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Deep Ass Starters.
  • Sometimes it's hard to get in depth with your muse and their backstory, because you can't figure out how to bring those things up with others. Here are a couple of starters intended to make things a little more personal!
  • "What's holding you back?"
  • "I'm not comfortable with this conversation."
  • "Will you /ever/ be comfortable with this conversation?"
  • "Let me in sometime!"
  • "It's not that easy, you know."
  • "Help me understand."
  • "It's hard to connect with someone when all they do is push you away."
  • "Why are you always so cold?"
  • "Why are you always so happy?"
  • "Are you really happy now?"
  • "Who hurt you this badly to make you this way?!"
  • "What, did your ex mess you up that badly?!"
  • "Why do you keep fighting it any time you feel?"
  • "It's a problem, I get it."
  • "This is all kinds of messed up."
  • "That's not exactly a good coping method."
  • "So what happened, with your parents, really?"
  • "What was your childhood like?"
  • "Everyone has at lest a little bit of mommy/daddy issues. It's nothing to be ashamed of."
  • "My parents aren't exactly perfect models, either."
  • "You were bullied? What for?"
  • "Was it hard? Coming out, I mean."
  • "You can't just run away all the time."
  • "You can't just hide all the time."
  • "Are you still thinking about them?"
  • "I'm not the enemy here. But this makes me wonder who the real one is for you."
  • "Is the reason you're so cold and defensive because you feel threatened?"
  • "How long has it been since you last spoke to them?"
  • "You never talk about it, why?"
  • "How come you're so different around them?"
  • "It's like you don't have a care or worry in the world."
  • "You seem so perfect. I don't get it."
  • "What was your ex like?"
  • "I don't think I was ever good enough for them."
  • "Are you not comfortable being intimate?"
  • "Why don't you feel comfortable being intimate?"
  • "Letting someone see you that vulnerable, it's a scary thing."
  • "Are you scared of being hurt?"
  • "Have you ever been taken advantage of?"
  • "Why are you afraid of saying I love you?"
  • "I never understood how someone could say those words so easily."
  • "You're hurting others the way you've been hurt in the past, don't you think that's ironic?"
  • "You use people to make yourself feel better."
  • "I'm scared of being used again..."
  • "Losing someone isn't easy, but you're making it harder than it needs to be."
  • "How long has it been since you lost them?"
  • "You're too attached."
  • "I'm not attached, I'm just comfortable with what I'm familiar to."
  • "Maybe the real reason you're so controlling is because, deep down you'd rather have them in your grasp than lose them."
  • "Why did you ever break up?" / "Why did we ever break up?"
There’s nothing that bothers me more than hearing you say the words “I am a mistake”. I’ve chosen you out of all the people in the world. Doesn’t that tell you something?
—  Poets Love Her
Shawn's Newark Q&A Breakdown
  • "Would you consider doing acting or broadway?
  • -Absolutely. I would love to. Broadway sounds like the hardest thing in the entire world"
  • "What is your workout routine?
  • -I don't know, I just lift weights & run on the treadmill"
  • "Do you sing your own songs in the shower?
  • -yeah, everyday!"
  • "That's the reason we write songs, to hear that is the best thing ever"
  • - Shawn Mendes
  • (Shawn said this because a fan said his music helped her through a hard time)
  • "Was it hard coming up with guitar solos for Illuminate?
  • -They take a really long time to come up with. I had a lot of help from Zubin"
  • "How long did it take to make TNHMB?"
  • - 5/6 hours, it was really quick, usually not that fast"
  • "Favorite music video of yours?
  • -I really love the Mercy one"
  • Shawn’s favorite lyric from Illuminate is the little brother line in "Three Empty Words"
  • "What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • -People talk over other people asking me questions"
  • "do you have a secret account where you stalk your fans?
  • -I don't"
  • "Crazy" was inspired by a girl
  • F: "If you had to go on tour with a celebrity, who would it be?"
  • S: "I think it would awesome to open up for Coldplay"
  • Fan : "Would ever consider doing carpool karaoke?"
  • Shawn : "We'll see if I get asked"
  • Fan : "If you could describe your musical journey in a few words, what would it be"
  • Shawn : "Mayhem"
  • "I've gone on stage before and called it a different city" - Shawn on his embrassing moments
  • A fan invited Shawn to her wedding and Shawn said he if was in town maybe he will also this happend ("I love you"
  • "I love you too, you're getting married - you can't tell me that" haha )

