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Top Grier Season 2 ~ Hayes Grier Imagine (requested)

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:can you do a hayes imagine about everyone finding out about you two through top grier season 2. and everyone on his family talks to the camera about how they love you and the positive impact you’ve had on not only hayes but their lives. it’s just really awesome and the show shows fans how fun you are through your adventures with him and his family?? omg that’s so long and confusing i’m so sorry lol


I know I’ve been posting alot of Hayes Grier content lately and it’s because I have many request for him don’t worry soon I will be posting an Imagine based with another guy . 


“so right now I’m headed back to North Carolina with tez and my special lady” Hayes said to the camera smiling at you “hi’ you said shyly. “how far are we ?’ Tez asked the driver. ‘uh about like 20 minutes from here ‘ the driver replied glancing down at his gps . “but yeah we are about like 20 minutes away and I’m very excited to spend the summer with all the people I care about and just have a good time “ Hayes said once more to the camera. You couldn’t help bur smile from excitement for the months ahead of you this was a very special time for you and Hayes you had met his family before but at the most for three days so this is a true chance to get to now them better . 

Eventually you all arrived at the farm this was your first time here and you were amazed at how different the vibe was . Hayes open his side door and held your hand as you both exited the car as one . ‘heyyy’ Elizabeth said excitedly jumping she pulled Hayes in for an unbreakable hug but she soon let go turning her attention towards you “heyy Y/n so nice to see you again “ She said opening her arms to give you a hug “hiii” you said excited. 

“well come on I have some steak for you’s to munch on until actual dinner is done” Elizabeth said gesturing to enter the home . 

“Elizabeth can we ask you for a interview for a quick ?’ the producer asked. “oh yeah “ She replied wide eyed with a smile . 

“so how us it to have Hayes back home again ?’ 

“it feels amazing I’ve missed him so much and its been to long without my baby at home with him so yes I’m very excited “ She said to the camera smiling . 

“how about his girlfriend Y/n ?’ 

‘Oh Y/n she’s just a dear I don’t really know her much but I can tell Hayes really cares for her so her being here is just gonna make the summer more enjoyable so I can actually get to know her personally “ 

“alright that’s great thank you “ the producer said closing the camera . Elizabeth replied with a simple gesture leaving the lawn to enter her home to see you , Hayes and Tez eating the steak . 

“so I was thinking we could go to the lake tomorrow as a family before you’s start your adventure with your friends “ Elizabeth said as she tasseled with Skylyns hair. 

“yeah that sounds good “ Hayes replied “I’ll go but I’m nit getting in that lake water there’s probably alligators or something else that will eat me “ tez said honestly “oh Tez no one was expecting you to jump in the water “ Elizabeth said earning a laugh from everyone “Yeah that’ll be fun I haven’t gone to a lake in like a year I think “ you said . “oh really I love the lakes here so much better than anywhere else they just seem boring anywhere else I go “ Elizabeth admitted. 

The rest of the day was spent unpacking and relaxing with the family . 

You woke up to feel Hayes arms still wrapped tightly around you you looked back to see him still sound asleep you smiled reaching your arms out to grab your phone seeing it was 9am you decided it was a god time to start the day you found a way to escape Hayes arms putting on the first pair of shorts you spotted leaving the room . 

You entered the kitchen to see Elizabeth making breakfast and skylyn eating at the island “good morning “ you said joyfully . “good morning” skylyn replied with a smile “good morning “ Elizabeth said right after . 

You took a seat next to sylynn on the island “here you are honey “ Elizabeth said placing a plate of pancakes eggs and bacon “oh this looks delicious thank you “ You replied pouring syrup on your pancakes “is Hayes still sleeping ?’ Elizabeth asked “yup he always sleeps in late” You said laughing “That he does”she replied taking a seat down for breakfast. 

eventually Hayes woke up and enjoyed his breakfast after you all took the boat and headed on the lake . 

“I’m super excited to head on the lake a ride some jet skies with my family and just enjoy the day basically “ Hayes said to the camera laughing. 

“how are you and Y/n doing ??’ Hayes blushed hearing this question .

“yeah me and Y/n are doing great we’ve been dating for about a year now so I’m very happy to have her down here and with my family to spend time together” Hayes said smiling . 

“babe lets go on a jet ski’ Hayes asked “okay” You replied happy and excited. after buckling up your life vest you sat on the jet ski behind Hayes holding his waist tightly . 

“Hayes now you be careful with her on your back “ Elizabeth said “okay mom’ He replied chuckling . 

Hayes started the jet ski and began with a steady pace eventually he increased his speed which caused you to have a bigger wedgie and more water in your face but over it was a great time. 

