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Omg can you imagine playing hide n seek with with Harry and your 4 year old. You and the little one are hiding in your closet in the bedroom hiding from Harry. You can here his loud footsteps come into the bedroom and H can here his baby giggling and you telling them to be quiet. 😍

“Shhh bug we have to be quiet.”

And Harry knows you’re in there. And you know he knows you’re in there.

He smiles to himself at the sound of your giggles and your baby’s giggles mixed together. “Hmmm,” he says loudly. “I wonder where my girls could be…”

Your daughter giggles and covers her mouth while Harry continues. “Hmmm…. they aren’t under the bed…. and they aren’t behind the curtain. And there’s NO WAY they’re in the closet.”

Your daughter is losing her mind with giggles because she’s so convinced she fooled daddy. When suddenly…

The door swings open and there’s Harry with the biggest smile on his face. “GOTCHA!” He scoops your squealing daughter up and plops her down on the bed to attack her in tickles. You can barely hear him over her shrieking belly laughs. “You thought you could fool daddy, didn’t you?! You sneaky little thing.”


Happy birthday @tinyienzo!!

When life gets you down, just remind your terrific selves:

Cassie’s face, though.

A Trip To the Millpond

For: @snapslikethis

AN: So you wanted, “fluffy soulmate au, wartime jily, potter fam” and I tried to take bits of all of that and got, ‘fluffy, post-wartime, potter fam.’ I also added ducks, because, well, I know you like ducks. I hope you like this and that you and your babies had a wonderful holiday season! xxx

rating: K

wc: 1.4k

Lily Potter was twenty-five years old and on her way to the millpond with her four (almost five) year old son. They had a bag of grapes they had cut in half and they were going to feed the ducks, one of their favorite things to do together on Sunday mornings. James usually joined them, but it was one of the Sunday mornings he spent with his brothers. Lily had owled, asked if they needed any help, but James had assured her that they were all fine and just in need of rest.

So, Lily and Harry went down to feed the ducks without James or Sirius or Remus or Peter. Once, a few months back when he had first entered the phase where absolutely everything needed to be a question, he had asked Lily why she didn’t have friends like dad did. Lily had narrowed her brow for a moment, for it had been a long time since she’d thought of the lads as James’ friends separate from her own. She’d crawled up in the attic with Harry that day and they spent the afternoon looking at photos of Marlene McKinnon, Amelia Bone, Dorcas Meadows, her friends from Hogwarts, the girls she’d grown up with. She had to explain to him, in the softest way possible as he was four, that her friends had passed away. He accepted this of course without question, because he didn’t like it when his mum cried and he didn’t know about the war and she didn’t want him to. He was young, innocent and a bright spot of light in her life, and she didn’t want to dampen that. Today Harry wasn’t asking so many questions, he was too excited to get to the millpond, to have the ducks eat the grapes off the palm of his hand.

A while back, James and Lily had decided that they wanted to have another baby. That was her favorite thing to do now, talk about the future. She’d been so careful before, when they were in Hogwarts or when they were both in the Order before Harry was born. She didn’t want to let herself imagine a future with him if it was only going to get snatched away, but now that the war was over, now that everything seemed peaceful and calm, she let herself think more about tomorrow. She let herself plan for next year, five years from now. They’d talked about having more than just one more kid, she joked that she wanted a whole drove of children and he would laugh and say, “Watch it Evans, I might take you up on that.”

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If you're my girlfriend

My biggest priority is going to be making sure you are happy. When you’re having a bad day don’t put it passed me to surprise you at work or home with flowers and a bunch of your favorite foods. Right before I leave your house I’m going to write you a stupid little love note to put on your car so you can smile at it later. I’m going to text you everyday and tell you how big of a blessing you are to my life and how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to be able to call you mine. Even when we get into fights, I’ll always make it up to you by showing up with your favorite flowers on your doorstep followed by a bunch of kisses. I’m going to take you out on dates every Friday night so I can spoil you and show you off to everyone and see your eyes light up with happiness. And we will end our dates in the bed of my truck, with a couple blankets and under a million stars. And for your birthday or Christmas I’ll probably end up surprising you with a puppy at some point.Most importantly, I’m going to always be there for you no matter what will always love you unconditionally through everything and I’m going to tell you every day how in love I am with you so you don’t ever forget it.

