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A not so lovely surprise (M)

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Pairing: HusbandxStalker!Jin X Wife!Reader

  Summary: You life as a wife was amazing. You husband Seokjin was a singer and had to be overseas for his concerts. When you get home after a tiring long day, you didn’t expect to have this scary surprise. When he touched you, you realized that you really needed it.

  Genre: Fluff, Smut 

  Warnings: Explicit content (?) Read at your own risk.

  Word Count: 2.7k

  A/N : Hellow~ It’s my first time writing such a long text, mature one. Last time I did that, I was 15, now I am 19. I hope that I improved. My first language is not English so please, tell me if you find something weird. 
Since I can’t really find a lot of texts about Jin, I decided to write some. Tell me your opinion, I can’t wait to read them. Thanks xx

Today was a very bad day. Firstly, you woke up late because you were concerned. Why ? Because yesterday, you got a strange letter from your « secret admirer », creepy stalker yeah ! Last night you were scared, but today, you didn’t seem to think that it was worth your attention. You should be kind of scared that this strange person could break in your place, but you just ignored it because at the moment, you were terribly late. Secondly, You fell from your bed and lightly hurt your knee, but you didn’t really care about it, you had to speed up. Thankfully, you got ready in less than ten minutes. You put on your shoes and quickly  got out of the house. When you were in front of your car, you realized that you didn’t bring your car keys. You were looking for them for more than ten minutes before giving up and going to your work place by foot. 

Your job was stressful when you had bad starts like today. You are a kindergarten teacher. You always loved being around children. At first, you wanted to become a pediatrician but it was so much responsibility that you refused to do that. You finally decided to become a teacher which also required a lot of responsibilities, but less than being a doctor. Your day as a teacher is not as busy as people can think. You should be there by seven thirty to make sure that necessary things were here but also to prepare activities for the children. You weren’t alone in this. Since you took care of the youngest children of the school, another teacher was assigned with you. It was none other than your best friend : Park Minah. Thankfully, she wasn’t late. When you arrived at school, she was already taking care of children by teaching them today’s ‘new word’.

‘I’m so sorry for being late.’ You said to Minah and the children.

‘No problem sweety.’ Minah said, giving you an understanding smile. 

You went to your office and put down your coat and bag. Then, you went back to your classroom to start another activity. When the children started to do that activity alone to develop their autonomy, Minah came to talk to you.

‘Eventful night with Mr Worldwide Handsome ?’ She asked with a chuckle.

‘I wish it was that… You know he hasn’t returned from his world tour. It’s just some kind of stalker, don’t worry, everything is under control. It’s not that much of a big deal.’ You lied.

‘Are you sure about that ? Maybe I could stay with you tonight ?‘ She asked, a little bit worried.

‘No, everything is alright, i promise, and Seokjin will be back tomorrow, so you don’t have to worry.’ You told her with a reassuring smile. 

She nodded and went back to watch over the children.

During lunch, you sent a text to your dear husband, Seokjin, to tell him how bad your day had started. He was supposed to come back home tomorrow and you couldn’t wait for it. It’s been more than 3 weeks since you last saw him because of his comeback as a singer of Bangtan Boys. You would always cheer for him and make sure to assist at all of his concerts. But since you started working, you couldn’t permit yourself to go there and miss a few days of classes but when it was an important show, you would make sure to be there. So it’s been a really long time since you last saw him.

The day continued and it went from worse to worser. One of the children was very sick. You took him with you and went into your office to call his parents when he threw up on your shirt. You weren’t disgusted by that, you were used to children throwing up during this season because of sickness, you were just disappointed, Seokjin bought that shirt for you on your birthday. You sighed and changed the child before calling his parents. The child’s parents came to get him, you said bye to him and went to change yourself when you got a message from Seokjin.

