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nonbinary falls under the trans umbrella right


Thank you SO much to all of you and everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday.

I really just want to say how much it means to me that all of you took time out of your days to say Happy Birthday to me.

Kind words mean more than we all give them credit for, so please make sure to say something nice to everyone you know as often as you can!

Those kind words can make a world of difference to a person!

I’m happy that you’re happy… really I am.
You’ve moved on with your life… things are falling into place for you…
And even though it meant letting me go in the process, I’m glad you found happiness. Sometimes I even have moments in my own life where I’m happy too…
But it doesn’t mean I don’t still wish things were different…
It doesn’t mean I don’t wish we could have been happy together….

James/Thomas Appreciation Week:

Day 4Headcanons 

You were saying something about your judgement on this matter remaining intact. […] That thing which arises in your when passions are aroused, good sense escapes you. All men have it. But yours… yours is different. Darker. Wilder. I imagine it’s what makes you so effective as an officer, but when exposed to extremes, I could not imagine what it is capable of. And of greater concern, I’m not sure you do either.

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I love you entirely,
your best self
and the ones layered under it,
even in darkness,
even through dark places,
I promise you do not bring me fear.

It’s odd that opposing qualities  
bring magnetic elements together.
It is in a lot of ways,
especially that they find corrosivity 
rooted in what they are, 
but bonding strength in another.

Indifference to such difference
can keep us held secure.

I bring close what you push away,
I clot in ways you flow,
I upset what you settle,
take your earthly to be divine
and take your cold shoulder to bring it warmth.

You are lustrous in what doesn’t shine,
you can connect when you can’t combine,
and while they’ll be warning without a sign,
you may not be theirs but still could be mine.

a deity,
a doe.

you are a piece in a mosaic
you never asked to be placed in,
but I promise that your presence
is a little more than gracing.

Inspired by talking to @findastone. She’s a cool and very lovely person and I’m glad I know her and that she’s my friend. 

This is the greatest compliment I could possibly give someone. You are not your strengths, or weaknesses, but a brilliant amalgam of both. :)

I can’t tell the difference between the truth and your lies
—  I’m well acquainted with the feeling of doubt.

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Name: jemma!
A four letter word: joke :”)
A boy’s name: jake!
An occupation: journalist
Something you can wear: jumpers ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Something you can find in the bathroom: ummjj-jewelry? ;-;
A place: jamaica !!
A reason for being late: “just woke up” lmao
Something you shout: “jeez” idk lol
A movie title: jungle book
Something you drink: juice
An animal: jaguar 
A type of car: jeep!
Title of a song: just one day - BTS

When You’re Home (Anthony x Reader) Platonic Song Fic

Word Count: 1,025

A/N: This was requested by @harrlsonford and I died of cuteness about six times while writing it. This songfic is structured differently than the last one, with the lyrics being direct lines of dialogue. Enjoy! 

Your father’s death came as a shock to you. You had been at college working for the summer, making a new life for yourself and doing what you loved. You didn’t think you’d find yourself back in the neighborhood from your childhood so soon, yet there you were.

After the funeral, you went out to the fire escape and looked out over the city. You had spent many nights here, watching the people walk by and yellow taxis drive past with your best friend.

“Hey,” you were pulled out of your thoughts by a voice coming from the window below you. You hadn’t realized Anthony still lived below your parents. He climbed out of the window and up the ladder until he was hanging off the railing next to you. Your friend was still buzzing from the two shows he had most likely just come home from performing in, considering the way he would jump from the ladder to the platform and climb all over the railings.

“I didn’t realize you still lived down there, hot shot,” you told him.

“I bought my parents a bigger place, but I couldn’t let this one go. Too sentimental. So I live here now!” He said cheerily.

“That’s sweet of you,” you mused, looking back across the flashing lights of the city.

“I’m sorry about your dad,” he said quietly after a short pause.

“It is what it is, there’s nothing I can do to change it but let it change me,” you told him honestly.

“Remember when we used to sit out here every night?” He asked.

“I used to think we lived at the top of the world,” you said with a sad smile.

“This is the top of the world,” Anthony said confidently.

“You wanna hear something stupid?” you asked him. Anthony nodded eagerly.

“I used to picture the city as a subway map. It made sense in my head, and made navigation easy. But in my head, the Bronx was up in the sky,” you chuckled quietly.

“Remember how we would spend every summer causing havoc in the neighborhood?” Anthony grinned.

“Who is we? It was always you who got in trouble,” you reminded him. The two of you would run amok on the streets outside, though you’d end up hiding in your father’s shop from the neighborhood bullies.

“It still is me who gets into trouble,” he joked.

“Life was easier then,” you sighed.

“(y/n), everything is easier when you’re home,” Anthony said.

