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Fall at Denali National Park in Alaska means gorgeous autumn colors and hungry brown bears. To get ready their long winter sleep, bears spend the summer and fall packing on the pounds – gorging themselves on salmon, berries and grass. Sleeping snugly in their dens, breathing only once a minute and dropping their heart rate to 8-10 beats a minute, bears will live on their fat stores during the dark, cold winter. Photo by Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service.

Drawing friends cute twinning is best✨ and @taintedsweetheart is so sweet! Your support is awesome!#Repost @taintedsweetheart with @repostapp
💖 It was my friends birthday recently and she always asks for artwork to hang on her walls. So I got her this commission done by @shiroiroom because we both love her artwork so much! Wanted to help support an artist I love and give a great gift to a friend. If you ever find some extra cash around I suggest getting a commission done. It’s always fun to see how it turns out! Thank you again so much, she loved it! 💖

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Shakira Gazelle - Try Everything (Piano Cover)

Finally got this out of my system and onto my keyboard. Oh, and a surprise face reveal :P

Side note: I apologize about the staggered audio, I noticed it after uploading and traced it to the YouTube uploading wizard. Don’t know why it happened, but in all honesty it’s not worth a re-upload.

Here’s my second piano cover, which I was able to finish in just two takes, something quite rare for me.

I decided to do this quick (and a bit sloppy) cover for @rem289 to celebrate her birthday. Thought this song was only appropriate. Her artwork and comics are some of the best fanfiction pieces I’ve ever seen - on tumblr or around the internet. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of the main reasons why I am apart of the WildeHopps armada. 

Here’s to a very happy birthday, Rem! Thank you for your awesome work!

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All the extra mumbo-jumbo specification stuff:

Genre: Pop | Key Signature: C# (Bridge in A#m) | Tempo: ~120 bpm | Time Signature: 4/4 | Recorded in: 2 takes (1st used) | Keyboard: Yamaha DGX-660 | Edited in: Windows Movie Maker

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Weird headcanons: Luke Garroway. Because everyone needs headcanons about Luke in their life.


  • What they smell like: Old spice, clean fur, and musk
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Curled up into a small ball, or (preferably) holding Jocelyn close to his chest, entirely wrapped around her. Luke isn’t very good at sleeping more than five hours in a night, but he tries. It’s just. Nightmares and runaway thoughts.
  • What music they enjoy:Elvis, the Beatles and cheesy love songs
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Twenty, twenty five minutes, including a shower
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Apparently not spider lmao (sorry bad book joke). Um, I guess I’m going to have to say books. Luke loves old books and new books and every kind of book. Give him a book and he’ll love you forever.
  • Left or right-handed: Left handed
  • Religion (if any): Shadowhunters aren’t really religious, and Luke never really thought about joining any organized religion after he stopped being one. He likes the idea of God but he doesn’t see any evidence for one
  • Favorite sport: Wrestling, but he likes to say Football. It helps with his Dad™ persona
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): Luke is one of those people who gets really excited and buys a book of all the things to do in a city before he goes there and then has to check off everything on his Travel List before he feels like they can come home. It’s mostly horrible tourist stuff, but it usually also includes things like public gardens and at least one museum
  • Favorite kind of weather: Sunshine coming through a thin layer of cloud, about 65°F
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Luke is actually pretty afraid of small knives. Like anything bigger than a bread knife is fine but pocket knives? Freak him the fuck out
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: He’s surprisingly good at those ones where you’re supposed to shoot the target and get a prize
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I am in love with how detailed your theory is. It makes my little nb heart scream with joy. It (and your blog) are awesome. I was wondering if you had any head canons about trans girl Marco that aren't proof of the theory? If that makes sense. Sorry if it doesn't.

No I get it and let me tell you…. hoo boy, I’ve been physically restraining myself from making up too many head-canons about trans Marco so that they don’t get caught up with the actual theory.

First off, I have another theory that ties into the Trans Marco one that I don’t talk as much about, and that’s that Star is ultimately going to reject her title as Princess & The Royal Mewni Family, and choosing to instead live on Earth. This is mostly based off a number of parallels to Trans Marco, the overall theme of not letting destiny define you established by Freeze Day. as well as the biggest instance of foreshadowing being the end credits to the show. (“I’m really thinking I could call this place home!”)


I believe that Marco’s parents would be 100% supportive, that part’s obvious. But also believe that Star’s parents would also initially seem supportive of Marco.

However, they’d only be conditionally supportive. They’d be totally on bird with the whole “2 Queens” thing uuuuntill Star says she doesn’t want anything to do with that.

Then the facade drops.

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Prompt: “Want to watch Netflix and chill? But like actually chill not sex?”

Character: Charlie Bradbury x Reader (character suggested by anon)

You smiled as Charlie spoke on the phone to you, the girl was full of amazing, hilarious stories and you were always happy when she told you a new one, “What are you doing right now, anyhow?” She asked.

“Not much, I was thinking about ordering pizza.”

“Oh, can I come?”

You laughed, “Obviously. I was going to order your favourite as well.”

“Awesome! So I’ll come over and we can eat that… Want to watch Netflix and chill as well?” She asked, “But like actually chill? Not sex.”

“Sounds like a perfect way to spend my day.” You grinned.

“Good, because there’s this show I’ve been dying to watch and I think you’d really like it too. Oh, did I tell you about that friend of mine from work-”

The above requests have been added to the queue! Let’s have a quick chat about them!

Anon #1: YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN!!! People are never burdens! You are an entirely unique person, unlike anyone else and the people who love you are lucky to have you in their lives. You are irreplaceable.

