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Dear Jensen Ackles,

since it is your 39th birthday today. I not only hope you’ll spend a wonderful day with your loved ones and are able to enjoy a tasty birthday cake, but also wanted to use that opportunity to thank you.

Thank you for giving us Dean Winchester. For making him such a well rounded and real feeling character with edges and flaws.

Thank you for putting so much emotion into your performance and managing to move us with just a lip quiver, a certain look in your eyes or one silent tear.

Thank you for being able to convey so much with so little and sometimes achieve the most impact that way. Not with grand gestures but with small but important moves.

Thank you for being true to yourself, for not letting any kind of fame get to your head but remaining beautifully down to earth.

Thank you for being goofy and not taking yourself too seriously, for knowing how to make fun and laugh about yourself.

Thank you for sharing tiny bits of your daily and family life with us here and there - it’s by no means something anyone should take for granted or see as a given or something to be expected. Thank you for that, it’s a sign of trust you have in the fandom and I hope many people will treat it as such - a gift and as something special.

Thank you for doing conventions. For sharing your views and headcanons on the show and Dean Winchester as a character in panels or meet greets.

Thank you for managing to make everyone feel welcome when taking a picture with you and trying to lessen the tension and nervousness.

Thank you for hugs, for funny stories and for your voice. Thank you for being able to embrace standing on stage and singing for and with us and enjoying it! Just between us: You’re doing one hell of a job! And we appreciate it so so much! Thank you for letting us have a good time together!


Happy birthday, Mr. Jensen Ackles. If I could I’d hand over an Emmy for you as a birthday present, because you would have deserved to get one for your acting a few times by now. So Mr. Ackles, have a wonderful and hopefully sunny day, have a slice of pie for your “alter ego” Dean Winchester too. He has had way too little time to devour some himself lately! Keep up your good work and stay true to yourself!

I and many others sure love you for exactly who your are!

Happy Birthday!!! *throws confetti*

Excuses 💐

A/N: This is a part II of Braids. Please please please read that first so you may understand the intimacy of their close friendship. I really hope you all like it - please send me your feedback here. Thank you, love you, and happy reading :)

Harry doesn’t remember the last time he felt this giddy.

He thinks it was the time you had finally agreed to see him perform, and he had found a bouquet of flowers in his dressing room with a small card that read “If you were a flower, you’d be a damndelion”. There was no signature on the card, but he immediately recognized your scribbled handwriting. He had worn a grin for the rest of the night, feeling utterly enamoured by your silent act of kindness, wondering how someone with that much heart fell into his crazy life.

Now that he was thinking about it, he had always been showered by your good nature. It was what had attracted him to you in the first place. Your gentle personality had the ability to touch others in a way that made them feel like the most important person on the earth. And now that Harry’s watched your kindness spread through the hearts of the ones he loved most, he promised himself to finally be honest with you … even if it meant crossing the blurred lines of your close friendship.  

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Some of my Wicked the Musical :Act 2 drawings plus the extra scenes. 

I don’t think that I will be able to finish the act 2 of this version. I just lost my drawing files because my external hard drive got broken few weeks ago. Still trying to find a way to recover the files but I’m already working on the newer versions of my first batch of act 1. well, life goes on~ 

Imagine finding Chris’ tattoo about you.

It was 1:48AM by the time you and your boyfriend got home from your cousin’s wedding reception. It had been an insane night filled with lots of booze and a ton of dancing. Both you and Chris had drunk and danced your way long into the night; there was no doubt your heads and feet were going to pay for it tomorrow. But it’d been a great night, the two of you- as always- had a lot of fun together. The two of you were so cute together that everyone- even the bride and groom- were a little jealous of your relationship.

Chris spent the entire wedding being a total sweetheart, there was an endless list of sweet things he did: he carried your purse for you while you went to the toilet, he accompanied you when you had to run around and greet family members you hadn’t seen or talked to since you were a little girl, he wrapped an arm around you and kissed your hair when you started getting emotional about the vows, he made sure you drank enough water and ate enough food to counteract the alcohol you were consuming because he knew you were a lightweight after two years of being together. Chris even gave you his too-big-for-you shoes towards the end of the night, carried your heels in his hand, and ruined his favorite socks- all because he knew your feet were killing and couldn’t bear to see you in pain. You’d lucked out with him, that was for sure.

Chris carefully stacked your heels onto the shoe rack before turning his attention to his shoes that you easily slipped off. He picked them up and slotted them into their respective spot on the rack before taking your hand and hauling your half-drunk ass upstairs. Your eyes fell on his favorite socks which were no longer a pretty cobalt blue considering he padded around on public grounds without his shoes protecting them. You felt terrible as you were responsible for murdering his socks; it was more than likely you could just soak and wash them, but your half-drunk ass didn’t think of that.

“I’m sorry,” you said and he glanced over his shoulder at you with a raised brow; he’d no idea what you were apologizing for. “I ruined your favorite socks,” you explained then pouted, making him laugh. “They’re all dirty and gross now, thanks to me.”

“They’re just socks, sweetheart.” He shrugged nonchalantly because he really didn’t care, “don’t worry about it.” He tucked your arm under his when you got upstairs, he chuckled when he saw that you were still beating yourself up over the socks. “You’re still a little drunk, aren’t you?” He squeezed your hand gently and led you to the bedroom.

“I’m very much sober,” you said with a lopsided grin that made him laugh.

“Okay, my love. Let’s put you to bed,” he pressed a kiss on the top of your head.

He sat you down in front of your dressing table while he went into the bathroom to get your makeup cleanser and cotton pads. “Think you can manage?” He quizzed when he held out the two items for you; you nodded and took it from him, turning to the mirror to start the tedious process of removing your makeup. “Now let’s get this off,” he said as he moved your long locks out of the way to take off your necklace for you.

“Hey, Chris?” You looked at him through the mirror.

“Hm?” He looked up at you after he successfully removed your necklace.

“Do you think we’ll ever get married?” You asked him and he immediately smiled.

“Of course I do.” He lowered your necklace in your jewelry box. “I’m just waiting for the right time to pop the question. I feel like now isn’t because of my contract with Marvel, I mean- I don’t want to have to leave you after just getting engaged. I kind of just want to jump into the whole wedding planning and post-engagement glow, I can’t really do that if I have to run off. So I thought I’d wait until after my contract with Marvel finishes, if that’s okay with you.”

“As long as I know you’re in it for the long haul,” you smiled, “I’m okay with anything you want.”

“Sweetheart,” he chuckled. “Of course I’m in it for the long haul, if I weren’t- I wouldn’t have asked you to move in with me and I definitely wouldn’t have added your name to the house’s legal documents.” You nodded in acknowledgement. “Are you sure you’re sober?” He chuckled again, lifting your hair over your shoulders and letting it cascade down your back.

“Yes, I’d be a lot worst if I were drunk. You should know that by now,” you said and he laughed. “The wedding’s just got me thinking about having one of my own. I know you’re in it for the long haul, but we just haven’t talked about getting married before so-” You stopped talking and began to mumble when you saw the smile he had on his face, “I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to hear you say it.”

“I’m going to marry you,” he bent over and whispered into your ear. “I am not going anywhere and neither are you.” He planted a kiss into your hair, “are we on the same page now?” You chuckled but nodded, and he smiled. “I’m going to change out of this, I’ll be right back to unzip you.”

“Okay,” you nodded and resumed cleaning off your makeup.

In the mirror, you caught Chris walking into the wardrobe. He stood half in, half out as he took off his blazer, tie, slacks, then shirt. You watched him with great appreciation for his amazing physique; he was a lot more than his body, but it didn’t mean you didn’t appreciate it. He caught you admiring him as he pulled a pair of track pants over his legs, he smirked as he walked over shirtless with his tee in his hand.

“Why don’t you take a picture,” he teased, “it lasts longer.”

“Don’t really need to take a picture if you’re here for the long haul,” you winked at him. He chuckled and started to pull his tee over his head when you caught a tattoo on the side of his ribcage that you’d never seen before. “Hold up,” you lowered your cotton pad and turned around, lifting his shirt to take a closer look at the unfamiliar tattoo. “When did you get a new tattoo?” You trailed your finger across it then laughed softly when you realized what the tattoo was; a date, 4/7/2015. “Aren’t you patriotic, Captain?”

“Not that patriotic,” he responded with a light chuckle. “This is actually for the first time you told me you loved me,” he explained and you felt your heart skip a beat as you lowered his shirt. “Remember? Fourth of July, you met my family for the first time?” You nodded, smiling; it was a good day. “We rented a place by the beach, my whole family came out and we had a huge barbecue bonfire type thing.”

“And we snuck away just before they let off the fireworks,” you continued and he nodded, smiling. “We went for a walk on the beach and I told you I loved you, a feeling you very easily reciprocated which was nice to know. I can’t believe you got that memory tattooed into your skin,” you gently poked the spot where the tattoo was, “you couldn’t just keep it in your brain?”

“Nope,” he shook his head with a smile that made your heart flutter. “Because that memory is far too important to me. Yes, it reminds me of the first time you told me you loved me, but it’s more than that.” You raised a brow for a more elaborate explanation. “It’s the day my life fell into place, Y/N. When you told me you loved me, it was like- all the stars aligned,” he admitted and you felt your eyes welled with tears of joy. “That was the day I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” He brought your hand to his lips and kissed it gently, then chuckled against your skin as he said. “And the day my mom said she’d disown me if I ever lost you.”

“Yeah, right,” you laughed. “Lisa loves you way too much to disown you, even if you did lose me.”

“You clearly don’t know how much she loves you,” he smiled. “About as much as I do,” he bopped your nose. You lifted his shirt to admire the tattoo again when he released your hand; an act to which he chuckled softly at. “If you’re wondering when I got it, let’s just say it’s been an inappropriate amount of time for you not to notice.”

“Okay,” you laughed softly as you pulled your hand away, letting his shirt fall back over his abdomen. “I’m sorry I don’t notice every single tattoo on you, you have too many.” He chuckled, turning you around to unzip your from your dress. “But I know about it now and I absolutely love it.” Your dressed dropped to the floor and pooled around your feet.

“Mm…” Chris brushed his lips against your bare shoulder as his hands ran up and down your sides. “Does this mean you’re going to get a matching one?” You turned around in his arms and wrapped yours around his neck, smiling. “Or you know,” he kissed your neck, “at least something that pays me and our love some form tribute?”

“You know me very well, Chris,” you began as he pulled back to look into your eyes, “so you should know what my answer is.” He chuckled softly when you smiled, the both of you simultaneously answered, “hell no.”

Imagine Peter Parker Falling in Love with You...

[he would literally be staring at you all day.]

[yet being the oblivious girl you are, you always figured that he’s looking at someone else.]

[your friends would literally tell you/alert you of peter’s blatant staring.]

[“yo that parker kid is staring at you again.”]

[you always replying something along the lines of “nah he’s probs staring at liz, i mean her makeup is always on point.”]

[peter blushes every time he sees you biting down on your lips.]

[it’s so sexy to him.]

[he wishes he could bite down on your lips before kissing you sweetly.]

[he always wants to treat you sweetly.]

[peter never paying attention in class as he writes love notes to you he knows he’ll never have the courage to send]

[you’re like a fucking goddess walking these halls of midtown high, and a commoner like me could never be suited for you.]

[gets super pissed when flash flirts with you.]

[daydreams about you and him together 24/7.]

[constantly getting teased by ned.]

[“dude, you’re spiderman, how can you be so terrified of one girl??”]

[petey gets like rlly flustered when he listens to you fangirling about spiderman.]

[“i wish spiderman would hold me in his arms while swinging me around the city with his webshooters. that would be so wonderful.”]

[he grants your wish a few times, acting like peter and him being spiderman are totally separate entities.]

[shares his first kiss with you as spiderman because he’s much more confident with the suit on.]

[but you figured out that spiderman was peter parker all along since you recognized his voice and jawline.]

[“i actually like you a lot, peter. yet i figured i never had a chance with you because wow i can never compete with liz.”]

[“more like liz could never compete with you.”]

[when you two are officially dating, peter adores showing you off to the world ((aka the kids at midtown))]

[he still stares at you because he cannot believe you are his.]

[protects you all the time from any impending danger.]

[like, if he’s by himself and flash somehow ////accidentally//// throws a fucking basketball at his head, he’ll take it in stride to keep up with his -i’m still a weak nerd have mercy on me- façade.]

[however, if you’re next to him and flash decides to aim a ball or any mundane item at you at all, peter will let his t r u e c o l o r s show and catch that item without batting an eyelash, making sure that it would never collide with your form.]

[flash is all like “????? the fuck when did this nERD get reflexes?????”]

[and peter just glares at him and goes “fuck with me all you want, but involve my girl I will lITERALLY FIGHT U.”]

[late night slumber parties and cuddles with him during weekends.]

[peter loving to be the big spoon because he gets to have your back pressed against his chest while he sifts through your soft strands of hair with his nose.]

[absolutely adores any scent of shampoo you use.]

[gets embarrassingly turned on when you wear your spiderman shirt to bed as pajamas.]

[“peter, why are you blushing so much? This shirt is so big on me that it hardly shows any skin.”]

[keeps telling you that you’re so fucking adorable and sexy to him.]

[ends up kissing you a lot every time you wear anything spiderman related.]

[you could be wearing spiderman socks and he’d still kiss you like crazy.]

[him spoiling you with his affections]

[you also spoiling him with YOUR affections.]

