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so 2016 has been a pretty kickass year in terms of how much it’s kicked our asses. but i hope we can at least leave this shitty year behind on a nicer note, and to help with that i’ve put together this giveaway!!


there are two prizes available; the first place winner will have their pick of which gift they want, and the second place winner will receive the gift that remains. the gifts are:

  • too faced’s christmas in new york package, which includes three holiday-scented palettes and their better than sex mascara. (unopened)
  • anastasia beverly hills’s modern renaissance eyeshadow palette. (swatched but otherwise new)


  • liking is one entry!
  • every reblog is an additional entry!
  • you don’t have to follow me, but i’d appreciate if you checked out my blog!
  • i’ll ship to any country!

giveaway closes on december 21st at 11:59 pm american eastern time. the winners will be chosen through a random number generator and contacted privately, so please keep your inbox open. if a winner does not respond within 24 hours, i will draw again.

good luck, and thank you!!


Thank you Nam Taehyun! ☆.。.:*・°☆

We’re always waiting for you. Please never stop making music and never stop singing. You really deserve the best in the world for all the hard work you have done. Take your time to get better because we’re always here. Winner is always here. You are not alone. Stay strong Nam Taehyun, ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ Please continue to give WINNER, KANG SEUNGYOON, KIM JINWOO, LEE SEUNGHOON, SONG MINO, AND NAM TAEHYUN lots of LOVE. 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕


Hey precious people, I have decided to do another art give away only a small one, 2 lucky WINNERS! :)

1st winner will receive:
-1 72 pack of copic is markers
-5 pairs of ART socks
-2 large moleskin art journals
-3 kanken bags of your choice
2nd winner will receive:
-1 38 pack of copic markers
-3 pairs of art socks
-2 kanken bags of your choice
-1 moleskin art journal

-Must be following ME on Tumblr
-Follow my instagram @ tarakenny__ for a better chance at winning. (Like and comment on my instagram posts, keep active)!
-MUST please keep active, like my posts, comment and be friendly, I love to make new friends! 
-Reblog the giveaway as much times as you want (the more the better chance of winning)
-If you don’t follow the rules you will be disqualified from the competition and blocked.

Other Information:
-If you were in the previous give away you are already counted! 
-This give away ends the 30th January 2017!!! 
-I’ll be shipping world wide. 
-Please don’t comment about the giveaway on my instagram since it’s my personal account and it can get very repetitive and annoying. :)
-Message me once followed on instagram also so I can write you down on the list.
I love you all and I hope you all have fun. :)

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you tell me who is James Arthur please? And did he do something bad (i'm asking because of your tags)?

He was the winner of the UK X-Factor in 2012. He ended up losing his deal a year and a half later for being a complete asshole on Twitter and releasing some songs with terrorist references and a lot of homophobia (like, where was Syco though when he was recording that album, I don’t think they had a problem with it until the public rebelled)

Additionally, before he was dropped, he and Louis got into it after he went off on One Direction and subsequently called Louis a “little bitch.

But since Syco signed him again for whatever reason, they’ve pushed that he and Louis are all buddy-buddy now.  And I’m not buying it. I don’t trust that he’s become a better person, I don’t trust Syco pushing their new friendship, and I don’t care how good his song is, I think he’s a shitty person and it would take a lot more than him waving his hand and saying “Bygones” for me to let it go.

And besides all of that, I think Syco has him by the short hairs, so whatever he says or does is quite literally what they told him to say or do. So again, I don’t trust any of it.

ETA: I forgot that James is also managed by not only James Grant Group, but Russell Eslamifar as well (same as Louis), so that’s even MORE reason not to trust any of this. Eslamifar is pushing this “friendship” for James’ image rehabilitation. I don’t buy it for a second.



i’ll be holding an art raffle to celebrate this occasion!

((i’ll rewrite the rules in case you can’t read my sloppy handwriting))
- the raffle will last until january 1st. you must reblog this post in order to participate
- there will be only 5 winners (1 first place, 2 second and third place); those who win, i will be texting you your place in the raffle and allow you to cast your request, through the private messaging system. be sure you have messages enabled*
- NSFW requests will be turned down

- 1st place winner: you will be able to chose a character, yours or a favorite, w/ your choice of weapon. if you’ve an idea for a weapon, be sure to include it in your request.

- 2nd place winners: chose a character for me to draw, and a preference of waist-shot or a full-body picture

- 3rd place winners: chose a character and clarify whether you’d prefer them as a chibi, or at a bust-shot pic

art by cherryandsisters

First of all, congratulations! Whether you were a winner, runner-up, honorable mention, or nominee, you’re absolutely amazing! You all make the fandom a wonderful place. 

And second of all, thank you! This would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and participation of all of you guys (we had a total of 1057 voters!)

How this works:

  • If you’ve won, you get to choose up to three of our prizes here as well as bragging rights.
  • If you’re a runner up (only applicable to categories with 5+ nominees), choose up to two of the prizes here (and bragging rights too!).
  • If you have an honorable mention (only applicable to categories with 8+ nominees), choose one of the prizes here (and surprise! bragging rights).

and now… your RESULTS!!!!

