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Good Girls Go Bad

Set in the 40’s. Y/N was your stereotypical girl next door, growing up in the apartment right across the hall from James Buchanan Barnes. She had always been the shy, reserved girl; she was the complete opposite of the enigmatic ladies man. Despite their proximity, she was sure that he didn’t even know she existed. What happens when they run into one another during a night out on the town? Is just one night all it really takes? 

Word Count: 3,408

Warnings: swearing, smut

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You sighed, adjusting your dress as you gazed into the mirror. Even though it was still rather conservative, you couldn’t help but notice that it was more revealing than you were used to. The neckline plunged rather low, the collar fastened with a bow that drew attention to your cleavage. The waist was cinched, showing off your figure. Paired with the red heels that your friends had chosen for you, you were looking like a regular bombshell. Your friends had insisted that you go out with them tonight. You had turned them down too many times. They said that now, of all days, you had to accompany them. The newest army recruits would be shipping out tomorrow, and it was sure to be a lively night.

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Illegal (Part 1)- Park Jimin Racer!AU

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Genre: Fluff/ Comedy/ Angst

Pairing: JiminxReader

Word count: 6.002k

Summary: During your staying in your grandmother’s house you meet Jimin and discover the night life that’s beyond the calm appearence of the town.

“Don’t worry about her, she is safe with me. Now go before you’re late!” Your grandma shouted from the front porch.

You could see your father face by his the reflexion on the car’s mirror. He tryed to look not affected, all tough and unbothered, but you knew best. The minute he would drive off and pass the town’s sign, he would burst into tear and start sobbing like there was no tomorrow.

It wasn’t just him who felt uneasy about this whole situation, you did too. Since your mother left you two alone, without any previous warning, that your dad had never went back to being how he was when she was still present. Now, he was always too focused on work, to the point where you would have to force him out of his office to eat or to just lay on a bed and close his eyes for a few seconds . But you didn’t judge him, though, you knew that that was the way he used to cope with the pain he felt.

It was your grandmother who convinced you to come and stay with her for a while, saying it would be for her since you two could spent more time together, and, at the same time, it would make your dad a bit more independent for when your classes at the university finally start. It sounded good to you, a nice way to clear your head from all the stress that you felt with your whole dad situation and exams, so you took her offer.

“He will be okay, he is stronger that you think he is, Y/N.” She said, caressing your arm and leading you inside, towards the kitchen.

Her house had a very nice aura to it, very cosy and bright, filled with all types of flowers everywhere. Since you grandmother loved gardening, having plants around her house and become a must.

“So, now that I get the chance to get you all to myself, how do you feel about us baking some cookies? The chocolate chips ones? Your favourite?” She asked and your stomach growled in response.

“Sounds good to me.” You laughed.

You turned on the television, to have some background noise, since it helped you to not overthink this whole situation and to not wonder way to far on your thoughts. Usually when you overthink things it would only got worse, for you that is.

Everything is going to be fine. It has to.

“Honey” Your grandma called from the kitchen, while holding up some tools and ingredients “I realized that we are missing the chocolate bits. Could you go to Mr.Crumberry’s shop and get me some of them? There are some coins on the table if you don’t have enough money.”

“Sure thing, it’s still the last shop on the left, right?” You asked, getting up from your spot on the couch and taking the coins with you. She hummed in response as you kissed her cheek and promised to come back quickly, closing the door behind you, carefully, to not make much noise.

Outside was a bit windy and not many people could be seen. The town wasn’t very big itself but, it had a lot of people around your age and a bit older too. You weren’t familiar with any of them, though, since you barely came here.

In general, you never had many friends due to the fact that you always were busy with university or taking care of your dad, by making sure that he was taking good care of himself, which left not much time to hang out with other people. The only person that you still found the time to be around was Taehyung, a guy who you had met a few years ago and apparently lived right down the street from you. You two had become friends in a strange manner, mainly because he never stopped bugging you, appearing always by your side during lunch time, making rather random visits in your house and bringing you the latest movies for the both of you to see them together. So, you decided, “if you can’t beat him, join him”.

From the minute that you introduced him to your dad, they became great friends as they both shared a passion of finding new animal species. Not the wisest decision you’ve ever made. Let’s just say that you came home one day to find a bunch of different hamsters on your couch.

You were so absorbed in your thoughts from your hometown that you didn’t even notice the small salience on the side walk, which caused you to trip. You closed your eyes, prepared to collide to the ground, but meting a softer surface instead. Someone’s chest.

“Hey there, careful” A raspy voice said. The person had his hands around your arms, securing you against him. He smelled like mint and cigarettes, and a small pinch of cinnamon.

“I’m so sorry.” You apologized, stepping back. You started to blush when you realized he still had his hands around you, and even with the small space between you two, you could still feel your heart pounding against your chest. “Are you okay?”

“I should be the one asking you that.” He said, laughing. The first thing you noticed about him was his orange hair. It was an unusual thing to see, very strange, yet he still managed to be one of the most handsome guys you have ever seen. You met his eyes, only to notice that he was already looking at you, giving you one of those smiles that were so bright that made the sun’s light look like absolutely nothing when compared to it.

“I’m Jimin, by the way. Park Jimin.” He added, noticing that you hadn’t responded.

“I’m Y/N.” You shook your head and smiled, trying to distract yourself to not stare at him.

“Well, Y/N, you are not from around here, are you?” He asked, cocking his head to the side, examining your features.

“No, actually I’m not. I’m staying here for some time, at my grandma’s. And I know that I said it before but I’m really sorry that I bumped into you. I had to go to Mr.Crumberry’s shop to find some chocolate bits for my grandma but I got distracted and- ” You rambled. He tucked the hair behind your ear and you stepped back, surprised, only to stumble on that same piece of the sidewalk. Great. Just great. There was no way you were ever going to get out of the house with these pair of shoes again.

“Seeing that you are always falling, do you need company to make sure you get to your grandma’s house intact? I would hate myself if you fell again and I wasn’t there to catch you” He said, winking at you.

“Are you trying to seduce me? Because that isn’t working”

“Are you sure? Because I swear that when I do this” He took a step closer to you and lowered himself, whispering into your ear “I can hear your heart starting to race.”

You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t deny the fact that what he was saying was true. You just had this feeling that he was one of these cocky people and that only admitting that to him would only make his ego grow bigger.

He laughed at your reaction and brushed his hand through his orange hair. You looked at the watch that you had on your wrist and realized that it had passed more time that it seemed, and that your grandma may get anxious if you don’t get home quickly. After all, the shop wasn’t far away from her house.

You started walking towards the store and noticed that he was still right beside you.

“So, Y/N, tell me about yourself.” He said after a while of you two walking side by side.

“What about me?” You asked.

“I want to get to know you.” He said after taking a deep breath. That question made you nervous, mainly because no one ever asked you that, because no one ever cared that much.

“You do? I’m warning you I am a pretty boring person with a very boring life. There is nothing interesting about me.” You say as the both of you get inside the store. You greet the old bald man that is on the other side of the counter while Jimin just waves at him and sends him a small smile.

The store isn’t very big, so you won’t take long to find what you want. The last time you had been here was years ago, and knowing that everything was still on the same place comforted you.

“I don’t believe that. Let’s see, for example… What’s your favourite colour?” He asked adjusting one of his many rings that he had on his hand.

“I don’t have one.” You answered, shrugging.

“What? What do you mean you don’t have a favourite colour? Everybody has got a favourite colour. That’s like the basic requirement for being a human being.”