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Pardon me for asking this, but... have you considered drawing galra babies or babies that go with your favorite ships? Ive always wondered what galra babies would look like, cute and fuzzy, quiet even 💕 That would be so cool. Btw, love your art and drawings, keep up the good work 😁👍

Yeah boi, though still in my wip folder.

who is this kit? it’s a mystery~

I have designed babies for corandwich (tiea and seren) and for thoran (the twins).

Favorite quotes from Twister

“I’ve got to go Julia, we’ve got cows!”

*tornado sends cow flying*
“Another cow”
“Actually I think that was the same one”

“Fashionably late…..hey gimme a kiss”

“She did NOT marry you for your penis…..oh ok she didn’t ONLY marry you for your penis.”

“Red meat, we crave sustenance”
“Guys we are not invading my aunt!”

“Oh and by the way….I really enjoy your weather reports”

“It’s the wonder of nature baby!”

“Goddamn! Son of a BITCH!”

“Have you lost your nerve?”
“Tighten your seat belt”

“Where’s my truck?”

*house rolls into the road while they’re driving through*
“Oh my GOD!…I think we’re going IN!”

“God Meg, you’ve got a LOT of beef. Where’d you get all this beef?”
“Did you see my cows out front?”
*room bursts into laughter*

“Aww man, don’t start that shit”

“Bill I’m talking IMMINENT rue-age”

“Dusty why don’t you explain to Melissa…….why you are the way you are”

“Trust me, Rabbit is good, Rabbit is WISE”

“Aww man. THIS is the fun part sweetheart”

*large farm equipment falling from the sky*
*serves to miss*

Yixing (Lay) as a father

A/N: I started this because of jparkitonme , bc i lov her, if anyone wants one for they fav, i’ll do it lmao

(A/N: I know some people want these to be more gender neutral. And I would, but it makes it harder for me and I literally decide the gender by rolling a dice lmao, I’m all for gender neutrality but for these I just did it differently! - the day your daughter was born was the peak of his happiness, he hadn’t know that she could bring him that much j o y.

- praising her for her beautiful looks all the time, then whispering in your ear “it’s because she got it all from my beautiful wife.”

- when she was an infant Yixing would spend hours laying with her on your bed, stroking her soft baby smooth skin and wondering how he made something so small and delicate this perfectly

- yixing, attempting to, do her hair. Her first day of kindergarten you weren’t able to be there because of your work schedule, so yixing sent her off, and when you picked her up, her “braid” was going sideways and there was hair sticking out and you’re like oh my god baby please tell me it wasn’t like that all day

- but when you got home, you and your daughter smiled at him, praising his beautiful braiding skills. “Where all the other girls jealous of how pretty you looked?” “Of course, baba.”

- secret pinky promises between the two, like you’ll come out for breakfast in the morning and they’re giggling over their waffles about something that’s “a secret mommy!” And you just kinda smile because it’s so cute

- YIXING being the one to ask if she can sleep in the bed with you two, but when you asked, she’d loudly yell “I can sleep alone now! I’m a big girl baba!” Because she got all that independence from you tbh

- yixing expressing to you how afraid he is of her growing up to fast, and his fears for her future because he never wants anything to hurt her angel head

- holding hands as a unit, your daughter in the middle as she held on tightly to both your hands, yixing swinging her between you two every now and then

- yixing being incredibly extra whenever she hurt herself accidentally, like you’re drinking lemonade in the house while they look for bugs outside and then you just hear a door slam and he’s screaming at you that she’s bleeding and he’s almost sobbing but then your daughter comes in with dirt in her wound still like “is baba okay?”