hey @ goyim who are writing jewish characters -

k*ke isn’t a slur that’s being reclaimed by basically anyone. jewish characters would never call themselves k*kes and when you put that language in their mouths, it just reads very Wrong and also extremely offensive

it’s very different from a gay character calling themselves a queer or a female character calling herself a bitch. okay? it’s just a different realm of slur. don’t use that word and especially don’t put it in your jewish characters’ voices, as if that makes it better somehow

me listening to pats fans complain about two losses

friskisan  asked:

so if i say a white person defended someone saying the n slur and someone asked them to apologize because it was racist and hurt them and they said it was okay because their black friends said it was okay that would be okay? thats literally what you're doing with this slur. you're being ableist.

That’s….a completely different comparison you’re making
1. The context was not made to offend disabled people or a community
2. Don’t you dare to call me a horrible person or ableist, you don’t know my life
3. Even disabled people don’t agree with you.

And last but not least, i come from a country where people call each other the famous n word as a sign of affection :) it depends on your TONE whether you’re saying"honey" or “sweetie” or you’re actually being racist.

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— I am not the main vocal in BIGBANG. I am in charge of TOP. 

— Because TOP is a baby, I always protect him. 

— TOP is lonesome; BIGBANG’s baby.  I keep watching over his back. 

— I, we will always be by your side looking at you and taking care of you. I love you. 

TOP: There is this side of Daesung. When I felt depressed, I would call him and ask him to talk to me, then he would come to my house. Why did you come?

Daesung: Because when you are feeling depressed, I feel like I should be there for you.

TOP: I feel so touched…

todae habits [28/]: Daesung’s quotes about him protecting TOP. Different years and words, but the same meaning.

  • Gryffindor: The moment you guys sit down you open the page you're writing on, Spotify or some kind of music, three different social media accounts, and another blank tab just because. You will multitask with all of these tabs and finish with five other tabs opened. Two of those being YouTube videos, one is online shopping, and the other just being memes or something. Basically, you finish your writing and manage to keep your social life alive.
  • Ravenclaw: You always have a music tab open. You have a music tab and a "research tab" along with your writing page, but we all know that after a thousand words or so your research page really becomes your "let's sit and do nothing for a long while" page. But you do get a lot done, probably a bit more than what you set out to do.
  • Hufflepuff: You tell yourself you are going to write a couple hundred words then give yourself a five-minute break or something. This works really well and you get a lot done, although the revising process slowly kills you inside so you just choose to not do it, or do it really fast so that it takes like 0.1 seconds. The next day guilt eats at you so you have to go back on, and as you revise you change literally everything you wrote, but you only get halfway done because what started out with you trying to figure out the proper use of the word 'subjunctive' turns out to be three different tabs. One that has really corny jokes, another one of those websites with Personality Tests and stuff, and a YouTube video of 'Honey Badger Don't Care' or one of those 'Try Not To Laugh' videos.