“Basic requirement?” You laughed, picking up a package of chocolate bits from one of the shelves. “It’s just a colour”

“Just a colour? Whoa. You just hurt me, I hope you know that.” He faked a hurt look and stepped back dramatically while you walked to the counter. You handed your grandma’s coins to the man and said goodbye, politely. Through the window you could see that the sun was starting to go down, a very pretty view actually, but you don’t have the time to enjoy it as you have to get home as quickly as possible.

The cold air hits your face when you get out of the store and you shiver, closing your jacket a bit more. Jimin, however didn’t seem very bothered by the cold, as he continued to walk normally and talking to you, gesticulating theatrically over the fact that you didn’t have a favourite colour.

“I still can’t believe you don’t have one.” He said, shaking his head in disappointment. He seemed to think hard for a bit and then snapped his fingers like he just had the most brilliant idea ever  "You know what? You just gave me a mission.“

“I, what?” You stopped walking, giving him a confused look.

“You just gave me a mission. From now until the day you leave, I have the mission to make you have a favourite colour.” He said. Jimin sounded determined and you got the feeling that he was one of those people that always got what they wanted, so you didn’t object.

You may not admit it to anyone, and not even yourself, but you liked talking to him and you looked to know that he cared about you, even if it all was because of a stupid colour. He was very carefree and completely different from the people that you had met so far in your life, like a breeze of fresh air.

You two continued to talk during the rest of the way to your grandmother’s house. He would, occasionally, try a pick of line on you but you would always dodge him of, which resulted in him laughing at your reactions. You would, however, blush at his words every now and then, and he must have noticed that because he started joking with you.

“Ha, Y/N, are you blushing?” He said, pinching your cheeks with his fingers.

“What? No, I’m not” You lied, moving faster away from him. “It’s hot, that’s all. Are you really following me all the way home?”

“Of course. You know, my mother always told me to follow my dreams” You rolled your eyes at his corniness.

There could be seen a few people walking around the town and some others sitting on their balcony talking to one another. They seemed so close with each other, the complete opposite to your life in the city, where they wouldn’t even stop to great you.

When you saw the house a few meters away from where you were you couldn’t help but to feel a bit sad that this was all over so quickly. You stopped in front of the gate and pointed at the house.

“This is it.” You said.

Even though the town is small you couldn’t help but to be afraid that you may never see him again. You didn’t quite knew why you felt that why, you just did.


How did you get so attached to him in just a few minutes?

“I know your grandma!” He suddenly realised “She is a really cool lady. I remember she gave me some of her cookies. Wait… That was for what the chocolate bit were needed?” He asked, his eyes glinting. You nodded in response, laughing.

He sure has heck seemed to really enjoy those cookies.

There was a bit of a silence for a while, while you two standed in front of the gate. He kept fiddling his fingers, like a nervous habit it seemed, while you played with the package that was in between your hands.

“Well, looks like I have to go. It was nice seeing you, Jimin” You said goodbye to him, walking up the little garden that your grandmother had in front of her house.

“Hey” He shouted, like he had just remembered something “Tonight I’m doing something and I really wanted you to come and see. And maybe… you could bring some of those cookies with you?”

“So, basically you just want me to take you the cookies?” You laughed.

“How did you know? I’m I that obvious?” He joked. “But no, I really want you to go. Do you know where the bridge is?” You nodded. “Well, meet me there around ten thirty. You will have a lot of fun, I promise.”

“Okay, I will see if I can go.” You waved at him from the front porch as he walked way, backwards while smiling at you.

“Ten thirty, don’t forget!” He yelled. You stayed there, still, watching him walking away.

You cleaned your feet on the red carpet and open the door, only to find your grandma sitting on the couch watching “The Price Is Right” and swearing at the people on the television.

“How can they not know that it costs 9.75? Are you dumb? Boy, when I go to church I will pray for you” She mumbled to herself.

The moment she noticed you standing behind her, holding the package in between your hands, she turned the television off and run to you, hugging and pacing you back and forth.

“God, you are finally here. I was so worried, what took you so long?” She questioned you, worried.

“Nothing I just found someone on the way and lost track of time. Now that I’m here, how about we do those cookies you were talking about? I’m so hungry” You said, and your stomach growled.

“Someone, huh?” She winked, picking up the package of the chocolate bits that I had brought from the kitchen counter. “Who is the lucky man?”

“Grandma… It’s nothing like that. We are just friends, if you could even call it that. I just met him today.” You picked up the tray and greased it with butter so that the cookies wouldn’t stick.

“If you say so… But who is he?” She asked, excitement evident in her voice.

“Park Jimin.”

“Oh, Jimin!” She said. Her reaction was the same of when someone mentioned Elvis Presley or Bob Dylan, he must be very important to her. “He is a very unique guy, isn’t he?”

“Indeed. He was very surprised that I didn’t have a favourite colour. He said he it was his mission to make me have one or something.” You laughed. He sure as heck was different “How do you know him?”

“Hum… Your grandfather and him where very close. When he… passed away…” She stopped and you continued to knead the dough. Talking about your grandfather was a very touchy subject for her, and if Jimin was as close to him as she said he was, he definatly was someone special. “He visited me every two days to check on how I was doing and of course, to ask me if whenever I would bake again I could give him some of my pastries. But, why did you ask me about him?”

“He… he invited me to meet him by the bridge tonight, he said he wanted to show me something. And I wanted to know if he was trustworthy or not. And since you said you knew him…” You rambled. You opened the first cabined and took out the stars shaped object to cut the dough.

You felt a bit uneasy when talking about this to her, since you came here to spend some time with her and not other people. And much less to have a romantic interest.

If Taehyung was here right now, he would make fun of you. Who would say that the same girl that refused to accept to have a friend was now thinking about romantic interests with someone?

“You have a date?” She asked, happily.

“It’s not a date.”

“Yes, yes it is. My granddaughter has a date! You are growing up so fast” She sobbed into your shoulder.

“Grandma, I’m in college already. I’m not a kid anymore.” You laughed.

“I know, I know. There is no need in reminding me of that. Now go take a shower! By the time you are done the dinner must be ready. Now, go! Don’t you have somewhere to be?” She shushed you out of the kitchen with her oven glove.

“Alright, alright.” You responded. You climbed up the stairs and went to the bathroom to turn the hot water on. Getting rid of your clothes you hop in and close the curtain.

You take your time washing your hair and body, thinking about if you should actually go and meet Jimin by the bridge. You wanted to, that was true, but you still had your doubts. However, those had nothing to do with him, you were just afraid of getting too attached, since the last time you did so your mother had left.

Your grandma was right, you though while you took the shampoo out of your hair,  he sure was unique. You mean, who the heck would make a mission to make someone choose a favourite colour? But you liked that about him, it made him stand out, it made him different from the others.

You turned the water shower off and wrapped one towel around your body and another one around your hair. You stepped carefully out of the shower, to the carpet and took out one comb from one of the low cabins and brushed your hair, wrapping the towel more closely to your body in fear of it falling off while you stretched your arms.

Getting to your bedroom, you change your clothes and blow dry your hair. You see you phone standing on your bed and click on it, seeing that you have three missed calls from your dad. Not a good sign.

“Dad? Is everything alright?” You say into the phone’s speaker. “Dad?”

“Y/N, sweetheart how are you?”

“Fine, how about you? Did you have dinner already? Do I need to call Taehyung to bring you some food?” You said, concerned.

“Jesus, I’m fine. I had some leftovers that were laying around in the fridge, don’t worry. Is everything okay with you? I called you three times and you didn’t pick up any of them.” You could hear some papers falling on the ground on the other side of the line, indicating that he was in his office, working. Gosh, did that man ever stopped working?