Seokjinnie ♥️ : Even if you had a bad start today, I hope that your day gets better. Also, you will have a little surprise when you will go back home. I told the deliveryman to deliver it after you get home, later after 6 PM. I hope that you still remember our wedding night. If not, you know that I will have to punish you. Gotta go, the concert is going to start soon. Love you babe. 
Can’t wait to see you tomorrow xx

You were really happy to see his message. It would always get you in a better mood.

You : You’re so sweet ! I can’t wait to get home then ! How can I forget the most beautiful day of my life ? But I won’t mind if you punish me for something else.
Love you too, enjoy your perf’ xx

He was such a cutie when he texted you but inside your bedroom or any room when the two of you were alone, he wasn’t the same one. He would be the opposite, rough and dominant.

Hopefully, until the end of your work, nothing horrible happened. You helped your best friend to clean up the classroom and did some paper work before going home. You were very happy to be home because you were about to get Seokjin’s gift. You couldn’t wait any longer, you wanted the deliveryman to be there, right now. But you were very surprised to find a lot of roses on the kitchen counter. You took them and smelled them.

It reminded you of the most beautiful day of your life : your wedding day. After the weeding, during the reception, at a beautiful hotel, Seokjin disappeared and you tried to look for him, but you couldn’t find him. Suddenly, someone caught you and you got so scared that you were about to scream. But, when you turned around, you saw Jungkook who was covering your mouth. You were about to bite him when he took away his hand and said that he had something for you. It was a room key. Number 412. He told you to go there. You didn’t question him, because he’s like a little bother to you, you trusted him. Once you were inside the room, you saw a lot of roses on the bed, on the table, everywhere ! That’s when Seokjin came out of the bathroom and went to you. He kissed passionately and made love to you. Everything was about roses and you loved it. It made you very happy. It didn’t matter if you abandoned your guests, you just wanted to be together to make love.

But how did they even get in here ? He said that somebody will deliver them to you. It couldn’t be Seokjin, he said that he will be back tomorrow and even if he had last-minute changes, he would have called you. You sent him a message to ask about that and focused your attention on the roses. You saw that there was a card : To my lovely sweetheart, I hope that you got my letter, yesterday. Can’t wait to see you soon. You secret admirer. You started to get scared. This was unbelievable (unbeliebubble xD) ! How could he get inside you house ? Who was that person ? You looked around you before running to the front door et locking it. You locked everything and went to get a knight in the kitchen before inspecting the house. Nobody was inside it. You sighed and went to the bathroom.

You needed a relaxing bath after this day. Plus, you didn’t smell good because of the child’s vomit, even thought you changed your shirt. You wanted to be in a zen atmosphere so you lighted candles and reduced the intensity of the light, in the bathroom. You couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about that stalker, so you went back to verify that the doors and windows were closed, that there was no way that someone could break into your house.

You filled the bathtub with water and took off you clothes. You got inside it and sighed. For a few minutes, you decided to forget about that stalker. It was truly relaxing that you didn’t bother to concentrate on anything else. You were literally in heaven. You closed your eyes and rested.

You weren’t even five minutes in the bathtub that you smelled a man’s scent and heard a noise. Your heart started beating fast when someone suddenly covered your eyes with a sleeping mask. You were about to grab that person’s hands but he was faster than you. He took your hands and tied them above your head.

Who is this ? Fuck ! You shouldn’t have taken a bath without locking the door of the bathroom. You were used to not lock the door since you lived with Seokjin and it didn’t really bother you. But now… It was terrible.

It couldn’t be Seokjin ! First, it wasn’t his scent. You could recognize his smell in an instant, you couldn’t miss it because you were the one who bought that fucking scent. It wasn’t him, he told you that he would be back tomorrow and you would have seen his car in front of the house, or even his shoes near the front door or… anything ! You would have noticed it, but the house was exactly like you left it this morning, aside from the flowers… This was fucking creepy… You verified and nobody was here. So who was it ? This person is not your husband, expect if you completely forgot his touch or his scent in more than three fucking weeks ! Could it be that… stalker ? Oh my God, I am so dead ! You thought. You were thinking about doing something to free you hands and get away from here, maybe use your legs ? Kick him ? You tried to move and scream.