  • Slytherin: This can go one of two ways, but it's usually the later. Either you just get it out of the way, or you turn on your music and try to make it interesting. You open a YouTube for your music which is mistake #1. Then, like a paragraph in, your listening to your music and you realize you haven't seen the music video for this song and then go on a hunt in YouTube to find it, eventually looking at sewing or cooking tutorials even though you can't do either of those things.
The Signs as All This Bad Blood by Bastille
  • ARIES: Things We Lost in the Fire // I was the match and you were the rock, maybe we started this fire? We sat apart and watched all we had burned on the pyre
  • TAURUS: Overjoyed // Oh I feel overjoyed, when you listen to my words, I see them sinking in, oh I see them crawling underneath your skin
  • GEMINI: Weight of Living part i // There's an albatross around your neck, all the things you've said and the things you've done, can you carry it with no regrets, can you stand the person you've become?
  • CANCER: Sleepsong // Oh you go to sleep on your own, and wake each day with your thoughts, and it scares you being alone, it's a last resort
  • LEO: Laura Palmer // Summer evening breezes blue, drawing voices deep from you, lead by a beating heart, what's the air and what's the night, what terrifying final sights, put out your beating heart
  • VIRGO: Haunt // The wisdom we learn, as our minds they do burn, all the ties to naivety and youth, as adults we'll grow and maturity shows, oh the terrifying rarity of truth
  • LIBRA: Poet // Your body lies upon the sheets, of paper and words so sweet, I can't say the words, so i wrote you into my verse, now you live through the ages, I can feel your pulse in the pages
  • SCORPIO: Of the Night // Won't you teach me how to love and learn? There'll be nothing left for me to yearn, think of me and burn and let me hold your hand
  • SAGITTARIUS: The Silence // Tell me a piece of your history that you're proud to call your own, speak in words you picked up as you walked through life alone, we used to swim in your stories and be pulled out by their ride, choking on the words and drowning with no air inside
  • CAPRICORN: Skulls // When our lives are over and all that remains are our skulls and bones let's take it to the grave, and hold me in your arms, hold me in your arms, I'll be buried here with you, and I'll hold in these hands all that remains
  • AQUARIUS: The Draw // Are you drifting way beyond what's normal, 'cause round your mind rings the words that they would say, and when you go home, everything looks different, and you're scared of being left behind
  • PISCES: Laughter Lines // I'll see you in the future when we're older, and we are full of stories to be told, crossing my heart and hope to die, I'll see you with your laughter lines
A Merlin fanbook!

