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does toothless love hiccup?

Toothless loves Hiccup through and through and through. I feel like the entire franchise manifests this love in depth. 

Toothless demonstrates clear affection, from his intentional, soft physical touches…

to trusting Hiccup…

to excitedly clambering toward Hiccup…

to teasing Hiccup…

to playing with Hiccup

to protecting Hiccup in dangerous situations (such as saving Hiccup in Defenders of the Wing Part 1), even when it put him in danger, too, and he didn’t have to be there otherwise…

to imitating Hiccup…

to helping Hiccup walk…

to going out of his way to be kind to Hiccup (think about fishing in the ocean for days to retrieve Hiccup’s helmet in GOTNF)…

to even being willing to die for Hiccup

Over. And over. And over again. Sacrificing himself for his beloved rider.

Toothless holds an utmost loyalty to Hiccup which is apparent in these actions, emotional expressions, and choices. Toothless wouldn’t intentionally break his tail in GOTNF unless he had a desire to continue flying with Hiccup and spend time with the human. He wants to be with Hiccup more than he wants to be able to do a basic dragon life function.

Toothless wouldn’t have been able to break out of the Bewilderbeast’s hive mind except that Toothless cared so much about Hiccup. His love broke mind control!

Toothless wouldn’t have broken out of the Bewilderbeast’s ice and started to fight the Bewilderbeast except that he cared so much about Hiccup. Toothless chose to fight a mountain sized dragon because of Hiccup.

Toothless doesn’t just love Hiccup.

His love for Hiccup, and Hiccup’s reciprocal love for him, is one of the greatest love stories ever told.

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Something I want to point out though, about Toothless' mate, is we don't know yet how it will go. It could be a case of, like GOTNF, Toothless and the female are only interested in hooking up for eggs, and not doing anything close to what humans would associate with a romantic plot. It's mating season, and they haven't seen a potential mate possibly ever, so time to do what animals do.

From this.

Hehe, I wouldn’t believe that they’d anthropomorphize the dragons so much as to be this weird crushy crushy lovey dovey stage, either. XD This is HTTYD, not something like The Lady and the Tramp, and while DreamWorks might push beyond the bounds of what is technically feasible, the HTTYD franchise has always had a grounding in biological and ecological ideas. The dragons aren’t meant to be humans and they make that clear and I love that! They’re their own natural species with their own minds, instincts, and habits. So dragons aren’t going to go into crushing or dating or falling in love or something anthropomorphic like that. 

The concept of Toothless being interested in a female Night Fury to the point it diverges his attention is more of what I had in mind when I was talking about a hook up story. It’s not romantic from a human perspective, but it does get at a sort of hook up plot because it’s potentially focusing on Toothless connecting with a certain female dragon throughout the film. ^.^ Since it’s geared on the idea of Toothless being “attracted” to a Night Fury - even if it’s a simple biologically motivated reason - it’s what has fueled my reservations.

But your point is exactly another reason why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions and worry about things. I’d hoped I’d make it clear that even though I’ve had reservations, I’m not going to let those lead me to judgment about HTTYD 3. My reservations aren’t this mindset “I think this is how it’ll happen.” You and I are on the same page - we don’t know how things will go! And I don’t think we should start saying how we think things should/could go.

My reservations aren’t predictions or criticisms. I by no means think that DreamWorks is actually writing everything or even anything like my list of worries. It’s just that my reservations are connected to hearing that tidbit of information and thinking about how this can lead into what I consider not-my-favorite plot territory. I’m talking about the pitfalls of where some past stories have led. So the reservations are a just a list of why I usually am not gungho about characters finding a mate character. But it doesn’t DreamWorks will write things that way, we shouldn’t assume they’re going to write things that way, and frankly I don’t think we should assume much at all! We’ve gotten one clause about this female Night Fury and we can’t make reliable predictions about how the movie will go from it. We shouldn’t get caught up in our reservations or biases. I’m not going to get caught up in my own reservations. I didn’t want that post to be a negative one saying reasons we should be worried about HTTYD 3. That’s not the point. XD I want the takeaway of that post to be that even though we might have reservations that naturally arise, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or worry because there’s lots we don’t know and the movie’s in the hands of very capable creators. I wholly trust Dean DeBlois and the HTTYD 3 gang to produce something incredible. They know what they’re doing. :) It’s gonna be a great movie and I have no doubts about that!

