your art is amazing

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Your art is amazing and I love all of your sets and pieces! Have you ever thought of doing something like the 7 deadly sins modern ? Or like a modern scooby doo ? Even if not I literally can't wait to see the rest of your stuff they give me life 😍😍😍✌🏿️

There are 5 sets of drawings that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to draw, but haven’t thought of a strong enough concept that excites me enough to pursue them. They are:

A seven deadly sins series

A card deck series

A zodiac series

A tarot card series

And a Greek mythology series!

One day I’ll get enough confidence/motivation to draw them! One day!

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I just saw your kid!destiel and i almost cried its so cute! Your art is so amazing! It instantly brightens my day anytime I see it on my dash. Thank you so much for what you do friend, it is much appreciated! <3

adsfjdsan thank YOU! :DD

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Can you do a barista Michael who has a special skill for doing amazing art with the foam of your coffee. And you start recommending the place to others do to his talent, only to find out he only does those special designs for you because he thinks you are adorable and can't work up the nerve to actually talk to you

You couldn`t remember when the small place around the corner had become your favourite coffee shop, but you could remember why. The reason was most likely Michael – smiliest, weirdest barista in the world with ever-changing coloured hair and a grin spreading wide open every time you came in. Always a dump joke on his lips that made you laugh or giggle, always remembering your order. And – always creating amazing patterns with foam and cocoa and the coffee itself (and sometimes cream and caramel, your favourite flavour), every day a new one, always surprising you. He is really skilled and it brightens your day that he puts so much effort into it, making your heart flutter with excitement when you come in about what might wait on your cup for you today. He is talented and makes you smile and despite the fact that the two of you have never spoken more than “what would you like today? – the usual please” you feel the need to share his talent and talk with your best friend about how `your` barista is a real artist when it comes to coffee and you show her the snaps you took of the foamy masterpieces and she notices more than you how your cheeks light up and your eyes sparkle with excitement and how the smile never really wants to leave your face but decided not to say something, instead she promises to try the coffee shop out. It is a week until you see her again and you have probably told some more people about `your` barista by now when  she strides up to you, paper cup in hand, smiling and states that “she just went to your place to get coffee but that she didn`t get any cute pictures in her cup” and you can`t really believe it, why would he do that only for you and she grins as you excuse yourself, curious about what might be his motifs and quickly walk until you reach the old wooden doors of one of your favourite places in the world, push them open and are greeted with the familiar smell and a pair of glooming green eyes flickering over to your face before returning to the customer in front of him. It is a busy day and Michael is busy as heck, so you just order something and sit down at one of the tables, nervously fidgeting with your fingers and watching the minutes pass until the point when his shift ends and you`re actually surprised when he pulls back the chair next to you to sit down, two cups with him to match your empty one. He slides one your direction with a short “new creation” and you pick it up – noticing a delicate pattern of clouds on top before taking a sip and it tastes really good and gives you fresh energy so you peel up at him – and catch Michael watching you with a fond look in his eyes. As he realizes that, his cheeks blush and you can`t help but blush, too, because goddamnit this is kinda awkward but also really cute and you`re nervous so you just blurt out your question: “why do you only do the patterns for me?”. Michael blushes even harder, taking a sip of his drink before mumbling “because they`re special just like you” and it may take a few minutes more to break the ice but after that you have the longest, greatest conversation you`ve ever had, Michael sending you home not only with your third coffee but also with his phone number and the promise to pick you up tomorrow at 8 - for something else than coffee for once.

barista!5sos blurb night with anarchyaustralia send in/tag us in your writing!

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Thank you for your kind words of support **big hugs**

I just wrote a long post to Kelley (I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS HAPPENING TODAY OH GOD) - but I want you to know the same applies to you. You are SUCH an inspiration to me, and you are sweet and wonderful and I will defend you to the end. I LOVE YOU. So, so much. 

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I know u have lots of followers and I hope mine meant something because your blog is very amazing. It's not the art that I like about the blog it's the style

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Seriously!!! (I'm sobbing whilst flailing over your amazing art) Is there anything you can't draw!!!

aw, thank you!

  • cars
  • invisible anything
  • invisible cars
  • the hungry darkness contained within the human soul, forever writhing and slithering and consuming
  • mostly cars

I saw your Donnie and Mikey flower pics, and I just adored them! So, I couldn’t help myself of making my own, so I doodled my favorite turtle..
I hope that you’ll like it. I know I do! Heh,
And please! Never stop drawing! Your art is just amazing!♥️

Umh, that’s all for me, heh.. •blushes and runs away•

Oh gosh thank you so much! This is awesome, really, I absolutely adore his expression! xD

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Hi Stev, I just wanna say, thank you. You inspired me to draw and your videos are amazing! Never give up art. Your art is so colorful and beautiful! Not to mention your awesome animations. They're so smooth! But thank you, I couldn't do this without you. :) Also tell Kaiju I said hi huehue

Also, Kaiju says;

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I love your art! I hate to be crutical, but doesn't Opal have 4 arms? I hate to be nitpicky because that piece is amazing (like your other art) ^^

That gets asked a lot, but in the Opal AU Opal is the one who is romantically fused instead of Ruby and Sapphire, So her fusion is a bit more stable than in the main show, so I thought I would represent that with 2 slightly muscular arms rather than 4 skinny arms.
This original Sketch was to show how the 4 main characters designs were altered from the original.

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YOUR ART IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD !!! I love your drawings so much,and you are one of my favorite artists ! I couldn't describe how much I love your art ! I draw Pearl too,is an amazing character,but your drawings are sooo CUTE !!! You inspire me very much,KEEP IT GOING ! :)


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Oh my goOODD I JUst found your art and I'm JSUT ????? Oh gosh this art is amazing ??? It's so cute ??? You're so talented like oh gosh it's so good and I love your artsy style and AAAHHHH you're now one of my inspirations ;; (I hope you don't find this message creepy sorry!!)

 aaaaaahhhhh asDFHHJF my face is melting //// anon you’re so sweet, thank you so much ;_・

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I love your Buckynat art so much! Please never stop drawing them! You're amazing and so talented!

So long as people want more buckynat content (or not, I still might draw it for my own interest haha), I most definitely well! But thank you so much queenofcinema​. It makes me really happy people do like my art ;n; /gives you all the hugs in the world 

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Even though the art of Rick and Morty is amazing and unique in its own respect, your art of Z-123 Rick looks like it should've been the art of the show entirely. It's that good! So complementing to the eyes. How long have you been drawing art of Rick and Morty?

Wow!!!! Woah!!!!!!!! That’s so nice of you to say I’m so happy ommgmgmg!!
But yeah I’ve only been drawing it for a ….month? Maybe 2?

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Do you sell prints? Your art is amazing :)

Thank you!!!! :) and yep! For prints of ANY of my work you can email me at and I can send you one—-general prices here [x] 

or you can go through society6 which has a few of my pieces [x] :)