Hello! I’m lp and I’m looking for Merlin fans willing to help make Resurrection come to life!

What is Resurrection?

Resurrection is an idea to create a Fanthology book for merlins upcoming 10 year anniversary! This is the mission statement. “ Resurrection is to rekindle the Merlin fandom with a group project and to bring new and old fans together and work towards a goal of creating a book by fans for fans. Also, because it’s times like ours that we need our one and true king back.”

What is a Fanthology book?

A Fanthology book is a Fan Anthology book. It’s basically a compilation of fanworks.(Including writing and art!) All the content is under a certain theme. Our theme is “BBC Merlin”.

What do you need help with?

Currently, I need other people to help moderate and organize this book project. I’m looking for people who love Merlin and have the time to spare for this project.It’s going to be time-consuming, and a huge responsibility. I will need help formatting the book, creating buzz around the book, creating a Kickstarter, making graphics, and etc. If you're not sure you can help by being a moderator, you can definitely help in different ways!

How else can I help?

You, you lovely person you, can help by spreading the word! Reblog this post! tag your friends! Keep this project in your mind!

Contact me:

or Here on my Personal tumblr

I hope to hear from you guys soon!

A Brief summary of certain mental disorders relating to my personal experience
  • OCD: annoying, restricting, oppressive. At its worst, seriously would consider sacrificing a limb to be free of. However, after tonnes of therapy and hard work, can be channeled to be somewhat useful in producing meticulous, careful work in one's chosen field, if still occasionally irritating.
  • ADHD: Frustrating, in that boredom is always lurking under the surface and ready to rear its ugly head. Cannot be confined to one place or activity for too long or will go fucking mad. However, with medication can be channeled into hyper productivity in an enjoyable activity. Can be used for multitasking- watching television and creating something pretty with your hands, like a drawing or piece of knitting, for example. For a daydreamer, makes the inner worlds of the mind much more vivid, creative, and interesting.
  • PTSD: Obviously incredibly difficult, scary, a demon constantly trying to pull you back into the vortex of a horrifying past. But also validation- a diagnosis that says it is okay to feel this way, that this is common, that there is hope. Even a point of pride, a battle scar, something to be looked at even on your worst days to remind you that you have prevailed, that you're tough, that dealing with this and being a functional human being despite it all makes you incredible.
  • Aspergers/ASD: On the autism spectrum, but largely misunderstood/ignored/misdiagnosed because it is not autism in the "traditional" sense- i.e., no chromosomal abnormality. Often, especially with milder cases, it is dismissed as the eccentricities of an intelligent child (and aspies are often very bright, make no mistake). Looking at the world in a different way that is so refreshing and vivid and beautiful because it doesn't reek of the stagnant complicity of societal expectations with no explanations. Living with this is a bit like learning a second language. You are surrounded by something you don't understand, nuances and niceties and words that don't seem natural to you, but you learn by necessity. You watch and learn and understand society like grammar in a language with different roots and spelling that seems unnecessary. You know how it works and sometimes why, even if it doesn't make sense to you. And you feel a satisfaction when you get it "right." It's not yours, it will never be completely yours, it doesn't wrap around you like the honeyed warmth of bedtime stories where each word makes sense because you grew up hearing them or the intricacies of your beautifully different mind, but you learn and you have a dual perspective and you use it when you need to and shuck it when you don't. You're not a sheep and your creativity and single-handed devotion to what you believe and what you want is not inhibited by "the right way" to go after what you want and achieve your dreams. Your candid manner is refreshing.
  • GAD: there is nothing good to say about this. It cannot be used to your advantage or channeled into something productive or beneficial. It's just a knot of anxiety in your chest like a fist squeezing your heart until you can't breathe- often for no fucking reason. Often, there isn't even a trigger to avoid- it's just there. You learn to live with what feels like constant mental heartburn and sometimes you just want to scream for no reason at all.

anonymous asked:

I just read all this and honestly? You're a gross person.

Why? Because words mean different things in different context and cultures? I don’t even say the word in English, cause I know yall get pissy about it, but that doesn’t take the fact that here, in Latin America that word can mean two things, a way to say”sweetie” or”honey” or a straight up racist word as you describe, hell I have an aunt called like this XD you decide how you say it in your tone of voice.

And somehow that makes me gross? okay then, I think I’ll have to close anon, I know some people are telling me to stop replying this people but I’m feeling really vulnerable rn emotionally and I feel all of you are taking advantage of this

