your arms are lovely

do we ever think about the hearts we break? i still feel bits of you in my hands, i still feel warmth of you in my veins. my apologizes are wrapped into bottles of alcohol you drink in hopes to forget. maybe one day time will work in our favor. i left one last piece of my love into your arms and took one last piece of your dreams into my heart. do we know real absence until we lose the one we love? we still write promises into every step we take. we still kiss stars into every lullaby we whisper. do we ever think of each other? maybe at the same time, maybe into different fractions, maybe never, maybe too fast, maybe too late. these maybes are getting me crazy. maybe i miss you maybe i don’t. maybe you love me maybe you never did. i can’t think straight. the light is gone, the truth has run wild, the words are useless. the lies hurt less when we spin them around us pretending not to see, the truth hurts more when our heart is blind. when do we think when it’s too early or too late? will there ever be a right time for us?
—  k.m

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Peter Hale x Reader 

Warnings : none 

Request :  Can you do one with Peter Hale x Reader where she is pregnant (like 4/5 months along) and he gets super protective and possessive / jealous over her thanks ❤

     Soft lips touched your bare shoulder , you sighed in pleasure at the soft contact between lips and your hot skin then you snuggled closer to the hard body behind your back and a deep laugh was heard from the man sitting on your back .

     “ Wake up , beautiful !” Peter ordered but you just snuggled closer to him and turned around burring your head in his chest .

     “ No … I want to lay here with you !” , hearing your words Peter wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head .

     “ As you with ,love .” He laughed and you smiled , laying there content and happy until a wave of nausea rose in your neck. You pulled Peter away fast and ran to the bathroom .

     After you puked you brushed your teeth fast and went back into the bedroom . You flopped into the bed and rested a hand on your Forehead as it was throbbing and you felt sick .

     “ Oh God !” Peter yelped out in the shock of the realization .

     “ What ?” you asked scared of what might have happened .

     “ You’re pregnant !” Peter informed and you looked at him eyes wide in shock , your hand instantly went to your belly . 

     “ I … “ you was out of words and everything stopped for a moment , you didn’t knew what you should do as a baby wasn’t something that you and Peter planned . “ How we are going to take care of it ?” You asked scared of the thought of having a baby while Peter had so much enemies and a lot of strange things were happening around Bacon Hills .

     “ It’s going to be okay (Y/N) . I swear nothing will touch you or our child .” Peter promised and came closer to you holding you in his arms as you buried your face in his chest .

     Derek’s loft was full with teenagers walking around like ants . You sat alone on the sofa rubbing your swollen stomach , the baby was already moving and it seemed that it have had a really passion for hitting you .

     You hissed out in pain as your child hit you too hard . Scott was at your side in an instant .

     “ Are you okay ?” He asked kneeling next to you , concern written all over his face .

     “ Yeah , she is just agitated , she doesn’t likes to be around so much people and the tension in the air just makes her feel nervous .” You explained and Scott put his hands on your belly rubbing it in small circles.

     Peter enters in the room and he pushes Scott away growling at the boy .

     “ Do never touch her again or I swear that I’ll kill you !” He snarled and you sighed .

     “ Peter , calm down ! Scot was just helping me .” You affirm but Peter gets more angry .

     “ You’re mine ! Nobody touches you and my daughter .” He yells and you flinch , your body trembling .

     “ What the hell is going on with you ?” you scream and Peter growls at you showing off his fangs .

     “ It’s normal , (Y/N) . You don’t have to be afraid . Your pregnancy just awoken his wolf instincts . It will end up when you give birth to your daughter .” Derek says and you sigh .

     “ Five more months of an overprotective Peter , yay !” You exclaim and Peter wraps his arms around you pulling you close and holding you tight .

I fell in love with your words, with your thoughts, with your heart. The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you light up when you talk about something you love. The way you bite your lower lip, the way you look at me, the way you hold me in your arms. I fell in love with the way you roll over into my arms at night, I fell in love with the way you always smile when you wake up, I fell in love with how kind you are to everyone. I fell in love with your soul.
—  Leohearts