“oh god it looks like their about to fly off’ Elizabeth said looking away . 


so that’s it for this part I hope you enjoyed this imagine let me know if you would like a part 2 !

anonymous asked:

yo bruh did you ever post that story about how u shouldnt do acrobatic shit if u have the spins and josh yaking


Alright so when we were living together there was this girl I’m gonna call her Janet okay I knew Janet from high school she was alright in high school I never really spent a lot of time hanging out with her but she was friends with a couple people we would hang out with all the time after shows.

Anyways Janet had a huge crush on Josh so she texts me one day to talk to him for her and I’m kinda thinking this is some high school bullshit but I’m like whatever he probably could use this it’d be good for him so I tell him and he asks me a couple questions about her and then just kinda walks away which wasn’t super unusual for him he gets bored of people and walks away.

So like a week later he walks up to me in the living room and he’s like “hey you remember that girl Janet? I wouldn’t be opposed to meeting her, but I won’t go on a date with her.”

Turns out, during that week, he was doing what he insists I refer to as “research,” which, every other time I’ve told this story I have described as “obsessive stalking,” which to be fair, is an entirely accurate description of what he was doing.

You see, we all had different standards for people we would date, and most of us would find out if people met our standards through actual real life interactions with these people. Josh decided it was much more efficient to comb through their entire online life to determine if they met his standards before even meeting them. The one thing we all had in common was that, even though our standards for dating were different, our standards for hookups were the same: they had to be attractive, and tolerable for one night. Janet met these standards, but not Josh’s indecipherable and most likely impossible standards for dating.

So we told her to come to our party that weekend, figuring it couldn’t go any worse than most of our parties (spoiler: we were super wrong). So she shows up to the party with two of her friends and I introduce her to Josh and we all start drinking.

I’m talking with one of her friends and Kyle is talking with her other friend and as we’re successfully charming these lovely young ladies, we begin to realize that the conversation between Janet and Josh is not going well. 

Let me put it this way: I could create an hour long video on how not to act when meeting someone you want to hook up with based entirely on what she did in the first 20 minutes. She was talking about high school (she had graduated 3 years prior), she was talking about her exes, she was talking about literally all of the things you do not talk about with someone you are trying to hook up with.

So as this is going on, Josh and I go to get drinks and he makes a comment about how super annoying she is and I’m just like “yeah okay but she really likes you and it’s just one night really the reward is worth a couple hours of bad conversation” and I was mostly right from the moment she walked in the door Janet had made it very clear that all she was there for was to sleep with Josh.

So we go back to the group and it literally just keeps getting worse. Every time we try to talk about something she hijacks the conversation and makes it about her, or just changes the subject to something she wants to talk about, and Kyle and I are annoyed as shit with her but we’re 1 being bros for Josh and being his moral support for this and 2 we’re trying to hook up with her friends so we’re sticking with it, but Josh is just getting progressively more annoyed and at a certain point he just stands up and walks away.

So Kyle and Eric and I start playing thumper and Josh joins in and he’s starting to have fun again and we’re starting to get rowdy and so he basically says he won’t walk away from her again as long as we keep taking breaks from dealing with her because he’s not wiling to miss the party to hook up with this girl so we’re getting rowdy and everyone’s having a great time and Josh sits back down with Janet and they talk a little before he comes back and joins the boys.

So we think that it’s around this point where she roofies him the first time.

Josh, being of inhuman physiology, does not react to being roofied at all. In fact, it’s around this time that he starts getting even rowdier. It’s also around this time that another girl at our party starts flirting with him.

This girl, who we will call Ellie, is actually interesting. She’s from Sweden, and she’s in Chicago on a work visa (I think she was a nanny but I don’t remember. Unimportant). Ellie is also very, very hot, and somehow, impossibly, she’s also very into Josh.

So suddenly, Janet’s chances of hooking up with Josh shift from “it’ll happen if we can keep them from talking to each other too much” to “only if Ellie wants a three-way with her” which is laughably unlikely.

So Janet starts to panic a little bit, which means she gets desperate, which means she roofies Josh again.

So after two roofies and probably 13 or so drinks, Josh is starting to struggle a bit. Because we were not in the habit of counting each other’s drinks, we all kinda assumed he had just drank too much. We agree to keep an eye on him from that point on to make sure he was okay, but otherwise kinda dismiss him.

We keep partying for like another two hours when Ellie walks up to me. Her roommate was heading home so she was going with her. She assumed (incorrectly) that Josh was too far gone to get it up, and she also assumed (correctly) that he was too far gone to eat her out in an effective manner. Assuming that spending that night with him would not be worth it, and not wanting to wander home in an unfamiliar city in a different country, she gave me her number to pass along to Josh, and headed out.

In retrospect, she is extremely lucky that she decided to leave.

So, now frustrated that the girl he had been hitting on all night was leaving, Josh went to option B: Janet. The two of them headed back to his room and, if it had been a normal night, that would have been the last I heard about it until morning.