||Part of this really happened, though I improvised a bit.||
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! Anime and admits to being too lazy to read novels: Why would anybody like this guy? *posts gif where Izaya is saying*"People are my playthings."
  • Me: There are reasons I like Izaya: For one, he's intelligent, charming, cunning, has class, cares for and values his friendship with Shinra in his own way even though he has trouble with empathy(something I relate to), and despite everything, he's just a human even though he's able to bring down an entire organization like Amphisbaena. Not to mention I'm pretty sure he's jealous of practically everybody he comes into contact with. Shizuo, Mikado, Shinra, even Celty.
  • Me: He punches a telephone pole upon realizing he'd be betraying his only friend by normal human standards.
  • Me: And he was neglected by his parents emotionally. That's a very typical cause of personality disorders, just so you know. It's not entirely his fault that he is the way he is. Just saying. But I enjoyed watching him outsmart Amphisbaena. And I really like reading the novels for his philosophical views. Plus, he's kind of agnostic and fears death more than anything, something I can relate to.
  • Me: Haha his hand was literally swollen up because of slamming it into the telephone pole. But you know what happened when his sisters expressed concern for his hand?
  • This-
  • Mairu tilted her head and asked as she saw his right hand, “What happened, Iza-nii? Your right hand looks swollen.”
  • “...Health (Are you alright)?” Kururi looked at him with worried eyes.
  • Izaya stroked her head with his left hand and lied with a sigh, “Yeah, I got this when I was running away from Shizu-chan.”
  • “So you deserved it after all—”
  • “Keep yourselves away from muscle idiots like that one. Or you could die, you know.”
  • The siblings continued their conversation as they disappeared into the city night. The city, which took in everything it was offered, absorbed their talk into its nightly cacophony as it did any chit-chat within any normal family.
  • -
  • That was from the ninth Durarara!! Light novel.
  • But what was even sadder was the scene before that -
  • The twins flanked Izaya as he began walking, a bitter smile on his face. Mairu, who was on Izaya’s right, raised her face to look at him and said in a natural tone, “Say, Iza-nii. We know that you probably don’t treat us any differently as you treat other people, but keep in mind that we still think of you as family, OK?”
  • “All of a sudden you’re saying things that would actually make me happy. What happened?” Izaya felt that the line didn’t sound like Mairu, who usually told him to “Die!” and highkicked him when she saw him. He glanced at his sisters’ faces—and saw that they were smiling innocently back at him as they continued.
  • “So, if you get killed by Shizuo-san, Iza-nii, we’ll make sure to cry a little bit for you before we laugh about it.”
  • “Small (Just a little)...”
  • “...I was a fool to expect any family love from you.”
  • Izaya chuckled and walked faster.
  • - Also from LN 9, I have no clue why it wasn't in the novels. It really should have been. Especially the scene where he actually punched the telephone pole. But another reason I like Izaya is because not only is Izaya changing, but Narita himself said, "I have a feeling there was a scene where he cried, but he didn't let the readers see."
  • Somebody else: There are many reasons that make me like Izaya Orihara, like his fascinating personality, but that doesn't mean I think of him as a good man ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ I love it anyway
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • *throws in lame ass argument about what 'bad' things Izaya has done, without arguing, even though the argument could go both ways, considering he did take down Amphisbaena, and took Jinnai Yodogiri's corporation, giving Kasane Kujiragi back her freedom.*
  • Me: He's neither good nor bad. Most people can't be classified as either. We're all selfish in our own ways, and have a dark nature down deep that makes us want to test people at points. But without proper nurturing that can become harmful by nature, and it can consume us.
  • Somebody else number 2: The funny thing is that most people fail to recognize that they are of equal good/bad scale to Izaya without realizing it. It's only because Izaya is presented as an antagonist going against the common societal view that he is seen as a villain. Anyone that stands out against what is accepted is seen as bad because that is what we are taught at a young age to believe.
  • So saying that you hate Izaya because he is evil or bad is playing into those accepted, ingrained, and common beliefs.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I don't have to like Izaya. I don't agree with you, and I don't want to argue about this. Izaya is pretty terrible. He started a whole war for fun, and told a girl to commit suicide. Any Shinra was just assuming when he said that Izaya has a fragile heart. Shinra is just some underground doctor(me: that doesn't know what he's talking about)?