- late dinners with daddy at his practice room, whenever he was sure he couldn’t make it home (he wanted to be there as often as he could you had to sometimes PUSH him out the door) you two would drive there with takeout and the three of you would sit on the floor and eat and laugh at your daughters impressions

- Yixing trying to teach her how to dance, ever since she was an infant she always danced and yixing was over the moon that she wanted to learn “to dance like daddy!”

- god like you’d be such a loving family because yixing would be such a loving father and he would love you both to infinity and care for his daughter so much sometimes you had to pry him away because he just wants the best and you have to let him let her fly, and he understands it, he just doesn’t want his little butterfly to fly to far.

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baby heater and baby cas

anonymous said: bby gaby and bby neomie 👀👀👀👀

list e n……i love my babies sm and im lazy to copy and paste the thing four more times so im just gonna write a sentence about each of you

baby heater @whoaheather, my sunshine, my light, my sweet baby heater. you have been here for so long i love you i cry what did i do to deserve my baby heater ?? how can you put up with me, my sweet baby heater…my baby whom keeps me warm at night w her warmth…

baby cas @koricndr, my wonderful baby cas, whom has done so much for me and has been there for me so often, i love you more than i can think of ! youre so so wonderful and lovely and kind, and ilysm

baby gaby @gcneral-organa, my baby angel baby gaby, you are so kind hearted and lovable and sweet. words cannot describe how delightfully amazing you are. you’re filled with all good things and your heart is in the right place and i love you

baby neomie @alienpeep, you are so infinitely kind and lovely, and although you aren’t here as oft as you used to be, i still think of you all the time, because youre my wonderful lil neomie whom draws the most wonderful things. your voice is also so cute? i think about it all the time, still.


My daughter’s baby girl, a sneak snuggler, social cat, bed hogger, princess and notorious pizza thief. Sukie, you weren’t supposed to leave us yet.  There have been a lot of tears. You were very loved.

You leave behind, somewhere out there, your three wonderful babies who you were really too young and tiny to have. They confused you, those little beans, and you couldn’t work out where they had appeared from or quite what your role was. You muddled through anyway, with  Tonks taking on the daddy duties. They all made it, wriggly, happy and healthy.

You also leave behind your partners in crime, Tonks and Chaos. They seemed so sad to see you still and cold. I’m not sure if your soul stuck around a while to say goodbye as they said theirs to you, licked you clean and sat with you.

Sleep sweetly, little one. Always in our hearts.

You Are My Sunshine: Yoongi

You Are My Sunshine: Yoongi

Genre: Fluff

This is just a really tiny drabble, but that’s because it’s a present for @chillyoongi

After a long day at work, all you wanted was to walk through the door and flop face first into your bed. You were eager to be greeted by your husband and baby because the day had been long and hard.

To put it simply: You missed your family.

Finally getting the door unlocked, you trudged through the door into your small apartment. Your shoulders dropped a bit further when you noticed that the apartment was rather dark and silent. You weren’t greeted by a babbling baby or kisses from your love.

“Yoongi?” You called out, wondering if he had taken your son out for a walk but dismissed that as it was rather dark outside. You hummed to yourself and decided to go on a hunt.

It didn’t take you long to find them both passed out of the couch, mouths hanging open and soft breathing filling the room. ‘Like father, like son’ you chuckled to yourself.

Your one year old was snuggled warmly on Yoongi’s chest, already dressed in his snuggly pjs. The sight made your heart swell, and you couldn’t help but slip your phone out of your pocket to snap a picture.

You left them be for the moment, choosing to get into comfy clothes before you disturbed them. Once you were thoroughly snuggly yourself, you found your way back to the living room. You looked down at your boys for another moment and then carefully climbed onto the couch to cuddle yourself into their warm forms.

“Yoongi-ah,” you cooed, pushing the soft hair of of his forehead in soothing strokes. “Wake up, sleepy. It’s time for dinner.”

