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I drew some Zora OC’s from @banishfics wonderful Sidlink fic Coma baby!! Please go and check it out, I love it to pieces!! //Estuu is my favourite// 

Here’s the link (no pun intended)


a white angel in the blue sea

white is associated with purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.

blue represents meanings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence



or alternatively: More Cuddles, Less Struggles 2k17

hi i’m Ali and this is me giving in and finally drawing for the ship

klance / keith / lance headcanons because why not

•lance always wears socks to bed because his sister told him if he didnt, the foot goblin would come and eat his legs 

•keith doesnt wear socks at all, ever 

•keith kicks in his sleep

•he also constantly rubs his feet on lances legs when theyre cuddling cause his feet are cold 

 •keith has a Thing™ for lances forearms 

 •he doesnt know why 

 •lance makes sure when hes wearing a long sleeve to roll it up to his elbows 

 •when the watched the titanic together, they made a bet that who ever cried had to do the dishes 

 •they both lost 

 •keith cries very easily 

 •like REALLY easily 

 •he will cry everytime he sees one of those wholesome meme posts 

 •lance is that one kid in highschool thats the captain of the football team but is also a drama nerd 

 •keith really likes music and knows how to play piano, violin, and flute 

 •neither of them have a side of the bed but keith must be on the side farthest from a window 

 •keith used to (still is) be a warrior cats stan 

 •lance was the biggest pokemon fan in the whole damn country 

 •his whole room was pokemon themed

 •lance used to be afraid of shrek 

 •they go to a carnival together and lance tries to be suave and win keith a stuffed bear but he CANT GET THE DAMN BALL IN THE HOLE KEITH GIVE ME MORE MONEY 

 •keith had never been on a roller coaster so lance takes him to disney world and takes him on the scariest one first and it scars keith for the rest of the day 

 •keith hates oranges and he will fight people on the matter 

 •keith kills the spiders 

 •keith can break a leg and wont cry but once he got stung by a bee and locked himself in the bathroom crying and wouldnt let anyone touch him 

 •keith is so in love with lance sometimes he will just stare at the ceiling and think about him for HOURS 

 •lance love love loves disney movies 

 •keith can talk about conspiracies for hours and of course lance listens bc he loves his bf 

 •they are both 100% convinced justin bieber is a lizard person 

 •if keith is sitting on a carpet he will run his fingertips in circles on it until his fingers go numb and tingly 

 •lance is a morning person, lance is lucky if keith wakes up by noon 

 •keith gets really sad when lance makes self deprecating jokes 

 •"no baby dont say that youre so great and wonderful :,(((“ 

 •keith takes astrology posts seriously 

 •theyre constantly holding hands 

 •they are THAT couple you know the one 

 •pda? yes yes 

 •the only part about lance that isn’t perfect are his nails 

 •he will bite them down to a nub


Requested By: @brekineee (hope you’ll like it! ❤︎)

-> Haken 💖

Behind The Towel

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You’re at your mom’s house with your kids when your husband sends you a very NSFW photo while he’s away.

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: children (because apparently that needs a warning), a stubborn toddler, NSFW photo under the cut, embarrassment, sexting, implied smut

A/N: @wayward-girl sent me this photo and my brain just kicked into overdrive so… here ya go. This is also my (very late - I’m so, so sorry) submission for @frickfracklesackles‘s 1,000 Followers Celebration Challenge. My prompt was “I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.” and is bolded below.

Jared was in Los Angeles, shooting some promo shoot for something he wouldn’t tell you about. It seemed sketchy, but you shrugged it off for the most part. Packing up the kids, you headed for your mom’s house, knowing she’d listen to your worrying about there being another woman while also helping you with Jake and Lauren. 

Day two without Jared, and you were missing him. You woke up that morning and shot him a text, just saying, “Wish you were here,” with a kissing emoticon. After laying in bed for ten more minutes with no reply, you sighed and planted your feet on the floor. Trudging to the kitchen, you clutched the warm black mug between your hands, savoring every single sip of the holy liquid you were taking in.

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How to Put on a Wig and Not Want to Die


I am here today to show you how to put on a wig and, well, not want to stab yourself in the eye afterwards. The thing with wigs, is they’re essentially like everything else in cosplay: in order to finish with a good result, you need to start with a good beginning. So, here we go.