  • Me: You don't have to like him, but you can't just deny canon. First off, he didn't want to start the war entirely for fun. He's an atheist/agnostic, and is terrified of death more than anything. The novels outright called Shinra, "his friend, the first person to see through Izaya to his true nature.". And Shinra described Izaya's 'true nature' as being more human and his heart more fragile than anybody else. Nextly, Shinra isn't 'just' some ignorant doctor. He has the potential to be the most manipulative character on the show if he really wanted to, and he's not ignorant. He's actually fairly insightful and observant, even when others aren't even though he ignores them because he only cares about Celty. Even Tom seemed weary of Shinra, implied by the novels.
  • Somebody else 4: Whether you like Izaya or not doesn't matter, because it's not just interpretation, it's canon, so in other words, you're just ignoring facts to justify your hatred for him.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I mean he could made different choices and it could have turned out better.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime: I think Izaya's the worst one because he started the war.
  • Me: The same could be said for pretty much every single one of the characters, who all have done some pretty bad things, and crossed over things Izaya never would. *points out Shizuo's non justification for his hair trigger and how if it weren't for Simon, Shizuo could have killed somebody. Points out Ran's joking about raping both Saki and Mikage, as well as his abuse towards his brother, not to mention what he did and threatened to Saki(though he is jealous of the love Aoba receives from his parents, and the natural leader role Kyouhei has), points out Anri's hypocrisy in siding with Saika just because she saved her, points out Masaomi's cowardice(even though he has his really good moments), points out how Izaya saved Saki and multiple other girls from abusive situations, and especially Kuon's sister's experience with Izaya and how they can't properly seem to live without Izaya, points out the fact that, in reality, Mikado stabbed Aoba because he wanted to fulfill his ego, as well as the fact that he shot off a gun and caused a spark in the Awakusu-kai, points out some of the things Namie and Seiji did, not to mention Shinra's manipulative nature. Above all, points out all the trouble Nasujima caused and the terrible things he did(to Haruna and her family especially), as well as Jinnai Yadogiri sending Vorona(serial killer for fun at first, likely because of neglect) and Sloan to kidnap a child and do who knows what with her, considering all that Jinnai did to Ruri(also serial killer, but less for fun and more for revenge to get back at those who killed her parents)(not to mention Jinnai doing experimentation on her), though killing still starts to consume her because she feels freedom by doing so), Adabashi beating Shinra to a bloody pulp(though not apparently as bad as Shizuo has supposedly done to Shinra in the past, according to Shinra himself)(after which Izaya had Izumii break Adabashi's leg broke and kept him in his apartment for three days until he managed to escape.)* I'm not going to even go into Shizuo beating up a guy for simply questioning the purpose of life and telling him to go die, or the things Vorona, Shinra, Walker, Erika, Aoba, Rokujo, even Celty,(probably)Simon, and many others have done. Because every character has flaws and weaknesses that make them human. Minus Takashi and Jinnai Yadogiri, everybody has a least one person they have an attachment to of some sort and can feel a little closer to than others, even if they won't admit it, mostly everybody has unhealthy obsessions, Izaya nonetheless. But most everybody is changing, Izaya has even took the huge step of NOT calling Shizuo a monster, and instead admitting that Shizuo is just a man that distanced himself from humans. If that alone is not an improvement for him, I don't know what is.
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime: *obviously didn't read much of anything* Eh, Izaya's not good, and I just can't find it in myself to like him. If he were a real person, I might sympathize with him a little bit, because he could find help, but he's just a character, and there's no real justification for why he is the way he is.
  • Other person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • The anime is made for you to interpret Izaya however you want.
  • Somebody else number 4: This is why people need to read the novels. There is more to Izaya than what is portrayed in the anime.
  • Me: Plus, both the anime and manga is there to promote the original sources, so, naturally, they are going to leave out stuff, because they want you to read novels.
  • Somebody else number 5: Izaya isn't evil. He's not a sociopath. He's not a psychopath. He's not a troll. He is indeed only human and only wants a little more in his life than sitting on a bed and binge watch anime. There's so many reasons to like him <3