[movie dates all the time.]

[peter parker just being the best fucking boyfriend ever. good god i need a peter parker in my life.]

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Can i request a Jaypark smut where you're in charge for the night and you overstimulate him (maybe some post-orgasm torture) and he's begging and a mess and y/n is darkskin plus sized girl? I love you're writing!


Eyeing Jay, you could feel yourself getting more upset as he stares at the girl in front of him. You were going to let it go until he licked his lips and that’s when you had enough. Letting his hand go you walked away from Jay and he snapped out of his trance calling your name but it was too late. You didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say anymore. Smirking wickedly as you flipped your hair back over your shoulder swinging your hips you made sure by your walk Jay knew what he did was wrong.

Sitting back at your house, you pondered over what to do to the male. Biting on your lip, you drummed your fingers against your leg humming softly. You loved Jay and there was no question in your mind that he loved you, he just had a habit of looking at everything with legs. Which was not a bad thing, you had caught yourself eye fucking the shit out of Simon for a week straight when Jay wasn’t there or he was busy and you were stuck with Simon, but when he was there your mind stayed focused on him. He struggled with that, yes you were over-weight but you weren’t some horrid creature. You were just curvy and yes you were black it shouldn’t be a surprise, that’s why he was drawn to you because you had what he wanted. But sometimes his mind wandered and for the first month of your relationship you argued about if he wanted you or not. It was so bad you almost broke about it so you agreed for his sake that you would be more confident in yourself. He didn’t always act so rash when it came to looking at other women but in your mind maybe it was time to spice things up a bit. Standing up, you walked towards your bedroom looking at your phone lighting up once again. With a soft laugh, you texted Jay the command to come over night giving him any other insight or explaining yourself because you knew he would be here.

Moving around your room you started to dress yourself slowly in favorite things you knew would make him loose his mind for. Getting out a black lace one piece outfit that had strings along your back keeping it out, you reached your hand down to tie it into a bow around your ass. Your breast stood proudly against the lace, your nipple piercings rubbing against the fabric gently. Shuddering you pulled up some thigh highs that were silk white with bowties on the middle of them. Grabbing at your favorite pair of red pumps you placed your makeup on slowly and sat in your black desk chair waiting for him.

Jay got to your house in under thirty minutes he had been worried and slightly annoyed with you for not returning his phone calls and he had a right mind to put you in your place. He unlocked your door with the keys you gave him, taking off his shoes and setting down his overnight bag because he wasn’t leaving again unless you two got into a horrible fight but he tried to think positive. Jay walked down the hallway slowly, wondering why there was nothing on because you were usually in the kitchen or front room. There was no smell of a cooked meal, and he had to admit he felt a bit empty. Jay saw the light peeking out from the bottom of your door as he advanced down the hallway, pushing it open his eyes met with yours as he took a wordless step back. He knew something was up and it was confirmed with how good you looked in that outfit that you rarely wore.

“What is this?” Jay asked coming inside after collecting himself. His eyes dashing over your plump thighs that he wanted around his waist, how he wanted to press his tongue against your breast. Hold you close and fuck you nice and hard until the bed was protesting from how he slammed into your brown voluptuous body.

“Come in.” You said softly beckoning him forward with a finger. Jay stepped in a bit closer. “Sit.” You pointed to the bed and Jay frowned but sat down nevertheless. Your eyes roaming over his defined figure, a black polo on his body and baggy jeans but fuck did he always look so good to you.

“How are you?” You asked teasing him playing with your nails crossing one leg over the other flicking your tongue across your bottom lip.

“I’m worried and wondering why you’re acting like this.” Jay sighed ruffling his hands through his long black locks. “Why did you leave like that Y/N? I was so embarrassed.” He groaned softly looking at you with pleading eyes.

“Well that makes two of us.” You cut in eyes glaring at him before you lifted your hands in the air taking deep breaths.

“Excuse me?” Jay asked sitting up straight looking at you as if you had slapped him.

“You heard me. I was really disappointed in you Jay. I thought to myself, damn not this again. My man is doing it again? But anything for a fat ass, right?” You asked laughing softly. Realization slowly etched onto his face as he crumpled and leaned forward trying to explain himself.

“Baby-“ You cut him off lifting a hand up and Jay could feel his cheeks heat up at how you were acting.

“Nope. No baby this and baby that. You do the same thing every time and you expect me to be okay with it. I had to look in the mirror and tell myself it wasn’t me. Because it’s not, and I would hope if you were bored with me then you’d know not to let the door hit your ass on the way out.” You said simply placing your hands down in your lap crossing them as your eyes roamed his figure.

“Of course you know I’m not bored! Or I wouldn’t be here!” Jay shouted and you nodded your head smirking.

“See, you’ll tell me whatever I want to hear just to keep me happy and get your dick wet huh?” You asked as your eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Alright fuck this I’m out if you want to act like that I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jay got up to leave and you waited for him to get to the door, anger washing over you as you tried to control it, taking one deep breath you called out his name.

“Park Jaebum. If you walk out that door you are never coming back, not tomorrow or next week. And I’m never going to find you either. You can start packing up all your shit if that’s the case because baby I don’t need you.” Getting up out of the chair, you pressed your hands down against the dresser pushing one leg back from the other. You knew he loved these games of push and pull, usually he was daddy for a good reason but tonight you wanted to change that. It was risky, and you didn’t know how it would go but seeing him freeze and turn around to look at you with pleading eyes that held a fire you knew you were doing good.

“What do you want me to do then Y/N? You’re basically calling me a liar and trying to say I don’t love you when I damn well know my heart.” Jay half raised his voice as his face turned red.

“You’ll do anything I say?” You asked arching your back a bit bouncing lightly on your heels back and forth, Jay couldn’t help how his eyes trailed down to your plump bottom that he wanted to smack, he was almost at a loss for words thinking about how it would be to have your ass bouncing back on his dick as you wrapped your silk like walls around him.

“Baby, my eyes are up here.” You teased him but pressed your breast together giving him a wild smile as your hair fell into your eyes. Jay was hooked, sighing he leaned against the door frame.

“Yeah, whatever you want I will do it.” He lifted his hands in defeat.

“Strip then.” You commanded. Jay looked at you, about to ask if you were serious but he saw the look on your face. Rolling his eyes, he stripped off his shirt throwing it onto the floor, his muscles and abs on display decorated by dark ink.

“Good boy. Pants next.” You nodded with your head and Jay rolled his eyes.

“Fuck that you’re not treating me like a child.” He said at the door way.

“Saying the man acting like a child. Either drop those pants or get out. I’m sure Simon would love to do it for me.” You hit below the belt and in the back of your mind fear screamed for you to shut up because if he left you would be a sobbing mess on the bed. Jay was livid beyond words, looking at you for a long hard time and he almost made you back down. But you remembered a few words is nothing compared to a few looks. Tilting your head, you looked in his eyes waiting for his move. Jay shook his head undoing his pants he dropped them down to the floor stepping out of them.

“On the bed, please sir.” You tried a different approach until you got him where you wanted him. Jay watched you before he slowly took his time to get on the bed, moving to lean his back against the headboard.

“Gotcha.” You thought as you moved towards him slowly, straddling his waist you cupped his cheeks softly looking in his eyes. Jay leaned into your touch but you saw the defiance there. Licking across his bottom lip you initiated a kiss between the two of you that was anything but slow and gently. His plump lips smacking against yours, his teeth clamping down on your bottom lip calling your submissive side out with his actions. Your hands tangled in his hair for a bit pulling on the strands as you kissed him back. After a while you rolled your hips down against his, creating a soft friction for the both of you. Your hands moved to grab at the handcuffs you placed under the bed. You lifted his left arm up, taking a somewhat deep breath against his lips you handcuffed his left arm to the headboard. Jay was caught off guard cursing giving you time to reach over to the other side and grab the other handcuff almost running out of time as you struggled to cuff him down. Rolling off him you watched as Jay looked at you with a death glare.

“Is this funny to you?” He asked and you shrugged.

“I’m all about being serious right now. I’m punishing you to deny you of the things you really want. Because I can’t break up with you I fucking love your dumb horny ass too much but if you don’t get it right this time then I will let you walk out that door and never come back.” You admitted as you walked to your desk grabbing a long white feather. Jay kept his mouth shut, though he was feeling angry he told himself that no matter what it was better than a breakup. “All the things I’m going to do to you.” You admitted sitting the feather down on the bed. You walked out of the room making your way to the kitchen grabbing your cup of ice from the freezer. Smirking you moved to turn the stove on low heating up food you had cooked for Jay much earlier in the day tricking him into thinking he had nothing because you were sure after this he would have an appetite and you may not have legs. Yours hands searched the fridge for your whip cream and a cherry popsicle that had ice cream on the inside of it. Making your way back to him you put everything down crawling on the bed between his legs. Spreading them open you pulled down his boxers until he was left in nothing, Grabbing the popsicle you unwrapped it looking at Jay.

“My baby isn’t hard yet so, we need to fix that.” You cooed out, licking on the frozen substance until it started to melt you placed it on his lower stomach close to the base of his dick. Jay bit harshly on his bottom lip jerking at the cuffs but you tried not to focus on what he was going through. Your hand grabbed at your feather, running it up and down his abs and over his nipples. You watched his body become littered in goosebumps soft reluctant moans falling from his hips as his head rolled back. Smirking you pressed the feather against his twitching member, rubbing the tip of the soft item against the opening of his dick head. Jay cursed jerking his hips and you enjoyed every moment of it, circling the feather around his tip as his member jumped. Your free hand grabbed at his balls and you played with him watching him moan and writhe against the bed.

“Does it feel good baby?” You asked him with a wicked smile, he growled at you, wanting to say more but you started to drag the feather up and down the underside of his dick near his sensitive spots and veins. The popsicle slowly melted on his skin, you leaned down to lick up some of the sticky substance letting your tongue lick around his base. Letting your hand go from his balls you gripped at the popsicle rubbing it up and down his shaft coating him with it before you let your tongue lean down to flick across his balls quickly. Wrapping your lips around them sucking on each one, gently nibbling on the sack as your tongue drug across it. Jay was bucking his hips up into nothing but air, the feather tickling him and making his back arch. You moved your mouth to lick under his dick attacking his personal sensitive special spot sucking on it. The feather went to his balls, Jay rolled his back as precum oozed from his tip. You licked your way up to the top licking him clean and nibbling on his head, wrapping your lips around him to give a few sucks before he was cursing out your name spilling his cum into your mouth. You were shocked at how easy he gave it, but greedily you lapped at the bitter sweet substance that painted your tongue.

Pulling back, you sucked a bit on the popsicle rubbing the rest of it up and down his chest until it was all smeared. You leaned forward to lick it off your tongue dancing across his skin that was still shuddering and trying to calm down. You moved the feather to tickle at his limp member getting it hard again. Reaching over for an ice cube, you rubbed it around his tip causing Jay to cry out in short pain, the freezing block of ice hurting a bit. You loved it so much, he shook his head no not wanting the stimulation but you kept it there until it was melted water. Leaning down you lapped at it licking the water from his tip. You gripped at another ice cube but pressed it into your mouth this time. Sucking on it letting it melt on your tongue you blew cool air onto Jay’s penis watching the member becoming even harder and red at the tip. Smirking you opened your mouth letting some of the water fall onto his shaft making a loud slurping noise. Jay groaned shuddering and watching you, his hair starting to fall into his eyes. You waited until the cool ice was gone, instantly leaning down you wrapped your cold lips around the hardened shaft. Bobbing your head up and down you worked yourself up to deepthroating him and letting him rest at the back of your throat for periods of time. Swallowing around his shaft and hollowing his cheeks. You took your mine with him, your tongue moving to lick from side to side under his dick, wrapping around it and licking across his tip. You loved how he cried out for you, how his hands fisted and he lightly pulled on the handcuffs. He was moaning your name louder, his chest rising and falling quickly, little beads of sweat collecting on his body and you were more than proud with what you were doing. Staring to make slurping noises on him you bobbed your head up and down faster, your cheeks hollowing out some so that you could create a tighter suction space for him. He was trying to not rut his hips but you encouraged him grabbing one of his hips to help him push up against your face. Gripping at an ice cube you placed it against the underside of his dick rubbing it down to his balls and back up, the spit from your lips dripping down to the base of his shaft, and against his balls. Jay’s head rolled back, mouth agape as he gave out another shuddering cry and came again, his hips snapping up against your face as he emptied his load.

“Baby please.” He stared in a cracked voice, his mouth falling open as you pulled back and cleaned him off for a second time. You shook your head getting of the bed going to get your vibratex from the closet. Pulling it up into the wall beside the bed, you let the setting rest on high, rubbing it up and down the underside of his dick. Jay cried out as his body became red, you knew it was probably hurting him because he never came so much back to back and it was going to get harder for him to do so.

“It hurts baby please, I’m sorry.” Jay begged but you weren’t listening. Climbing back on the bed you grabbed at the whip cream, shaking it up you popped the top off spraying some on his chest and on his thighs. Your tongue slowly flicking across his skin, marking your territory with your teeth as you bit down on parts of his body. Your mouth playing with his nipples. Leaning down you cleaned the white substance from his thighs pressing the vibrating head against his balls watching his feet plant into the bed as he lifted his hips. Your mouth planted wet kisses along his skin until you were breathing in his scent at his neck, sucking little hickeys on each side, finding his spots easily you played with them moaning against his ear to tease further.

