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My headcannon is that alex still mentions maggie a lot to eliza, so 1) eliza knows all this little things about her and one day eliza talks about it like it's nothing "maggie, here's your tea, just a bit of sugar, the way you like it right?" 2) eliza will call alex to check up on her and then "I'm glad you are ok, darling. Now put maggie on the phone, I want to see how she's doing too. Hi maggie, how's your wrist? Alex told me you hurt it last night... did you ice it?"

We all know I have feelings about Eliza, but I am so fucking into this.

How I feel when @guyinlovewitheremika is answering asks :)

orangeisorange replied to your post “Well… hello there. Very interesting. Lyla is back for 5x19.”

I love your reviews, thanks for writing them. The problem I have with Olicity is that a reunion would be contingent upon things we haven’t seen on-screen. Oliver and Felicity hardly feel like friends anymore, so it’s all based on the fact that the writers are delaying the confrontation to end all confrontation. My fear is that it might not happen.

I thought your comment was really interesting @orangeisorange, so I wanted to kick it up to a separate post to respond to it. Hope that’s okay. I would say that if we are feeling a distance between Olicity this year then that’s appropriate. There is a distance between them. Yes, they’ve figured out how to work together. They are fighting crime together, but they haven’t worked out their personal issues.  They aren’t addressing them, because (like I said) if they do then they’ll get back together and Arrow is trying to milk this. Not unusual for a television show. We want the conversations to happen in 5x05 or heck even in Season 4. Arrow decides to push it to the back half of Season 5. The push/pull dynamic on pacing between writers/network and audience is always a frustrating one, but it’s the reality of a television show.

Are Oliver and Felicity as close as they were in Season 4 or maybe even Season 3? NO. That is intentional. They are intentionally leaving this wall between them because A) they are trying to move on and B) they don’t know how to fix what went wrong between them, despite the intense love they feel for one another. Is that frustrating as a viewer? Yes. We can scream, “TALK!” at the top of our lungs, but it’s not going to happen until it happens. Does Olicity work better together than apart? Yes. Does the show work better when they are together? Yes. I’m not saying there isn’t room for complaint, but I don’t necessarily find Oliver and Felicity’s behavior towards one another out of character for the situation they are in. 

That’s not to say there isn’t a rebuild. That’s not to say Arrow hasn’t put in the narrative beats so that when these conversations finally come it makes sense. Closing this distance, finding their way back to one another, is a huge piece of their individual arcs. Simply because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Nor should we really expect it to happen in episode 5 or episode 14 of a season. That’s just not how episodic television works. Frustrating? Yes, but watching a 23 episode season live is a long and arduous process. 

I don’t really agree this confrontation is contingent on things we haven’t seen on screen. We’ve seen the progression of this rebuild on screen all season long. For those who don’t see the rebuild, there’s something I do sometimes. It’s a little trick I play in my mind. Arrow is very much like Buffy where the romantic relationship is a core tennant of the show, but it’s not a main focus of the show. There’s episodes that focus on Olicity and then there’s many episodes that don’t. We get smaller moments, snip its, or none at all. This is true of  every single season of Arrow. So, sometimes what I do to see the narrative beats, is remove those in between episodes and focus on the big Olicity ones.

5x01 - Diggle kicks off the season long question that Oliver has to answer.

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Hi Omg, I'm so nervous Well, I'm from Russia. It's really important information. So I really enjoy your DayNightAU and I just want you to know that you have a lot of fans of your AU in my country. People enjoy it so much, you can't even imagine. There are a lot of fanfics and your arts are everywhere in the fandom groups in social nets. Sorry, I just really like your AU and I thought that you would like to know that you have fans all over the world. P.S. Sorry, there might be some mistakes

i – i don’t know what to say?????????? BRO. bro i want to hug you for telling me this. this just made me really really really happy you have no idea because man it just warms my heart so freaking much that you actually enjoy my work and that people get inspired to make fanart and fanfiction and even cosplay???!! THANK YOUUU!! man nothing makes me happier!!! NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I FEEL. this feels like a dream


and don’t worry man your english is perfect😘  

Darcyland Love Notes

Hey guys, so, what with a lot of hate in tags, horrible reviews, and general negativity out there*, I think we can all use a little positive right now. 