“I was showering.” You take your phone away from your ear and notice that there is already nine thirty p.m.. Your grandma must have the dinner ready by now. “Hey, I got to go now, I’m going to eat now. Take care of yourself, okay? If anything call Taehyung, you have his number and he lives nearby.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t worry about me, go and have your dinner. I will call you tomorrow, bye” He ended the call and you left the bedroom, closing the door behind you.

You stepped down the stairs, with the dirty clothes from before on your hands, to find a delicious smell on the air: you had almost forgotten of how good your grandmother’s cooking was.

“There you are!” She said, picking the clothes off your hands and throwing them at the laundry basket that was laying around on her kitchen “Come and sit, you have somewhere to be in an hour, don’t you?” You were already feeling sorry about telling her about it.

She mentions for you to seat in front of her, as she bring the mashed potatoes to the table. She tries to ask you more questions about Jimin when you start eating, and make some suggestions about him and you, which you try to dodge every time. You tell her that you father called and she could feel the worry in your voice, about him being so far away all by himself.

“Don’t worry, he is going to be alright. It may not seem like it but he had become stronger since… you know.” She said.

“Yeah, I’m just scared for him, that he might do something crazy and I’m not there to take care of him.”

“You are a good person Y/N, your father is really proud of you. And so am I.” She smiled. You continued to eat in silence after that touchy subject. You hated to talk about your mother or even think about her.

She had run away with some painter when you were twelve and your father had never fully recovered from that. The worst part wasn’t that he had left without a warning, it was the fact that she didn’t even bother to call you, to check up on you. You were her daughter after all.

As you took one last glass of water the clock strikes ten p.m. and you grow more anxious. Your palms start to get a bit sweaty and you pinkie finger starts to move nervously.

You help your grandmother with the dishes, a job that she was very much unhappy for you to be doing, especially at a time like this, but you needed to stop thinking about it and doing other things was what helped you more. She put some music from her old radio on the background and the two of you danced while cleaning up the table.

This was one of the things that you liked the most about her, the fact that she could transform one of the most simple tasks in the funniest thing ever. You sang and moved all around while putting the glasses back on the cabinet.

“Crap.” You whispered. It was already ten twenty five and there was no way that you were going to be there in time. You had been so distracted by all the dancing and singing, that you forgot to check the clock.

You ran up and down the stairs, putting your shoes on and adjusting the clothes that you were wearing in hopes of trying to look a bit more decent.

“Take some cookies to give to Jimin” Your grandmother said, calmly, while you walked frantically from one side to the other. She opened the door for you and extended you her hand that had a little blue box filled in them filled with the chocolate chips cookies.

“Don’t worry I could never forget the cookies.” You screamed as you run down the road.

You moved your feet as fast as you could, and secured the blue box on your hand, with the fear of letting it fall. The wind was blowing the air out of your face and you could feel your legs starting to become sore. Your brain was screaming for you to stop but your legs just kept going and going and going.

It took you some time to see the bridge since it was being blinded by the huge amount of lights that were around it. It wasn’t normal for that to happen, or at least that was not how you remembered it.

You walked to the parking lot that was by the bridge and you came across tons of people around multiple cars that were parked in the parking lot. They were talking cheerfully, some with bottles of booze in their hands that they passed among them and some others smoking cigarettes. They were standing all around the cars and by the theme of their conversation that you could grasp they were talking about… races?

You turned your head from side to side, looking for Jimin but you, unluckily, didn’t find him. You even asked some girls that were standing together near the yellow car if they had seen him around here or something but they had said that he hadn’t arrived yet. Some of them acted strangely when you mentioned his name but you brushed it off, maybe they had just reacted that way because you were new here, or even because of the way you were dressed.

Unlike them you weren’t wearing shorts or jean, but a very pretty floral dress. Which wasn’t your best decision, because if it would start to get windy you would have to give a Marilyn Monroe vibe.

You walked away from the crowd of people and standed alone against one of the lamps that illuminated the parking lot where you were, hoping that Jimin would eventually show up.

“Y/N!” You heard a voice saying your name and a pair of arms being wrapped around your waist. You jump slightly and you hear him chuckle in your ear.

“You scared me” You say, stepping away from him and putting a hand on your chest. Your heart was pounding against your ribcage and you didn’t know if it was because he had scared you or because of the way he had wrapped his arms around you.

Behind him were three guys that were laughing at both of your reactions. One of them had green hair, the middle one was blonde and the last one had brown hair. Their features were soft and they seemed to be nice people, or at least that was what you were expecting them to be.

They standed a bit far off from you and Jimin and you could help but to think if he had told them anything about you.

“I was afraid that you had changed you mind and decided not to come.” He said, wrapping one arm around your shoulders. You were walking in the cars direction and you felt a huge will of asking him about why he had brought you here and especially, what was all of this, but you didn’t. You had this feeling that he wasn’t going to tell you anyway, like he would say something along the lines of “just wait, you will see”.

“And you felt sad?” You joked.

“Of course. If you didn’t come that meant that I couldn’t have these amazing cookies that you grandmother baked” He said while taking the little blue box out of your hands.

You suddenly thought about what she had said, that all of this was supposed to be a date. A part of you wanted this to be one but the other one didn’t, it was all a lot of mixed feelings and you were afraid that the part that did, would win. You just weren’t ready to get hurt again.

“Why am I not surprised” You laughed. He pulled you even more closed to him, with one hand still wrapped around your shoulders, while the other took out a pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket and put one of them on his mouth.

“Smoking is bad for you, you know?” You said, looking right into his eyes.

“Yeah, a lot of people have been telling me that.” He said.

“And why do you keep doing it?” You asked.

“Because it’s an addiction. Or maybe because the right person hasn’t asked me yet” You blushed at his words. You couldn’t help but to think if this was about you.

“Could you just not smoke this one?”

“Why not?” He furred his eyebrows.

“Because each cigarette takes away eleven minutes of your life.” You answered . However, the next thing that you said completely surprised you. And him too, by the look on his face. “And that are eleven minutes less that I can spend you”.

He stared at you for a long time, with an unreadable face, when the corners of his mouth started to go up and he was smiling. He smiled a lot when he was around you and you liked that.

He took the cigarette out of his mouth and threw it on the ground, stepping on it.

“If you put that in that way, I guess that it’s better if I get rid of the whole package then”. That made you smile, a really widening smile, that ones that you almost never gave to people. Your grandmother was right, he surely was someone special.

“My grandma said that you were very close with my grandfather” You said after a while.

“Yes I was. Your grandfather was a man that knew a lot of things. In fact, before he… hum… passed away, he taught me some of them” He was talking at the same at that he was observing the people that were chatting to their friends. He was watching them  so closely, that it almost looked like he was studying them. His orange hair was pushed back showing off his forehead and he was wearing sunglasses that were laying around his neck, backwards, even though it was night time and the sun had already gone down. His black leather jacket tighten around his back and arms when he crossed them, making his muscles stand out even more. And now, under the dim light that was upon us he was even more exquisite.

“What type of things?” You asked, curiosity taking the best of you.

“Well, you want to see them?” He said, cocking his head to the side. You nodded in response. and He then started to walk away from you and towards one of those cars, the black one.

“Namjoon!” He screamed, loudly, in the middle of the crowd. “Remember that bet we made? How about we do that now?” The people that were scattered around the parking lot started to gather around Jimin, and a tall guy with brown hair appeared in the middle of it, stepping in front of him.

You standed back, watching the whole scene, not knowing what was going to happen next. However your feet started to move involuntary into the middle of the crowd as well, where one of his friends, the green haired one, joined you by your side.

Namjoon and Jimin both got inside their cars and positioned then at the same level and distance to make sure none of them had an advantage on the other. A girl walked into the middle of the road, and then stopped in between the two cars, with a white flag between her hands that were stretched above her head. Jimin and Namjoon adjusted the mirrors and turned on the engines whose sounds were started to grow louder and louder.