You pulled back, looking down at an angry red shaft, you gripped him by the base of his dick pressing the vibrating head fully against his slit opening. He gritted his teeth you could see the pain from the overstimulation in his face. He wanted relief and to not cum again but you had plans for at least two more rounds. Letting his dick go, you grabbed at the feather rubbing it up and down his dick to tickle him. Your hand dropped the feather, gripping his large appendage with your hand you jerked him off quickly, letting the vibrator stay against his head. Jay couldn’t help but snap his hips up though he was hating this. He could feel his lower stomach tighten up and he tried to tell you in so many cluttered words to stop but you weren’t listening. Having too much fun and enjoying his pleas of cries for you to stop. You leaned down licking across his lower stomach biting on the skin and nibbling at his hips, you pulled back the vibrator from his tip watching as the cum spilled from his dick. You groaned softly leaning down to lick it up slowly, turning the vibrator off you stood up and started to undress yourself slowly. Jay shed a single tear, his body shaking as he took deep breaths and tried to steady himself.

You moved to take your clothes off piece by piece, until you were just left in your thigh highs moving to straddle him again. You placed his tip against your soaked folds, rubbing your wet slit, you mewled in pleasure rolling your head back, you were enjoying it too much to the point you were going to cum like that. Moving to lower yourself onto him, moving to grab the key from under the pillows you started to free him but it was a bad mistake. Jay flipped you over and he started to pound deep into you, his hands gripping onto your hips into a bruising manner.

“Fuck this shit hurts so bad, but I’m going to fuck the hell out of you I promise.” Jay growled, slapping his hips against yours. His mouth leaned down latching onto your nipples he sucked on the plump flesh, moving to grab at your ass cheeks slamming you down onto his shaft. His hips connected with yours he made sure that he didn’t break the contact with you. His dick brushing against your silk walls as you wrapped tightly around him. He groaned out in pleasure as he slammed deep into you. Your hips felt sore, your hands moving up to scratch down his biceps as he pressed against you. He leaned down connecting your lips, his tongue shoving into your mouth to create a heated frenzy. His hand moved to slide against your clit up and down the pink bud harshly. Your hips bucked up against his, little cries escaped your lips as you felt your orgasm approaching your body. Your hips rolled against his as he fucked against your spot, your body was becoming succumbed to the pleasure, your hands moved to scratch down his back, pulling him close to you as he pounded you into the bed.

“Jay-Jay!” You cried out shaking under him, as your orgasm ripped through yourself. You shook under him squeezing around his shaft as he milked you for everything you had. He buried his head in your neck, continuing to rut his hips against yours he spilled his cum inside of you, only a few thick ropes coming out due to how many times he had came. He rocked his hips slowly against yours before he fell on you. You smirked rubbing your hands up and down his back kissing on his jaw slowly. He rolled off you pulling you to his body.

“How do you feel?” You asked softly cupping his cheeks peppering him with kisses.

“Like if I cum again all that will come out is a white flag with the words bang on it.” He admitted with a soft chuckle and you covered your face shaking your head.

“Then we don’t have to do it for a while, I made you food.” You smiled drawing your fingers against his tattoos.

“Oh baby girl.” Jay said gripping at your chin making you look in his eyes. “You better hope that after I eat my body doesn’t feel replenished. Because I’m going to make sure that you’re crying when I’m done.”

The Discovery

(Your boyfriend Jin is reluctant to allow his sexual fantasy to become a reality.)

Warning: Smut, male dom, female sub, spanking, fellatio, teasing, intercourse, dirty talk. I am so going to hell for writing stuff like this.

“Jin.  Jin!  Jinnie! Yah, KIM SEOKJIN WAKE UP!”

Your attempts to gently nudge your boyfriend awake had failed, so you shook him awake instead.  You had already been up for an hour, had showered, dressed, did your hair and makeup and were ready to go do something fun for the day.  Your boyfriend, Jin, was always so busy with work it was rare to have a whole day for just the two of you.  You had spent the night at his place so you could get an early start on your plans for the day.  First was a bike ride in the park, then a picnic lunch, a trip to the aquarium, a puppy café, a movie, dinner, late night bowling and drinks.  Jin had laughed at you when you told him your list of what you had planned, and he was right, it would be impossible to do everything, but you wanted to try to do as much as you could.

Jin wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down onto the bed so your head was against his chest. He held you tightly so you couldn’t move much. “Baby, why don’t we just sleep a little while longer.   You wore me out last night.”

You smiled thinking of last night.  Making love with Jin was always such a pleasure.  He wasn’t adventurous in bed, but he was a generous lover, always making sure you were well taken care of.  You sometimes missed the wilder sexual activities you experienced with previous boyfriends, but you wouldn’t trade Jin for anyone else in the world. He was by far the kindest boyfriend you had ever had.

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Backup Dancer

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1950ish

Warnings: Cursing kinda a lot

Summary: You’re one of the backup dancers for Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle. While backstage, you run into the enemy.

A/N: STILL NOT OVER IT  (btw idek how the building goes but don’t worry about it)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Reader’s POV

Shit, shit, and double shit.

You were running late. You don’t even know how late. All you know is that you forgot to set your alarm last night and woke up naturally thirty minutes later than you were supposed to. And the cherry on top, you almost forgot your costume bag in your apartment, adding another seven minutes to being late.

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Y/N and Park


Originally posted by jiyoongis

Genre: Fluff (w/ a tiny bit of angst? Just a pinch, like 1/8 of a pinch lol)

Characters: You x JImin

Word Count: 2.3K

Plot: Jimin was popular and you weren’t. You never thought your paths would cross, and you never wanted them to. However, fate had other plans (lmao this is such a  cliche plot but just read it, it’s not that cliche).

a/n: This was inspired by the book “Eleanor & Park.” If you haven’t read it, you should because it’s really good! I used the same format as the book. Also, the line break indicates a new day. :)

Your POV

He was always the popular boy. Ever since elementary school, he always had a group of friends following him along with an audience. You never knew what was so great about him.

While he was friends with half of the school, the other half– minus one, wished they could be his friend. That minus one was you.

You sat alone at a cafeteria table and tried to eat your lunch in peace. However, the fact that Park Jimin kept throwing glances at your way irked you.

Jimin’s POV

He first noticed you on the first day of grade one. You were quiet and remained to yourself. Not a lot of people noticed you, and you seemed to like it. You were so shy and he never thought much of it back then, but he thought it was adorable now.

Jimin always wanted to talk to you, but something about you made him too nervous to approach you.

Jimin stared at you across the cafeteria, admiring your beauty from afar. He watched you take a bite out of the disgusting school lunch and chuckled to himself when you made a grossed out face.

Your POV

In class, you were bored out of your mind. The teacher called on students, asking for an answer to a question that was only answerable if you were as smart as himself. The teacher called on Jimin’s name and you rolled your eyes. You waited for a stupid, unfunny answer that would be followed by laughter from the other students.

Jimin’s POV

He heard the teacher call his name. He didn’t know what the question was or if was even a question in the first place.

Jimin wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, instead, he was distracted by watching you doodle some drawings in your notebook. They looked like scribbles from where he was sitting, but he remembered that you were good at art. He always wanted to see your scribbles up close and wondered what you were actually drawing.

Your POV

You waited at the library for your partner. 20 minutes has passed by and you grew agitated

You felt stupid and should’ve known that Jimin would be late. Maybe he wasn’t going to show up at all.

You were supposed to meet up to work on an English project, but by the looks of it, it looked like you would have to start tomorrow.

Jimin’s POV

He ran to the library as fast as he could. He didn’t mean to be late, but his boss made him stay and extra half an hour to clean up at his job.

When he got to the library, he saw that you were already packing up. Jimin walked quickly to your table and apologized.

Your POV

He gave you an excuse that he probably used for everything. You rolled your eyes but emptied out your bag to start the project. You were annoyed that he was late, but at least he was there now.

You asked him his what favourite Shakespeare book was. There was no point in choosing one yourself since you doubted he’s ever read any in the first place.

Jimin’s POV

“Uh, Macbeth.”

He never even read it. Did he even get the name right?

He saw you reading it in the library one day and it just popped up in his mind.

Your POV

Just two days into the project, you found out that you and Jimin had many things in common. You liked the same books, TV shows, and types of movies.

It was strange, you never thought Jimin would ever be into the same things you were into.

Jimin’s POV

You asked him what his favourite colour was. He liked blue, but he knew you didn’t. He lied and said he didn’t have a favourite color, just so he wouldn’t lose that connection with you.

Your POV

You presented your project with flying colors. You didn’t expect a good mark because of Jimin, but when your teacher handed you back your mark, you were surprised that you actually achieved a good one.

You were happy the project was over. However, as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were going to miss sharing a bond with Jimin– even if it was just the slightest bond possible.

You still couldn’t understand why he was so popular or had people following him like a bunch of “fans,” but Jimin wasn’t as horrible as you thought he’d be.

But he was still popular, and you weren’t. That meant that he wouldn’t be forced to talk to you or make small talk anymore because of the project. The project was over, and so would your friendship– if it even was a friendship, with Jimin will be.

Jimin’s POV

He watched your expression as you received your mark. He didn’t look at his mark when the teacher gave it to him, but when he saw your smile, he knew it was good.

He was happy the project was over. He felt that the two of you developed a friendship. Now he could talk to you more often and more freely– and without the topic of Macbeth popping up.

Jimin’s POV

He hurried out of class to catch up to you. He saw you walking towards math. He had that class too.

“Hey, good job Y/N. I think we did the best.”

“Oh, uh,” you looked shocked and he thought it was so cute. “Yeah, I think so too.”

Your POV

Jimin sat beside you in math class. He usually sat at the back, but today he sat at the front. With you.

Your POV

Two girls that usually sat at Jimin’s lunch table approached you. They knocked your tray down and your food splattered everywhere. Onto the floor, on the table, and on you.

Jimin’s POV

His head turned into the direction of the noise. He saw you standing there covered in food.

He looked at his two friends who were giggling, approaching his table. He gave them a death stare and they sat down quietly, avoiding eye contact with him.

His blood was boiling. He wanted to yell at them and tell everyone to stop staring at you. He was furious. But in the end, he turned his head and remained quiet for the rest of the lunch.

Your POV

You were embarrassed but not surprised. Those girls did that often to people. You just happened to be the next target.

You knew he saw you, and for some reason, you wanted him to stand up for you. He didn’t, though.

Your POV

You sat at the cafeteria table and ate the food that was on your tray. Suddenly, you heard a slam on the table and looked up to see Jimin standing in front of you.

Jimin’s POV

He stood in front of you and smiled. You looked startled, so he apologized.

He purposely left his lunch at home, just so he could eat the cafeteria food with you.

When he took a bite out of what looked like chocolate pudding, but tasted liked canned dog food, he tried his best not to throw up.

Jimin’s POV

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For yesterday.”

Your POV

You considered him Jimin a friend. You didn’t know if he considered you one, but if he did, he had plenty of those. It wasn’t like Jimin had to stand up for you or say anything. It’s not like he had to care.

So, you forgave him, you had no right not to.

Your POV

You saw the same two girls walking towards you while you stood at your locker. You knew they were coming, they’ve been doing it for about a week.

You waited for them to appear and throw your notebook or something out of your locker and onto the ground, but they never showed up.

You looked past your locker door and surprisingly, they were gone. Instead, you saw Jimin.

Jimin’s POV

He didn’t know why his “friends” were acting that way. Why was he even friends with people like that?

You were the nicest person ever. Maybe they couldn’t see it, but Jimin knew you.

Your POV

Jimin walked you home. You knew he lived in the other direction, but he insisted. You didn’t mind, you liked the company.

You liked Jimin.

Jimin’s POV

He wanted every excuse to be with you. Maybe he should just ask you out, but he was too afraid.

He liked you, he always has.

Your POV

The school dance was coming up. You weren’t really a party person, but everyone was talking about it.

Everywhere you turned, there were posters advertising it. Every morning on the announcements they would remind everyone to buy their tickets.

You were also used to people going all out just to ask someone to the dance. People wrote songs, bought gifts, one person even kidnapped their significant other just to ask them to the dance.

You didn’t really want to go to the dance, but if Jimin asked you, you wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

Jimin’s POV

Jimin wanted to go to the dance with you. He knew you were shy and didn’t want to do something big to ask you like everyone normally else did. He didn’t want an audience, he wanted you to feel safe and comfortable. Just you and him.

After school, while he walked you home, he thought of how to ask you. What if you said no.

Your POV

Jimin didn’t really talk much like usual. You felt as if something was bothering him.

“Are you okay, Jimin?” You asked.

He turned to you and looked shocked, like he was just pulled out from a daydream.

“Do you wanna go to the dance with me?”

He sounded nervous, but then shocked at his own words. It was cute.

Your POV

The night of the dance arrived. Jimin would be at your house in 20 minutes.

You looked at the mirror one last time. You wore a blue dress that fit you in all the right places. Your hair was down, and you wore makeup that looked alright. You felt embarrassed since you looked so different.

Maybe you should change. You could feel your insecurities acting up and wondered what Jimin would think. What if he thought you looked ugly? What if he said you looked good, but didn’t mean it?

Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring.

Jimin’s POV

Your mother opened the door and Jimin greeted her kindly. He stepped inside and waited for you to come down.

When he saw you appear at the top, his mind went blank. All he could see was you and you were glowing.