First things first, you need your supplies:

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And when I’m gone... - Bruce Wayne/Batfam x Reader

Summary : The Batfamily’s reaction to your death…

I just wanted to write a sad piece today, because of reasons, so…yeah. Hope you’ll still like it, and that it’s not too shitty :

(My masterlist blog here :


You promised you’d fight, and fight you did. With all your energy…but it wasn’t enough. It took you away from them anyway.

As Jason would say : “Cancer’s a bitch”. 

This sickness was wickedly cruel. It gave so much false hope to your children and husband…A few days before you died, you were getting better, doctors were hopeful, you started to really have a chance. You felt better than you ever did in that last year, and you thought that maybe, just maybe, you’d get to see your babies grow up into the wonderful adults you were sure they’d became, and you were going to be able to grow old with your Bruce. However, the disease had another idea, and after this almost miraculous recovery…you got worst than ever and were dead before the end of the week.

Cancer’s a bitch. 

In the span of a short little year, it had taken you to the grave, and left behind six broken men. Or rather, two men and four boys who would have to learn how to be men without you. 

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Possible Side Effects (Harry Styles Smut)

Summary: You tell yourself that you won’t come back, but you always do. He is addicting, the way he makes your feel is addicting.

Requested: no

Warnings: player Harry, smut, dominance, fingering, begging

A/N: I began writing this a few days ago before people starting send in requests which I will be working on in the next few days.

Originally posted by sstyles

Possible Side Effects (Harry Styles Smut)

“I thought you said you weren’t coming back?”  Harry said smirking.

No matter how many times you tried to quit him, you always came back.  You always told yourself and him that, that ‘this’ would be the last time.  That you wouldn’t come back to him.  But now you find yourself at his doorstep with him looking at you with amusement because you are weak again.

“I knew you would come back, you always do.” He states smirking at you because you both know it’s true.

“Shut up, and let’s just do this” you say pushing him into his house, pressing your lips hard against his.  Harry doesn’t take a lot a time to respond, and two begin to make out.  He closes the door behind you by backing you into it.  Now you are pinned against the door frame, which is strong body against you.  But you don’t care, you want him, no you feel a need for him.  You knew it was wrong, you knew that you would end up getting yourself hurt in the end like you always do, but you didn’t care.  

You try to shake these thoughts out of your head by focusing on the way he is making you feel.  You love the way his hands travel up and down the body, almost like he can’t get enough of it.  His hands move from your sides to your ass.  He squeezes your ass, causing you to moan against his mouth.  His hands continues to knead, as his lips travels down to your neck.  Leaving marks as he goes, he’s dominant, so he likes to show what is his.  And right now, your body is his.  As he kisses down, find your sweet spot that makes you grip his biceps.  

“Found it” He says smirking against your neck.  He then begins kissing your collar bones, biting slightly making you moan, and grab at his hair.

“Harry, bed, now.” You moan out.  Harry picks you up that you are straddling his front side.  As he carries you, his lips do not leave your neck.  It makes him hard when girls praise him for how good he makes them feel.  

When you get to his bedroom, he lays you on the bed, and kisses you hard.  He then lifts his shirt over his head throwing it across the room.  You kick of your shoes, and sit up to take off your shirt.  You throw your shirt off the side of the bed, and lay back knowing Harry loves undressing you.  

Harry leans over you and kisses you again, but begins to travel down, unclipping your bra, and putting it with your shirt on the floor.  He begins to work on your breasts, kissing down between them and then taking a nipple into his mouth biting on it lightly, and sucking on it.  Your fingers tangle in his hair, slightly pulling when he tugs.

Slowly, Harry kisses down your body, and swiftly pulls off your leggings and underwear at the same time.  He then opens your legs, and runs his finger down your slit.

“So wet for me baby. No wonder why you keep coming back.  Who made you this wet?”  Harry asks smirking up at you.

You don’t respond, but push his head down signaling him to go down.  Harry doesn’t hesitate and goes down.  He first takes his tongue flat and licks up your slit, and moans at your taste. The vibrations from his moaning adding more pleasure.  

“Mhm, Harry.”  You moan as his tongue pushes near your entrance.  As Harry tongue pushes his tongue in and out.  After, Harry began to focus on your clit.

He sucked it on and pulled at it, causing you to find your hands pulling at his hair.  Harry loves the roughness when you pull at his hair.  You then feel Harry’s two fingers push into you.  His thick fingers push in and out.  You loved Harry’s hands and how they could make you feel.