I propose this:

Darcyland Love Notes

I want you all to send me a message, a note, a carrier pigeon, what have you, but I want you tell me about those wonderful people in Darcyland that you love and why.

  • It can be an author that makes you squee and cry all the feelings 
  • it can be an artist that has you oohing at your screen 
  • it can be that one awesome person that makes those gifs you wish were yours
  • it can be that one reader who likes and leaves comments everything
  • it can be the person who just got you into the fandom
  • or anyone in the fandom that has made it a better space for you

For example, one from me:

I love the amazing @usedkarma for all that she does in this fandom, creating the awesomeness that is @fuckyeahdarcylewis and helping all the creators and nerdy people I love get out there.

Now it’s your turn! These can be anonymous or not, let’s just send some love!

I’ll compile these notes as best I can, and depending on how many I get I may do multiple posts in the future. So, for this first round, send me your notes by say March 1st, 3pm PST.

*And no, I am not saying any rants and responses are not justified or in any way unnecessary. It’s amazing how we all band together in support. I just don’t know how to make those who have been hurt feel better than feel bad myself and send internet hugs, so I figured I’d try to put some happy out there.

I really hope no SB ever falls for the whole:

‘Oh, I’m in x country right now for business, but I want to support you! I have my accountant/assistant handle all my affairs, so I’ll need all your banking information which I’ll pass on to her. It might take a few days for her to get to you! I cannot do PayPal or any other means of transferring money, only bank wire transfers.’

I’ve gotten eight (I’ve counted), variations of the same thing. It’s not real, just a scam to grab your private banking information. Please stay safe.

Crash Course || Shawn Mendes Imagine (TRIGGER WARNING)

“You know what!? Fuck you!” That’s the last thing I said before Shawn looked back at me, walked out and slammed the door to our apartment.

*3 Days Before*

“Dammit Y/N! Why are you bitching so much?! Fucking seriously, what is your problem?”

“Huh. You know what Shawn, never mind. All I’ve wanted to do is get out of this fucking apartment, go out with you! But if all you want to do is sit, then that’s fine.”

“I’m not just sitting. I’m writing for my next album and the distractions aren’t helping.”

“So I’m a distraction?”

“No, I didn’t mean-*sigh*, I just meant that I’m really stressed out and-”

“Shawn, save your breath. I’ll be upstairs.”

“Why are you dragging this out? I have to work!” he said standing up off the couch.

“Fine. Then get back to your work.” After I said that, I went up the stairs and cried on our bed. 

*The Next Day*

Shawn POV

“Dude, all we’ve been doing is fighting. One minute she’s happy and giddy and the next she’s the Godzilla of girlfriends.”

“That’s just girls, man. Trust me, Madison is the same way. Especially around that God forsaken time,” Jack G said over the phone. “You still love her right?”

“Of course. It’s just that sometimes, it gets to be too much. Makes me think if all of this would be easier if I weren’t in a relationship right now.”

“Yeah I get that. Hey, I gotta go, but tell me how it all works out.”

“Alright man, I will. Bye.”


For the past few weeks, Shawn an I have been at major odds. It’s been really past these past few days. I can’t help but think that a lot of it is my fault, but I can’t control it. If we could just stop arguing long enough for me to explain, that would be great. But, like other things, I didn’t get my way tonight. 

We’ve been screaming at each other for over 2 hours now. I forgot what he even said, but when I saw him start to walk out on me,

“You know what?! Fuck you!” And before I knew it, the door slammed with Shawn on the other side.

It’s been 2 hours since he left and after a lot of thinking, I realized I needed to call him. I didn’t want to do this over the phone, but we don’t always get what we want.

About 5 minutes later, I finally fell asleep.

Shawn POV

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to walk out before I said or did something I could never forgive myself for. I got in my car and threw my phone somewhere unknown. I drove until I found an over look halfway up a mountain. It looked out over a river and I just walked around for hours and thought of her. The heavy rain brought back why I was so in love. Fuck, I need to call her before it’s too late.