You looked different. Not better than how you always looked, but not worse either. You always looked beautiful to him. But now, you just looked different. Good different.

You looked like a princess waiting at the stop of the staircase and he felt as if he were in a movie. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you

He could tell you were nervous. He decided to walk up the stairs to help you down so you wouldn’t have the spotlight all on you.

He took your delicate little hand and led you down. Your mother stopped you two near the bottom to take pictures. He didn’t mind, he wanted to remember this moment.

Your POV

Your mother was embarrassing you. You told her to stop but she didn’t listen.

Finally, she and your father let you and Jimin leave.

“Y/N, you’re so beautiful, you know that right?” Jimin said to you once the two of you were outside.

You blushed and thanked him. It wasn’t like you’ve never received a compliment before, but the way Jimin said it was different than how anyone else gave you one. He talked about you– not how you looked tonight, not your dress or your makeup, just you. His words made you feel like you really were the most beautiful girl in the world.

Your POV

You were surprised. The dance was really fun.

At first, you felt a bit awkward because Jimin knew everyone there and you the opposite. You barely knew anyone and weren’t really used to such social events.

But Jimin never left your side. He danced with you the whole night. Some of his friends joined in as well, and although they didn’t really know you, they didn’t care. They wanted you to have fun just like Jimin, and that’s exactly what you did.

Jimin’s POV

Jimin knew that you were having fun. You were smiling so much and he was happy to see you having fun in a place that was out of your comfort zone.

Although you didn’t really know anyone there, Jimin was happy that his friends didn’t exclude you and quickly invited you into the fun. Everyone would finally see you for the amazing person you that really were.

Jimin didn’t stay with you because he thought it would be rude to ditch you, he stayed with you because he wanted to be with you. He wanted to live in that moment with you and only you forever.

Your POV

After the dance, Jimin drove you home. You two raved about how fun the night was.

When Jimin reached your home and you sighed. You didn’t want the night to end, but all good things do.

“Thanks, Jimin, I had a really great time,” you said to him with a smile.

“Me too, Y/N,” Jimin said back.

The two of you stayed in his car for a bit, just looking into each other’s eyes waiting for someone to say something.

“Y/N…” Jimin said softly, with a nervous look. He moves closer to your face and soon you’re only inches apart from each other.

You opened your mouth to say something, but Jimin leaned in and brought his lips to yours, closing the space between the two of you. You close your eyes and melted into his warm kiss.

It was past midnight– the night was already done. But unlike all good things that come to an end, in the moment, you knew that you and Jimin were going to last forever.

Thanks for reading! & lol maybe this actually was really cliche…

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (4/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 3.3k

Need to catch up? Here’s PART 3 or IBGT MASTERLIST

Warnings: Okay… So it starts of with SMUT - I know it’s weird to imagine yourself in Bucky’s body but I can’t see a way round it - there had to be a hand job. There’s also sexual content and swearing.

A/N: Well, riding on a wave of inspiration that hit me like a train yesterday here’s another big chapter from me. I hope this fic is still making you smile and want more?

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

After yet another awkward interaction with Steve, a cold shower sounded like a good option. You needed to calm down quickly, otherwise he’s only going to suspect something more serious is going on. And who knows how long you’d be able to keep up the pretences?

Physically - the cold shower seemed to help, but mentally - you still couldn’t shake off the constant dirty thoughts about Steve. Not sure how long this charade would continue, you needed to find a better way of managing your constant arousal. Maybe Bucky was right and you needed some release?

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Y/N: “Hey Klaus, guess what”

Klaus: “what Y/N?”

Y/N: “We flamingo together”

Klaus pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed but it was just to hide the tiny smile that appeared on his lips. He may act like he hates your puns but he secretly wonders what he’d do without you.


Originally posted by askmeifimadalek

Thank you for requesting! Sorry for the wait and I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 2.190

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Description: Jungkook is worried about you not missing him while he is on tour but doesn’t want to directly approach the issue. A little bird tells you how Jungkook is feeling which leads you to make a plan to show how much you really miss him.

Jungkook’s POV:

Jungkook was scrolling through his phone, more specifically through your Instagram, looking at the photos you had posted last time he had been on tour. You always looked so happy when you were out with your friends. Did you look that happy when you were with him?

Jungkook shook his head to try and rid the creeping insecurities from his brain. Of course you looked happy with him. But did you miss him when he was gone? It didn’t look like it. You were always having so much fun with your friends when he was away. Well, he guessed it was good that you didn’t miss him too much when he gone; that would hurt. But it wouldn’t hurt for you to miss him just a little bit like he missed you. The door creaked open as you stepped into the bedroom, setting your bag by the door. You smiled brilliantly at Jungkook and he internally groaned. Why was he so in love with you? He knew that smile was going to be on his mind all throughout the tour.

“Hi Kookie,” you greeted, walking over to meet him on the bed. “What are you up to?” Jungkook hurriedly locked his phone and looked up at you, trying to control his face to not show you his panic.

“Oh nothing, just browsing,” he replied, his voice unsure as he watched you sit down next to him. You seemed to accept his answer though as you laughed a little. You reached forward and combed your fingers through his hair, sending tingles down Jungkook’s neck as your fingertips glided across his scalp, encouraging him to shut his eyes to absorb the pleasant sensation and relax his body. His right hand searched for your free hand, rubbing calm circles into the warm skin after finding it.

“I’m leaving for the tour tomorrow,” he brought up, trying to be casual about breaching the topic. He couldn’t shake the insecure feelings he had about leaving you again.

“I know! Aren’t you excited?” you asked. Jungkook felt his heart clench at your tone, you sounded like you were excited for him to be gone. He opened his eyes and searched your bright face. You looked like the words you had said were sincere. Were you seriously that excited to have him away from you? Why were you even here if you couldn’t wait for him to leave already?

“Excited?” he repeated. You smiled and nodded.

“Yeah! If I were you, I would be so excited,” you explained, removing your hand from Jungkook’s head and hand to gesture excitedly. “You will be performing for Army’s all over the world and you get to bask in their love! Most importantly you will be traveling the world, Jungkook. You seriously will have the time of your life!”

“But I’m going to miss you,” he complained trying to grab your hand again. You waved his hand away dismissively.

“Oh Jungkook, don’t even think about missing me! You can text and call me when you have time. If the time difference is too much for that, just forget about me and enjoy yourself!” you encouraged. Jungkook felt his stomach drop. Forget about you? Is that what you did to him when he wasn’t able to get a hold of you? He refused to give up on this and pushed you further.

“What are you going to do while I’m gone though?” he asked, his voice growing steelier. You shrugged in response, the smile not dropping from your face.

“What I usually do, hang out with my friends,” you said to reassure the worried looking boy. Jungkook fell silent. His eyebrows were furrowed in hurt at your perceived lack of care for his absence. You let your smile drop as you had failed to comfort him.

“Kookie?” you asked, concern lacing your voice. His hard eyes landed on you, making you hold your breath.

“Yeah, I bet you will have so much fun while I’m gone working my ass off, huh?” Jungkook growled through his teeth. His insecurities had gotten to him and he was jealous of your friends getting to spend time with you. You opened your mouth to respond but Jungkook cut you off.

“Y/n, I need to get some sleep. I have work. You should leave,” he mumbled, not looking you in the eye.

“Kookie…” you whispered, reaching to comb your fingers through his hair again to calm him, but he gently pushed your hand away.

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a child,” he demanded. “I’m a working man and I need to sleep for the busy schedule coming up. So please. Leave.” Slowly you got up off the bed and leaned over to kiss the smooth skin of his forehead.

“Good night Jungkook,” you whispered. “I hope you have a wonderful trip. I love you.” Butterflies fluttered in Jungkook’s stomach. You went to pull away from him only to be pulled back for a quick peck on the lips.

“Love you too,” he mumbled, the anger still burning deep within him but the love of you peeking through to say his goodbyes. You left his room, leaving Jungkook to drop his head into his hands and think about how much he was going to miss you and how little you were going to miss him.

Your POV:

The next morning, you sent a good morning text to Jungkook, knowing he would be on his way to the tour. Your heart ached when he had been describing how he would miss you despite the amazing opportunity he was given. You tried to make him worry less by pretending you were strong enough to be okay on your own.

Yesterday seemed strange though. The more you put on your tough act, the more upset he got. You wondered why. Maybe he just really wants to spend time with you. Or maybe he is just nervous about the tour since they have gotten so much more popular. Either way, you are sure he will have a great time with his members. His happiness means so much to you that you sacrifice your own to make him happy.

You also have to be social to show him you are not helpless without him. That’s why you had plans a few times a week with a few good buddies of yours.

“I hope once he sees the pictures of me having a good time he will feel happy too,” you mutter, looking at the time stamp on your good morning text to see if it had been read yet.

What? He had looked at it 3 minutes ago but didn’t say good morning back? Even despite the time zone differences you two had never missed a morning text to each other. You tried to calm your thoughts. Maybe he was just running out the door and managed to open the text but he couldn’t reply. Yeah that was probably it, you reassured yourself.

Figuring there was no use in worrying over the small details, you grabbed your keys and headed out the door in search of groceries.

2 weeks later:

Your phone buzzed, shocking you from your half asleep state. Blurry shapes filled your vision as you searched to find your phone. Groggily, your fingers gripped onto the edges of your phone, pulling it close to your face to see a message from Jimin. Sleep faded instantly from your mind, worried that something had happened to Jungkook. You unlocked your phone to view the whole message.

Jimin: Hey, I know it’s late back home but can you talk?

You: Of course. What’s up?

Jimin: Did you and Kookie fight?

You: I don’t think so? He was acting strange the night before he left, though. Is he ok?

Jimin: He really misses you Y/N… And he doesn’t think you miss him…

You: What?! How could he think that? I miss him so much it hurts

Jimin: I know. You too love each other so much it’s gross. So just prove you miss him somehow. He thinks that you having fun and going out when he is gone is a sign you are happier without him in your life.

You: Thanks Jimin

Jimin: Of course. Just do something about it so we don’t have a sulking baby on our hands for the next tour.

You set your phone back down, wide awake with a thousand different plans on how to prove your love to Jungkook running through your mind. A smile crept up on your face as the perfect plan sprouted in your mind. Feet escaping the warm cove of your blanket, you ran to grab a pen and paper to jot down your plan. If this didn’t prove it to him, nothing would.

3 days later 

You were all set, one of Jungkook’s endless large white t-shirts slung over your body, with sleep shorts underneath. Pillows littered your couch, representing the run around your house finding every single pillow you kept in your apartment. Your phone buzzed in your pocket. It was Jimin letting you know that Jungkook was on his way over. You carefully settled yourself into the mountain of pillows, pulling the pillow which you had dressed in Jungkook’s clothes with a big picture of derp Jungkook taped at the top against yourself.

You worked on slowing your breathing so that you looked like you were asleep even though you were super excited to show your boyfriend he had nothing to be worried about. He would never question if you missed him or not again.

The sound of the key turning in your lock sent your heart racing. You relaxed your body even more, if that was possible. The door squeaked open, and the soft footsteps of Jungkook were the only sound to occupy your apartment.

“Y/n?” he called softly, shutting the door behind him. You pretended not to hear him, staying in your ‘sleeping’ position. His footsteps led him into the living room on his way to your bedroom. Jungkook seemed to notice the copious amounts of pillows on the couch and turned to investigate.

“Y/n?” he called out once more. You shifted around on the couch, pretending to wake up to your boyfriends calls.

“Kookie?” you responded, sitting up, knocking a few pillows down in the process. The lights turned on and Jungkook stared in shock at the sight in front of him. You held back a smirk at the sight of his wide eyes and dropped jaw. He was staring straight at your Jungkook pillow.

“Oh, this?” you asked, picking up the dressed pillow and cuddling it. “This is Shookie. He is here to help me explain how much I really miss you when you’re gone.” Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed.

“How much you miss me?” he repeated. You nodded, resting your head on top of Shookie.

“A little bird told me that you thought I didn’t miss you on tour because I went out with friends,” you explained, watching as Jungkook’s expression changed from confused to a slightly angry look.

“Jimin told you, didn’t he? God, he can’t keep his mouth shut can he?” Jungkook said angrily. You chuckled, setting Shookie aside to walk over to Jungkook. He watched you approach with gentle eyes.

“When you leave, I miss you so, so much Kook. I just don’t want you to worry about me being alone, so I went out with people so that you would know I am okay,” you explain, your hand gently stroking his arm.

“So you aren’t happier when I’m gone?” he whispered. You shook your head. Jungkook’s arms whipped around your body and pulled you to his chest, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck. He heaved out a huge sigh of relief, tickling the small hairs at the back of your neck.

“I’m so stupid. I should’ve seen through your plan to show me you were okay by yourself for a while. I was just too worried you weren’t happy with me,” he whispered.

“You are stupid, but you are my stupid Kook who I wouldn’t exchange for anyone,” you whispered back. You pushed yourself out of his grasp, grabbing his hand to bring him to the bedroom to sleep. On your way, you grabbed your fluffiest pillows, including Shookie. You were admiring your handiwork on the pillow when it got ripped from your hands.

“No more Shookie. You have your Kookie back,” Jungkook said, ripping his derp face off the pillow. Your jaw dropped in shock. You stared at your boyfriend in amusement.

“I can’t believe you killed him,” you mumbled. Jungkook let out a sharp laugh, his bunny teeth appearing. He dragged you to your bedroom, immediately getting settled for bed.