“You like that baby girl?”  Harry asks, not looking at you but watching his fingers move in and out of you.  He is mesmerized by how his thick fingers seem to disappear and appear covered in your wetness.

“Yes, oh yes.” You say your voice getting louder as her curls his fingers hitting your g-spot.

“Yes Harry, yes, yes, yes”  You yell grabbing the bed sheets, with your hips lifting up wanting to intensify the feeling.

“Cum baby girl, I want to taste you.”  Harry commands, pumping his fingers fast.

As you cum, your hands grab Harry’s hair, pulling it, but pushing his face down, and pushing your hips up against his mouth, not wanting to lose the feeling.
After you are finished cumming, Harry sits up, and grabs a condom and pumps his hard cock a few times.

“How bad do you want my cock?”  He asks pumping his cock right near your entrance.  

“So bad, Harry, please” You beg as he begins to take the tip of his cock and rubbing it on your clit, knowing what it does to you.

“You want it?”  Harry says pushing just his head into your entrance teasing you.  “Beg for it.”

“Harry, please fuck me.  Fuck me with your hard, big cock.  Fill me up-“ You beg, and before you can finish, Harry slams into you.  Then, he pulls out, not completely, keeping his head still in, and then slams back in.

“You hear that?”  Harry whispers in your ear.  When you listen, you can hear the wetness of him slamming in and out of.

“You hear how wet you are?  And how my thick cock fills you up.  You like how I fill you up?”  He growls, loving being praised.

“Yes, I love how you fill me up.”  You moan.

“No one will make you feel this good.  Only me.”  Harry demands being possessive.

Harry feels your pussy start to pulse around him, knowing you’re close.

“You’re close baby girl, I can feel your tight pussy pulsing around me.  You close?”  He breathes in your ear.

“Mhm, yes. Please let me cum, please” You beg.

“Cum for me, I want to feel you cum around me.  Cum.”  He orders slamming into you harder, and bringing his hand down to press circles your clit.

“Yes, yes.  Harry, Harry, yes.”  You scream out cumming.

“Scream, tell everyone who is making you feel this good.”  Harry says, still thrusting in and out of you through your orgasm.  Moments later Harry fills you with his hot cum, filling up the condom.

After staying in you for a few moments, not wanting to lose the warm and tight contact, he finally rolls off, throwing out the condom.

Harry lays down, next to you with both of his arms under his head.  

You get up and start to put on your clothes, and as you are putting on your shoes and walking out the door, you hear Harry says,

“I’ll see you in a few days.”

“We’ll see.” You say, knowing that you will be coming back.

“Yeah” He laughs, “We’ll see.”

A/N:  This wasn’t requested but, I had just had this idea!  Thank you so much for reading and the support! I hope you guys like it! The next imagines I will be posting will be ones recently requested!  Thank you to all that have recently followed me!  If you guys ever want to talk, message me! Or if you have any ideas, send them in! I’d love to talk and get to know you guys!  Also, someone was wondering about girl on girl imagines if I do those, would you guys want to see that?  Send me your feedback and ideas!  

When life gets you down, just remind your terrific selves:

Cassie’s face, though.

Got7 reaction to you teasing them on your period

Can I please request a Got7 reaction to you teasing them while on your period, thank you in advance. It’s totally ok to skip this if you feel uncomfortable writing about this 😊

Honestly me a few days ago


“Is it fair Y/n? I’m asking if that’s fair? Now, you are on your period, huh? But that pretty little mouth can still do wonders? On your knees baby.”


“You are the real form of evil. How could you do this to me, huh? I became an innocent victim of your evilness.”


“Whatever you do, it doesn’t work. You can continue, but nothing gets me worked uo like you on my bed.”


“If you excuse me, I’ll go to the bathroom real quick. Someone, you, made a big mess and now I’ll have to take care of it.”


“Y/n, is this acceptable? Is Mother Earth acceptable? Why? Why now? Couldn’t you be on your period like…tomorrow? Why today? Why did you do that if you knew you can’t help me out, tease?”


“Fix this. I don’t know what are you going to do or how you’re going to do it, but take care of this mess pretty thank you, please. Y/n, where are you going? Take care of this. Like now.”


“You are one bad little kitty, are you? Just you wait until this week is over. You’ll have to take your work home. You won’t be able to stay on your feet. I can’t wait to return the favour you just did for me.”