He only stirred in the slightest, making incoherent mumbles. His half-asleep state didn’t stop him from wrapping a strong arm around you to tug you closer into his side and rub small circles into your hip. You rested your head in the crook of his neck and lifted your hand to stroke the soft downy hair of your son who was still fast asleep.

His eyes cracked open at your familiar touch, and he let out soft noises that sounded vaguely like 'mommy’; you were still working on that.

“Hi, Minsu. Hi, baby. Did you have a good day with daddy?”

The small conversation had Yoongi waking fully, and he smiled widely at the cute interaction.

“We did a lot today, didn’t we? It’s why we’re so beat,” he interjected. Minsu continued on with his baby chattering, and you listened attentively, even though there wasn’t much you could take from the burbling.

Yoongi let out a soft 'oof’ as Minsu became more active on his chest, reaching his chubby arms out to you and letting our delighted laughs and screeches.

“Okay, I think someone’s awake now. Time for dinner,” you wiggled out of Yoongi’s grip, scooping the baby into your arms and placing him on your hip.

Yoongi took a few moments later to get up, watching you walk to the kitchen with his son, his gaze full of love.

Yea, he could get used to this.

BTS reaction to your water breaking!

Bts written reaction to your water breaking. If you can’t do all of them can you make sure to include namjoon? I love your account. Xoxo


You had been in the baby’s nursery all day long, wondering when your precious little princess was going to make her appearance. You were already 2 days past your due date, and there were no signs of her wanting to come out at any minute.

Jin tried to comfort you, telling you not to worry, and that she was probably just wanting to make a grandiose entrance, like the princess she was. You laughed at his joke, and you knew, deep in your heart, that Jin was over the moon with the idea of having a baby girl.

Suddenly, you doubled over in pain, as a sharp contraction hit you right in the stomach. You held your hands onto your stomach, and despite the sudden pang of pain, you smiled. You felt dampness trickling down your legs. You looked up to Jin smiling, who would have guessed the man would smile at a sight like this?

“It’s time! Where did you leave the hospital bag? I’m calling a taxi yeah? Let’s meet our princess!” He called, as he got everything ready, and you walked into your room to change your clothes.

“Let’s meet you, princess.” You whispered at your belly, as you changed into new panties and a clean dress.  Jin was right, your princess was trying to make a dramatic entrance, by being fashionably late.


You were at the studio with the guys, watching your husband Jimin record his vocal part in the booth. You were entranced, completely fascinated by his beautiful voice, which almost matched the great beauty of his soul.

You had Jin sitting beside you, looking completely exhausted from dance practice earlier, holding your hand, and asking you how long you had left until the baby was born. As soon as you and Jimin had told the rest of BTS about the baby, they had all suddenly become overly protective siblings to you, making sure you were comfortable and feeling alright at all moments of the day. It honestly felt like they were more excited about this baby than you were.

“Just two weeks I think.” You told him with a smile, as your hand gently rubbed your stomach in circles.

As soon as those words had left your mouth, you felt your lower abdomen begin to ache, and a dampness covered your jeans. Your eyes shot up to meet Jin’s, while your cheeks burned red with embarrassment.

Jin took two seconds to process everything that had happened, before standing up from the couch, and running into the booth, pulling a very panicked Jimin out.

Jimin ran to you, and checked you were okay, before grabbing your hand, and helping you stand up. He fumbled for the keys in his pocket, before he started to walk you to the car, with his trademark smile on his face, his eyes disappearing behind his lids, as he squealed to himself.



You were with Hoseok, relaxing on your couch, as you watched a movie. Hoseok had his arms neatly wrapped around you, holding you against his chest protectively. Ever since he had found out about the baby, he had become annoyingly overly protective, to the point it had made you yell at him for not letting you out of the house without his constant supervision.

But  you were glad he had become so sweet and caring, it was incredibly endearing, and it meant you could relax, and he would take over most of the important chores around the house, so he could ensure the safety of both his princesses.

