your arms tho


This just occurred to me

Imagine being on the run from the Hidden Leaf and running into Itachi lil ass when he was running the ANBU. Nigga was like 14 in charge of the ninja secret police.

You grown, you killed a man for a bowl of ramen this morning, you a full-fledged fuckin NINJA and this lil dude, bout five feet, skinny, voice crackin and shit is out here in the fuckin forest in a cat mask talmbout “stand down and you will not be harmed” like he ain’t hit puberty bout an hour ago. You wasn’t even gon square up. You tryin not to laugh cus the dude got fishnets on his arms like a damn scene kid. You try to shove lil dude out the way and


Oh shit

Where your arm at tho? Where lil dude at?

Now you freakin the fuck out cus you ain’t even bleeding, that shit just disappeared. All a sudden yo ass strung up like CHRIST and lil dude is stabbing you in the chest wit a sword bout tall as his short ass talmbout “you gon be here for three days, bitch” and you can’t even be scared no more, you just accept you got fucked up by grade schooler.

You want him to stop but you really hopin he kill yo ass cus you ain’t never gon live it down when Japanese Malcolm in The Middle drag you into the village lookin like you fought fifteen cats and LOST.

Cuddling with BTS


Jin/Seokjin: Jin would be very sweet, and gentle. He would love it if you just. laid on him. He loves it. he adores it bc he can hold his princess and still read a book or look on his phone if you happen to fall asleep on him. Usually he talks to you, or you talk to him about your day as he runs his hands through your hair, slowly putting you to sleep.

Suga/Yoongi: He would be the one to lay on u lmao like no matter where u are as soon as you sit down and theres space, he lays his head right on ur lap and takes one of your hands and puts it on his head, looking up at you expectantly. He loves it when u play with his hair and he will often times fall asleep on your lap :’) he loves to feel your hands gently playing with his soft hair while you talk about random things, or he will occasionally rap quietly to yo. when you’re cuddling in bed tho, he’s the big spoon. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. (except yours maybe.)

J-Hope/Hoseok: cuddling with him would be HARD LOL he never stops moving even in his sleep!!! As with everything in your relationship, his goal is to get you to laugh and smile at him. He would be the big spoon most of the time, burying his head into your neck and blowing raspberries into your skin, making you squeal and try to squirm away, and failing bc of his strong arms keeping you pressed against him as he tickles your sides and makes silly faces at you as you laugh and joke around with each other.

Rap Monster/Namjoon: the only word I can come up with to describe Namjoon’s cuddling style would be: Sensual. not in the sexual way necessarily, at least not all the time lol, but he would cuddle kind of like JB, in the way that he would love it if you could cuddle while facing him, him using his arm as a pillow and lazily drawing patterns on your back with his other hand, and whispering sweet raps written just for you as you both talk about your futures and ambitions and hopes together.

V/Taehyung: Impossible, unless he was sleeping. and even then he practically lays on u lolol. He would move around SO MUCH OMG he cannot decide on a cuddling position he likes!! one minute he’ll be wrapped up around u in a taehyung burrito then then next you’re laying in between his legs and then suddenly he’s laying on top of u squishing ur face with his hands asking if u want to go get food somewhere its really kind of exhausting to try and cuddle w him but if u get him tired enough ;D he’ll lay on his stomach and smush his face into the pillow, looking at you from one eye as he lazily has his arm on your waist.

Jimin: tho he really REALLY loves to cuddle close to you when you’re sleeping, he’s the type of person to sit at the other end of the sofa with your legs in his lap while you’re doing work and just watch you as you’re focusing, gently stroking your legs with his fingers, sometimes talking to you about some goofy thing Junkook and V did, or about a performance that went really well, or sing you a little blip of a song that he was working on with Yoongi. Sometimes he really didn’t have to say anything at all, being perfectly content to just be next to you, but always having his hand on you somewhere, just to make sure you weren’t leaving anytime soon.

Jungkook: V V innocent. at first he would be so hella awkward lmao he doesn’t know how to cuddle and honestly cuddling is such an art form but anyways he just likes to hold u. plain and simple, nothing super fancy about it. He likes to look at your face but be able to bury his face into your hair when the eye contact gets to be too much but he also likes to have access to your lips, and he likes to make it easy for himself to roll over and trap u underneath him should you start to have a lil makeout session. ;)

Girl Meets Game Night? More like…


Actual canon dialogue. This episode was hella gay.

“You and me. Let’s win this thing.”

I mean seriously. Maya watches Topanga say that to her husband and goes: “I should say the exact same thing to Riley and mimic Topanga’s intonation as closely as possible.” She steps onto the same playing field as CORY AND TOPANGA, in front of Lucas and everybody, and effectively says to Riley, “this is where you and I belong.”

They’re linking arms and making some fierce heart-eyes at each other. Maybe I’m just a touch-deprived introvert, but are people usually like that when they’re just friends?

Come on!

I mean, this thing is basically like a gay Terrigen Crystal, right? Those who have the gay within them get it awoken when they take the diviner to the temple play the long game.

More like Girl Meets GAY Night, amirite?

AHS Cult "11/9" thoughts. (Spoilers obviously)

So we could all see where this was going i think. It seems to be the general consensus. Nothing was incredibly surprising. I gotta say the best part was Ivy and winter. Also the costuming department is genius having Ivy and winter in black and white while Ally is in off-white and neutrals mostly. I liked that they had emma Roberts come back and then immediately. Winter shouting “get woke”. Evan Peters is Killin it this season. While none of these characters are particularly likable they certainly are compelling. My opinion is this is shaping up to be one hell of a season. Having to cut off your own arm Tho Chazz? Brutal. Also evan’s roots are gonna start to bug me. Like you can’t touch that up Kai?