I walked back to my car and got in.

I started up my car and searched for my phone. I pulled away from the outlook and as I was about to call her, I saw that I had a voicemail.

“Hey. It’s me. Look I know you’re mad at me and stressed out. And I also know I haven’t made that easier either. Listen, I really didn’t want to do this over the phone, but I have to tell you before, who knows.”

I was on the corkscrew road, heading down the mountain when she said the words.

“Shawn, I’m pregnant and I wanted you to know before whatever is happening with us gets worse-”


I jolted out of my sleep and instantly searched for Shawn on my left. When my brain registered that he wasn’t there, I checked my phone. Nothing. It’s 2:17 a.m and I have a feeling that I can’t shake.

Shawn POV

I finally woke up and realized my head was bleeding. I looked around and noticed my car filling up with water.

When I saw how fast it was filling up, I knew I had to get out.

I was starting to get scared when I remembered what Y/N said. As the car filled up faster and faster, I accepted the fact that I would never get to tell her I love her again. Never hold her. Kiss her. Or meet our child. This can’t be the end. Not my end.

“Fuck! God, please have mercy! Please! Somebody help me!”-

“AHHH! Somebody help her!”

“Oh my god! What is she doing?!”

Those were the words I heard as I looked out into the horizon. I can’t believe this is happening, but it’s for him. It’s always been about him. He left me and now I have nothing. 

You would think that I would want to protect my baby, but what baby? She’s gone too. I’m all alone and I would give anything to see him again. To meet her. To fall into his arms one last time. Now I can. Forever

No Hero-Part One

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Summary: (Y/N) and her family have decided to move to Beacon Hills. Little do they know that their daughter is on a mission and she won’t let anyone get in her way! Not even her parents!!!

Theo Raeken x Reader

(Y/N) =  Your name
(Y/L/N) = Your last name


Readers POV:

They all thought I was a hero. Heroes go around saving people, they risk their lives for strangers because that’s what their heart tells them, they get praised for all the good they do because that’s what heroes do.

They’re the people you can trust and rely on…

It’s someone natural instinct to trust good people. So if you’re a bad person sometimes all you have to do is to act good to get what you want and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

*10 weeks from now*

“We trusted you. Why would you do this” Scott yells anger dripping from each and every word. I continue to look at him and big grin plastered on my face. I walk up to him and lean down to his ear.

“You see the thing about trust. Is that sometimes the people closest to you tend to use that trust to get what they want and that’s exactly what I did” I whisper. I turn around in huff and walk away from them.

“What are you going to do to us then? You have us right where you want us. What are you going to do” Liam says but if looks could kill then I’d be dead. He was looking at me anger prominent in his face.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out. Now you’re free to go but if you try anything I will kill you” I threaten and look at them dead serious. I flick my wrist and a gust of wind passes by, they all looked sceptical which is pretty amusing to watch.

“You can move or stay here. It’s your choice” I state and walk away.
*10 weeks ago*

The rain painted the roof of my parent’s car. With each passing second the car was covered in water as we sat there waiting for the traffic to continue moving. Sitting and listening to the rain crashing onto the car roof felt relaxing. You may think I’m weird but isn’t everyone in their own way.

I sigh in annoyance and decide to open the car door to see if the traffic has picked up and started moving but from the looks of it that doesn’t seem so.  I turn around to see if anyone decided to do the same and they all started to exit their vehicles.

“(Y/N) get back in the car before you get drenched” Mum say and she winds the window down.

“Everyone else is doing the same. It’s only a little rain, it’s not like it’s going to hurt anyone” I reply annoyed.

“Just get in” Mum says and winds her window up. I roll my eyes and continue to stay outside and enjoy the rain hitting against my skin.

“Get in the car, NOW” Dad says annoyed. I look at him, glaring as he continues to stands outside waiting for me to enter the car.

“Stop trying to be good parents. It doesn’t look good on you” I spit and continue to glare at him. After a while, he finally decides to give up and enters the car in a huff.