You were laughing at something that had just happened on the movie you were watching, when you felt something drench your jeans completely. You looked down at your legs, and then yelled in surprise, making Hoseok jump back, and scream.

“WHAT WHAT HAPPENED?!” He yelled, clutching at his chest, over his heart, in sheer shock.

“My water broke!” You yelled back, a match made in heaven. Hoseok’s eyes widened thrice their size, and he began screaming incoherent sentences, which you managed to understand after years of dating him.

“THE BAG. THE KEYS. YOU NEED TO CHANGE. THE BABY IS IN THE BAG WE NEED TO CHANGE IN THE CAR FOR YOU TO SLEEP AT THE HOSPITAL!” He screamed, as he ran around the apartment, searching for things. You grabbed his shoulders, and shook him.

“HOSEOK SNAP OUT OF IT GRAB THE DAMN BAG AND SOME SWEATPANTS AND LET’S GO!” You yelled at him in his face, trying to get him to calm down immediately.

The moment you brought him out of his panicked haze, he calmed down immediately, and managed to get everything done so he could carry you to the car to get you to the hospital.


You were having dinner with the guys, a couple days before your due date, enjoying the last few moments of peace before your duties as parents began. Jungkook sat beside you, holding your hand not-so-subtly under the table, as he smiled and nodded at some new philosophical concept Namjoon had diverted towards, like he always did. You smiled, noticing how spaced out Jungkook was, each and every word slipping out of Namjoon’s mouth completely going over his head.

You squeezed his hand under the table, and suppressed a snicker. Jin looked at you from across the table, and smirked subtly, knowing exactly how you were feeling. You began making small talk with him, asking him what seasoning he had used on the chicken, which Jin gladly replied to, happy that someone had noticed the change in the recipe.

Just as you were asking Jin about the sauce, you felt something soak through your jeans, and seep through to the chair. You looked down at your pants in panic, Jin being the first to notice.

“Jungkook!” He yelled at the younger boy, who looked at him with wide yes. Jin pointed towards you. Jungkook looked at you, and then followed your gaze to your pants.

“Oh… Oh.. Babe… Did your water just… break? Now? Oh… OH MY GOD! JIN DRIVE US PLEASE JIN HOSPITAL!” Jungkook yelled, as he took his time to process what was happening. He grabbed your hand, and picked you up bridal style effortlessly, before heading out of the apartment, without even looking back. Jin had to stand up straight after, and chase after him with the hospital bag you always brought with you just in case, wondering how he could possibly look after a child, when he was acting like a child himself.

Rap Monster

It was a month before your due date, but honestly, you already felt bloated enough. Your ankles were swollen, your back ached from the extra weight, and you felt uncomfortable all around. You could safely admit you were more than prepared to deliver the baby already.

Namjoon was at some TV show, talking about his new single, and the album, and occasionally answering questions about you, you assumed. Ever since you two got married, there wasn’t a single interview your name didn’t pop up. Sometimes it flattered you, sometimes it annoyed you. Needless to say, that although some fans of his adored you in every way possible, there were others that hated your guts, which was a bit of an inconvenience and a nuisance.

You stared at the clock on your wall, a little exhausted, and at the same time a little restless. You were bored, ever since the doctors had told you that you had to be on bed rest, Namjoon had been adamant that you obey their orders, not wanting to risk your safety or the child’s.

Suddenly, you feel some drip down your legs, and as you stare down, you notice, with some excitement, that your water had just broken. You squealed in excitement, despite the sharp pain that took over your body. You couldn’t wait to meet your little one.

So ignoring the fact that he was on business, because let’s be honest, what is one single interview when he has the chance to see  his own child be born? You dialed his number, and dismissed his scolding about being at work.

“Oh, alright then, I guess I’ll go to the hospital alone and deliver the baby by myself.” You replied sassily, trying to surprise him. You heard the line go silent, the faint echoes of Hoseok’s words bouncing back to you.