“I can’t believe you still want Shookie around when you have the real deal here,” he said pulling you down to join him.

“You are lucky I love you, bun,” you teased, relaxing into his grip. “I’m happy you’re back.”

“I’m happy you’re happy. Good night Y/n. I love you,” Jungkook replied, the two of you drifting off into a comfortable sleep.

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when two stubborn idiots try to flirt

@bbbutterfingers you’re a great artist and I your work is wonderful!

Part 15 - Dear Cyrus 2

(Continuation of previous chapter Part 14 - Dear Cyrus)

Well that night I didn’t really drank much but he did. He was just leaning on my shoulder as the silence took over most of the time. I didn’t know how to react to him so I guess the best I could offer was being there for him.

Its funny how its our first time meeting each other (for the main reason of just having fun) but here I am with a brokenhearted man beside me. Man I told myself I’m digging in some deep shit that I shouldn’t here.

We didn’t really text much after that night, but I went on stalking him on his social media, basically just checking him out. My fragile memories could recollect of me asking him if he was free a night before his birthday and we both were horny and so we did made an appointment to meet at his place.

Cyrus : Need a fetch tonight ?

Me : Nah its okay. I can take the taxi, you could drive me home after.

Cyrus : Okay then. Becareful. Text me when you’re here

Me : Yeah about 15 mins. btw Do you like chocolate or oreo more ?

Cyrus : Oreo. Why ? 

Me : No la. Just asking. text you when I’m nearby

I get to know his birthday through his Facebook so I wanted to surprise him since tomorrow its his actual birthday. I went off to a bakery store and bought a whole oreo cheesecake for him and got him worried because I was late :

Cyrus : traffic jam ? took you 1 hour ?

Me : Im fine. Reaching soon.

As I was all excited and smiling walking up to his place to surprise him since he has no idea I knew his Birthday and he thought I came just to have sex, as I knock on his door.

Cyrus : (opening the door)

Me : Surprise ! (lifting up the birthday cake box with plastic) 

Cyrus : What ?! (Surprised and laughing)

Me : I know its your birthday I bought you a cake. (acting silly)

Cyrus : No wonder you asked whether I like choc or oreo lol

Me : (Walking towards the fridge and open it, putting the cake inside)

Cyrus : (hugged me from behind resting his head on my shoulder with his hands wrap around my waist

Cyrus : Thank you. (In a sincere tone) 

My heart was pounding fast in that heat of moment. I felt something again. I didn’t really utter any words that time. We were just indulging in the silence yet sweet moment of him hugging me from behind while the fridge’s was left open.

Me : Wanna have a slice now ? (broke the silence) 

Took a knife and cut a slice and handed to him saying :

Me : Happy birthday hehe ! (Acting silly)

Cyrus : (took the cream on top of the cake with his index finger towards my mouth feeding me) 

Me : (BLUSHING AS FUCK) (open my mouth and ate the cream)

oh dear god thinking back I was so shy and he was just laughing at me saying I’m cute with my face turned red…I lost count of how many time my heart beat in a second. Unconsciously I lean towards him and gave him a kiss with my eyes closed with my hands holding his waist. As I passionately kiss him on his lips slowly with my tongue tied with his, he put the plate away to the side of the sink. We were making out in the kitchen, kissing each other all the time. His fingers were running through my hair and gently touching my face. Eagerly lifting his shirt up and taking it off I push his body against mine close I move down to his neck licking it gently and slowly as he let out a soft moan 

Cyrus : Let’s go to the room.

As he shuts the room’s door. I found myself lying on his bed looking at him stripping off himself with his pants and undies. His cock is hard on. Laying next to me as we continue kissing my hands were reaching down to his cock stroking it. His rough hands were touching my body feeling my skin next to his, removing my shirt licking my neck, leaving marks on my shoulders as I let out a moan, he moves downwards to my sensitive nipples licking it gently drawing circles, flicking it with his tongue and suck it once in awhile. I felt so turn on. With his mouth doing the job, his hands slowly touching my belly to my wet cock and down right to my hole.

His hands were in between my thigh with his fingers touching my hole I felt even more turned on as if he’s molesting me with my pants still on.

Me : I wanna suck your cock please. 

Cyrus : I’ll rim you first. 

Removing my pants along with my undies he lift up my ass while he was in a kneeling position with his hands spreading my ass to give a better look at my hole. Diving in with his tongue licking my hole with his saliva covered like spreading butter on a bread. God I felt so good that I had to shut my mouth with my hands for trying not to moan too loud. Comes his finger poking my hole fingering me as I moan like a slut. 

I lean towards him an grab hold of his hard cock sucking it like nobody’s business. Eagerly sucking it so hard that I almost choke myself from it. As eager as I said : 

Me : Fuck me please.

He turn around and took a condom out of the box along with the lube. I hold on to his legs and said : 

Me : Cyrus. Do you wanna fuck me without the condom ?

Cyrus : (his eyes were widen and surprised saying) You sure ? 

Me : (shyly nodded my head and turn around in doggystyle with my ass facing him)

Hearing the sound of him squeezing the lube. He got hold of his hands on my ass from behind and I felt his hard on 7 Inch dick piecing through me. We were on cloud 9. Fucking me in and out from behind as we both moan at the same time he lean towards me from the back and smell me and kiss my neck while his hips are moving on its own. My wet cock was dripping precum all over the bed I felt it leaking.

As we slowly adjust the position of me laying fully on the bed while he lay on me with his dick still in me. Our body were sweating, so hot that we’re fucking in madness. My hard cock were begging to breathe so I gently pad on his thigh said : 

Me : Change (moaning)

Both of us woke up we were kissing each other I pushed him down and squat on his hard dick, with my hands holding his cock trying to fit it back in my hole. As it enters both of us moaned in joy. Slowly swallowing it fully in my hole as I felt the hardness I hold my hands with his, gently moving up and down riding him with my shy face expose to his. His hands were on my hips while mine was on his thighs. Riding it even harder as he said : 

Cyrus : Fuck you’re so cute you’re gonna make me cum

Me : I’m cumming too.

As I my hard cock were begging for me to stroke, I felt a hot wave of liquid rushing inside me as he moans :

Cyrus : Fuck fuck fuck !!

Stroking my own cock in a split second I cummed all over his body moaning together. That moment we couldn’t care less of what the neighbor heard.

With hole filled with his cum I was so worn out and lay on him with both our bodies covered with my cum panting :

Me : (breathing heavily , panting)

Cyrus : (hugging me even though we’re covered in cum) 

Me : happy ? (acting silly)

Cyrus : Yes..much better without the condom. Lets go clean you up.

As we were in the bathroom he kept nagging me to wash properly, making sure all his cum was out from my hole. Insisting to see the water comes out clean. I felt something again. For once a Top that is not selfish and actually care about me after the sex. 

As I got off from the shower I was kneeling down packing my stuff into my bag.

Cyrus : Don’t go first, come over here. (in a sincere tone)

Me : (Walk towards his room as he was laying on his beanie bag and lay right next to him with my head rest on his chest)

I couldn’t recall the conversation that we had that time…All I remember was gently touching his rose tattoo on his leg while he fell asleep with his hands around me. Looking at him fell asleep peacefully. 

After that night. We rarely text each other. Mostly he don’t reply my messages, even if he replied it would be a day later. I didn’t know what went wrong and I was just so puzzled that I stop trying so hard. But what I felt through things that I felt wasn’t fake. Well maybe the sad part was I was the only one who felt it but he didn’t. It all happen 3 years ago till one of the days I met him on the monorail on his way to work.

All we did was just pass by each other smiled. 

Dear Cyrus, its bitter. But yet sweet. Thank you. xo

Ease - Part 15



Length: 3.7k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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“So, it’s over between you and Jungkook?” Yoongi asked, his words indistinct as his teeth were clenched around a pepero stick. “Didn’t last long, did it?”

“King of sympathy, aren’t you Yoongs?” scorned Hoseok, quickly shooting a death glare to his friend before focusing back on his phone screen, which was so close to his face his nose was almost brushing it.

You shook your head understandingly. “It’s okay, we were never really together in the first place. Just trying things out, seeing if we would make a good couple. I’m still sad that it’s over though. I really thought we could make it work, in the end.”

Yoongi continued nibbling at his food, not noticing the crumbs that was accumulating in the folds of his clothes. “I think,” nibble, nibble, “that Jungkook did the right thing. From what I saw,” nibble, nibble, “your relationship was heading down a dangerous road. Outcome wouldn’t have been pretty.”

“Deep down, I knew it was too problematic for true romance, but he’s always been so supportive and he’s had my back. Although,” you added, looking around the practice room, “I have no idea where he is. He was supposed to be here half an hour ago.”

It was the weekend, so it was unusual for any of you to be missing. You had hours of uninterrupted practice in front of you, yet none of you were on your feet, as Jungkook hadn’t turned up and Hoseok was anxiously awaiting the results for the competition.

“There’s no point rehearsing if we haven’t got into the show,” he’d argued, and Yoongi had been more than happy to agree and sit down with no complaints.

After Jungkook announced at the park that he was ending the relationship between you, you’d spent a little while longer talking about everything you’d been too scared to discuss before. You’d asked him what he meant about teaching him about love, but he avoided the question and instead stared distractedly at Taehyung and Jimin playing football.  There was still something about Jungkook that you didn’t quite understand, and even going into detail afterwards about your feelings didn’t clear things the air. It wasn’t to do with him struggling to open up, or how he’d never been in a relationship, but there was something more.

Yoongi let out an exasperated noise as he watched Hoseok’s intense expression. “Hoseok, you’re going to get bad eyesight if you hold your phone that close-”

“IT’S HERE!” he bellowed, causing you both to jump in fright. However, you leapt up and skidded over to Hoseok, you looking over his left shoulder and Yoongi over his right.

“I don’t believe it,” mumbled Yoongi, as Hoseok froze in shock. “We got in! And look Y/N, you and Jungkook are there too!”

“Hoseok, are you okay?”

Hoseok seemed to be staring into space, but surely enough, a huge grin split across his face, lighting up his eyes in excitement. Letting out a massive yell, he leapt to his feet and began a victory dance in the middle of the room, knocking both you and Yoongi backwards onto the floor.

Aish, really?” grumbled Yoongi, rubbing his backside sorrowfully.

The elatedness you felt after hearing the results was short lived, as the panic of Jungkook’s whereabouts set in. Where was he? Checking your phone for the hundredth time, it didn’t surprise you to see no new messages.

“I’m going to go check on Jungkook,” you announced, speaking loudly over Hoseok’s elated shouting.

“You’re leaving me?” asked Yoongi, his furrowed eyebrows making his eyes even more doe-like and pitiful. “With him?”

You just laughed at his crestfallen face. “I’m sure I won’t be long.”

Leaving the practice room, you strode down the cobblestone street towards Jungkook’s house. Your heart couldn’t help lifting at the possibility of Taehyung being there, too.

“You did what?”

Jungkook sighed, but he looked regretful. “I tore a ligament my ankle while I was practising the spin the other day. I asked the doctor if I could still participate in the dance competition, and she strictly forbade me.”

You couldn’t believe it. After rehearsing for so long, Jungkook ruined your chances of winning by injuring himself. Sure, it wasn’t about the money any more, but you couldn’t accept that your weeks, months, of hard work had gone to waste. Your heart sank into your stomach with disappointment, the glorious image of you and Jungkook preparing to go onstage with Hoseok and Yoongi fading in your head.

“You didn’t even text me!”

“Please don’t be mad at me,” said Jungkook softly, ruffling his chocolate-brown hair ruefully. “You could always enter with someone else.”

“What do you mean?” you asked loudly. “They won’t let us change the line-up after the audition process, and plus no one else knows the dance! Well, apart from Hoseok and Yoongi, but they’re in the competition already.”

Jungkook gave you a sideways smirk. “You can teach Taehyung the dance.”

Teach Taehyung? Your heart did a double beat at the thought, but you forced yourself to think rationally.

“It’s a week until the final performance!” you spluttered.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N. I can barely walk let alone dance. It’s either you teach someone else, and let them enter under my name, or pull out from the competition.”

You sank down onto the edge of Jungkook’s bed, eyeing is bandaged ankle warily. You couldn’t possibly teach Taehyung your whole dance in a week. Could you? Jungkook was peering at you with an expression of remorse and upset. You knew he was looking forward to dancing as well, and the outcome of the situation probably stung a lot more than he was letting on. After all, it was his choreography, and he was swallowing his pride by letting someone else dance in his place, just so you still had a chance.

However, it’d taken you a lot longer than a week to learn the routine. Plus, Jungkook seemed a natural at teaching, whereas you could barely get Taehyung to stop talking.

“Taehyung… doesn’t know…” you said hesitatingly, not quite knowing how to break the news. Jungkook waited patiently for you to continue, while you stuttered on. “He doesn’t know about us dancing,” you finished, all in a rush.

Jungkook gawked at you for a few moments, then burst into fits of laughter, his shoulders shaking as he crowed gleefully. You sat there, cheeks beginning to glow red as he continued to howl, not finding it funny in the slightest.

“You never told him,” he wheezed, more of a statement than a question.

Huffing, you folded your arms in defiance. “Why didn’t you ever tell him?”

“He never asked me, so I assumed he knew. Go tell him right now, silly.”

He was still grinning from ear to ear, but it was more playful than happy for your misfortune, so you weren’t reassured at all as you got up and made your way to the door.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” you asked tentatively. “I mean, you practically hated Taehyung for making me upset, and now you’re willing to let him take your place?”