Inside the car Jimin relaxed himself into the seat and his eyes started to search for you in the crowd. When they met yours he winked at you and then focused back on the road, making your heart skip a beat.

“Be careful” You whispered, even though you knew that he couldn’t hear you. You didn’t even know who you were saying that to, him or youself.

“I don’t know what is so different about you” The green haired guy said over the loud cheers that the crowd was giving and the tickling of the bottles against each other’s. “He talks about you a lot, which isn’t normal for him. He normally doesn’t care about girls. At least not anymore. But you… I can’t quite put a finger on it”

“What? How do you mean that I’m different?” You asked.

“You made him throw away a package of cigarettes. We, who have been friends with him for years now, have tried to make him throw away one cigarette. One. And we never got to do that. In twelve fucking years.” He said. He had a cold expression, and his tone was a bit harsh, but you could tell that it was only because he seemed to care a lot for him.

As you were about to respond the girl threw the white flag down to the ground and they started to drive off as fast as they could. The crowd screamed louder and louder as they distance themselves even more far away from you.

It was calm for a few minutes, with none of the cars in sight, nor the lights. But it didn’t took long as they both appeared riding the cars into your direction, or even better, the headlights did.

They kept driving faster and faster towards the winning post, side to side, making it impossible of knowing who was going to win. However, on the last second Jimin was able to speed up even more and passed Namjoon’s car, getting to the goal first.

Jimin’s friends went crazy, shouting and dancing everywhere, while Namjoon’s backed away, ashamed of losing the bet.

You found yourself clapping, happily too, and cheering him on.

“I swear that there was something wrong with the engine” You heard Namjoon saying as he got out of the car.

“Don’t lie, man. We both know that it was completely fine. Just accept that I won.” Jimin said, rolling his eyes and brushing the hair off his forehead. “Oh, and don’t forget, cold water and no soap” He added, grinning, while he threw Namjoon his car keys.

“Y/N!” You heard him shout from the middle of the crowd.

“Here!” You said, swaying your arms around, in hopes for him to see you.

He came running to you, dodging some people that were congratulating him along the way and greeting another ones.

When he finally got next to you, he wrapped you in between his arms and lifted you off the ground as you smiled into the crock of his neck.

“So, what did you thought about it?” He asked, excited. His eyes were glinting and you could hear his heart beating fast from the adrenaline that he had felt.

“You were amazing, I’m -”

“Jimin?” You got interrupted by a soft, a feminine voice that belonged to a blond girl that was wearing a rather tight dark blue dress “You did a very good job in there. Got to say that you have evolved a lot.”

“Thank you, I like to think so too” He responded.

However, what she did next was completely unpredictable. She moved in between you and him and kissed his cheek. And you just stayed there, as you felt a pain in your chest.

What. The. Heck.

Fic: Tom Holland Hair Watch 2017

SJust a goofy little something I put together. It’s probably not great.

Title: Tom Holland Hair Watch 2017 (after a hashtag I tried to start that didn’t take off - you people and your Hoodiegate, really)

Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader

Word Count: 690

Warnings: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna DIE

Summary: Tom makes a very concerning tweet regarding his hair.

You pull into the lot at the studio, tires screeching as you parked the car. You practically sprint to set, waving your visitor’s badge at Herb the Security Guard as you made your way to Tom’s trailer.

You didn’t know if he’d be in there or not. But you have a bottled water, some trail mix to snack on, and your phone is fully charged. So you are content to wait.

What spurred this sudden set visit? One tweet, three words:

Bye bye hair

You spent the drive to the studio wondering what he meant by that. Fully-shaved head? Mohawk? What he referred to in a tweet in June as a “buz cut”? Maybe a full-body wax?

At any rate, you want to see what he’s done to those wavy auburn locks and you want to see it right now.

You quietly unlock the trailer with the spare key Tom gave you. An extra spots you - “Oh, hey, (y/n). Tom’s just finishing up his scenes for the day. Should be done any minute.” You nod in thanks and head into the trailer, settling down on his couch.

You sip your water and munch on some of the trail mix as you scroll Instagram. About twenty minutes after your arrival, you hear the trailer door open.

Tom walks in, and smiles when he sees you. He’s wearing jeans, a black hoodie, and his favorite black baseball cap.

“Oh, hello, darling!” He says excitedly. “Wasn’t expecting you, what brings-”

“Take the hat off.”

Tom laughs shortly. “Can I have a kiss first, please?”

You get up, press a soft kiss to his lips, then repeat: “Take the hat off.”

“I take it you saw the tweet, then, eh?”

Thomas Stanley Holland. If you don’t take that hat off, I swear to-”

Tom raises his hands defensively. “Alright, alright. Hat’s coming off.” He reaches for the hat, then stops. “Did’ja notice I shaved the mustache, though?”

You roll your eyes. “I did. You are a very handsome young man. Now can you please take off the hat?”

He reaches for the hat again. “And the beard?”

“That thing barely qualified as a beard, babe. So sorry to tell you that.” You fold your arms and furrow your brow. “I recall asking very nicely and saying please.”

Tom smirks. “Oh, alright.” He grabs the bill of the cap, and slowly pulls it off his head.

You brace yourself, fully expecting the worst. You’re thinking you’ll see peach fuzz, or a bare head, or a mohawk or (shudder) a mullet.

Instead, you see the same wavy auburn locks you fell in love with. They’re just a little less wavy.

“Well, whatcha think, love?”

Your heart stops mid-beat. Good LORD, you think to yourself. He looks so damn sexy. But, you can’t resist having a little fun with him as you scrunch up your face playfully. “I drove all the way here to see what you did to your head and it’s just a trim?! REALLY?!”

“Darling, it’s hardly a trim. I cut off two inches and all my curls, and-”

You smile, gently cupping his face in your hands and kissing his cheek. “I’m teasing, babe. It looks really good.” You rake your fingers through his hair, actually liking the way the shorter strands slip through. “Like, if it were possible for you to get any hotter, you just did it.”

Tom smirks at you. “You know, I am done for the day.”

“Are you making a poor attempt to seduce me, Mr. Holland?”

“Maybe.” He sticks his tongue out slightly and waggles his eyebrows at you.

You burst into laughter.

“I love you, you giant goof.”

Tom wraps his arms around you. “I love you too, darling.” He kisses you deeply as you make your way back toward the couch.

“Your fans are probably freaking out,” you point out between kisses. “You gonna update Instagram?”
“Nah.” Tom slips his hands under your shirt. “Make ‘em wait a couple days.”

You roll your eyes. “Dear God, I’m dating a real-life Internet troll.”

“You love me.” He peppers your jawline with kisses.

“Yeah, I do.”


155. A to B: Breaking news: being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you complicated and mysterious, it just makes you an asshole
158. I’m not a hint taker, you need to speak up.
160. I’m an angry person and I want to let it all out and be an asshole, but I’m also a nice person and I don’t want to actually hurt anyone’s feelings, do you feel me?

@tayrae515 (hey again! <3) Here you go, lovely!
(you’re so kind omg  ♡)

Being a girl in Slytherin didn’t mean you were an insensitive bitch with little to no empathy for others. You were proud to be a Slythern, but some particular exemplars were really living up to the stupid stereotypes and prejudices which you hated so much.

“You can’t find anything better to do so you just bully the kids, huh, very nice! Let him go!” - you had your arms crossed against your chest, and looked at Goyle with very umimpressed expression on your face as he tried to grab you by the shoulder, but Draco stopped him, sending them away.