I roll my eyes and enter the vehicle in a huff. I concentrate on myself and felt the water evaporate into thin air. I smile to myself and fix my hair in the mirror, brushing myself off.  

“See you didn’t have to worry. I’ve got it all under control” I smirked. I took my phone out and decided to go on Instagram to pass time by.

Theo’s POV:

The traffic seemed to stay put, not one car moved and it was starting to irritate me. I could see people exiting their car so I decided to do the same out of boredom and annoyance.

The rain fell against my skin, each rain drop feeling cool to the touch. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and bring to my face. So I brought it up and started moving my arm around seeing if anything worked but instead it made me look like an idiot.

I finally put my phone in my pocket and looked around. I saw something or someone that caught my attention. I saw the way she twirled around in the rain and that intrigued me. I saw another figure exit out of the car which made her stop. I used my werewolf hearing and listened in.

“Get in the car, NOW” He says annoyed.

“Stop trying to be goo parents, It doesn’t look good on you” She spits.

It became quite so I turned it off and watched them from afar. They stood there for a good five minutes looking at each other until her father gave up and entered the car. She soon entered after him so I decided to enter my own vehicle as well.

Who is she?

I thought to myself and sat there thinking about her until we started moving towards Beacon Hills High. 

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do you have any advice or resources on squatting/living out of a car? I'm likely to be homeless soon and I need to know my options.

I don’t have advice right now I thought I had a zine on this but I don’t.

I recommend you get in touch with your local anarchists if you want some mutual aid or to possibly set up a squat although squatting is often difficult in the USA,

know all of the resources available to you through charity and social services and have that all printed out, addresses, phone #s instructions, etc.

get in touch with the nearest food not bombs, know how to salvage good wasted food from supermarkets tossouts safely and healthily,

let your friends know about your situation no matter how embarrassing or frightening it may seem, they can offer you help,

make sure you know all the laws that are relevant to you, learn where you can obtain good free legal advice.

Put all the stuff you need down in a notebook, keep a schedule

know how the police operate understand that they’re really cruel to homeless folks and seldom allow them their rights.

Maybe know your local campgrounds and places it’s safe to park and sleep without cops or security guards until you can set up a more permanent residence like a squat.

have your resume printed out and kept somewhere safe for when you need it,

Know how to camp, know how to steal, know how too cook

Ready your supplies now, stay organized, roll your clothes to save space, it works wonders.

stay groomed, know where bathrooms are, where you can take a shower, shave, wash your hair, etc

Know where your local libraries and community centers are

Write down everything helpful you learn because it’s almost impossible to remember important stuff in a tough situation

I hope this helps, if you’re in or near Kentucky I can put you into contact with people and get you a possible place to stay even if it’s just in your car or a tent because I do know anarchist spaces that can offer you at least that courtesy, we also have a food not bombs event coming up I don’t know much about it but I think it could help if you’re within a couple hours drive.

Darling Y/N

Originally posted by samizayn


I wanted to take some time out to write this letter to give you a reminder of how much I love you. Whenever you are or whenever I maybe your always be able to have this to look at whenever you feel sad or insecure. We all have our days, 

I love how you’re my polar opposite, I’m loud, harsh, I command everyone’s presence but you, your quiet and shy and you hate having attention on you. I love that because I get to keep you all to myself.There is no one trying to take you away from me. No one dares to try and take you from me because they will wish they had never been born. I will crush anyone who attempts too. 

Back to my point, your kind and considerate and you bring out the best in me and I don’t know what I do without you. I don’t think I could exist without you. The whole point of this letter is to remind you just how much I love you and how beautiful you are. 

I love you, Darling, 

Pete x 

Leggsie - Arrows?

You all saw arrows?

Cause that totally not what I saw!

I think Sofa gave all the nannies a present they have all wanted for such a very long time. Those aren’t arrows, they are drawings of Benedict’s carrot in all it’s glory. Big carrot, baby carrot, middle sized carrot. However, since she’s not actually seen Biggus Dickus, it’s a bit pointy.

But, maybe her “art” only looks phallic when you’re looking at a tiny screen in your phone showing an even tinier picture and you aren’t wearing your reading glasses at the end of a very long day, but then again, maybe not.