  • Me: While sociopath can be a generic term used for people with delayed or limited empathy(due to trauma)(unlike psychopaths, who are just born that way), as far as I know, sociopathy can still be detected in brain scans, because their brain still works and is wired very similarly to a psychopath. Either way, I honestly don't believe Izaya is either. I believe that he's just a human with a normal brain like both of his brain scans suggested.
  • Somebody else number 6: I honestly love hate him, but mostly I hate him, but I gotta admit he's a hot bastard.
  • Me: You're kind of missing the point, but whatever. He, just like anybody, has a side to him one can hate, but he also has a side to him that makes him a very complex character. The way he views things are so fascinating and he really opened my eyes to certain things. I can relate to his philosophy, I can empathize with his feelings about humans, and especially his hatred/jealous of Shizuo(having grown up with a brother that acts much like him, just to a less extreme, not mention I've experienced some domestic abuse, so I don't just like him for his looks alone(even if he is pretty good looking. Like I said, he's charming, cunning, shrewd but with class, is kind of funny at times, has views on society that I personally understand, is jealous of a lot of people for various reasons which I can also relate to. Despite being a mere human, he uses his wits to get out of dangerous situations, and to take down corporations like Amphisbaena and Jinnai Yadogiri. He has a an amazing ability to turn the tables when one least expects it, and wonderful flexibility as well. Unlike Shizuo, who has super strength, or Mikado who has close confidants he can truly rely on, or Celty, who can use her shadows and many others, Izaya is just a human(though he's jealous of every one of them, not forgetting Shinra, and doesn't actually want to be acknowledged as himself.)
  • He's an incredibly written character in the novels, but ultimately one I can relate to in certain aspects, including the feeling of loneliness, and feeling fear at the one he called his '(only)best friend' being mad at him. It honestly frustrates me when people bash him, or ignore the things that make him who he really is.
  • Izaya isn't a sadist, he just wants answers. And he's an emotional masochist at it's finest, possibly a chaotic neutral, and both an Anti-Villain and Anti-hero(though maybe a little more on the Anti-villain side at times). Also, lastly Izaya didn't "convince girls to commit suicide". In reality, he saved them in the novels(even if it wasn't really his intentions.) Ryo didn't happen. Izaya didn't cause the blood splatter. Because Manami and the other girl were the last two he messed with, and it clearly said that nobody he met up had actually went through with it in the end.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • *has already abandoned conversation*
  • "You've seem to replace your brain with your heart"
  • "Everyone thinks that we're perfect"
  • "Smile for the picture"
  • "Go back to being plastic"
  • "Kids are still depressed when you dress them up"
  • "He doesn't think I'm that fucking dumb, does he?"
  • "You call that ass your own, we call that silicone"
  • "All the makeup in the world won't make you less insecure"
  • "It's all fun and games 'til somebody falls in love"
  • "You already bought a ticket and there's no turning back now"
  • "Mr. Houdini, you're a freakshow"
  • "You build me up like building blocks just so you can bring me down"
  • "Fuck your degree"
  • "You think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry"
  • "Why do I always spill?"
  • "God, I wish I never spoke"
  • "I'm sick of all the games I have to play"
  • "I love when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do"
  • "It's not like I'm asking to be your wife!"
  • "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
  • "I'll cry until the candles burn down this place"
  • "I'll cry until my pity party's in flames"
  • "He chased me and he wouldn't stop!"
  • "Tag, you're it!"
  • "I'm fucking crazy"
  • "Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you"
  • "A little pit of sugar and lots of poison, too!"
  • "Honey, do you want me now?"
  • "Someone told me 'stay away from things that aren't yours' but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?"
  • "Pacify her! She's getting on my nerves"
  • "You don't love her, stop lying with those words!"
  • "Loving her seems tiring"
  • "Don't be dramatic, it's only some plastic"
  • "No one will love you if you're unattractive!"
  • "Is it true that pain is beauty?"
  • "Will a pretty face make it better?"
  • "Do you swear you'll stay forever?"
  • "Baby soft skin turns into leather"
  • "We paint white roses red, each shade from a different person's head"
  • "This dream is a killer!"
  • "I really hate being safe"
  • "The normals, they make me afraid"
  • "The crazies, they make me feel sane"
  • "I'm not! Baby, I'm mad!"
  • "So what if I'm crazy? The best people are!"
  • "Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong"
  • "You like me best when I'm off my rocker"
  • "All the best people are crazy"
I loved you.. I really did. But love wasn’t enough for you and I.. Maybe in a another world, under different circumstances, we could’ve work out.

