your are too perf


seventeen masterlist~

!!!BTS Masterlist here!!! 


when you’re got7 af - (wonwoo)

when you’re on your period - (wonwoo and seungcheol)

best friends with wonwoo and soonyoung (part 1 / part 2 )

your skirt is too high/ shirt needs to be buttoned (hiphop / perf / vocal )

they find out you’re a marine biologist ( hiphop / perf / vocal)

they find out you’re in a college class for english (hiphop / perf / vocal)

jisoo buys you a succulent plant

jisoo trying to impress you

sunshine seokmin being cheesy

cheesy Soonyoung

junghan reminding you to study

fangirling over aju nice! to svt