I do think Ben’s Christmas drawings should be made into cards for the UK charity Christmas cards they do each year- they really are quite nice (except the wreath was upside down- or is that due to my lack of corrective lenses also?)

Hugs and kisses.


At least I was sipping on water and not something fizzy…

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Firstly, I LOVE your art. JayTim is my life and there is never enough of them out there. Secondly... I don't know why but I keep reading your username as "career banana" and have a giggle every time.

well first of all thank you!! and second of all: AHAHAH im gonna read it like this too now xD it’s actually pronounced ‘Kira’ my parents wanted to be original i think (not the banana part though that’s not part of my real name ahah)

so here is another in a long line of things

rambling tends to be my crutch through 

the wobbling, every changing, unstable way 

the world is paved out in front of me 

I feel as though every word I type begins to form

a new structure and create a new path

I don’t even have to look when my fingers 

just seem to have a mind of their own 

when I overthink all of the things I want to write

sound artificial and too sweet for my own taste

I tried to write this poem with my eyes closed and kept peeking 

cause I wanted to get it right

but words don’t have a right or a wrong

it’s not perfect equation 

it’s not a man made sort of action

to write is to let the care you feel in your body 

flood your senses

and now as I try to come up with what to say

how to say it

when to say it

writing is how I take all of the things

that cannot roll off my lips 

that cannot find their way past my teeth

take all my love I keep 

and put it out into the world

because my own voice as become so watered down

and the sound of it can shatter 

my keys are a much softer way of telling people

what beats against my chest 

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So, uh, re: Ben's daddy and religious issues, I think you should know that uh I heard the phrase "god is like your heavenly daddy" said to children before I left Christianity as a teenager. And there was a lot of "have sinful desires? Give them to god and trust him to make you pure" lmao

Ugh, I remember a church that offered up God as a replacement for my father after he died and even at ten I was like, “NOT THE SAME THANKS.” Guess that’s why they switched marketing tactics to “god wants everyone to be rich!” 

But anyway, religious hot takes aside, “give your sinful desires to over to your heavenly father and trust him to make you pure” is an amazing way to think of Ben’s psychology. Like just showing up at Washington’s tent like, “I have all of these… bad thoughts” and Washington nodding with solemnity. 

Time to take all those bad thoughts and make them pure.

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Just wanted to let you know that your blog makes my day so much better. It is my after-school ritual to go on your blog and read your posts..I honestly don't know what I'd do if I didn't have this blog to look forward to everyday. Thanks for all you do!!

Wow holy shit (people will think I sent this to myself hahahahah) that truly means a lot that you a) feel that way and b) that you told me!! I’m so happy that I can provide some level of happiness and entertainment for people (even if it’s just re blogging lmao) I’m very very glad that you enjoy my content and thanks for telling me! This truly made my day! I hope you’re having a good one as well

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I'm sorry you dealt with losers on OW compstative. You talking about it all the time makes me want to play with you but I'm on ps4 and also I'm only a long time follower of your blog and we don't know each other... 🤔

oh trust me i recognize your url lmao (it doesnt take me long at all to remember urls i see frequently, my recognition-based memory is crazy good) anyway most of the ppl i play ovw with most frequently i barely know outside of ovw so im not even slightly opposed to playing with random followers

also i Do have a ps4 that i play ovw on now ;3c username tahthetrickster Wow What A Surprise feel free 2 send me a friend request (that goes for any of my followers tbh, for ps4 Or pc, im down for any/all)

@nambnb replied to your post: @nambnb replied to your photoset: …

Ophelia… I see. *sighs* Ah but it still is a wonderful picture.

Hawke doesn’t have to necessarily be dead, I’m leaving that up to the viewer’s interpretation but I definitely wanted to depict him as “broken” after having gone through to much and losing all his family.

The lines I wrote in the description is from All the King’s Horses by Karmina (the song that inspired this drawing actually) and there is this great line that I thought encompasses the feeling I was trying to capture

“Is it still a home when you’re all alone?”


I had a bad idea for an old meme and my friend had access to MS Paint.



Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.