your argument is no longer valid

If you’re pointing out the problems with an ideology or explaining why you disagree with a political view and you start name-calling, congratulations. Any valid point that you just made? It no longer matters. You’ve destroyed your entire argument, even among people who would otherwise agree with you. Think about that next time you feel the need to include “fat feminist”, “goat fucker”, “libtard”, etc. in your political analysis.

The Price of Freedom is High (Part 2/?) (Peter Parker x reader)

Part 1

Requests: 1.  Could you write one about y/n & Pete dating for awhile but then she ends up in danger & hurt bc he’s Spiderman and they break up bc he feels horrible?? Angsty but fluffy pls. 

2. Please do Peter Parker finding out about his girlfriend being pregnant (they’re young but not underage) and doesn’t react well at first, but then he goes to aunt May and she talks sense into him and he makes things right with her.

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Dear Hearing People

Lip reading is not some exotic ability that magically appears at birth and is restricted to Deaf people only. Part of learning how to speak is being able to mimic lip movement and speech pattern in order to “correctly” pronounce each word. So, surprise, you read lips too.

Sorry, straight boys, your “I didn’t know she was saying no” argument is no longer valid.


anonymous asked:

Im the anon about ooc and u gave me a home, I wanna make it clear im not hating on tony and i think what steve did was TERRIBLE but dont u think its weird/ooc? Cause i feel like civil war was??

ah, thanks for the clarification.

it’s… well… i don’t know. you’re going to hear differing opinions everywhere depending on people and their interpretations and how much canonical background they actually know abt. 

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Nintendo's not sexualizing Zero Suit Samus*. You are.

*This time

The point of this post is to first and foremost clear up the issue of whether or not Samus Aran is being sexualized, using actual posts from tumblr. Let’s begin!

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary the definition of Sexualization is :  to make sexual :  endow with a sexual character or cast.

Let’s look at the first common argument:

In this instance, are the above outfits sexualized?

Revealing, yes, Practical? Eh, arguable. Sexual? Not really. The problem with this argument is that, A woman; regardless of what she’s wearing is a reward for your hard work. Especially wearing less clothes than you are used to her wearing. And the fact that ‘Nintendo treats her with a lot of respect’ is not a good argument when suddenly she’s your prize.

This is simply a major sexist problem that exists within the core of the Metroid series itself. Appealing to the tradition is not a valid argument in this case because the past justifications for the tradition are no longer valid at the present time. Women are not something to be won.

Now moving on,

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary the definition for feminism is :  the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

Judging by this poster’s general attitude towards feminism (aka equality), I’m not going to get very far, but I still have something to say,
“Yes Samus. You’ve worked hard on becoming a hardened super soldier, facing adversity at every corner. Go ahead, take your top off, you’ve earned it. Oh, come on. Do it for me.”

Why is it not more than enough that she’s just a super soldier in big space armor who faces adversities? How does taking her suit off contribute to her character, the plot of her story or any of the games, or the series itself? It’s uncharacteristic of her to be in her civies and you don’t hear people saying Master Chief should be taking his armor off for you.

Yeah, I mean come on right. At least she’s not as sexualized as she used to be, why can’t we sexualize her a little bit this time around. While we’re at it, let’s all respect her a little less, too.

Moving on,

Sure, because she’s not as sexualized as someone else, it’s completely fine. Why don’t we just stick her in Cammy’s outfit. I’m sure everyone could think of a great reason why it’s completely practical and not at all sexual.


- Just because it wasn’t offensively sexist 10 years ago, doesn’t mean it’s not now.

- A woman is not your reward. Especially one in less clothing than you’re used to.

- I have seen 0 posts about people effectively arguing how/why ZSS is actually being sexualized.

-Samus wasn’t shown fighting in her civies 10 years ago. While it is uncharacteristic of her and not practical (in this situation). It is not sexualizing her.

Now let’s take a look at where the real sexualization is occurring: YOU GUYS!