‘Please don’t do any-’ Was all you could scream before he covered your lips with his.

You couldn’t think about anything else. His lips were as luscious as Seokjin’s lips. Could it be him ? The scent had something wrong but you couldn’t forget you husband’s lips, his beautiful and luscious lips. God, you loved them so much. You let out a moan and kissed him back.

‘Don’t try to scream, or I will be so rough that you won’t be able to walk for the next days.’ He whispered softly.

Was it him ? It really seemed like him. But if it wasn’t him, wasn’t he going to kill you ? But how in the world did he get here ? You locked everything : doors and windows. 

You were completely surprised when he roughly grabbed your womanhood. How could you be turned on when a stranger was grabbing you there ?

‘Understood ?’

Even if you do, who would hear you when you lived in a very less populated part of your city with soundproof windows ? Why couldn’t he speak so you could confirm that it’s Seokjin ?! He pressed even harder, waiting for an answer.

‘Yes, sir.’ Was all you could say.

‘Good girl.’

With his other hand, he caressed your breasts and suddenly pinched your nipples, making you moan louder. You couldn’t take it, it had to be Seokjin or you won’t forgive yourself. You were going to let him do whatever he wanted to do with you, you couldn’t resist him.

When you started to get used to his touch, he suddenly stopped everything. He was probably starring at you. Seconds later, he wrapped you in a towel and he carried you out of the bathtub. He headed out of the bathroom. You didn’t know where he was going until you felt your bedsheets under you. That was the perfect moment to kick him and get away so you used your legs to try to kick him but it looked like he knew that you would you that. He knew you very well. It was definitively Seokjin. He grabbed your foot and held it firmly so you won’t escape.

Again, you tried to get away but he brought you back to the edge of the bed and took away the towel. One part of you wanted to get away from this, but the other part wanted to continue it, because that part of you was sure that it was Seokjin. Something came to your mind : before dating each other, you once told him that you would love you get fucked by some stranger in your house, well, it was one of your craziest fantasy. He didn’t judge you because he also thought that it was exciting, even if it’s crazy. So you were now sure that it was him and that he planned everything.

While you were still thinking about what you could do to get away, he spread you legs and put his head between them. Your breath stopped when you felt his breath there. Suddenly, he kissed your core and flicked out his tongue to do circles on your clit’. It was fucking amazing to feel his tongue. Seokjin knew how much you loved it when he did that with his tongue.

You were trying to resist but you couldn’t take it when he slid two fingers in your core.

‘Oh my God, Seokjin, faster please !’ You screamed. But you earned something different. You felt a burning sensation on your back : he just spanked you and it felt so good !

‘No screaming, remember ?’ Was all Seokjin said before freeing your hands and going back to molesting your core.

You moved your hips in sync to feel him even more. He groaned and sped up the pace. He softly bit your clit’ earning sweet moans from you. You realized that the flowers weren’t the only surprise, this was also part of the surprise. You forcefully grabbed the bed sheets before raising your hips and coming.  

You couldn’t believe what just happened. You were sure that you were crying from this, this was so good. You heard him kiss you there one last time before sensing that he was above you. He kissed you roughly before attacking your neck. You felt soft pains on your neck : he was leaving hickeys.

You had shivers up and down your spine as you heard the sound of his belt unbuckled and the zipper pulled down. He straightened up and stayed a few seconds away from you, probably looking at you, enjoying the view, seeing you at his mercy. He pulled out his member and fondled it between your legs. Coming in and out, without penetrating you.

‘Stop playing, please !’

‘Beg for it, as you always do, baby.’ He said, continuing his teasing caresses.

‘Fuck, I really need you inside me, right now ! Just fuck me already !’ You said while trying to find his member with your hand.

‘It wasn’t that hard, see.’ You could hear his smile.