“Why the hell didn’t you do anything! You saw he had that boy cornered!” - “What the hell was I supposed to do?”

Was he playing dumb, or was he just that oblivious to anything not affecting him and his ego. “I don’t know, maybe go there and tell him to bugger the hell off!” Draco scoffed at your answer, turning his head away. 

“Listen Malfoy, I don’t know what game you’re playing, but being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you complicated and mysterious, it just makes you an asshole–” your words brought his attention back “– I don’t know what your problem is, but you better do something about it”.

He wasn’t used to hearing anyone talk to him in this tone of voice and if it was someone else, he would have flipped by now, casting a spell at them, but he found your bluntness rather attractive, which was very unexpected for him.


A few days passed since your little chat with Draco. Today after Potions he caught up to you, your girl friends giving you strange and a big smug looks before leaving you two alone.

You know, I’m an angry person and I want to let it all out and be an asshole, but I’m also a nice person and I don’t want to actually hurt anyone’s feelings, do you feel me?” 

You literally had no idea what was going on, why was he saying something like this to you from all people and friends he had. “Draco, I have no idea what on Merlin’s beard you’re talking about and I’m really not a hint taker, like you need to spill it out.

He looked at you blankly for a second, you were trying to figure out what on Earth was going on with this boy and why was he acting so strange.

The truth was, that for the past few days he has been thinking over your words and mainly about the way you told him all of this. Just the straightforwardness you possessed, or the tone of your voice… he didn’t knew! 

It was strange and he was shook by the fact that he has been replaying your conversation over and over again. It was uncomfortable, because he felt awkward and he was never feeling awkward !
“Hello? Earth to Draco. You still there?”

You waved your hand in front of his face, his eyes snapped quickly and darted back at you, and said the first thing that came to his mind, without even thinking about it:

“Do you want to go out with me?”


Word count: 646

 You change into your black clothes and throw the gray ones away. Training will start tomorrow, so you plan to find your brother. He helped you out the net moments earlier, but you had to hold back and give him nothing but a small smile. Joseph, a transfer from Erudite, already became a good friend. He made jokes about your old faction, and you made jokes about his very long hair, making he look like a boy from Amity.

 “Joe, I gotta go now.”

 “Yeah! To the Pit! Get some tattoos!” He screams, and every eye on the dormitory lays on both of you.

 “Please, don’t freak out yet. But I have to go somewhere else.” You whispers.

 “I knew it. You have it in this face of yours. It’s crystal clear. You’re that kind of person who always gets in trouble.” Joseph lays down on his bed, smirking.

 “Shut up. I’ll meet you at dinner. See ya.”

 You run through the compound, not sure of where to go. Now you’re lost, walking slowly, giving up and trying to go back to the dormitory. You’re cursing yourself when you bump into someone at the corner. Luckily you only step back, looking up to bright blue eyes. He’s tall, muscular and handsome.

 “What are you doing here?” His voice makes you shiver, and you do the best to mask it.

 “I-I was looking for my brother.” You stutter, giving up keeping the secret. It’s obvious that this wouldn’t last for so long, and it’s not your intention to pretend you don’t know Tobias. Or Four. It seems that he changed his name.

 “Brother? Where are you from, initiate? ”

 “Ab.” You say, reluctantly looking at the weird tattoo on his neck.

 “Ab?” He raises his eyebrow.


 “You’re awkward.” The man looks down at you, with an amused smile.

 “Thanks for your compliment.” You look down, trying not to do anything stupid.

 “Who’s your…”

 “Four!” You scream when you see him walking up the hall, running and jumping on his arms. “God, I missed you so much! That was the worst year of my life! I’m so happy to be here! How are you? I missed you so much, you have no idea!” You don’t stop smiling and talking, but you shut up when you notice the hard look on Four’s face while he stares at the man you were talking to.

 “Why were you talking to Eric?”

 Eric. It’s a good name.

 “Excuse me, it’s the first time we meet in a year and your first question is why I’m talking to Eric?” You’re feeling really left aside. You love your brother more than anything, since he’s the only family is worth having. You step back, crossing your arms on your chest, pissed off.

 “Sorry, (Y/N). He’s not a very nice guy.”

 “I can be nice if I want to.” Eric walks to your side, with this weird smile. “You’re cute, Stiff.”

 “What?” You look up at him, and Four pulls your arm, forcing you to walk away from Eric.

 “Leave her alone, or else I won’t be as nice to you as I was during initiation.”

 “Fine. But will she leave me alone?” he says before leaving you alone under the wrath of your brother.

 “He’s such a nice guy, this Eric, don’t you think?” You try to ease the tension, smiling with the most innocent face you could fake.

 “Don’t even try. I don’t want you anywhere near him. Heard me?”

 “I’ll try my best.” You lie.

 “Don’t lie to me, (Y/N). I know you. Stay away from trouble.” Then he hugs you tight, caressing your hair.

 “And Eric means trouble, am I right?” You point out, with your voice stuffy by his coat.

 “See, you can be smart when you want to.”

 “I don’t know if I want to be smart about him.”

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 9.5

 A/N: this was kind of a mini-chapter, but here ya go!

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“Okay, Johnny, I bought you a new bed. It’s not as nice as I wanted it to be, but it was the only thing I had-“ His small frame jumped in glee, looking at you. His hair was a mess, wearing the small turtle pajamas that you were lucky enough to find on a weird website.

“Thank you, Miss Y/N! I can’t believe that you were thinking of me!”

He ran to you, jumping onto your arm. He squeezed it tightly, grinning. “Miss Y/N, you are a very nice woman. Please, never change!” He yelled, kissing your shirt once. He was rubbing his face on you, his eyes closed. You laughed, patting his back with two fingers.

“You’re welcome.”

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Dear Evan Hansen X Yuri on Ice AU (see my other musical AUs)

So this has been swirling around in my head for ages (inspired in part by one of @zephyrine-gale‘s posts), and I have too many HCs to list, but featuring:

  • Yuuri as Evan Hansen
  • Victor as Connor Murphy
  • Yurio as Zoe Murphy
  • Phichit as Jared Kleinman
  • Minako as Heidi Hansen
  • Yakov and Lilia as Larry and Cynthia Murphy

See under the cut for headcanons about this AU (warning for long post)

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Tugging on your pencil skirt and tripping a little on your heels as you walked into the studio, the guards raised their eyebrows. They were used to you in leggings and a t-shirt coming into the building to bother Yoongi, but now you looked like an office worker, your professional attire was the opposite of your usual roll-out-of-bed look. Sighing and rolling your eyes, you walked up to the front security desk.

Can I have the assistant badge for Min Yoongi? You asked politely and the main guard, Hyun Wook, smiled at you. Hyun Wook was your age, he had been working at BigHit for a couple years now and was nothing but nice to you. His casual playfulness was always something that brightened up your day and you would usually talk to him on days when Yoongi was incredibly busy with work.

Of course, miss. What’s the name? He asked, playing up the shtick and you laughed.

Hyun Wook, you know me. You told him, but he shook his head.

‘You know me’ isn’t a name on the list. He murmured and you threw your hands in the air.

Ah! Then I must not be needed! You played into the joke and he laughed.

What’s so funny here? Yoongi called out behind Hyun Wook and you chuckled at the guard, who sighed.

Ah, I guess the fun is over. He whispered to you, as he handed over the badge. You patted him on the shoulder and slung the piece of plastic around your neck. Yoongi walked up, his nonchalant manner was still in-tact, but it didn’t match the suit he was wearing. His eyes widened as he saw you walk towards him.

What? Didn’t think I would wear the skirt? You asked and Yoongi’s cheeks blushed a little. Clearing his throat and looking around you, he tried to recover from his embarrassing reaction.