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Just was wondering what your favorite Sam central episode is. You're amazing! <3

There are so many to choose from but my fave Sam-centric episode has got to be Just My Imagination (11x08).

It gave us Sam in a sweater…

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Sparkly glitter blood…

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Flashbacks to an adorable, pre-hunter Sam…

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and Sully! I love how Sully tells Sam that he’s a hero and that he’s so awesome.

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Hi Kayla! I recently found your channel & listen, your builds are awesome. Sadly, I don't use the gallery because... reasons. Are you ever going to put them up for download through Dropbox or something? You don't have to, of course! I just wanted to know. Thank you!

I don’t think I’ll put all of them up, but I’ll probably upload the tray files for the new Huntley house. If there’s any specific ones you want a download for just let me know.

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So finally came around to reading the final book of the HTTYD series, and once I had done that, I started to wonder if it would/could be a similar ending to the movie series, what with the rumors that the 3rd film would explain how the dragons disappeared. What do you think? Have you read the final book? I think, since the book has a vastly different plot than the movie series, the 3rd movie will come up with something very different as to explain the absence of dragons. What do you think?

Howdeedoodeethere! I hope you enjoyed the final book in the series!!! I exuberantly read it the day it came out - all in one sitting! Suffice it to say I was very eager to finish up Cressida Cowell’s incredible HTTYD series.

I suspect that HTTYD 3 and HTFADF will bear some similarities in how they are resolved. They’re definitely not going to be the same, but I believe they will bear the same sort of overlying concepts. The dragons disappearing won’t be a bad thing. It’ll be based on a choice done in mutual understanding between Hiccup and Toothless - they’ll know this is a good thing that will protect and help grow dragonkind. It’ll be something that evokes hope and belief in good times ahead. The dragons aren’t going to completely die out - in fact, I’m dubious about whether or not the dragons will actually be gone by the end of HTTYD 3. I think that there are lots of things like this that be evoked similarly between books and movies, even if they aren’t the exact same story.

As you point out, the DreamWorks franchise is very different, but it also has a surprisingly striking number of plot parallels to Cowell’s books. Though Dean DeBlois took a lot of creative liberties and personal exploration when he wrote HTTYD 2, it’s still something to consider that HTTYD 2 has a lot in common with the later Cowell books, both for its original script and HTTYD 2′s final production. And DeBlois himself has been saying since 2015 that he plans on ending the third movie with inspiration from the book series

“[HTTYD 3 is] the culmination of Hiccup’s coming of age. Both he and Toothless are now chiefs of their respective tribes, and it’s a dueling story where you have both characters trying to do what’s right for their kind, and an eventual outcome where Hiccup is able to stand on his own. We’re gonna take the story to where the books begin, which is Hiccup as an adult reflecting back on a time where there were dragons, suggesting that the dragons will in some way go away. Why and could they come back and the mystery of what all that is will be saved for the actual story.”

It means I don’t think it’s too off base to look to the end of HTFADF for ideas about the third movie. It’d be off base to try to predict everything from Cowell’s writing, but I don’t think it’s a bad starting point to consider the basic concepts and emotions that are conveyed in the novels.

I’ll list below my prior speculations about how Cowell’s final novel might correlate to HTTYD 3. Even with the latest news about HTTYD 3′s plot, I think my thoughts are largely the same.

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Idk if your still taking prompts about PC but I was wondering if you can write about LH and Mikey adopting a child or baby. Then he/she gets to meet their uncles for the first time. (Ik they probably don't have any children in the future but please just for this prompt) thanks....Btw your an awesome writer!

“Say ‘hi’ to Uncle Raphie!” Mikey coos, rocking back and forth from his cross-legged seat on the floor, precious bundle in hand. “Say ‘hiiii, Uncle Raphie!’”

Raph looks like he wants to get up and leave. He settles for saying, “Why do I come here,” even though it makes Leo choke on his drink. 

“That’s no way to behave around your baby niece,” Donnie scolds him, but it looks like he’s perilously close to being a smartass, so Mikey encompasses him in the room-wide scowl. 

“You guys suck. Me and Ellie are brand-new second-time parents, and you don’t even care. Karai, you love her, don’t you?”

“I absolutely adore her,” his sister-in-law says, so seriously that Mikey isn’t totally sure she’s not messing with him. Klunk is perched regally on her knee.  “Congratulations again, to the both of you.”