He pushed away your hands, then roughly penetrating you making you moan louder and louder.

‘Shit, baby, feels like the first time, you’re so tight !’

The room was filled with yours and Seokjin’s moans. You felt all sort of feelings but mostly it was lust and excitement. He felt his hand slid between you and find its way to your clit’, accentuating and caressing harder. The two of you were close to come. Seokjin sped up and fucked you harder and harder. Just after you, he came inside you. He fell on you, hugged you and tried to regain a normal breath.

He took off the mask and stared at you with love, satisfaction and happiness. You caressed his handsome face. You smiled, wrapped your arms on him and kissed him slowly. You missed him so much !

‘It was a wonderful surprise, I love it.’ You told him with a small kiss. ‘God, you also scared me ! I really thought that it was some kind of stranger since I got a letter from a stranger yesterday.’

‘Well, I really wanted you to feel that some kind of stalker was fucking you. That was what you told me before. At first, I wasn’t going to do it today, it was for tomorrow. But you said that you had a horrible day, so I wanted to change it. I know my wife and I would do anything to make her feel good.’ He said with a huge smile.

‘I didn’t think that you would do such a thing to make me feel good. Thank you very much. I love you, Mr Stalker.’

‘I love you too, Mrs Kim.’


happy 24th birthday luhan! ♡

ahhh, where to begin first? pretty manly luhan, happy birthday my dearest deer! i can’t believe you’re 24, wow. you’re 25 in korean age, so almost halfway ‘til 30 [but ofc you don’t even look 20, oh luhannnn]. so first off, i just wanted to thank you for everything – for going to korea to study as an exchange student, for getting scouted on the streets of myungdong, for working so so so hard to achieve your dreams as a singer/dancer/performer in a foreign country, for making it so far and debuting in exo, and most of all, for being a /huge/ inspiration to me. “don’t give up on your dreams and keep working towards it” – these words shine as bright as lights in the night sky when i feel like i want to give up on my dreams, and i want to thank you for that. luhan, you’re so talented in both singing and dancing, and you’ve really improved throughout the past two years. it’s so nice to see you more confident about your vocals now [even though some things will never change (or maybe they will?) – giving the mic to someone else bc you don’t know what to say during interviews ehehe] but as i was saying, your voice is so angelic and you sing with so much soul [also the emotions that you convey in your eyes make me fall deeper and deeper in love with you ;n; – case at point - BDC performance with Chen Chen during the EXO debut showcase!!] how can you be so good at both singing and dancing though?? [ace luhan tbh] ;; your dancing is just as beautiful as you are, those perfectly executed moves!! and your love for soccer also amazes me because whenever you have the chance to play, you always smile so brightly and that just makes me so happy. anyhow, today is your special day, so enjoy it to the fullest!! good luck with everything and make sure to get enough rest, eat enough food, and drink a lot of water to prepare for the upcoming overdose comeback!! as a fan, i’m very very very proud of all your accomplishments & the next 2, 5, 10 years down the road, i will still support you until the very end. i love you so much luhan, thank you for being such a humble person with a beautiful personality, it really does show in everything you do [honestly, after reading all those letters that your previous friends/classmates wrote about you, i’m just so glad to know that people like you exist, people that are so selfless, kind, and motivating] ;; look at me rambling on over and over again, it’s because you’re such an amazing person. alright, so i’ll end it here, but one last message – thank you for being you, luhan. thank you for making your fans smile everyday [doing such good deeds – helping fans up at the airport when they fall down!!], thank you for never failing to put a smile on my face. ♡ 


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dont u think kurt would look better lying down... on a bed... with a sheet draped over his most likely nude body... and candlelights for kitty... NOT THAT IM TRYING TO GET AT SOMETHING OR ANYTHING pleasedrawthis

Kurt seems to keep forgetting that the cold winter weather affects him just the same as everybody else and then goes off to do things thinking he is impervious to said weather and then getting sick as punishment for his stupidity.