Anon #2: YOU CAN DO THIS!!! People with chronic illness are the most hardcore badass of people. You are proving your awesomeness by fighting every damn day, and I know you’re going to fight just as hard tomorrow! I believe in you and in your strength!

Anon #3: It’s going to be okay, friend! My brother found his first girlfriend at 32, and they are super happy. It was never that he was unlovable, it just took him longer than it takes others and that’s okay, because everyone is different. You deserve love and you will find it when the time (and the person) is right!

Anon #4: Your friends aren’t better than you, I promise! They can’t be, because you’re fucking awesome! If they’re moving on from you, that’s not your fault. You deserve true friends, who will continue to love you and care about you, regardless of whether you’re succeeding in the same ways they are. (Also, you are not a failure. Failure is a thing that happens, not a thing people can be. What you are is awesome!)


- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

Um well it would really mean a lot to me if you saw this SU painting I did.

I’m @princessmossy btw I’ve been following your YouTube for awhile now and I really look up to your awesome artwork. For awhile I even tried to paint just like you XD but now I’ve drifted away from that and have started devolving my own style, this! I hope to be as skilled as you some day!

Oh that’s so cool!!!! I LOVE the color choice!!!! like the color choice and the way you did the lighting and shading is on point! :D I really really love it! :D really nice use of contrast as well!!! :D And it’s SUPER COOL!!! how you used me as an inspiration, but now you’re branching off in your own direction and discovering your style!!! THAT’S SO GREAT!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! :D so far I really like the way your style is heading, and I know you’re going to make super incredible stuff in the future! :D keep on drawing and painting! It looks great! :D 

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your blog is awesome but you should know it is mostly a curation of beauties created by capitalism.

not created by capitalism. created by workers, exploited by capitalists.

Let’s Spend the Night Together

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Pairing: ChuckxReader
Word count: 405
Warnings: Talk of drugs, mentions of sex
Request: Anonymous. Hi! I was wondering if you could maybe do a Rich/Gabriel or Rob/Chuck fic based on the song Let’s Spend the Night Together by The Rolling Stones? If ya could that’d be awesome! Thanks in advance and just for being so awesome!

When your phone rang at close to 1 am, there was no question who it was. It was Chuck. You groaned as you rolled over, picking up the phone. “Chuck, what’s going on? It’s the middle of the night.” You and Chuck had been in an on/off relationship for what seemed like forever. Things just never seemed to work out for you as a couple. That didn’t mean you ever stopped caring about him.

“Come over.” Were the first words out of his mouth. “I just want to spend the night together. That’s all.” He mused.

Blinking, you sat up in bed and rubbed your eyes. “You called me for…a booty call?” You asked, slightly annoyed.

There was a slight chuckle (giggle?) from the other end. “We don’t have the best luck in a relationship, but boy do we work well between the sheets.” Your cheeks turned pink at the thought of the two of you tangled up together. “Please? You know that it’ll be worth it.” You could just hear the smile in the man’s voice. “Look, babe, I’m high as all hell right now. I’m trying to tell you the best way I know how to be with you without another trainwreck. I want you to come over, and let me wear out my tongue.” You inhaled sharply. The man had issues with talking face to face at times, but was a genius with that damn tongue. “I need you, so much.” He groaned. “I can’t, and I won’t say I’m sorry. Let’s have fun, fool around until we’re so sore and tired that we just pass out. Have we ever left each other unsatisfied before?” His voice was low, and breathy.

You bit your lip, debating. “I’ll be there as soon as I can, Chuck.” You told him, desire filling your voice. “And Chuck?”


“You better be naked with a bowl packed when I get there.” You smirked. There was something about being high while you explored each other’s body like it was the first time all over, the way his fingers felt against your skin, his beard rubbing against your skin.

Putting your hand up, you knocked on the door before walking in. You groaned when you saw Chuck waiting for you. Naked as the day he was born, a smirk on his face, holding up your favorite bowl. “Strip for me, then you’ll get some.” He told you.

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It’s like 2 AM over here and I just finished my homework, but I promised myself that I was going to post an IHFAP post today (or I guess tomorrow) so VOILA.  

IHFAP #7 / IHFAP Informational Post

Spotlight: @martabm90

Marta! You’re such a sweetheart and literally every time I see one of your kind tags I want to give you a hug. Your art is so awesome and I love seeing the creative ways you alter Hiccup and Astrid. You’re a great friend and I hope we can get to know each other better! Have a great day, love!

troubleiwant replied to your post “*sends flowers and chocolates* because damn guuurl, you’re talented…”

Honestly you’re one of the writers in this fandom I look up to most! I get that other people liking your writing and feeling proud of it are different, but that desire to do better is, I think, part of what makes you so good!

jasimine11 replied to your post “*sends flowers and chocolates* because damn guuurl, you’re talented…”

Don’t delete!!!!! I think every artist has doubts about their work, but your awesome and keep up the good work!!!!!!

acountrygirlsfun replied to your post “*sends flowers and chocolates* because damn guuurl, you’re talented…”

But you ARE one of the greatest writers in this fandom <3

Oh gosh, no, there y’all went and said nice things! *panics and looks around* 

*throws Hoechlin at you*

In all seriousness, thank you for the encouraging words. They mean a great deal to me and it means a lot I have such amazing people around me when I get into writing slumps. You all are just incredible, okay? Thank you for making me feel better.

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I admire your honesty and your strength and your awesome philosophy to always be kind, to others and to yourself. ❤️

Thank you! That is my philosphy in life, to be kind. You never know what someone else is going through. It requires a great deal of patience and understanding. I haven’t perfected it though. I’ve hurt people, but I still practice it every single day. That’s all I can do. I hope I can make an impact for the greater good. That would be rad.