your art looks great!

disteal  asked:

I was just looking through your art (it's so great) and does everything Gabe wear have 'juicy' on it somewhere. Like does Jack do laundry one day when he stays over and wind up furiously flipping through Gabe's closet trying to find a pair of socks, a hoodie, SOMETHING that doesn't have 'juicy' on it in big gay cursive.

Yes, he owns both ‘juicy’ and 'r u nasty’

ruffled-blackfeathers  asked:

Your art style is wonderful! It's what I wish mine could be x) Cheers!

ahhh I’m flattered thank you so much, friend!!

I hope you’re having an inspiring day <3

An historically accurate collab with @yara122001! She sketched Thomas, which I lined and coloured, and I sketched Samira, who she lined and coloured!

This was lots of fun to do, and we should also thank @onebigangstmistake for providing us with the necessary references, because let me tell you one thing: it is hard to find good references for 1400′s medieval clothing, especially Dutch. Thanks!

stencilstephy  asked:

*flicks your head* your art is good. It is very unique and is always improving! It doesn't matter if it's not as good as others! If your satisfied of what you make that is great. The people that look at your art and continue to be there and support you will think it's good. And I guarantee you, your art is completely fabulous! Just trying to spread some positivity Also congrats on 3k followers :}

Mun: Says the one who keeps complaining. Yeah you’re right. No matter how much we complain about our art it keeps improving.

jakeitorbreakit  asked:

OMG! I just discovered your art and I LOVE it! Your classroom gems are so adorable and amazing! Your guide to drawing su characters is also really helpful! I was wondering if you sell prints if your art? I noticed you said you where gonna add BD as VP and also are you gonna add smokey? IM JUST LOVING IT! Also do you color your Classroom Gems art in or leave it rough on purpose? It looks great either way I just thought it might be cool colored! Thanks for all your amazing art that makes me happy!

Thank you so much you sweet and precious pumpkin pie! <3

1.) No, i sadly dont sell prints, but I’m working on commission prices for lovely followers like you to purchase!

2.) Yes I DID add them (i put them in before reading your question

3.) At first I didn’t color them because originally it was just a silly sketch, then i realized that SO many people liked them, so I just continued with the normal art style. Recently, I started coloring a few,like Lapis and Blue/Yellow Pearl :)

4.) You made ME happy with your amazing comments! Much love! <33

anonymous asked:

so i just want to say your art is great! it looks kinda soft and warm because of colors you use. your artworks comfort me so much i can't even say. thank you for your hard work :) i wish you happiness and more time for rest (sorry for me english)

I think that this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about my art :)))) I’m so glad that my work comforts you and that you like it so much! 

Thank you so much for your lovely message! I will print it out and hang it on my wall It’s so sweet! <3

solong-gaybowser  asked:

Dude your arts are so fucking good I just Bite my knuckles at it all Like, christ look at the color choices you use to shade and accent and shit. And like look at all that HAIR you fucking bust out. Look at it. YOUR ART IS GREAT I REALLY LOVE YOU


variicolor  asked:

pixel art seems so cool but i've never once touched digital art and i'm not even good at pencil drawing but pixel art still interests me

aaa you should go for it !! the beauty of pixel art is that you need literally 0 experience with digital art bc its literally just filling in squares,,

and i’m sure your traditional art looks great !! 

kat9534  asked:

You're doing great with your art tablet!!! It looks so great!!! *A thought randomly pops into her head.* What if swinks got an art tablet? (That literally popped into my head as I was writing this ask.)

omg X”D Thank you!!
If he did I imagine he’d paint it, and it’d become useless haha