“I never hated him,” he corrected, “I just thought he was being a bit arrogant. I still want the judges to see my choreography though, so I’m willing to let someone else have a go, even if it is Taehyung. I should’ve never intervened between you two.”

You stood by the doorway, contemplating Jungkook’s words. He sounded honest and sincere, which didn’t help you feel better. He was a good friend and you were happy he was there for you, even though it wasn’t exactly what you needed. “I’m glad you did,” you swallowed, before leaving him in peace.

As you inched your way to Taehyung’s room, you wondered how Jungkook was acting so calm and collected after what happened at the park. After being jealous at any mention of Taehyung, he was now encouraging you to dance with him. He could’ve suggested Jin or Namjoon, but he didn’t. And you couldn’t understand why. He’d been so quick to move on, as if his heart wasn’t broken. Did he really love you, if it didn’t hurt him to leave you?

Taehyung’s room was dim, as his curtains were still half closed. However, Taehyung was sat in the middle of his bed, surrounded by piles of notes and work which he clearly wasn’t doing.

“Ahh, Y/N! Just the person I need! Can you help me? I can’t figure out if we’ve finished the topic or not, or if I was even there for that class. Physically or mentally.”

It was strange talking to Taehyung again; while you were going through turmoil and facing one problem after another, Taehyung seemed bizarrely normal. It was clear something had changed between you, but he seemed determined not to let it get in the way of your friendship. Trying to quell your small smile, you sat down next to Taehyung and worked through his notes, sorting out where information was missing. All the while, Taehyung blabbered on about a video game he’d finished while you listened quietly about graphics, plot twists, and tactics. Normally, you would’ve asked questions and let him ramble on, but this time you were too anxious to tell him about the dance show that you barely responded, until finally he talked himself into silence.

“Are you okay, Y/N? Am I boring you?” he asked quizzically.

“No, no, of course not. It’s interesting, but there’s something I need to tell you.”

“So long as it’s not you getting married to Jungkook.”

You stared at Taehyung in astonishment, wondering how he’d managed to come up with that idea.

However, Taehyung seemed to misread your perplexed expression and turned a pale shade of grey. “Oh, you are getting married. Oh damn, can we do that again? I’ll respond better this time, I swear. Go on, say that you have something to tell me.”

Stunned into silence, you could barely comprehend why Taehyung was jumping to the conclusion of marriage. Nor why he’d begun to wring his hands, or why he was breathing quickly out of his mouth. His lips were a flushed pink as he licked them, readying himself to reply with the appropriate wishes.

“Taehyung,” you laughed breathily, “I’m not getting married.”

He seemed to collapse a few inches as he sighed out of his nose. “Well,” he grumbled, “you could’ve told me that before I embarrassed myself.”

“I was going to tell you why I’m meeting up with Jungkook every morning,” you said, ignoring his mumbling.

“And night.”

“Whatever. Ages ago, I decided to sign up to a dance competition to earn some extra cash. It was an impulsive thing, and I was going to ask you to join, but Jungkook was happy to be my dance partner. That’s what we’ve been doing: rehearsing. We’ve practised so hard, and there was an audition process because of some celebrity judge, and we passed. The actual, final show is next week.”

“A dance competition? Was that all?” He sounded taken aback, as if he was expecting something more dramatic.

“When things got too confusing, it was nice to fall back on dancing as a way to get my mind off it,” you explained, watching Taehyung’s tanned hands fiddle with a pen. “A sort of therapy, if you like. Problem is, Jungkook’s hurt himself, and he can’t participate in the competition. Feels like we’ve fallen at the last hurdle, but Jungkook said that, if you want, I could teach you the routine and you could enter instead.”

You waited expectantly for Taehyung’s reaction, hoping that he wasn’t too offended about the whole situation. Luckily, he was nodding agreeably.

“If you need my help, then sure,” he grinned, showing off his teeth. “Can’t wait! Never expected your meetings to be dancing. You’re full of surprises. It’s going to be fun, right?”

“You’ll need to work hard,” you instructed, raising your eyebrows in a mock seriousness. In a sterner voice, you added, “Don’t make me ask Jin.”

“Does Jin know about the dancing? Does everyone else know, too?”

Meekly, you said yes, avoiding looking straight into Taehyung’s eyes and instead focusing on the extremely interesting sticky note behind him. All that was written was ‘reminder: revise’, but you hoped that Taehyung wasn’t aware of that.

“Can’t believe it,” he moaned. “The only one who didn’t know!”

“You were dating Yeji,” you blurted out. “And I was annoyed with you at the time for abandoning me.”

“Let’s not talk about Yeji,” Taehyung said quickly, dropping the pen onto his notepad with a concluding thud. “Did you want to start practicing now?” His eyes were shifty, but his tone was pressing, so you didn’t feel inclined to push for a further explanation.

Baffled and slightly nervous, you took Taehyung to the practice room to meet Hoseok and Yoongi after saying goodbye to Jungkook. He cheered you on silently, making kissing faces behind Taehyung’s back while you flipped him off and closed the door.

“I regret agreeing to this,” moaned Taehyung, after you’d shown him the choreography to the first verse. “I’m so tired!”

“Think of my poor feet!” you argued. “You’ve trod on me at least eight times.”

Hoseok and Yoongi sat at the side, sipping on cold drinks that you’d stopped off to buy and laughing at your misery. When you’d introduced them, Taehyung stopped in his tracks and his mouth fell open.

“You’re from Cake Corner!” he’d exclaimed, bowing eagerly and almost bouncing back up again. “I didn’t know you were friends with Y/N!”

From there, the three boys got along like a house on fire, and when you explained the plan to let Taehyung enter as Jungkook, they agreed not to give the game away. Yoongi questioned what you would do if they offered Taehyung a chance to become a trainee, but Hoseok shushed him and demanded Taehyung to watch their routine to get his opinion.

Teaching Taehyung was going as well as you thought it would: terribly. He fell about laughing whenever he made a mistake, and when he complained, you threatened to replace him with Jin.

“I can’t do that,” he said obstinately, surveying the demonstration you and Hoseok gave of the roll-across-the-back movement.

“It’s not as hard as it looks,” chuckled Hoseok. “Once you’ve had a few practices, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Easier said than done, you grumbled to yourself. The first time you tried it, Taehyung lifted you so hard that you barely made contact with his back before you skidded off onto the floor. With a sore back, you told him to be gentle, but on the second go, he didn’t even lift you off the ground.

“Somewhere in the middle of those two,” called out Yoongi as he packed to go home, earning a hard glare from you.

Taehyung began practicing a few steps by himself, allowing you to stand with Hoseok as he shrugged on his jacket. “So…” you said slowly, “what do you think of him?”

“He’s special to you,” he stated vaguely, peering at the orange-haired boy as he stumbled over his own feet. “I understand why you like him.”

“Yah, Y/N!” yelled Taehyung from where he sat on the floor. “Remember that teacher we had in middle school, the one who said I would never have good coordination? What if she was right?”

Hoseok winked as he walked through the door. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good luck!” whooped Yoongi.

Up until that point, you weren’t nervous about the competition. With Jungkook, you were sure you could perform and not come bottom of the ranks, but with Taehyung? Although it was the first time you’d gone through the dance with him, it didn’t look promising. But you were properly in the show now, and you didn’t want to drop out, especially not when Jungkook wanted to see his choreography on stage.

As you walked home, Taehyung noticed your distressed expression as he linked arms with you, just like he always did.

“Are you worried about the dance?” he asked gently, understanding you straightaway. When you didn’t reply, he pulled you to a stop so that you were stood face to face on the street, the sun almost set on the horizon. He put his warm hands on your cheeks, cupping your face and staring at you with his deep brown eyes. “I promise I’ll work hard to get it right,” he assured. “I won’t let you or Jungkook down.”

Feeling his soft palms against your skin and hearing the concern underneath his words made you well up, not knowing quite how to deal with the sudden comfort. As your face began to screw up, Taehyung pulled you into a honey-scented hug. You clung tight, feeling his heartbeat through the thin material of his shirt.

“Is everything okay? You can tell me. I won’t judge you.”

Everything got to you at once. Seeing Taehyung that close and remembering how your life used to be before Seoul and before university got you wound up, and the nostalgia brought a sudden sadness that you couldn’t control.

“Nothing’s going right,” you sniffed, desperately hoping you weren’t leaving snot all over his clothes. “Jungkook’s hurt his stupid ankle and I feel terrible for not loving him enough. I’m feeling pressured about money because I’m not entirely sure my job is covering my rent, although my parents assured me that it is, but they just have to lie about those things, don’t they? And the fight with you got me so down, and now Jungkook’s broke off our relationship and isn’t even upset about it, even when I thought I wouldn’t be, but I am and it’s a horrible feeling, and I wish I had friendly housemates to talk it through with like you do with yours, but I’m not close with them at all-”

“Wait, you’re not dating Jungkook anymore?” interrupted Taehyung, pushing you away from his chest so he could examine your face. “He broke it off?” When you threatened to burst into tears, he muttered, “Never mind,” and hugged you closer. He didn’t hold you like he intended to fix you, or pretend that everything was going to be okay, as if he knew that you hated hearing that. It felt like he simply wanted to be there.

“Why don’t you come back to mine?” he offered, cradling you tightly. “We can have a much needed movie night. Your pick.”

You couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, so you agreed, and Taehyung lead you carefully down the street, not letting your body stray away from his.

You’d chosen one of your favourite chick flicks that you could almost quote word for word, but you never tired from it. Although Taehyung had also seen it multiple times, as you’d forced him to sit with you, he didn’t complain about your selection and happily grabbed blankets to snuggle under on the sofa.

Now that he knew all the secrets you’d been holding in for months, you felt a whole lot more comfortable around him. A weight had been lifted off your shoulders, and so you began narrating a story that you’d told him many times before, but was repeating just for the sake of it. However, Taehyung listened attentively, like he’d never heard it before, and he laughed in the right places and added little ‘really’s and ‘oh’s to show he was still paying attention. You knew it was because he was trying to cheer you up, but a part of you hoped that he was generally happy to hear you talk.

Before long, the conversation went back to Jungkook, and you ended up telling him how he’d acted if Taehyung was mentioned.

“Did he treat you badly again, like he did before we met up at the cupcake place?” he questioned, his mouth forming a thin line.

“No,” you said firmly, “he never treated me badly, but I’m too independent and feisty to get along with him sometimes. Now that we’re not together, he’s gone back to being soft and tame. Perhaps I just brought out the protective side of him, because I couldn’t love him the way I should’ve. That’s my mistake: agreeing to being with him even though I knew, deep down, it wouldn’t be a healthy relationship.”

“Don’t blame yourself for whatever emotions you have,” he said lowly, his eyes becoming hooded as he laid his hand on top of yours gingerly. “He was scared of losing you, but now that he’s realised that it wasn’t what he wanted either, you shouldn’t stress about it. I think that, somewhere along the way, he thought he was going along the wrong path. So, he turned around and left you stranded, so you’re feeling lost. You feel lost sometimes, I remember. You start wondering if you’re doing the right thing, and you question yourself.”

Blinking twice, you tried not to show your bewilderment. You had no idea that Taehyung paid attention to that sort of thing, and you could feel your spirits lifting as you realised that he bothered to remember the smallest details about you that no one else did.

“Come on,” he grinned, as he grabbed a blanket. “Let’s roll you up.”

“I’m not a sushi,” you whined, as he started pulling the blanket around your body, pinning your arms to your sides.

“That’s exactly what you are. A little sushi roll.”

“Less of the ‘little’, thank you very much.”

It was fair to say that you felt infinitely better as Taehyung cuddled you on the sofa, occasionally feeding you food and giving you water throughout the rest of the film. Sure, things were getting muddled and you were on the verge of having a meltdown every now and then, but maybe, just maybe, things could work out after all. Even if it meant dealing with the clammy hands and heart racing when Taehyung laid his head on yours, his eyes trained on the screen. You should’ve pushed him away, told him that he couldn’t do that to you, but you didn’t have the strength. He was your weakness, and you were perfectly okay with that.

second button is love

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Pairing: jeon jungkook of bts x reader
fluff, romance, light reading, highschool!au
Word count:

` the second button

The second button from the top of a male’s uniform is often given away to a female he is in love with, and is considered a way of confession. The second button is the one closest to the heart and is said to contain the emotions from all three years attendance at the school. If you receive a second button from a guy, it means that he wants you to remember him and understand his feelings for you. What will happen when you were given a dare to get the second button from Jeon Jungkook, the high school’s heartthrob ?

Seoul of Performing Arts high school or usually called SOPA are preparing for festival that happens in the same day as the graduation day for the third grade. Being the school which specializes on art, there will be several showcases related to art such as singing, dancing, acting, composing and many more.

While almost all of students are busy preparing for festival, the students of 3-2 were different. They stop doing their duties and watch the commotion created by two girls instead.

“What happened ?” Seungyeon, a girl from class next door ask the other girl.

The girl turned to look at her and shook her head with a sigh. “They play truth or dare without the truth option. Mirae asked us to witness the dare that given to each of them,” Soojung explained as her attention went back to the two girls.

Seungyeon raised an eyebrow, interested. “What’s the punishment if they fail ?”

“The loser will wear a chicken suit then dancing in front of many people, later in the graduation day,” Soojung replied, eyes still focusing on the scene.

