm just really curious, thanks.

People will always stare. That’s a very common thing that sugar babies deal with and it can be really hard. You just have to put it out of your mind and focus on your goals. Remember why you’re sugaring, and remember why it’s all worth it. They’re also staring because you’re hot, and with an older ugly man. This is obvious, but it helps to remember that they’re staring and judging because you look so damn good.


I drew some Zora OC’s from @banishfics wonderful Sidlink fic Coma baby!! Please go and check it out, I love it to pieces!! //Estuu is my favourite// 

Here’s the link (no pun intended)


Pairing; Park Jimin  x Reader

Words; 3.1k

Genre; Smut | Light angst

Summary;  ❝Love is blind, greed is insatiable❞

Aka; You’re Jimin’s side hoe and he’s too fucking greedy to choose between what he loves and his greed for money.

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or alternatively: More Cuddles, Less Struggles 2k17

hi i’m Ali and this is me giving in and finally drawing for the ship

klance / keith / lance headcanons because why not

•lance always wears socks to bed because his sister told him if he didnt, the foot goblin would come and eat his legs 

•keith doesnt wear socks at all, ever 

•keith kicks in his sleep

•he also constantly rubs his feet on lances legs when theyre cuddling cause his feet are cold 

 •keith has a Thing™ for lances forearms 

 •he doesnt know why 

 •lance makes sure when hes wearing a long sleeve to roll it up to his elbows 

 •when the watched the titanic together, they made a bet that who ever cried had to do the dishes 

 •they both lost 

 •keith cries very easily 

 •like REALLY easily 

 •he will cry everytime he sees one of those wholesome meme posts 

 •lance is that one kid in highschool thats the captain of the football team but is also a drama nerd 

 •keith really likes music and knows how to play piano, violin, and flute 

 •neither of them have a side of the bed but keith must be on the side farthest from a window 

 •keith used to (still is) be a warrior cats stan 

 •lance was the biggest pokemon fan in the whole damn country 

 •his whole room was pokemon themed

 •lance used to be afraid of shrek 

 •they go to a carnival together and lance tries to be suave and win keith a stuffed bear but he CANT GET THE DAMN BALL IN THE HOLE KEITH GIVE ME MORE MONEY 

 •keith had never been on a roller coaster so lance takes him to disney world and takes him on the scariest one first and it scars keith for the rest of the day 

 •keith hates oranges and he will fight people on the matter 

 •keith kills the spiders 

 •keith can break a leg and wont cry but once he got stung by a bee and locked himself in the bathroom crying and wouldnt let anyone touch him 

 •keith is so in love with lance sometimes he will just stare at the ceiling and think about him for HOURS 

 •lance love love loves disney movies 

 •keith can talk about conspiracies for hours and of course lance listens bc he loves his bf 

 •they are both 100% convinced justin bieber is a lizard person 

 •if keith is sitting on a carpet he will run his fingertips in circles on it until his fingers go numb and tingly 

 •lance is a morning person, lance is lucky if keith wakes up by noon 

 •keith gets really sad when lance makes self deprecating jokes 

 •"no baby dont say that youre so great and wonderful :,(((“ 

 •keith takes astrology posts seriously 

 •theyre constantly holding hands 

 •they are THAT couple you know the one 

 •pda? yes yes 

 •the only part about lance that isn’t perfect are his nails 

 •he will bite them down to a nub


a white angel in the blue sea

white is associated with purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.

blue represents meanings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence



Requested By: @brekineee (hope you’ll like it! ❤︎)

-> Haken 💖

When life gets you down, just remind your terrific selves:

Cassie’s face, though.

Shawn Mendes Imagine - The First Time (smut)

request: shawn mendes imagine smut about making a promise not to have sex when you get together because you want to wait till marriage but he comes home from tour and you just can’t help it

a/n: this is the longest thing i’ve written so far - i hope you like my first shawn mendes piece of writing (its so smutty oh my god)

word count: 2469

masterlist: (x)

Originally posted by fearless-man

Growing up in a religious household meant your parents had a strict set of rules for you to follow: no alcohol, no staying out past curfew, always saying grace before eating, church every Sunday, and, most importantly, absolutely no sex before marriage. You had given them your word, and so far you had stuck to it.

Shawn had found it a little difficult to get used to at first. The two of you had done other sexual acts with each other, of course, but Shawn ached to feel your wet walls around his cock just once. He had begged and pleaded on many occasions. “Just the tip,” he’d say. But always, he respected your decision.

If you were honest, you weren’t very religious yourself, but you kept up the customs to keep your parents happy. They had stressed the importance of waiting until marriage heavily when you were growing up, and your mother always knew when you were lying.

After months of being apart, talking only through phone calls and facetime, you were waiting in the driver’s seat of Shawn’s Jeep outside of the airport, wanting to stay away from the herds of fans waiting outside the gate for him. It was easier for both of you this way, your reunion would be private, away from the flashes of paparazzi cameras and screams of teenage girls. He’d finally trusted you enough to drive his beloved car, despite having been dating for almost three years. The car was big on you; the seats looked huge as your tiny frame sat on the leather, the steering wheel was much larger than the one you were used to in your retired Volvo from back home.