“When the rest of the neighborhood heard you were coming home, everyone seemed to relax. It sucks about your dad, obviously, but just having you here instead of off changing the world made everything smoother. Everyone loves you so much, (y/n). The street is a little kinder and the day is a little clearer when you’re home, and everyone knows that,” he added.

“It’s hard for me to be home though. There’s so much world out there that I want to explore…” you trailed off.

“I know, and we’re all here cheering you along for everything you do,” he said.

“Don’t say that Anthony,” you scolded.

“Why what’s wrong?” He looked concerned.

“I try to be the best person I can, work hard, study hard, get a good job,” you said.

“You’ve always been like that though. No reason to be ashamed of it,” Anthony replied quickly, trying to make sense of where you were going with your statement.

“I thought it would be easier, that I’d find the answer to it all at college. But while I’m there doing what I love I still don’t feel like that’s my place. I feel like I should be here, taking care of my mom. I don’t want to be selfish and leave her here out to dry like yesterday’s laundry,” you clarified.

“We’re proud of you anyways and-“ he argued.

“Please don’t say you’re proud of me, when I’ve lost my way,” you said.

“Hey, look at me. That’s how you look at it, but when you find your way and change the world, we’re all gonna say ‘we knew her when this was her home’, and that’s what’s important. You’ll always have a home here,” he put his hand on yours.

“Thanks bud,” you said with a smile.

“(y/n), you don’t even know how excited I was to hear you were coming home. I couldn’t get my mind off you all day. I would have come by sooner but the funeral wasn’t over by the time I had to go to work and then by the time I got back here I assumed you’d be asleep or something,” Anthony was practically shaking with excitement, playing around on the ladder.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend you could be thinking about all day, instead of your long lost friend?” You teased.

“You need to meet Jazzy while you’re here. You’d love her. She’s incredible.” You could see the love in Anthony’s eyes as he talked about his girlfriend.

“I’d love to meet her,” you said. Anthony’s whole face lit up with joy.

“Great! How long are you staying? We have an earlier show tomorrow, so maybe we could get lunch before?” He asked.

“Sounds great,” you said with a smile.

“Hey Anthony,” you said into the darkness.

“Hey (y/n),” he replied.

“This is home to me.”

“Of course it is, you lived here for eighteen years.”

“Not in our neighborhood, you dummy. I mean when you’re here with me. This was the top of the world, but only because you were there too. This view is the world, but our fire escape is only the top because I get to share it with you,” you said contently.

“You have to admit, the fire escape is pretty cool,” Anthony said.

“How many kids got to watch their beautiful city at night from a fire escape?” you asked.

“Only the two coolest kids in New York City,” your friend smiled. Anthony’s eyes met yours once again, the lights reflecting off of his bright irises.

“You’re finally home,” he sighed.  

“Yeah, I am,” you replied.

“Welcome home, (y/n).”

“Thanks Anthony.”

now i know you’re reading this, so bare with me as i effortlessly describe the way your mere existence makes me feel. you see, i have never been much of a jealous person, until i met you. as time went on, i began to have the tendency to fall in love with everything about you. please don’t be alarmed by the word love, as i am not in love with you, but rather different aspects about you. god, i am in love with a lot of things. like the way you rest your head on your pillow when you become tired or the way your face looks on the other end of the screen or that little accent you have that you don’t think you have, but in reality you do. i have been filled with so much envy. i am jealous of the cups you drink out of, as they get to meet your soft lips everyday. i am jealous of your bed, as it holds you at night and makes you feel safe. i am jealous of your socks as they get to be with you every step of the way. i am jealous of the drugs that you consume because i am afraid that they’re the one thing that can make you feel higher than i will ever be able to. i am jealous of that big bad god in the sky, as he has the ability to know every single one of your feelings and thoughts.
i have fallen in love with the way you exist.
it’s probably nothing, but it feels like the world.
and that’s why i am so scared.

Vegas Skies

Based on the first verse of The Cab’s “Vegas Skies.” Dedicated to eliseboobman​ because she’s super cool and I like her lots

It’s Twelve O'Clock and I need your attention // It’s like the alcohol // Making my head spin // Your scent is the rum // The room is a bottle // Keeping me hopeless ‘til I wake tomorrow // If tonight ever makes a difference // The way that I feel // The way that I’ll remember it // I’ll take this down until the glass remains // Swallow the words that I was meant to say

Chloe glanced down at her phone to check the time- 12:00 A.M. on the dot. She sighed loudly, causing the smaller brunette sitting next to her to suddenly look up, her navy eyes glossy and illuminated by the moonlight barely peeking through the curtains.

“What’s up, Chlo?”