“What is Mirae’s dare anyway ?”

Nayoung chuckled lightly, remembering the dare. “______ dare her to have a date with our math teacher, Mr.Min Yoongi. The killer teacher.”

Seungyeon clapped her hands excitedly. “It seems interesting!”

Meanwhile, the two girls are busy staring at each other, until Mirae broke the eye contact with a wide grin. You stare at your friend curiously, feeling like her dare will be hard, knowing your best friend’s weird of thinking.

“I, Jung Mirae, dare you a really interesting thing!”

The students look at her in anticipation while you held your breath. You really have a bad feeling about this.

“So, what’s the dare ?” You grew impatient, you need to know the dare as soon as possible. The other students seem to agree with you as they began to complaints.

Mirae held both of her hands in the air with a smirk on her face. “Be patient,”

“It’s easy. You have to get Jeon Jungkook’s, the school’s heartthrob, second button later in the graduation day. It’s up to you to start approach him from today or just waits for the day. The graduation day is next week, after all.”

With that being said, the class quickly fill with murmurs of the students. They look excited with the dare, thinking that the possibility of you to win the dare is very thin. Why you ask ?

Just look at Jeon Jungkook. He may be sweet, he may be caring and he may respond to your sweet acts, however, he will reject you at the time you confess your feelings, without mercy.

“Who do you bet ?”

“Of course, Jung Mirae! I bet she can seduce that math teacher easily.”

“Same here! I don’t think _____ can make Jungkook give his second button that easily.”

“Well, I’ll keep rooting for _____, though. Who knows she can do it.”

“Nah, I don’t think so.”

As the crowd start to get back to do their works, a soft sigh escape your lips as you bang your head on the window with soft thumps. You let out another frustrated sigh as if it will clear your mind. “Just what the hell happened with Mirae’s head when she thought this dare.”

Mirae approach you then sat down in the chair nearby. “Giving up already, my dear best friend ?” A satisfied play on her pretty face, she glanced at your way which you only reply with annoyed glares in return.

Few seconds later, an idea suddenly came to your mind as you glance at your best friend with a playful grin plastered on your face. It’s not like Mirae will success anyway, Mr. Min Yoongi is known to be very cold and unfriendly. Maybe you have a chance to win this dare, you laugh to yourself already imagine your best friend in chicken suit on the graduation day.

Mirae shook her head as she is watching you, still laughing silently, you must be thinking about her losing this dare. “Seriously, stop it. You look creepy laughing to yourself alone like that.”

“Well, it’s not like you can seduce that killer teacher. I heard he is cold toward girls that having special attention to him. He hates flirty type, I’m sure of it.”

“Then, I will act innocent around him to capture his attention.”

“I don’t think that would work either.”

Mirae blew her bangs then got up from her seat. “Whatever. You should worry about yourself, it’s Jeon Jungkook, it won’t be easy too. Good luck with your dare.” She flipped her hair then walked out from the classroom with a confident smile of hers. You roll your eyes at your best friend’s attitude, another sigh escapes your lips before you try to cheer yourself.

“Firstly, I need to spy on Jeon Jungkook. Let see, where he is right now..”


“I’m off to library. See you later,” Jungkook wave lazily toward his friends before finally turned around then walks away.

“Library ?”

“Yeah, he probably went there to get away from you.” Hoseok replied casually to the confused boy. The said boy scoffs. “Why would he do that?”

“Obviously because he’s tired dealing with your weird ideas. I can understand him.”

Taehyung look at the boy rather offended, no one ever told him that his ideas are weird. “Well, that’s mean. You’re just trying to annoy me!”

A soft chuckle let out from Jimin’s lips as he pat the boy’s back. “He’s going to library to avoid the girls, there are less girls there and it’s probably empty right now.”


You stare at the figure reading a book near the window, the library was empty and silent because all students are busy with the festival works. It’s a perfect chance to approach the school’s heartthrob since there aren’t any his admirers in the area. Which mean you can talk freely without getting unwanted attention, girls can be quite scary when it comes to their crush on Jeon Jungkook. You take a long look at the boy, from his ruffled brown hair, to his dreamy eyes until your eyes stop at his pink kissable lips. You let out a small sigh, did you just thought of his lips as kissable? You need to get your act right.

No wonder girls adores him, he looks almost perfect especially when he smiles, a bright yet sweet smile. He also loves to read books and smart but he isn’t look like the typical nerd, maybe that’s the reason why most of the girls has a crush on him. Too bad the boy is not interested in a relationship.

You bits your lips, already deep in thought how to make Jeon Jungkook give his second button to you. There are only two possibilities, first is telling him about the dare and ask him to give his second button, who knows he might give it. The last possibilities is to make him give it willingly which mean he has to like you first. But how ? It’s really hard. Pretty girls had tried confesses to him but all of them were rejected. You bits your lips a bit too hard making it bleed in process, you even not prettier than those girls. Is that mean the chance to win his heart smaller ?

Should I just give up this bet ?

You quickly shook your head, how come you give up and let Mirae win this bet ? You definitely didn’t want to get humiliated and do the punishment!

With determine heart, you walks toward the table where Jungkook still reading the book, completely unaware with the situation. You sit across him and notice that he finally realizes your presence and look up from his book. He raised an eyebrow when he saw you, quite surprise to see you here.


You stare at him then closed your eyes tightly. “Jeon Jungkook, please give me your second button later on the graduation day!”

Finally, you said it. You let out a relief sigh then open your eyes to see his reaction. Jungkook looks at you in curiosity before he finally realized what you meant.

“Ah, the second button, huh ?”

You nodded eagerly, happy that he catchs on what you mean. You clasped your hands together in front of your face. “I really need it to win the bet! Give it to me, okay ?”

Jungkook placed both of his hands on the table as his head rested on top of it. His eyes twinkle in excitement. “And do you think I would agree and give it to you so easily ?” He then smirks mischievously.

Your eyes widened, you didn’t expect him to respond like this. Who knows, he also have this side of him. “Y-Yes. Because you don’t have someone special to give it.. yet ?”

Jungkook let out a small chuckle after hearing your answer and you wonder what’s wrong with it. “But, I will make sure to get your second button!” You add quickly.

“What are you going to do ?”

“Of course, by making you fall for me!”

Fool. You silently cursed your foolishness. How come you easily say that, he probably will think you’re a fool. To your surprise, Jungkook grins then nods his head. You stare at him in wonder, he keep on giving different reaction from what you expect to.

“That sounds interesting.  And what are you going to do to make me fall for you ?” Jungkook replied in amusement. Who knows escaping from his festival duties also the girls that bother him to this library make him in this kind interesting situation.

You stay silent for a while before finally open your mouth slightly awkward. “K-Kiss ?”

As you say that, you caught a glimpse of surprise on his face before it quickly disappear and change to a smirk. “I doubt you brave enough to do that.” He whisper as he get up from his seat still looking at you, the way he look at you make you feel butterflies on your stomach.

Before Jungkook could turn around to leave, you quickly get up then grab his tie forcefully. Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise as his body fell toward your way.

And your lips met.

As your lips met, you could notice that the boy was surprised with your sudden action, so does you. You never plan to kiss him but your body just moves without your own will, you cursed on your mind, maybe it’s because you stares at his lips too long. When you’re still trying to find how to get out of this situation, Jungkook respond to your kiss as he deepens the kiss. You stare at his closed eyes, still speechless with your bold move.

His lips place smoothly on top yours. The kiss was sweet and gentle. Oh boy, who knows that you get a chance to kiss Jeon Jungkook, the school heartthrob, his admirers might kill you if they saw this but right now you didn’t care. You felt like you are floating on the cloud nine. Jungkook’s hands reach for your cheeks and caress it softly. You hum in reply as your eyes began to close.

The kiss felt so divine.

Just then, you heard some girls enter the library, your eyes widened in surprise as you quickly push the boy a little bit too hard which make him stares at you in wonder. Shit. You cursed on your mind from being too enjoying the kiss and forgot your surroundings. If you get caught kissing the Jeon Jungkook, almost all of the girls in this school will haunt you.

You look up at the boy as you put a confident smile of yours. “See that ? You easily fell into my trap. I think it won’t be too hard to make you give me your second button.”

With that being said, you walked off quickly to get out from there. You don’t know what to say if you still stay there, with him. It would be so awkward.

You slow down your pace when you reach at the doorway, the corridor was empty and quiet, guess that the girls from before already gone. You place your hands on top of your thumping chest and let out a small sigh. With a frown, you lightly hit your head for multiple times.

“I never know that my first kiss will be with him.”

“Ah, so it’s your first kiss ?”

You stop complaining then blink your eyes for a few times. A familiar voice. You slowly turn around and found the smiling Jungkook as you let out a nervous laugh. Jungkook’s hand reach for your face, his thumb touch the corner of your lips. Your face turns warm as you try not to blush in front of him.  

“I don’t know that was your first kiss. If only I knew about it, I will make it more special,” he said softly.

Jungkook moves closer until his lips right beside your ear. You hold your breath, waiting for what he’s going to say.

“I can taste blood from you lips. I guess your habit biting your lips still never changes.”


Time passes quickly, students were already going back home as it’s already 7 PM. Jungkook get out from his class then closed the door. He is being punished by Jimin for skipping festival duties for too long, that’s why he got more works to do. Although many girls gladly to help him, he refused it kindly as he knew that they only want to spend more times with him and get his attention.

The corridor was empty and quiet. Fortunately, it’s not dark or else it might be so creepy to stay at school in the night. He walked casually as he looked at the outside from the window. When he arrived at the corner of the corridor, he turned to left –to where the stairs is.

He heard quick footsteps from below as he walk downstairs, he then stop and raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, a girl figure appeared as she took a turn to the stairs where Jungkook stood right now. She almost screams when she saw someone standing there.

“Jeon Jungkook! You scare me,” You huffs as you let out a relief sigh after you recognize the boy in front of you.

Jungkook tilted his head in confusion after knowing the owner of the quick footsteps before. “_____, what are you doing here ?”

“Well, I also want to ask you the same, what are you doing here at this time ?”

The boy shrugged casually. “ Jimin punished me for skipping my duties.”

You nodded your head as you went up and walk, passing Jungkook. “Ah, I see. He’s always strict when it comes to works,” you commented.

Unknowingly, Jungkook turned to follow you –forgot his wish to go home quickly and go to sleep. He walks beside you until you stop in front of your class, 3-2. As both of you went in, Jungkook stood in front of class while you walk to your seat then took out a small bag from below the desk.

“I go back here to get this,” you lifted the small bag to show it to the curious boy.

You walked toward him then smiled. “Hey, let’s go home together! I’ll walk you home,” you grinned.

Jungkook looked at you with amused expression. “Walk me home ? Is this one of the step to make me fall for you ?”

There was a silence for a moment as you try to process what he meant then you shook your head with a laugh. “Nope. But, who knows it works. Let’s go!”

The two of you walk out from the school area, actually both of your houses were nearby the school so you don’t have to take the bus. Jungkook was the one who lead the way while you grew confused as you seem familiar with the surroundings. You grabbed Jungkook’s jacket to stop him and it works.

“Wait, this isn’t the way to your house, but this is mine!”

Jungkook let out small chuckle as he continues to walk again, you have no choice but to follow him. “Do you think I would let you walk me home ?  Isn’t supposed to be the boy walk the girl home ?” He answered your question.

“But, how come you still remember the way to my house ? It’s been like 3 years ago –when we’re in the middle school- the last time you visit my house for school project with Jimin and Taehyung.”

“Well, I have a good memory.”

Pfft, show off.”

“Say, it’s been a long time we have a time to talk like this.”

“Well, it’s your fault though, when we entered high school, you suddenly become popular among girls. They admired you as if you’re an idol so it’s hard to get close to you when there are so many girls watching you.”

Silence fills the air as the two of you keep walking. You avoid eye contact with him as your eyes wanders around, you rubbed your hands together to make it warm. It still winter and you should have brought your jacket but you foolishly left it at the class when you went back to get your bag. Suddenly a jacket placed between your shoulder. You look up to see Jungkook placed it neatly on your shoulder with nonchalant expression which confuse you.

“Thank you,” you managed to mutter as you quickly wore the jacket. It felt warm and you can feel his relaxing scent in it, which make you love it more.

Instead of answering your gratitude, he let out a heavy sigh. “Fool, you should have just talk to me and ignore them,” he whispered then said something that you can’t catch.

Before you could respond to his words, the boy stop walking then turns to you with a small smile.

“We’re here.”

You look confused as you slowly nodded. “Ah, yeah, thank you for walk me home.”

Jungkook flash his sweet and charming smile that could melted any girls’ heart. “No problem. Good night, _____.”

“Good night, Jeon Jungkook,” you replied with a smile, too.


You blew your bangs with not amused look on your face as a paper placed on your palm. The class president raised an eyebrow as she shook her head and let out a big sigh. After awhile, she then pushed you out of the busy classroom.

“You have to get everything on the list. We need them for our stall,” the class president gives her a firm look. “Now, go!”

Having no choice, you dragged your feet out of the school area lazily. It’s all start this morning, when you got caught skipping your duties. The class president was a bit furious when she found out, even though you already apologized –not to mention in really dramatic way, in the end you still get punishment from the class president.

When you arrived at the shopping district, you quickly look at the paper and quiet taken aback with the amount of things on the written list. Damn, I’m so unlucky. Then, you start by searching for the easiest ones.