It was not a normal night.

So everyone else leaves, and we all head back to our rooms with our respective partners for the night.

So I’m in my room with Janet’s friend and we’re getting started and I’m getting her worked up when I hear someone pounding on my door. I don’t respond because it was normal for any guys who weren’t hooking up that night to check on the others to see if anyone else wanted to hang until they were no longer at risk of getting the spins. Usually, this meant someone knocking at your door, and if you didn’t respond within a minute, they would assume that you were busy and leave you alone.

This time, the pounding keeps going, and I keep ignoring it. Suddenly I hear it stop and switch to the door next to mine, Paul’s door, and I assume that’s it, until moments later, the pounding starts on my door again. I keep ignoring it, until I start hearing giggling from the hall, which registers in my mind as a bad sign so I decide it’s worth pausing to find out what the fuck is going on.

So I open my door at the same time Paul does and standing between our two doors is Josh, buck ass naked and with the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face. I look at him as he’s standing there, his head flicking back and forth between Paul and I at a rapid speed.

GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED.” He’s literally shaking with excitement. My curiosity is piqued, but only enough to mostly offset the annoyance with being interrupted.

“What?” He snaps his head to me and I swear to god I thought it was going to start rotating like he was possessed.

“So Janet and I were having sex,” and I have lost interest. I was not getting interrupted just to hear you tell a story about your sex adventures. He could tell it tomorrow. I start closing my door. “And I fucking threw up in her face.

I literally freeze. My brain scrambles to process what he’s just said. There are a million voices in my head, screaming for me to close the door. Don’t find out how this ends, they say. This can only get worse, they say.

“And then I pulled out and nutted in her face!”

The voices were right.

I’m standing there, unable to move. My mind struggles to process what I’ve just heard. I hear Paul in the doorway next to me, hands over his mouth, whispering “oh my god” over, and over. He’s shaking, struggling to suppress a laugh. We both know that that’s absolutely awful and disgusting, but at the same time it is the greatest thing we have ever heard. Finally, I find the strength to speak.


And suddenly, down the hall, I start hearing yelling. Janet is in the hall, wrapped in Josh’s sheets, vomit and semen in her hair. She’s crying, understandably.

Everyone comes out of our rooms to find out what’s going on, and things start to spin out of control. People are running around, trying to get her a towel or a washcloth to clean herself with. Eric is running to the kitchen to get water for her and Josh. I’m talking to her to try to get her to calm down, but she keeps freaking out.

I finally get her to calm down a little bit and she starts to stammer about how she doesn’t feel well. I’m trying to get her to explain what she means by “doesn’t feel well” and she starts saying she thinks she got some puke in her mouth. Josh is on our couch, wrapped in a towel, puking his guts out into a bucket.

While I’m trying to get her to calm down, Janet looks at me and asks me if she can get roofied from someone’s puke. I don’t understand her question so I ask her to elaborate.

“I - I roofied Josh and I don’t know if he threw up in my mouth can I get sick from that?”

And just like that, everything in the apartment stops (except for Josh yaking that goes on for like another hour). Literally at the word “roofied” every one of us just froze.

The night of our first party in that apartment, before anyone showed up, we all made a pact: if any one of us saw someone trying to roofie someone, we would pin the guy down and break his legs in as many places as we possibly could, before throwing him out on the curb. We all agreed that that shit was unacceptable and if anyone tried it in our house we would destroy them.

None of us had considered the possibility that a girl might roofie someone at one of our parties, and we certainly were not prepared for one of our own being the victim.

Janet, entirely on her own, starts describing how she roofied him. She tells us about when she did it, and that she did it twice. The more she confesses the angrier we all get at her, but we genuinely don’t know what to do about it.

So after a couple minutes of trying to figure shit out we decide that she has to go. One of her friends goes into Josh’s room to grab Janet’s things, she gets dressed and we kick her out, her friends following her out to make sure she got home.

I spend the next half hour with Josh trying to get him to keep a glass of water down, Eric cleans up the hallway, and Brad takes the sheet Janet had been wearing down to the basement to wash it. Finally, after 40 minutes, Josh stops puking long enough for us to force feed him some bread and cheese, and after 25 more minutes he stops puking. I spend 20 more minutes with him to make sure he’s okay.

The next morning, Josh wakes me up pounding on my door, standing there wrapped in a sheet, and asks me what happened last night.

“The last thing I remember,” he said, “is doing a shot with that chick Ellie.”

So I explain to him what happened that night, and he reacts to literally nothing, right up to the point where I tell him he threw up in Janet’s face, where he lights up.

“Fuckin’ right,” he whispers under his breath, before walking away.

Two days later he texts Ellie, they meet up, and after we all explain that night to her, the two of them start hooking up regularly.

Janet was banned from all future house parties and concerts.