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a place: edinburgh
a reason for being late: emergency
something you shout: eh!
a movie title: elysium
something you drink: espresso
an animal: elephant
a type of car: elantra
title of a song: eyes on fire - blue foundation

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The second time you love again will fuck you up.
Because you weren’t trying to find love, you were trying to forget about the first one who broke your heart.
But you open up again, hoping that it won’t end up with you loving again
And it’s different, you press your head against his chest to feel his heartbeat and you swear it’s different this time
He has you singing to the stars again and love is no longer a word with a bitter aftertaste that lingers down to the soft cracks of your lips
But then you forget that love is a liar and you are a fool
And the second time you love again will fuck you up more than the first time, because you were foolish enough to believe those sweetening words that covered the lies again.
You trusted again, and it makes you wonder why you thought this time it’d be any different
But you swear now that love is a monster and yet anyone can look into your soft iridescent eyes and see that you are nothing but a liar.
You are child that wants nothing more than to believe in such a beautiful thing.
And that’s why you never fall in love a second time
—  xx
By special request...

So after yesterday’s post about how all I have retained from high school Gaelic is dirty words and how to ask for the washroom, @snurkenach suggested I continue to foul your minds. 

So here we go. I will give you the word in Gaelic, the translation (figurative and literal, when applicable) and how to say it. Usual disclaimer: Different places pronounce things in slightly different ways and Canadian Gaelic is its own dialect. 

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i have been playing the good girl for you.

i have been: keeping it casual.
i have been: keeping it cool.
and i only uncross my legs when it’s your hands sliding up my skirt.

‘do you always do what people tell you to do?’ you ask.

almost never, is the answer.
but i just smile.
and uncross my legs.

good girl.

'people are always different versions of themselves with different people, would you agree?’, you ask.

i am not, is the answer.
only with you, i suppose.

'i’m seeing other people, are you? are you? are you?’, you ask.

i cried as much as i drank.
i tried to scrub your name off my skin.
i uncrossed my legs for every man who didn’t look like you.

i’ve always been a bad girl anyway.

—  letters from drake’s ex; you used to be a good girl, you was in the zone
I’m a different person then when you met me. If you don’t like it than its okay if you don’t like me anymore. Just don’t ask me to stop growing because you can’t or don’t want to keep up.

-You can’t expect me to stay a seed when I’m meant to be a flower.



Hey guys! This fic is inspired by Muse’s “Madness,” in case the title wasn’t a give away. My thanks to @madfatty, who is utterly invaluable and sticks with me even through my therapy pieces! Thank you, darling, for all your encouragement and support and gushing. Thanks also to @slitherouter, for the kick in the pants and the superb advice of “get a grip, it’s perfect.” Special thanks to @redprairielily, whose kind words definitely made a big difference to me. Thank you for the encouragement! 

It’s their third fight this month. The other two had been bad enough, but this one… Rae’d screamed at him, “It’s over!” where she’d stood framed in the hallway. He’d yelled back, “Great!” and slammed the door on his way out. The car door, too, for good measure.

It’s not really over, of course. It’s never really over between them. There’s always the apologies and the dance and the tension. The whole flat has been filled with tension for weeks now, creeping around like a sickly fog, clogging up otherwise normal stuff. It’d start as a conversation about dinner and end up with them both hungry, sulking in separate rooms, his head spinning as he tried to figure out how things had got so wildly out of control.

He’s got a place where he goes, when it gets to be too much. When he can’t stand the air in their flat, or the echoes, or the sight of her fucking closed door. Or her face, when it gets really bad. He’s there tonight, glad for the warmth of the engine seeping out from under the hood. He’s got his jacket, but the blanket he normally keeps in the boot is in the wash, and it’s really too cold to be sitting outside at midnight at the end of October. His ass is warm, and the backs of his thighs, but everything else is freezing. His nose is tingling already.

But the stars are bright here, and it helps to look at them and try to separate himself from his life. They used to come up here to make out back in college, when they were desperate for some time alone. He puts his palms flat on the hood so that the warmth will sink into them, into his bones. Maybe life is just a thousand different types of desperation all clawing at you to see which one will win.

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You got me compromising so much of myself for you.. Damn, is that what love is?

-I’m not usually like this, but I’m so different with you. But different is good..


I don’t understand how you can exclude someone from letters. How can your words kick someone out of a “community”. “Blah blah I’m excluding my oppressors uwu ” bitch HOW??? By bitching and complaining and starting shit on tumblr? Okay…….

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i already know you are going to be my new year’s wish.
i already know i won’t be yours.

i suppose the difference in that is because you already know you’ve got me.

i’ve tried making resolutions,
things like - 

this year, i will be a better me to myself.
this year, i will not make everything about you.
this year, i will only try to change myself and not others.

but i think the more realistic solutions are,
things more like -

this year, i will try to stop crying in the back of uber cars.
this year, i will try to forgive myself for everything i put myself through.
this year, i will try not to tell lies to myself.

new year, same me, are you still around?

—  letters from drake’s ex; it’s yours, it’s yours, it’s yours, it’s always going to be yours