“OH MY GOD DON’T MOVE I AM GOING RIGHT NOW” You heard his voice faintly yell at you, followed by some rustling and moving of things, and you were sure you heard something break, as Namjoon explained to someone that his wife was about to have his baby and that the interview would have to continue without him.

You laughed, rubbing your belly, glad to finally be able to meet the little one that had been growing inside you for so long.


You were waiting for him backstage, sitting on a cushioned couch, as your legs swung back and forth. You could barely see your feet anymore when you stood up, your large belly covered them completely.

You could hear BTS’s voices fill the venue, as they performed once again to a happy crowd. You could feel the beat pulsating through you, making your ribcage vibrate. You probably shouldn’t have been at a concert venue at such a late stage in your pregnancy, but Suga had insisted you needed to be close to him, in case anything happened.

You watched him return backstage more times than were necessary, under the excuse that he needed water, or a wardrobe change, just to check up on you, and although it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you felt bad for his fans, they were the ones that deserved his undivided attention right now.

You were peacefully humming along to Jimin’s lines, when you felt a sharp pang of pain, that had you doubled over, a scream drowned in your throat. You clutched at your belly, feeling your water break, drenching your clothes. How embarrassing.

You looked around, trying to find someone who would help you out. Being a mother for the first time left you with some unresolved doubts, but you were sure this signaled the baby was coming, and you needed to get to the hospital. A young woman, possibly a stylist, noticed your state, and quickly found some new pants to replace your damaged ones, before alerting one of the men backstage.

You tried to stop the man, dreading for the performance, but your stomach prevented you from moving at a high speed. The man was lost on stage, and faster than you could fathom, Suga was running off stage, straight towards you, as he pulled out all the wires and cables he had on him.

“Suga, the show.” You whined, trying to push him back towards the stage, but he limited himself to shaking his head, and pushing you towards the back door, where a taxi was waiting.

“There will be more shows, but only one birth of my baby.” He replied, and although he tried to maintain a business like, and serious expression, you could see the corners of his mouth curling up in glee and excitement.

“Let’s go have a baby then.” You told him, lacing your fingers through his, as he helped you get into the car, a wide gummy grin spreading across his face.

“let’s.” he replied, before jumping in the car next to you.


You were getting the final details of the baby’s nursery fixed, after having carefully decorated the room with some help from Taehyung, when it happened.

“Jagi! I think we should put this dinosaur plushie here!” he exclaimed, grabbing the purple dinosaur he had bought, and putting it atop a dresser. You glared at it, because the color was so obnoxious, and it clashed so badly with the soothing, neutral colors of the room, you couldn’t believe you had let Taehyung convince you to buy such an abomination.

But Taehyung had used his puppy eye look with you, knowing how well it worked, and he had looked so excited and happy about it, you couldn’t help but feel the need to make him happy. Damn you and your love for cute things.

“Okay, put it there then. Can you please put those books on the shelf? I can’t reach.” You told him, handing him a small collection of short bedtime stories for your child. Usually you would have just stood on the stool, but the last time you tried to do that with Taehyung around, he had a massive go at you, and told you off for being so irresponsible.

Just as you were handing the books over, you felt the sudden dampness that could only signify one thing. The baby was ready. Taehyung stared at you in confusion-

“Ah… Jagi… did you just pee yourself?” He asked, pointing towards your sweatpants. You rolled your eyes at him, before walking over to your room to get changed quickly.

“No, stupid, my water just broke.” You told him nonchalantly. Taehyung’s eyes widened triple their size, before he began jumping up and down, screaming, and pulling you by the arm.
“WE DON’THAVE TIME FOR FASHION MY BABY IS COMING LET’S GO! LET’S GO!” He yelled, as he pulled you towards the car, with your head barely through the new sweatshirt you put on, and you laughed, he really was just a large child himself. Oh joy, you would have to look after two Taehyungs now…