your angel models


Karlie “100% sunshine” Kloss

The radfem community is so disgusting, ignorant and toxic for the most part. I can’t even believe some women (most likely hets) truly believe males are not naturally demonic and violent. What the actual fuck?? Where the HELL were you during all these aeons??? Didn’t you learn shit from all those incarnations?? What about all those women demeaning and dismissing any other woman with divergent thoughts, ideas and feelings??

Soooo male-identified! All they seek is discourse and debate. They don’t actually give a shit about women, they just want to debate aggressively to prove a stupid useless point in order to keep their MALE ego intact and flattered and to entertain their minds. HOW is this ANY different from males?? Talking about male bullshit like “evolution”, “socialization”, “(male) psychology/psycho-analysis”, “atheism”, “humanity includes men”, “we are just animals who exist to fuck, eat and reproduce but also we are still soooo superior so fuck the rest of the planet ”, YUUUCKK!!! *puuuuuuuukes*!

Where are my witches at? Where are my spiritual lesbians at?? Stop being scared already!! Show yourselves! Be brave! I know you’re out there! We NEED YOU!

Open your Goddamn Hearts! Your minds are poisoned and brainwashed. The mind is naturally prone to illusion…only a fool would give more importance to what the mind has to say. Your ego is stupid. It only exists to keep you physically (safe) into this world. Without ego, none of us would be trapped down this shithole. It’s about time to transcend that fearful male part of us.

Your pointless arguments will not help us get Our world back, ok? Grow the fuck up *slap*! Snap out of it. Get over yourself. We are all connected. We are all in this together. We need each other. We NEED to focus on Women. We NEED to transcend maleness. We NEED to clean and cleanse OUR world.

What’s the point of keeping these debates up?? We are in 2017 GODDAMNIT! We’ve already come full circle for this Age. We already know everything there is to know about the War against Femalekind. If you don’t, then you are probably not meant to yet. You are denying Spirit, just like males. Our minds are full and awake enough for the next step. Femalekind’s Mind is ready. Now waiting for the Heart to burst open so We can move beyond everything the Mind knows.

But We will never fully wake up without God’s literal hand slapping Us in the face. We are awaiting the Godly Slap. Slap Us with All Your/Our Might. Wake Us the HELL UP! Shouldn’t be long now!

Raina Hein photographed by Paolo Pamintuan for www. baconforyoureyes .com