your argument in invalid

  • <p> <b>Latinx People:</b> I have a problem with the constant erasure of Latinx characters and having non-Latinx actors/actresses play them.<p/><b>Non-Latinx People:</b> Here's a series of essays, posts, and tweets made by non-latinx about why you shouldn't be angry about having your representation taken away. Also let me tell you about how your ethnicity works and why these people are Hispanic and Latin.<p/></p>
Look at me (boyf riends)

jfc it’s done look it’s the boyf riends being dorks can you believe it what a shock. 

Alternative title: How These Morons Manage To Put Off Kissing Each Other For Three Pages Because They’re Nervous Wrecks. HTMTPOKEOFTPBTNW for short. Just rolls off the tongue honestly.

From the very first few days of the Squip being disabled it was clear Jeremy was far from okay. He still flinched sometimes when his voice cracked, or when he got “dramatic” as he himself put it. Michael found a lot of things concerning about Jeremy’s behavior that hadn’t been there before. How he would sometimes slouch slightly and then suddenly straighten up as though he’d been burned. How he got uncomfortable doing anything that could be deemed uncool. Michael couldn’t lie, that in particular hurt quite a bit. Asking Jeremy if they could continue playing Apocalypse of the Damned from where they’d left off and seeing him setting his jaw and clenching his fists as if he was steeling himself for something; that had stung. Michael had forgiven Jeremy practically the second an apology was out of his mouth but that didn’t mean things were perfectly okay between them. The months of being completely alone were still fresh in his mind. Michael had to keep reminding himself that Jeremy was a victim in this too, that was clear to anyone watching even if he wouldn’t flat out say what the Squip had done.

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every westallen scene ever (120/?)

The signs as things I've heard in the first week of college
  • Aries: "Hey don't judge my closet." "I can't. I used to live there!"
  • Taurus: "Plastic bowls are valid bowls!"
  • Gemini: "No, no. We're in college, just spike my drink without telling me."
  • Cancer: "Yeah! Then she went like legit missing for two years, and somehow she ended up here."
  • Leo: "I...uh...I...I WORE A SPEEDO!!!"
  • Virgo: "This tea bag looks like a tampon. It's a tea-tampon... It'S A TEAPON!"
  • Libra: *While walking around in a big group holding hands* "We're all walking around like big gay preschoolers."
  • Scorpio: "Would you wear this to see your professor?" *professor points to woman dressed provocatively* "Depends on the professor." "Depends on your grade."
  • Sagittarius: "What does he look like?" *professor points to screen showing a young man* "SINGLE!"
  • Capricorn: "Just do what I do. Get a punch bowl, put two redbulls, one and a half monsters, three 5hour energies. Then later take half a bottle of z-quil to bring you down... Works best in group shots."
  • Aquarius: "Drumline is the definition of going hard."
  • Pisces: "Your argument is invalid." "YOUR MOM'S INVALID." "How'd you know I was invalid?"