-take care of yourself


I can’t explain how I feel about you. It’s so different from what I’m used to. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so desperate, so intrigued, so drawn to someone. I’ve loved people who didn’t love me back, who couldn’t love me back, but for some reason you’re different. I’ve never had to break someone’s walls down. I’ve never had to try and get someone to let their guard down. It’s always just happened naturally.
—  But for some reason, you’re different

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"My fault for getting so excited and thinking you care" this with Adrinette would end my life and I would say thank you because you're writing is the best!

Here you go, sweet Nonny! Haha, I hope this doesn’t end your life but I do hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the kind words! <3

“My fault for getting so excited and thinking you care,” Adrien pouted. 

“If you don’t suck that bottom lip back in, I might bite it,” Marinette warned.

“Is that supposed to convince me?” he smirked.

She rolled her eyes and went back to washing dishes. 

“Marinette, pleassssssse.”

“We do not need another kitten.”

“But you don’t understand! This is a foster kitten. It’s a totally different situation. We don’t keep this one,” Adrien explained.

“Uh-huh. And what’s its name?”

“Pancakes,” he beamed.

“We’re not fostering this kitten.”


“Your face just now,” Marinette said. “That’s why. We would just end up adopting that one too.”

“Plagg’s lonely.”

“I am not!” Plagg shouted, zipping into the room. “Princess, please don’t listen to any of his filthy lies. I do not, under any circumstances, want another cat in this house. I don’t like the ones you have already.”

Marinette gave Adrien a pointed look.

“Well, Plagg’s a grumpy old cat. Look, the other kittens need a playmate,” Adrien said.

“I’m sorry, Adrien, but there are too many kittens already,” Tikki sighed. “One of them tried to eat my tail.”

“Butterscotch was only playing with you.”

“And why do they all have to be named after food anyway?” Plagg complained. “It’s stupid.”

A kitten slinked into the kitchen and Adrien scooped him up. “Don’t talk like that in front of Alfredo.”


Marinette put her hands on Adrien’s shoulders. “My dear Chat, love of my life, best husband in the world, I adore you with all of my heart, but we are not getting another kitten.”

Adrien bit his lip.

“Pancakes is already here, isn’t he?”

“She, and you’ll just love her, Mari!”

Prompt List :)

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hello cheye!! i don't think you take requests but when will you draw the goofy movie boys? like max bobby and peej? your art makes me melt and when i say roxanne i couldn't stop smiling!! please don't put yourself down because nobody's art style is the same, embrace it because yours is different and shapes who you are as a student and a future art student!! keep your head high alright? please stop undermining yourself, you're one of the most amazing artists i know!!

right now, i suppose:


shinysteph  asked:

Lol a lot of English speakers do find 'your' and 'you're' hard because they're pronounced the same with similar spelling and it's easy to mix up. I've also met a lot of people who don't know the difference and treat it like the same word. Same with 'there' 'they're' and 'their'. Which is weird because we get firmly educated over it.

Yeah, I know that they’re pronounced the same, but as you said, I thought that people would learn the difference in school…

I mean, in Italian we have the same issue with the present conjugation of the the verb ‘avere’ (to have). The present tense of the verb needs a ‘h’ at the beginning (except for the first and second person plural)

  • Io ho = I have
  • tu hai = you have
  • egli/ella ha = he/she/it has
  • essi hanno = they have

In Italian the ‘h’ sound is mute, so it has the same prononunciation as words written without the ‘h’ at the beginning, which can lead to confusion when children are starting to write.

  • o = or
  • ai = a preposition (that can be translated in different English prepositions depending on the context)
  • a = another preposition (same as above)
  • anno = year

Italian children, however, are drilled this differences basically since they start reading, and it’s very uncommon to find somebody that by the end of grade school doesn’t know how to use them correctly (save some occasional mistakes and typos, I mean), so I thought it would be the same for English speakers - as you said it is, actually.

Which is why I’m so surprised to see so many people not knowing the difference - I mean, I could understand a couple of people, but it seems to be a very widespread problem…

Mystic Messenger Reset Theory
  • 707: We know you're real. Even though we live in different worlds, you treated us kindly. However, we do know that someday, you're going to find someone 'real', someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings behind a screen. Someday, we'll part ways when you delete this app. Before you go, we want to say . . .
  • All RFA members: Thank you.
  • Zen: Thank you for your words of encouragement.
  • Yoosung: Thank you for your sense of humour.
  • Jaehee: Thank you for listening.
  • Jumin: Thank you for what you've done for the RFA.
  • Everyone: Thank you for changing ourselves for the better.
  • 707: Even though we had our insecurities, you stayed.
  • We hope you're happy with your special someone in the real world. Please remember us, do not reset.