Yah! You’re late! It’s — He looked down at his watch to see it was actually 9:55am. Early. He mumbled and rubbed the back of his neck, looking down at the ground.

Uh-huh. Well I wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression at my new job. You spoke confidently, while Yoongi nodded.

That’s good, pabo. He responded and you crossed your arms.

Now, Yoongi oppa, calling your assistant ‘pabo’ is not very nice OR professional. You jeered and Yoongi’s cheeks tinted pink once more, but this time it was in frustration.

Aigoooo, stop telling me what to do, and start acting normal, you’re freaking me out! He shoved your shoulder and you tripped a little on your heels. Hyun Wook stood up and with lightening reflexes caught you so you wouldn’t fall. Smiling at him, you glared at Yoongi.

Stop acting like a little kid! You shoved Yoongi’s shoulder in response and he hit the wall next to him in surprise.

AH! Don’t hit your boss! He exclaimed back, rubbing his shoulder. Hyun Wook started to chuckle and both of you looked at him.

Woah, I just thought it was funny how you two bicker like siblings. Don’t get so mad. He held up his hands in defense and Yoongi looked at the ground.

I wouldn’t say we act like SIBLINGS. He emphasized the word and Hyun Wook shrugged.

The shoving, the name calling, the fact I have to jump in and break it up, sounds like me and my sister, if you ask me. Hyun Wook responded and Yoongi squinted his eyes in annoyance.

We have an interview to get to, Y/N, follow me to your office. He turned on his heels and you scurried after him. As you walked down the hall, you saw album covers and pictures of the guys throughout the years.

Yoongi oppa! Was this you when you auditioned? You stopped to look at a picture of a young Yoongi, standing with his contract in hand, a small smile on his face.

Yah. He responded and kept walking. Come on, I have to clue you in before we head out. He continued and you followed behind him.

You and Yoongi had a strange relationship, what had started as a hatred for one another quickly turned into a friendship. You were in one of Yoongi’s online college courses and had been put into a group project with him. The two of you would bicker over the phone for the entirety of the project, both bitching at the other to shut up, when finally you found out that you both hated the third member of your group. It was that mutual hatred that formed a friendship. The two of you would talk throughout the rest of the class and then he started texting you after the class ended.

You knew something was different about him, when he would only say his name was Yoongi, no surname, and he wouldn’t tell you what he did. One day, you were grabbing a bubble tea on the way to your job as a waitress, when your phone rang. Yoongi wanted to visit you at work. Your hands became clammy as you thought about meeting the mysterious man that you had been talking to for more than a year. Telling him the location, you walked into work as a flurry of panic. Looking around and finally getting one of your coworkers to talk, she told you that BTS was coming to eat and they rented the entire place out. You nodded and walked passed all of the girls who were fighting to serve them when they came in.

Y/N is going to do it. Your manager said and you did a double take. I guess they had requested you, and you were too confused to put two and two together. Finally, when the guys came in, it all made sense. As you brought their drinks, Yoongi smiled at you and made a joke. You rolled your eyes at him and laughed. To Yoongi it was nice to have someone who really didn’t treat him like an idol, you got mad at him for renting out the restaurant and rolled your eyes when all of the other girls working would swoon at him.

The two of you would hang out all the time after that day. Sometimes he would come into the restaurant unannounced, wearing glasses, a beanie, and a mask to try and cover his identity, or you would wander your way into the studio late at night, bringing with you a variety of snacks. The guys would make fun at how inseparable the two of you were, but you would just shrug it off. Yoongi was someone who just understood you.

Snapping back into the present, Yoongi opened the door to your office. You smiled at the little things scattered on the desk. Yoongi had gotten your favorite snacks, you had a mini fridge full of drinks, and he even had a simple black planner with your name embroidered on it. Picking it up, you showed it to him.

How long did you know I was going to be your assistant? You asked as your hands touched the smooth leather. He shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets.

I may have mentioned your name to the bosses for a couple weeks. He muttered and your jaw dropped.

But you had an assistant a couple weeks ago! You exclaimed and he smiled.

I told you she was an asshole. He retorted and you chuckled. Watching you look around the office in awe, Yoongi smiled. He had been feeling guilty ever since you had to leave your waitressing job. You never said it outright, but he knew it was his fault. You would come to the dorm or studio after a shift and sigh heavily, complaining about how the girls at the job would constantly pick on you.

It never used to be this way. You would tell him on the verge of tears. He knew what you meant to say was, it never used to be this way, but then you came along, which just made him feel that much worse. It got to a boiling point when he went to your apartment to see you trying to clean Yoongi’s slut and BTS whore written all over your notebooks and belongings. You tried to explain that this was the first time it had happened, but Yoongi could tell you were lying. When you finally left, it was a win-lose situation. You were finally free from the mean girls at your job, but you would have never had to leave if it wasn’t for Yoongi being a part of your life.

Now he watched as you bounced around the office, finding little things that would seem simple, but made you extremely happy. Opening the planner, you saw it was full of meetings and interviews.

Wow, we have a busy day. You said more to yourself as you flipped from page to page. What’s this? You asked and pointed to an allotted amount of time that was unmarked. Yoongi smiled.

That’s our time. He said and you looked at him with confusion in your eyes. It’s just a time for us to talk as friends. This job is going to be a bit taxing, so I wanted to make sure that we would have time where we could be friends. He shrugged and you smiled down at the planner.

Wow, the tough rapper Suga has a soft spot! You jeered at him and Yoongi rolled his eyes, trying to cover up his blushing cheeks.

Come on, little miss assistant, we have an interview to get to. He pushed you out the door as you shoved your planner and a pen in your purse. The two of you walked out of the building and made your way into the car. Once you buckled yourself in, you realized you were amidst all of BTS, and were caught up in the instant chaos of idol life.

what to do

summary: sometimes you wonder just how close he really is with his ex.

genre: fluff / slight angst

pairing: simon dominic/jung kiseok x reader

word count: 4.8k

a/n: oops this is another older work that i wrote some time last year. i swear i’m working on things, there’s just been a lot going on with work and life. :/ i hope you can enjoy this in the meantime!

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WISHES {pt. 7}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Six | Seven | Eight 
Genre: Fantasy, Fluff, Fox Demon!AU
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 650

You kick around the dirt as you walk along the track field. You were in such a mopey mood, you didn’t feel like fully participating in the mile run. Fellow students would brush by and the gym teacher would scold you, but you still lack motivation.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting a bad grade?” Jeonghan paced up to you, having just finished his last lap.

While others were heavily panting as they lay out on the cold grass and sweating as if the beating sun was held right against them, he seemed more than fine. No sweat stains soaked into his sweater nor signs of breathing problems. He walks beside you just as how he would stroll with you down the hallway.

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“Y/N…” Matt called from downstairs. He sounded like he was in pain so you quickly made your way out of bed and down the stairs, rushing as you knew what he did at night and he quickly things could go wrong for a blond vigilante with all the crooks and creeps in New York City. When you reached the bottom of the stairs, you stopped in your tracks. The wounds Matt was showing you were worse than what any mugging could leave him. There was a man in your living room, standing beside your big brother. You knew the man, too. It was Stick, the man that made your brother into who he was. 

When you and Matt were children in the Catholic Orphanage and the two of you were the only thing that mattered to one another, Stick had come to Matt. Matt was special, he could see, despite being blind. He felt things, heard, smelled, even tasted things no one else could. It was driving him insane. Until Stick showed up and you thought he was getting better until Matt started coming back to the orphanage with cuts and bruises, exhausted, crying himself to sleep only to get up the next day and do everything over again. 

