your argument in invalid

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Clits are just small dicks Dicks are just big clits The "look in your pants" argument is so invalid

this is what i’ve been sayin all along!!!! love my tiny dick

  • <p> <b>Latinx People:</b> I have a problem with the constant erasure of Latinx characters and having non-Latinx actors/actresses play them.<p/><b>Non-Latinx People:</b> Here's a series of essays, posts, and tweets made by non-latinx about why you shouldn't be angry about having your representation taken away. Also let me tell you about how your ethnicity works and why these people are Hispanic and Latin.<p/></p>

Full offense but if you ever defend child porn in any way, your argument is automatically invalid. Doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. If you think child porn is acceptable then our conversation is done and anything you say has little merit.


every westallen scene ever (120/?)

My favorite argument against Jews is that “Well you can just hide that your Jewish, stop complaining.” Ok, well you can hide that your bisexual or gay, you can  physically take off your hijab, but the actual argument is that none of you should have to do that. You should be free to be who you are and practice your religion safely. Why is that argument invalidated for Jews?  

I loved the Final Problem. I loved the Lying Detective. I loved the Six Thatchers. Your argument is invalid.

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