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Battle of Bywater
poplitealqueen, goldberry-in-the-rushes
Battle of Bywater

Weed your gardens while you sing this tune
Big furry toes in black muddy pools .
Remember the Bywater,
Remember the Brave.
Daffadowndilly di-la-day

Sweet air gone from your flower patch
As the Old Man’s crooks rode down the path.
Shadow they brought, and hunger they sowed
They trapped us down in deep Lockholes.

Party Tree bent and prized plants burned.
Saw every hill become cracked and churned.
That baleful man, he’ll gobble ya whole!  
Unless we fight! Protect our own!

O there called the Magnificent’s Horn!
FOOOmRAHooom, it broke the morn!  
Hailed each Hobbit, each strong lass and lad-
To battle the darkness, protect their land!

Da grabbed a pitchfork, Mum grabbed her pan,
Gammer her hammer, and Gaffer his hands
And fought, they did in all of that fray
On Bywater Bridge, they won the day!

There was no cease, there was no  tire ,
Till every foe was gone from the Shire.  
Lockholes pried open. Crack, pull and boom,
Spelled the end of Sharkey’s Doom!

Stabbed in the back like the turncloak he were
A proper good mornin’ for Sharkey the Cur!
His foul blood black soaked the ground of Bag End,
But Brave Mayor Sam just continued to tend.

Sweetness returned and we Shirelings learned
That quiet and gladness are things that are earned.
And when all is gloom, defend what is yours
Fight for the Shire, give ‘em what for!

Remember the Bywater,
Remember the Brave.
Whenever you pass Sharkey’s End today
Quiet our fields now, and white our Tree,
Like a Daffadowndilly di-la-dee

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