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So I was tagged by my amazing babies knightbellamy, holybellamy, fireandblcod and some more (sorry I forgot, my brains not working atm duh ;P) to do the 20 beautiful women challenge  ♥♥♥♥♥♥ don´t you guys get tired of seeing my ugly face?

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How You Are Personality Wise {Exo}

Sehun: You are a very mature girl for your age, You have a pretty normal life for the most part. You have a love for nature and you hate to stay in the same place for over an hour or so. Your an amazing person to be around at all costs. Your beautiful inside and out. But you do have some flaws such as You don’t trust people very well and you tend to get yourself into things that you can’t get out of.

Chanyeol: Your like a loner pretty much. You have friends but they don’t act like it at all, they make fun and embarrass you every chance you get. Your known as a really shy person just because of the fact you got bullied a lot. Your horrible around new people and you have too much of low confidence in yourself.

Kai: Your a girl who likes to have fun, but you still get your work done. You love to laugh even if you laugh at yourself. Your just overall a very carefree spirit. You don’t like being told what to do, you pretty much go with your own feelings. Which you have no problem with expressing how you feel.

Baekhyun: You’re easily annoyed I guess? But you have a pretty bad temper. You hate getting into problems even if they are yours. When people say you are wrong, you put up the best way you can to prove you are right even if your wrong. You have no problem telling people how you feel and you get everything off of your chest. 

D.O: You are the kind of girl that’s up for anything. You love to go out and apply yourself really. Your the kind of person that people go for advice to even through you know not a thing about the topic. Unlike D.O you try to be your nicest towards people even if they do something disrespectful towards you

Suho: A girl that’s crazy. You like making others laugh and you don’t mind being labeled as the weird it awkward one. You’ve braved a smile for everyone around you since the age of 12. You always want to tell people about your emotional  problems but your scared of being judged Chen: You are beautiful inside and out. There aren’t many people who understand you. Most of the time your an unbelievably blunt person because that’s just what kind of person you are. 

  Tao: Your a cute, awkward dorky person. You come off as rude it disrespectful even though it’s the exact opposite. You are an overall family person. When your with Tao you tend to show him off like saying “Yeah you can’t have him”

  Xiumin: You are a very fun, loud person. Your not afraid to be yourself around anyone. Your always told by Xiumin that your a bit overly confident. But when you meet new people your quiet. You don’t like stepping out of your comfort zone with anyone unless they’re like your best friend of Xiumin 

  Lay: Your a very determined person. You don’t like to say your a jealous person even though you totally are. Sides of you that he’s not really fond is that you get yourself into situations and he has to find a way to get you out. 

Luhan: Your cute. Everything you do is cute. You love cooking and hanging out with your friends. Your an ‘insecure’ person you can’t go anywhere without wearing makeup. You start getting cute towards people to gain more attention which somtimes causes problems with you and Luhan.

Kris: Your exactly like Kris. Beautiful on the outside and awkward and clumsy on the inside. You acan be arrogant at times but it’s only because you know it’s true. Your competitive towards others because you need to be the best at everything. You come off that way but when people actually talk to you in a matter of minutes they realize that they’re talking to a complete dork. 

You were too reckless, with your words, with your love, with your long lingering gazes you gave too freely. You loved too much Romeo and now, you have condemned us all.

I cannot blame you, love is built into your lips, and you see it in everyone you meet. Your flaw is loving, and is that truly a flaw at all? Is your beauty a flaw too, when all it does, is make a prettier picture of you? 

We play at fairies and I make you blush pink, your fingers trail over holsters and knees. I wonder if I think of you, as often as you think of me. 

Or more so,

—  Mercutio. - (A.V.P)

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So here you go, a bunch of random selfies! Even one where I have straight hair! My natural hair is curly and brown. I put blonde highlights in but they are kind of growing out. lol Thats me! :D

Time to tag! Tag 20 o,O (omgosh) scratch that lol.

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R and I have exams coming up next week so we might not be posting much. We also wanted to let you all know that we see all of your beautiful questions overflowing our inbox and we promise to answer every single one of them as soon as the American education system stops kicking our asses. Thank you for being so patient with us, you guys are seriously the best

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People may say that I look “thick” in my senior pictures and that I used to be a lot skinnier my sophomore/junior year. What they don’t know is that I was so skinny because I would never ever want to eat. I thought that if I was going to be in high school and wanted to be noticed and fit in then I had to look the “popular” part as well. There would even be times when I would make myself throw up after eating a bowl of pasta. I’m happy to say that I no longer struggle with my eating disorder. I am still beautiful no matter what size I wear! I’m healthy now and that’s all that matters to me. Don’t let other people’s opinions control your actions. You are all beautiful no matter what and deserve to be happy with yourselves! 💙


everybody-is-sad tagged me to post 4 selfies of myself or something so here you go! These are 4 I had on my phone and felt I was the least ugly in.

I’m going to tag e-katara, iamsancho, existential-nihilism, and enjoy-your-worries. You guys don’t have to do it if you don’t want, but you were the people I thought of. If I didn’t tag you don’t feel left out! If you still want to do it, then go for it! Tag me and let me see all your beautiful faces! :D

tomorrow is latinx tuesday (& my birthday !) so i’d love nothing more than to see all your beautiful faces and hear your stories ! don’t forget to submit to us ! :)

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*hastily deletes trashy au ra* I’ll post better screens later. Damn you all. If I’m to reincarnate my castanic, I’ll do it right! BUT ITS ALMOST 4 AM NOW AND IM STILL LOOKING AT ALL OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS STOP IT

Learning this on guitar made me relove it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)