“Let’s start it!” You shouted trying to sound enthusiastic.

After one hour of searching around the shopping district, you start to get tired as you’re trying your best to hold all the stuffs. Oh god. I only have two hands. Why can’t class president send one more person with me ? You thought desperately and secretly cursing the class president for giving you such a hard time.

When you were about to take a rest on a bench, your eyes caught something –or someone whose you familiar with. You raised an eyebrow as you tried to see better, with an unsure mind, you walk closer to the figure, only to be block with lots of passerby. You rolled your eyes as you tried to see the figure better. When you finally get out of the crowd, you found nothing. You frowned in annoyance.

Just when I thought I was seeing Jun–

“I do believe you need help there, _____.” A voice says from behind you.

A relief sigh escapes your lips as you quickly spun around to see the source of the voice. That voice! You slowly grin playfully toward the owner of the voice.

“Jeon Jungkook! There you are!” You somehow felt happier and lighter than usual when you found out that the figure is really Jeon Jungkook. “I thought I was hallucinating when I saw you before.”

The boy let out a tinkling laughter, his eyes turn into crescent moon –which the thing you love the most when he laughs. He slowly approached you and took most of the stuffs from your hands. You bit your lips, trying not to smiling too widely.

Jungkook lead the way then you start to follow him. You walk in comfortable silence as the two of you enjoy the each other companion.

“So, what are you doing here ?”

“Well, I was supposed to buy some things for our class’s stall, together with Hoseok and Taehyung. We already bought all things though.”

You nodded but then frown. “Wait, where is Hoseok and Taehyung then ?”

“They already went back to school,” he answered simply with a small shrug.

“Then, why are you still here ?”

There was a long silence as Jungkook tapped his chin as if he was thinking for the answer. “Hmm.. Should I tell you the reason ?” He asked with a small grin plastered on his face.

You elbow him softly with a look which earned a chuckle from the latter.

“Okay, okay. I was about to go back to school too until I saw you walking while holding many stuffs, not to mention you look tired and annoyed. That’s why I decided to stay back for a while to help you.” The boy explains then gives you a warm smile.

After hearing his answer, you couldn’t help but feel fluttered by his kindness to decide to help you. With him being like this, is that mean he already show interest on you ? Slowly, your heart starts to beat faster than it should be and your face feels warm. No, you can’t fall for this guy.

No, you can’t.

Jungkook waved his hand in front of your face with a confused look. You blinked your eyes then quickly look up at him with an awkward smile. “Um.. What ?”

“_____, you never changed. Always zoning out,” he chuckled. “Anyway, I was asking you if you want some ice cream before going back to school. My treat.”

“Of course I want it!”

You eagerly pulled Jungkook to ice cream shop by holding his sweater. When you arrived at the ice cream shop, you couldn’t help but grinning widely at the sight of ice cream. Jungkook shook his head as you walk to the counter.

“Welcome! What flavor do you want ?”

“Two Chocolate mint, please.” Jungkook replied with a smile.

You quickly turn to him with a surprise look, you tilted your head in confusion. “Hey, you still remember my favorite flavor!”

Jungkook chuckled. “After all, we like the same flavor.”

Both of you went out from the shop with an ice cream on your hands. You eat your ice cream happily while Jungkook shook his head at the sight, you always turn into a child when you eat ice cream. It amuses him and he somehow finds it to be cute. The two of you walk back to school. You look at the boy then decided to act all cute and things like that. Well, maybe it could help your mission.

You tugged his sweater, which make him turned with a questioning look.

“Thank you for the ice cream, Jungkookie~” You sang with a girly voice and smiling cutely which even yourself found it ridiculous.

At first, Jungkook was a bit taken aback, but later he smirked in amusement. He flicked your forehead not too hard. “Fool, stop acting cute. It doesn’t suit you, _____.”

You quickly placed your hands on your forehead and rubbed the place where Jungkook hit it. You pouted then sent a look at the latter. “Hey! You hurt a lady!” You then finish your ice cream with a huff. “Well, who knows it works to make you fall for me. You know, by act all cutesy just like other girls do…”

“You’re cute on your own way, _____. So, don’t try to act that not like you.”


You let out a relief sigh as you finished some costumes for the class cafe later. You turned to the window, the sky already turned into orange and the class was already empty. Nobody was there beside you. Another sigh escaped from your mouth. You rested your head on the table and close your eyes to rest a bit. However, the sleepiness quickly took over and you fell asleep.

A few minutes later, a figure appeared on the doorway, he take a look on the inside and found someone he search was sleeping peacefully. The figure walked closer without making any sound and sat on the chair in front your table, the boy turn to watch your sleeping figure.

“Jeon Jungkook…” You mumbled in your sleep.

The figure was surprised at first but then relaxed when he knew that you aren’t waking up. His eyes softened as he stared at you with unreadable gaze.

“_____, you fool…”


It’s a day before the school graduation and festival day. Somehow, you’re getting closer day by day with Jungkook –just like you used to be. However, you can’t help but feel anxious about your true feelings towards him. An unwanted feeling of fondness slowly crept into your heart and made your heart beat faster each time Jungkook around you. But, the boy seems to be oblivious to your sudden change behavior.

You hate it.

You hates the fact instead making Jungkook give his second button and win the bet, you end up fell for his charms that you never notice since years ago. Falling for Jeon Jungkook will just hurt you in the end. After all, he is also known as the heart breaker for always reject all girls confess to him.

I should just focus on winning the bet.

In other hand, Jung Mirae –your best friend, seems like almost success with her dare. Yesterday, you saw Mirae talking with Yoongi and he –the scary teacher that always had stoic expression on his handsome face, smiled at Mirae! What makes you more annoyed is, Mirae turned to your way and looked at you smugly and mouthed ‘Get ready to embarrass yourself.’

After thinking for a while, you finally came up with a conclusion. Your sudden fond feeling toward Jungkook is only for a while just because you start talk to him again after avoid him for almost three years.

Yup. That must be it.

Suddenly, you felt someone tapped both of your cheeks, pulling you back to reality. Your eyes turned to the intruder of your thoughts and jump a little when you found the boy who had been on your mind recently looking at you with a heart-stopping smile of his.

“Jeon Jungkook, you surprise me!”

Before your hand could hit his arm, he caught it and shook his head as he sent a playful smile. The sudden contact surprise you as you stares at him in baffle and quickly pulled your hand away from his grip. Jungkook raised an eyebrow, a little confused with your reaction but then shrug it off.

He leaned on window in front of you classroom and folded his arms in front of his chest.

“Zoning out again ?”

“Since when zoning out is a thing I always do ?”

“You didn’t notice ? You have been always zoning out recently, especially around me. Am I that boring as a company ?”

You bit your bottom lips as you can’t say that you have been thinking of him these days. That would be embarrassing. However, you got an idea. You look at him with a sweet smile.

“Well, I was thinking about you. You never left my mind ever since we talk again.”

Knowing your reason, Jungkook let out a light chuckle then ruffled your hair affectionately –which make you blush and you hates it because the boy knew what he did to you.

“It’s a pleasure to know that a beautiful girl like you was thinking about me.”

Before you could say anything, an annoying sweet voice –so annoying till made you want to throw up, interrupt your talk. Both you and Jungkook turned your attention to the owner of the annoying voice. You raised an eyebrow to see a cute looking girl walk toward the two of you with a bright smile as her eyes fixed on Jungkook. In other hand, Jungkook let out a heavy sigh as he cursed under his breath.

“What do you want, Jang Jiyoo ?”

The latter stopped in front of him then flash a sweet smile. Her hands grabbed Jungkook arms and cling into them. “Jungkook oppa, I’ve been searching for you since this morning!” You furrowed your eyebrows and stares at her in amusement. What the hell is wrong with this girl’s head ? Cling into Jungkook so casually like that.

Jungkook gritted his teeth as he closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down. “Stop doing that,” he grumbled.

Jiyoo let go his arms as he told then looked at him dreamily.

“Just tell me what you want to say.”

The girl glance at your way for brief moment, she smirked at you before she turn toward Jungkook with that annoying smile of hers. “Jungkook oppa, later, in graduation day, please give me your second button! Okay ?”

With that being said, Jiyoo turned around and walked away with a confident smile plastered on her face. You were stunned after listen to her words. It seems like the news about your dare to get Jungkook’s second button is already spread around his admirers. And according to Mirae there were already six girls asking for his second button. They must be not happy to know if Jungkook’s second button about to fall into your hands –someone who isn’t on his fanclub.

“She asks for your second button too…” You wonder out loud.

Jungkook turned to you then smiled. “Yeah, what do you think ? Should I reject it or not ?”

You stood in silence. Deep inside your heart, you want to say that you don’t like it and want Jungkook to reject it. However, you don’t have a reason for you to say that, you’re not his girlfriend or anything. The thought of it make you feel bitter.

After a while, you let out a forced chuckle. “I don’t know. Why do you ask me anyway ?”

Jungkook smile faded away then turned into frown. He furrowed his eyebrows, stared at you as if asking for explanation.

“If you think about me, It’s okay. After all, choice is in your hand. I’m not anyone to you anyway.”

“Hm ? So, you don’t mind if I give my second button to her ?”

After saying those words, Jungkook left you with unreadable look. You let out a shaky breath, you knew Jungkook was mad with your answer but you can’t help it. You can just say that you want him to reject the girl because it’s you who will get his second button –with your confidence to win the bet, but the words came out so easily from your mouth because you start to forget about the dare.

I already prepare my heart if Jungkook mad at me, but still, it hurts a lot.


The day finally come, the school was so crowded with the students and their parents. After the graduation ceremony finish, the festival open and the showcase also start. Everyone seems to enjoy the fun except for one person. You were beyond anxious, you can’t concentrate on your class cafe – you were told to be a maid which you actually hate. The thought of Jungkook mad at you keep bugging your mind until you can’t stand it anymore and decided to search for him but the class president will scold you for skipping your duties.

The class president walk closer to you then tapped your shoulder. “_____, you have one hour to rest, so you can go out and enjoy the festival,” she informed with a smile.

After hearing those words, you brightened then grinned at the class president. “Thank you, Nayoung!”

Before you leave the room, Nayoung said something, “if you’re searching for Jungkook, he will perform on the showcase today.”

You turned to the class president with widened eyes, surprised. In other hand, Nayoung was grinning at your way then push you out of the classroom, muttering some supporting words which you replied with a nod.

Without thinking twice, you run toward the school hall where the showcase was held. You kept running in corridor, ignoring the weird stares you got from people around you. What important right now is, to meet Jungkook and tell him that you actually want Jungkook to reject Jiyoo.

When you arrived at the hall, you heard a familiar voice, the voice was so beautiful and soothing. It’s Jungkook’s. He was singing on the stage as the audience seems to really enjoy his performance. You, too, enjoy it as you closed your eyes with a smile on your face.

Memories that resemble you
Remain with me
Your memories, your recollections
It`s a sorrowful life
sorrowful day

Just then, Jungkook eyes found a figure he never expect to be here, watching him perform. He saw your closed eyes as a smile play on your lips, slowly, his lips move upwards and turn into a smile. He continued singing with a smile.

You quickly open your eyes when you heard the audience clapping their hands as Jungkook bowing a little then left the stage. You quickly ran toward the backstage but to your dismay, you didn’t see any sign of Jungkook being there. You let out a small sigh as you ran your fingers through your hair.

You turned around and walk in corridor of the upper floor, it was empty, there were no people there since most of them in the lower floor. However, your eyes caught someone that you have been searching for. Jungkook was looking at the outside through the window, he watch as most of the students having fun with their family. You noticed the second button on his uniform was missing, your heart felt hurt but decided to ignore it.

Without hesitation, you quickly come closer to him and stop right in front of him when he turn to you.

“Jeon Jungkook, actualy I–”

“Stop, don’t say anything.”

“But, listen–”

Jungkook place his finger in front of your lips to stop you from talking, and it worked. He cupped your face with a small smile. However, you open your mouth try to speak again, you need to tell him about your feelings but the boy shook his head.

“I told you to stop, right ? Let me the one who say it.”

You stare at him in confusion until your eyes widened when you heard the next words came out from his mouth.

“_____, I like you.”

“I’ve been liking you since we’re in the middle school. I tried to gives you a sign that I like you but you’re too dense to realize it. When we entered high school, I was so disappointed when you avoid me, in the end I tried to ignore you too. Then, you suddenly come to me saying that you ask for my second button, I was happy at first but then it turn out to be only a dare. But still, I agree because I was hoping, maybe you will fall for me later.”

Jungkook let out a sigh. “But, I guess it doesn’t work because you didn’t care if I give my second button to another girl.”

Suddenly, you placed both of your hands on his cheeks and look at him with a firm look. “You’re wrong, Jeon Jungkook. Actually I like you too.”

A warm and charming smile appeared on Jungkook’s handsome face as he pulled you into a tight hug. You hit his chest while complaining something like you can’t breaths or he hug you too tight. However, Jungkook could care less, he was happy.

Finally, he let go and grinned at your way who sending glare toward him in return. Jungkook reach for your hands and put something on your right palm. You raised an eyebrow and open it, it was a button, Jeon Jungkook’s second button. A bright smile crept onto your face as you turned to Jungkook who also smiling too.

“You know, you look really cute in that maid outfit. I should have come to your class’s cafe before.”

Embarrassed, you hit his chest lightly only to have him pulling you to another warm hug.