“You…” You growled. “YOU BASTARD!” you screamed, jumping the last two steps to lunge at the man but Matt caught you and held your feet off the ground as you kicked and screamed, his arms around your waist, holding your back to his chest. 

“Very nice to see you again, too, Y/N.” Stick stood with his cane in front of him, leaning partially on it. He was facing you, probably reading your heartbeat and getting a kick out of how upset he was making you. “Glad to see you haven’t forgotten me.” 

“How could I?” you almost whined, allowing Matt to hold you up. “You stupid bastard, you turned my brother into a war machine! You took my brother away from me!” 

“Y/N!” Matt stopped your struggling, still holding you up. 

“And then you left him.” 

anonymous asked:

I ADORE your Shouto finding out he has a kid stories! Could u possibly do one for Bakugou as well? Thanks hun! :D

{So…I started this and went ‘wait…Kacchan doesn’t have a freaking hero name, though?!’ and then came the awkward moment of ‘then wtf do I call him in this?!’ haha, so I’m sorry I had to try and scoot around without giving a name since a hero name is pretty important to the series, and is a representation of the character and their development! This is also pretty long, so I won’t be doing a part 2 in a little while (You can still request it, just remember that it wont come for a while since I have a Shinsou one to do and a part 3 of Todoroki’s!!ANYWAY, hope you enjoy! (OH A BIT OF A WARNING: attempted assault.)}

Rolling over in the your boyfriends warm covers, you face Katsuki and smile, a tear dropping onto his pillow. This time of the morning is the only time you can look at a peaceful Katsuki, but this time your broken heart aches in your chest at his parted lips and relaxed eyebrows. Last night, you told yourself, would be the last time you would spend the night with your love. Lightly, you kiss him on the nose, not worried about him waking as you knew he was a solid sleeper. He scrunched his face in his sleep and you giggle saddly, coughing lightly from your tears, and roll off the bed.

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“That girl yours yet Michael?” Arthur asked, watching as you walked down the street, approaching the group of men outside the Garrison with a small smile on your face meant for Michael.

“Fuck off Arthur,” Michael shot back casually, walking towards you as he allowed himself to smile. He met you a bit further than halfway, quickly pulling you into his arms and off of the ground as you let out a squeal of surprise.

“Good morning to you as well,” you laughed as he set you back down, your hands resting on his shoulders as you smiled gleefully up at him.

“We have some work to do today but how about afterwards I come pick you up and we can go out some where,” Michael suggested, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you flush against him.

“That sounds very nice,” you admitted before you cocked your head to the side, your smile turning into something more playful as you spoke, “I can’t help but notice that you are being unusually affectionate today. The hug, the way you haven’t stopped holding onto me, is there a reason for it or have I just finally melted that ice you call a heart?” You laughed playfully as Michael rolled his eyes, adjusting you in his arms as your hands moved to rest against his chest.

“Is it wrong for me to want to hold my girl?” he questioned, making you raise an eyebrow as you head a commotion behind Michael. You peered around his broad frame to see Arthur shaking his head, most of the men looking your way while Michael’s grip on you tightened.

“Is this some kind of joke?” you asked, your voice serious as you feared the worst. You looked back up at Michael, the distinct sound of coins exchanging hands ringing in your ears.

“What?” he asked suddenly, seemed a bit off put at the question before he regained himself as shook his head. “No, no. It was just, Arthur said something about whether or not you were mine yet and they apparently have been talking about how if I don’t get you someone else will and I was just trying to show them that you really are mine,” Michael explained quickly, seeing the hurt in your eyes as you had imagined something far worse. As you processed his rushed explanation, a smile worked it’s way back onto your face as you shook your head with disbelief.

“Were you jealous Mr. Shelby?” you asked, letting your hands trail back up Michael’s neck until you could hook your wrists behind his head. Michael flushed a light pink as he scoffed, trying to play it off until you reached up on your tiptoes, pressing your lips softly against his own. He took a second to react before closing his own eyes, letting his lips move against yours as his hands moved to press against your back, holding you closer to him. You pulled away from him, ignoring the low whistles and calls from the Garrison as you froze, your face only a few inches from his own.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

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Already Seen

CH1: Weird But Definitely Not Boring

This is great, just great. You think to yourself. It’s the middle of a harsh winter in someplace in New York. Hell’s Kitchen or something? It was a weird name but boring looking place. A passing taxi cab soaked you in the cold night air, which only just avoided running you over, probably isn’t a good first sign for what’s to come. You curse at it as it speeds off. You watch its lights fade away down the road. Your loose fitting, grey, tshirt framed a black paisley print of an elephant. The drenched material clung to your abdomen. You flapped it out to stop it doing that but it was no use. The moistness soaked through to your dark purple bra that could now be seen underneath and your khaki skinny jeans became skinnier jeans from that flying puddle too. You look down and exhale sharply. The smoke from your breath floats away and you hate yourself for not zipping up your long black coat before this soggy occurrence. It was sort of your fault anyway for not looking whilst crossing the road. You had your freckled nose in a map and stuffed a crumpled piece of paper with a scribbling of this address into your pocket. You picked up your aquamarine backpack and black duffle bag and began to walk up to the building whilst squinting up at the block of flats. As you get to the door and climb the stairs to your number, because of course the lift is “out of order". Remaining positive whilst shivering is unsurprisingly difficult. At least my socks aren’t wet. That’s a plus, no one likes wet socks.

Apartment 151. The door creaked open and you dump your heavy duffel bag inside causing it to sag on impact, and stepped into your apartment closing the door behind you. You stood in the small square hallway that leads into the lounge/kitchen/dining room. It’s just one room with wood flooring, but carpet in the living area and tile in the kitchen area. It was cozy. The lights of the city twinkled in the distance through the large windows opposite you.  Something about street lights in the black of night relaxed you. Those huge windows are why you couldn’t say no to this place. You could picture them with long, grey curtains that touched the floor. You smiled and turned to your left to the bedroom door and swung it open, hung your coat by the hood on the door and tossed your backpack onto your double bed. You kick your brown boots causing them to fly off and lazily slid your duffle bag with your foot into the bedroom. You then made your way to the door opposite, the bathroom. A bath was the first thing on your to-do list. You could hear a noise but couldn’t quite make it out over the running water. You turn the tap off focus on some muffled shouting you hear from down the hall, and then you jump from the loud smashing noise. Was that glass breaking? You leave the half filled tub and head out the door down the corridor and see a lanky man on the floor covered in glass. You watch him brush it out of his thick chocolaty hair and dust off his eggplant coloured blazer. You’re about to ask if he’s alright before being startled by a voice.

“Hey, wet-tshirt-girl. He’s fine. Go away.” This voice came from a rather beautiful dark haired woman. She brought a large glass of golden liquid to her full red lips and her arm made a shooing motion toward you. She was wearing a plain white tshirt, dark grey skinny jeans ripped at the knee, and black boots.  The man hadn’t noticed you were there until he held out his hand to you and you gazed down at it confused.

“Don’t just stand there. Help me up then.” He was rude but you did so nonetheless and frowned at him while he brushed off the rest of the glass and wiped his bleeding lip. His English accent was nice to hear at least.

“Leave. Now.” The woman was watching the man’s every move. She approached him ready to show him she was deadly serious. The glass she held before had disappeared.

“Jessica. Please. I’m the one who commands people. Remember?”

“Do you want me to throw you through my door again asshole?” Jessica was grinding her teeth her eyes locked on the man in the tattered suit.

“Hold on, you threw him through that?” You pipe up. Wishing you hadn’t said a word.