LH is laughing silently behind his hand, and similarly, Leo is hiding behind his cup at this point. Mikey rolls his eyes at them – honestly, someone has to be the mature one around here – and hoists his newly adopted calico cat up into a careful cradle against his chest. 

“Don’t listen to them, Ice Cream Kitty,” he tells her, with a kiss on the nose for good measure. “Welcome to the family.”

His siblings respect the tableau for about twelve seconds, and then Raph blurts, incredulously, “What did you name her?”

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Given how possessive Zen can be at times, how would he react finding out MC is a stripper or a cam girl?

-he finds out when he has to go to a rehearsal far away and he wants to..relax

-“I deserve this- wait..IS THAT MC!?”

-offended gasp that you didn’t tell him

-he would try to convince you out of being a stripper/cam girl because he thinks you’re forced

-when you make sure he understands that you’re doing this with your consent, he would still be wary

-he secretly watches all of them all the time

-especially when he is filming away and you’re not with him

-with your awesome skills, you webcam with him (one on one on skype ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) 

-he gets a personal lap dance every single day

-he asked

-you deliver ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

-after guys have awesome sex

-he marks you on your most visible areas so even though you’re webcamming or stripping, people will know that you’re his

~admin nari

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how are dragons capable of love?

They are highly intelligent creatures with a large brain that would have developed to process emotions. Just because love is a human emotion does not mean that it is only a human emotion. Many animals clearly feel fear. Happiness is an emotion that is pretty apparently visible in a number of species, too. Scientific research proves that animals show emotions like empathy and love, too - though, frankly, I think that many dog owners could conclude that from their personal experiences, too! But it’s nice to have the research to confirm that resolutely. So dragons, like many intelligent creatures on our planet, have the ability to care for other creatures naturally, as love is not a human-restricted experience.

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I wrote How to Train Your Wimpod and I just wanted to thank all your awesome followers for reading! I'm glad so many people liked it :)

Your fic was a gift

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Hey! Hate to bother you but I just saw a post of your awesome Vault 88 build progress and can't figure out how you wired it up without having exposed wires? I'm a total noob when it comes to settlement building D:

OH HEY I am happy to help

Honestly the settlement building system would be so much less of a nightmare if it’d actually give anyone INSTRUCTIONS on what they can and can’t do

I had wires all over the place until MATN pointed out in his let’s play that the dlc comes with Vault Tec specific conduits that can clip into the walls:

They are a wire free, non messy way to conduct electricity through the walls and floors that I frankly wish were available at ALL THE OTHER SETTLEMENTS (though I suppose, the mess of wires adds to the feel of the settlement, or some bullshit like that)

They also work like regular conduits and can have things wired into them like so:

I don’t remember what section of the menu they’re under off the top of my head, but definitely somewhere under power, probably with the conduits or in miscellaneous.

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So I just wanted to say that I found you through your Hawke cosplay and started following you then, and I keep on thinking that everything your make is so awesome, either the cute or epic stuff or whatever. And I just hope your have fun in life!

Aw thank you so much! This made me smile so much this morning! Like the epic stuff is fun to wear, but sometimes I just need to cover myself in fleece and roll around on the ground. And that’s where I’m at right now and I love it! 

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Hi. Just wondering... Will you continue the modern Dragon Age AU sometime soon? I just love it to pieces! :D Also your art is awesome!!

Hi! Thanks so much! I must continue to document hipster AU shenanigans for as long as the fire burns (so probably forever) :D

(I have also made a zine! It’s currently only available at cons I attend in Australia until I source a good Print-on-demand site for overseas :)


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“Prom, you’re very, very adorable and super cool as well! I think your hair is awesome and your freckles are cute. Question: how are you going to celebrate Christmas this year with your friends?”

<3 Anon! I feel like we’ve been growing so close lately XD 

As for your question, the Christmas celebration around here starts with the tree…

It was my job to get the lights working this year…and…well…it turns out that lights are really freakin hard to figure out. They get all tangley and knotted and then they all started blinking and and….

…eventually I just yelled for Iggy until he made them work. 

Our Christmas celebration’s just getting started though, so I’ll have to make sure to show off the rest of our traditions!   

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I'm off to my orchestra concert which gives me an excuse to mention 2 things: 1) our teacher/conductor is Russian so the audience has no clue what he's saying and we just laugh 2) he also plays for broadway, like subbing for the people who are out. Idk what shows hes played for but I know he played for wicked once (13 anon)

WOAH your conductor sounds AWESOME!!! How’d the concert go, bby?! <333