You were like a giddy child, high on sugar, as soon as you saw him stride out of the exit, pushing his trolley of suitcases in front of him. You scrambled out of the door, slamming it shut behind you as he reached the car. You didn’t need to say anything to each other. He wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, yours around the back of his neck, hung across his shoulders. He squeezed tightly, his head nestled into the crook of your neck, and lifted your feet off the ground.

Inhaling his scent that had been missing from your life for the past four months, you stroked the back of Shawn’s head, smoothing out his tousled hair. He lowered you back down letting your feet touch the floor and cupped your face in his hands. Pressing a kiss to your pink lips, he became aware of the paparazzi that had followed him outside.

“Hey you,” he said, unable to keep the smile off his face. “Let’s go home.”

Shawn drove home, complaining of how much he’d missed being behind the wheel. His hand reached over the Jeep’s console, finding a familiar spot on your thigh, a place he loved to rest his hand while driving. He glanced over at you, the same smile still on his face. You placed your hand on his, rubbing the back of his palm with your thumb as his fingers played with yours.

“God, I missed you so much, honey,” he said, focussing his eyes back on the road ahead. “So fucking much.”
“I just can’t believe you’re finally home.”

Shawn pulled up in the driveway of the house you had bought together at the end of last year. You slipped your key into the lock, turning it to open the door while Shawn retrieved his bags from the back of the car. He left his suitcases at the bottom of the staircase, shutting the front door behind him as you slipped off your shoes.

One of his hands was on your cheek, the other on your waist. Shawn pulled you closer to him, breathing in deeply as he kissed you passionately. Your lips found a rhythm, tongues dancing together as you kissed. Your hands were on his pecs. Through the material of his t-shirt, you could feel his heart beating, pounding against his chest. He deepened the kiss, pushing you up against the wall. The hand that was on your waist tugged at your t-shirt, pushing the fabric up to reveal your skin. His touch on your bare skin made you moan quietly. Shawn smirked, still kissing you.

You had missed him touching you, kissing you, holding you. Late at night while he was gone you’d lie in bed, thinking of him, wondering what he was doing right at that moment. Wondering if he was alone in a hotel room in a foreign country, thinking of you too. Wondering if he thought about touching you the way you thought about touching him.

Sometimes, if timezones permitted, he’d phone you in the deep of the night. He’d tell you of all the things he wanted to do to you once he was home. You heard his muffled moans, the faint slaps of his hand pumping his cock, as he spoke to you on the line, his voice deep and strained. Playing with yourself equally as hard, you wished it was him that was touching you. His fingers were so much longer than yours, he could reach places you couldn’t. They were thicker than your own too, so he could stretch out your walls easily, making your body shudder with pleasure. You could only imagine what it would feel like to have him thrust inside of you with his throbbing cock. You talked about it together often, discussed it in detail how it would feel for both of you. Often times, he’d describe your sex in so much detail over the phone, you could almost feel him inside of you there and then.

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Behind The Towel

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You’re at your mom’s house with your kids when your husband sends you a very NSFW photo while he’s away.

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: children (because apparently that needs a warning), a stubborn toddler, NSFW photo under the cut, embarrassment, sexting, implied smut

A/N: @wayward-girl sent me this photo and my brain just kicked into overdrive so… here ya go. This is also my (very late - I’m so, so sorry) submission for @frickfracklesackles‘s 1,000 Followers Celebration Challenge. My prompt was “I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.” and is bolded below.

Jared was in Los Angeles, shooting some promo shoot for something he wouldn’t tell you about. It seemed sketchy, but you shrugged it off for the most part. Packing up the kids, you headed for your mom’s house, knowing she’d listen to your worrying about there being another woman while also helping you with Jake and Lauren. 

Day two without Jared, and you were missing him. You woke up that morning and shot him a text, just saying, “Wish you were here,” with a kissing emoticon. After laying in bed for ten more minutes with no reply, you sighed and planted your feet on the floor. Trudging to the kitchen, you clutched the warm black mug between your hands, savoring every single sip of the holy liquid you were taking in.

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How to Put on a Wig and Not Want to Die


I am here today to show you how to put on a wig and, well, not want to stab yourself in the eye afterwards. The thing with wigs, is they’re essentially like everything else in cosplay: in order to finish with a good result, you need to start with a good beginning. So, here we go.

First things first, you need your supplies:

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And when I’m gone... - Bruce Wayne/Batfam x Reader

Summary : The Batfamily’s reaction to your death…

I just wanted to write a sad piece today, because of reasons, so…yeah. Hope you’ll still like it, and that it’s not too shitty :

(My masterlist blog here :


You promised you’d fight, and fight you did. With all your energy…but it wasn’t enough. It took you away from them anyway.

As Jason would say : “Cancer’s a bitch”. 

This sickness was wickedly cruel. It gave so much false hope to your children and husband…A few days before you died, you were getting better, doctors were hopeful, you started to really have a chance. You felt better than you ever did in that last year, and you thought that maybe, just maybe, you’d get to see your babies grow up into the wonderful adults you were sure they’d became, and you were going to be able to grow old with your Bruce. However, the disease had another idea, and after this almost miraculous recovery…you got worst than ever and were dead before the end of the week.

Cancer’s a bitch. 

In the span of a short little year, it had taken you to the grave, and left behind six broken men. Or rather, two men and four boys who would have to learn how to be men without you. 

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