“What’s it to you? I said go away. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll listen.” Jessica is looking at you now waiting for a response. But you couldn’t think of one. Her tone confused you. It wasn’t all angry or rude it was more of a plea. The man is also waiting for your response. Both their eyes on you make you self conscious and you become very aware of your damp clothes.

“No she can stay. She kind of looks like you don’t you think Jessica? Same dreadful style and all that.” He says whilst ignoring your obvious trembling. His eyes examine you as he circles you. Suddenly you’re very conscious of how tight your clothes are, sticking to your body.

“Tell us your name.” He commands.

“_____. My name’s ____.” You cross your arms.

“Ah, lovely name. I’m Kilgrave. Very nice to meet you.”  He nods at you with a grin. The way he said it sounded sincere and friendly but you were cautiously sceptical. You force a smile back and broke eye contact. He seemed to only be asking more and more questions to get under the skin of this Jessica woman. Her large hazel eyes widened with fury and she tightened her fists.

“Where’you from? I can’t place your accent. You don’t sound like you’re from here.” He stared at you intensely. You watched him uncomfortably. His dark coffee coloured eyes slowly looked you up and down. You were very confused by his change in attitude and looked to Jessica for some explanation, then back at the strange man.

“Kevin…” Jessica’s tone was a warning. She looked like she was about to rip his head off. Kilgrave’s jaw shifted at the new name Jessica used.

“I’m going alright” He remarked and held his hands up. Whilst turning to walk away, he briefly glanced back at your soaked tshirt. He’d noticed the colour of your bra. He chuckled and you saw him smile only for a moment. It began and ended on one side of his mouth. You tried to ignore your increased heartbeat. Kilgrave strolled down the corridor. The two of you watched him until he was out of sight. Then Jessica turned and walked back to her broken door.

“Hey. Erm… are you ok? Do you want me to call the police?” You ask naively.

“Go home and dry off kid.” Jessica replied and stepped carefully through what was left of her door frame and disappeared into her dark apartment.

“Kid”? We’re like the same age. You rub your temple and head back to continue your bath.
[CH2 ->]

All In Part 2

If you were being honest with yourself, you did bite off more than you could chew. With your school work, your own practices and games, and coaching the boys varsity team, it was easy to say you were overwhelmed. You were more than ecstatic to have the end of your coaches month and a half absence to be over. There was only one problem. The boy you’d put your neck on the line for wasn’t performing at the level your coach had been promised. He was doing better than amazing for a newbie, but still not on the level you needed him to be on. Watching him play was another interesting thing that had you drawn into him. He was definitely a separate player from the rest of the team. And you were able to see how everyone else treated him. He was quiet and he took the silent abuse they shed down on him.

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Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warnings: unedited and not grammar checked; also a little short

Summary: Y/n, John, Alex, and Eliza go on a camping trip, and things get fluffy when you forget your sleeping bag.

Bam: This fic is in honor of the camping trip I just went on! I do hope it’s at least okay. Send requests if you want to see something! Remember, love always.


Even though it wasn’t the most glamorous of activities to be enjoying with your friends, you agreed to go camping with them. John, Alex, and Eliza had invited you, and you figured you could keep John company if Alex and Eliza needed alone time. You packed the night before, and you couldn’t help but feel like you forgot something when you woke up. Nonetheless, you threw all your stuff into the trunk when they picked you up. You got into the back seat of Eliza’s little Toyota and sat right next to John.

“John, why is your sleeping bag so big?” His sleeping bag took up as much space as Alex and Eliza’s, but they were using a dual sleeping bag.

“It’s a couple’s sleeping bag,” he nonchalantly responded.


“I like to have room when I sleep!” He goofily smiled at you.

“Whatever you say.”


The drive was four hours long with one stop, since Alex insisted on getting there before three. The campsite was very rocky with a flat spot for the tent. It had trees surrounding it, and you could hear a river raging near by. You did, in fact, get there by three, but it was still very windy. You struggled to set up the tent, and when you finished, you were all ready to collapse by the fire. Alex set his glove on fire, Eliza panicked, and you and John tried not to die of laughter.

The night came out before you had time to take in the sunset, and one by one, little fireflies came out of hiding. One landed on John’s nose, perfectly illuminating his freckles and his lovely green eyes. You snapped a picture just in time. Secretly, you set it as your lock screen. After the fire went out and the cold had set in, you all got your sleeping bags from the car. Except, you didn’t bring a sleeping bag. That’s what you had forgotten this morning.

“Y/n? Where’s your sleeping bag?” John rolled out his onto the tent floor. Alex and Eliza were already fast asleep.

“Uhh….. funny you should ask…. I packed my bag last night and accidentally forgot it? So, that’s a thing,” you mumbled. John stared for a moment, then stood up.

“Well you have to sleep in my sleeping bag then.”

“What? No! You’ll freeze.” You crossed your arms.

“Oh, I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna sleep in there. It’s a COUPLES sleeping bag. Now come on, I’m tired.” He pulled you down and zipped you two up. Your entire face was red; you weren’t used to being this close to John. Soon soft snores came from his side, so you figured you might as well try to get some sleep.


Sleep came surprisingly easy, but when you woke up, your face was buried in John’s chest. You slowly lifted your eyes to find John staring at you with something in his eyes that made you feel warm and fuzzy.

“Hey sleeping beauty. Comfy?” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Very. You’re nice and warm.” You nuzzled your face further into his chest. The low rumbling of laughter shook his shoulders, and he shifted to get up.

“Come on. Al and Liza are already up.” You really didn’t want to move, but he was insistent.


It was already 12 in the afternoon, and you could sense that Alexander and Eliza we’re getting antsy. Your observation was confirmed when Eliza pulled you aside while the boys were talking.

“Y/n?” She grabbed your shoulder.


“Could you and John go explore for a few hours?” She gave you a pleading glance.

“If you want alone time that desperately, you could have just asked.” You gave her a wink and she sat down beside Alexander.

“Hey, John, come explore with me!” You tugged his arm and he quickly followed. You followed the sound of the river, and cane upon a log to cross. John took your hand and helped you over. On the other side, there was a huge boulder with many faults in it. John started scaling it, and you tried your best to get up. After a long struggle, you were finally looking at a beautiful skyline of the trees against the mountains and the baby blue sky.

“Hey, let’s take a picture!” He pulled out his phone and scooted closer to you.

“Smile!” You took a nice picture with both of you smiling and holding each other.

“Okay, now time for the mandatory silly face photo!” You said.

He set the camera on timer mode for 3 seconds. You weren’t quite sure why, but you kissed his cheek when he stuck his tongue out for the picture. Right after the picture was done, he went beet red and turned to you.

“What was that for?” His face got closer to yours.

“I felt like it.” Your noses were touching now.

“Well, I feel like this.” His lips brushed against yours before softly pressing down. You grabbed his hand and rubbed small circles onto it, and pulled away from him.

Camping, Man.


jungkook; killer kiss

❝take me laser tagging and then push me into a corner and kiss me. then shoot me and walk away. ©
►2142 words // scenario, prompt-based

To say Jungkook was competitive, would be an understatement. He would usually let the tiger in him unleash—needing to be on the top of the hierarchy to battle for the title: winner. Which was ridiculously hilarious, in your opinion. Having seen him sulk over losing a game of football when he was twelve: pouty lips, rosy cheeks, a sullen look that defines ‘loser’ spelled across his forehead, it was no different to how that carried with him until his age now.

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He’s A Dreamboat (Reader x PreWar!Bucky)

Word Count: 1244

Summary: Bucky is nervous to meet reader’s parents.

A/N: You guys… I am so in love with 40s!Buck. You have NO Idea. it’s my favorite thing. I guess I just love a man in uniform. Thanks mom for passing on that trait. Hope you enjoy!

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