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thank you so much for that treasure of a line, "sorry i'm late vriska's ego got stuck in the doorframe" that was beautifully executed and your work is awesome

lmao glad you liked that!! >:^) (I added it as a joke but then kept it in the end)

and thanks a lot!

Future Girlfriend

I’ll be there for you when you just watched a scary movie and you’re too afraid to sleep alone. When you just want someone to talk to about how awesome your day was. When you’re lonely and want someone to cuddle and watch Netflix with. When you get a little too drunk at that frat party and need someone to hold your hair for you. When you’re feeling spontaneous and want someone to go on adventures with you. When you wake up with the flu and want someone to bring you soup and medicine because you can barely get out of bed. When you’re feeling frisky and want someone to push you up against the wall and kiss you until you forget what day it is. When you’re in the mood for breakfast in bed and want someone to come cook for you. When you’re feeling self-conscious and need someone to remind you how beautiful you are. When nothing seems to be going right and all you really want is a long, tight hug. Whether it’s the best day you’ve ever had or your worst…

I will always be there for you.

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The regular show movie was so gay (like, literally) I expected Mordecai and Rigby to kiss at several points but???? they didnt????? Shakes, can you draw some morby to compensate for where the film lacked?? Your art is really awesome btw!! 👏💯

haha dude HONESTLY I GOT THAT VIBE TOO? also thank you!! for the compliment and that other message heheh :> <3

Wedding portrait of Vaeyin Lavellan and Faycen Malik for Valkatra

Hope you have an amazing day! <3 ^^

-A Sweet Denouement- 
The second part of ask-autumn-leaf ‘s Hunger Games prize, a commission! Requested was a shot of Autumn and mdragonflame walking down a lovely fall road, and I did my best to bring that to life! Hope you like!
Thanks for the patience all, and for being awesome! Keep your eyes out, you’ll never know when I’ll do another hunger games!


At the top, Atari graciously letting me share “her” pillow. Then Atari being a snuggly ball of kitten fluff. She loves me and LM and…. That’s it.

The big orange one is Amiga. He is the cuddliest cat ever and a real sucker for attention. Look at him and he’ll start putting.

omg I love their names you win the nerdlympics for that pair and your prize is these awesome cats

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Gosto muito de friends, se acredita que eu fiz uma tatuagem no pulso, escrito friends ?😅

i had to google translate this :D.. so… do you have the word ‘friends’ tattooed on your wrist? awesome


Ok so I have so much to say I’m about to die. First of all I LOVE YOU AND YOUR HAIRS AND I THINK YOUR JOB IRL IS AWESOME (OR YOUR HOBBY OR WHATEVER). Ok I calmed down a bit. You are an amazing artist and my favourite sims hair creator and I don’t know what I’ll do if you stop making hairs. A quick question. Who is your biggest rival in the hair making community?? I’d imagine it would be Stealthic.


Hehehehehehehheheheeh oh thank you love that’s so sweet XD

About rivals I don’t have any bitch 

JK of course I don’t look at anyone as a rival we are not competing to win anything (but if we where I wold slay them bitches down Muaahahahahah I’m kidding I’m kidding *shakes head*)

But I do have ppl that I admire and look up to and those ppl are  Anto and Cazy.
In order to become the best you don’t compete with the best you learn from them ;)  (words of wisdom by #DarkoHotDamnSims )

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heyyyyyy! I just wanted to say that I loooove your blog, it's awesome!!! I'm a digimon fan and it's always nice to see others, but you have great imagination! I wondered, do you have any Beelzebumon related headcanons? (he's like my favorite digimon of all times) thank you, and continue being cool :D

Anon, you’re too good for this world. Too pure. /Whispers: Thank

Sadly I don’t really have Beelzebumon headcanons? D: Like, aside from Beelzebumon being a chicken man. And that if you DigiXrossed a Beelzebumon with a Leomon you’d get a BikerLeomon.

I do headcanon that the Tamers!Beelzebumon, or, er, Impmon, after getting thrown back into the Digital World with everyone else after the ending of Tamers, went to find some DigiGnomes and had them extract Leomon’s loaded data out of him so that Juri’s wish of getting to be with Leomon again could be fulfilled (’cause, you know, the DigiGnomes should totally be able to do that). After that Impmon proceeds to take care of Leo’s egg like Bokomon did with Seraphimon’s egg until he had to return it to Juri when returning to the Human World some day. Or, IDK, something like that.



It’s been off the market since just before I got here so I’ve never tried it but apparently it’s the best ice cream in the South. The had to stop making it because of a listeria outbreak but now they’re all clear and have started production!!! Ahhhh!!! So excited to try it. Hope it lives up to expectations!!