Best Artist 

winner: @viria
runner-up: @cherryandsisters
honorable mention: @cindersart

Best Ask Blog

winner: @ask-will-solace

Best Angst Writer

winner: @bananannabeth
runner-up: @son-of-rome
honorable mention: @i-write-shakespeare-not-disney

Best AUs

winner: @blackjacktheboss
runner-up: @lesbabeths

Best Cosplay

winner: @ask-will-solace
runner-up: @gr33kg0ds

Best Desktop Theme

winner: @falloutpercy (prv. @falloutside)
runner-up: @perseasalt
honorable mention: @snowman-percy (prv. @mr-sneaky-jackson)

Best Edits

winner: @blackjacktheboss
runner-up: @seaweedbraens
honorable mention: @mortal-apollo

Best Fluff Writer

winner: @bananannabeth 
honorable mention: @i-write-shakespeare-not-disney

Best Headcanons

winner: @percyyoulittleshit
runner-up: @blackjacktheboss
honorable mention: @lesbabeths

Best Icon:

winner: @annabethslays

Best Mobile Theme

winner: @hellevesque
runner-up: @falloutpercy (prv. @falloutside)
honorable mention: @preatoreyna

Best Network

winner: @lgbtqpjo

Best New Blog (less than 6 months old)

winner: @demidorks
runner-up: @alex-fierr0
honorable mention: @salty-nico

Best Overall

winner: @banannabeth
runner-up: @zoenightstars
honorable mention: @bailci

Best PJO/HOO Only Blog

winner: @lesbabeths
runner-up: @jason-gracefully
honorable mention: @drcwtanaka 

Best Rising Blogger (fewer than 500 followers) 

winner: @alex-fierr0
runner-up: @riptidescap
honorable mention: @percy-the-sorcerer

Best Roleplay Blog

winner: @nicoshitposting

Best Squad/Duo

winner: @bananannabeth, @percyyoulittleshit, @ishelmascarinas, and lili (was @lililibird)
runner-up: @cindersart and @son-of-rome
honorable mention: @askghostking and @ask-will-solace

Best Tags

winner: @cindersart
runner-up: @annaveth

Best Text Posts

winner: @demidorks
runner-up: @dorkabeth
honorable mention: @jasico

Best URL

winner: @solangelo
runner-up: @a-goldfish-named-frank
honorable mention: @charmspeak

Funniest Blogger

winner: @demidorks
runner-up: @son-of-rome

Nicest Blogger

winner: @hamabee
runner-up: @dorkabeth
honorable mention: @alexfierrno

Congratulations to everyone, and don’t forget your prizes! 

With love, 
Your PJO Awards 2K16 Admins (Khushi, Lexi, María, Maya, and Melissa) 

BTS reaction when your idol group wins ‘Best Female Group’

Scenario: You are part of a girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and you have been nominated for several different awards at the MAMA awards 2016. The host announces your group as the winner of ‘Best Female Group’. (No disrespect to Twice or anything, well done to them!)

Rap Monster (Namjoon): 

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

He’d be so proud of you. Holding back his tears, he’d applaud, a smile forming on his face, dimples and all. He’d know how hard you worked, how many hours you put into tirelessly practising over and over, until you came home an exhausted mess, retreating to bed almost immediately. He’d attempt to hold back his emotions, but a tear or two would roll down his face as he felt such immense pride for you and your group.

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jin would immediately stand up, his mouth stretching into a huge smile as he continued to applaud for you and your group. He’d want to climb up onto that stage there and then and pull you into a huge bear hug, but he’d restrain himself and instead stare up at you on the stage, his heart swelling with pride.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by agustdefsoul

Suga wouldn’t show as much emotion on the outside, instead simply clapping and smiling his gummy smile, but don’t be fooled, on the inside, he’d feel so damn ecstatic and proud for you and your group. “That’s my jagiya,” he’d think to himself, his heart swelling with happiness and pride for you. Although Suga wouldn’t usually be one for public shows of affection, as soon as you walked down those steps and walked past, he’d pull you into a hug, not caring who saw. “I’m so proud of you, baby,” he’d whisper into your ear.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by j-ngk--k

This cutie would jump up straight away in disbelief (see GIF cx). He would cheer so loudly for you as you walked up onto the stage, waving his arms around, attempting to get your attention. He’d nudge the other members, saying, “That’s my baby! They won!”. He’d continue to stand throughout your whole speech, clapping and applauding throughout the whole thing.


Originally posted by kookiemonster1997

This adorable ball of fluff would look up in disbelief when your group was announced as the winners. “Did they just say (Y/G/N)?” 

When he realises that you have in fact won, his face would light up, and he’d smile his adorable eye smile as he cheered on for your group.

“Ah… my jagiya is so talented.” He’d murmur under his breath as he watched you with pride and happiness.

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by kths

Ah, this cutie would be so hyper when he heard you won. His mouth forming into that box smile of his, clapping rapidly, and cheering you on as you climbed up the steps onto the stage. He’d press his hands to his cheeks in sheer disbelief and pride throughout your whole speech, simply staring up at you, his heart fluttering.


Originally posted by ziontdaily

Jungkook probably wouldn’t be surprised, knowing how talented and hard working you and your group are. He’d simply applaud with that cocky smile on his face, nudging the other members saying, “I knew they’d win. I knew it.” On the inside though, he’d probably be freaking out, feeling so amazed, feeling inspired by you to work even harder on his own performances.

Milestone Giveaway!

WOW. 1400 already?! I can’t thank you guys enough! I’m still blown away that there are people out there super excited to see my art and it makes my day every damn time. So thank you sooo much. Least I can do is give away some art. c: 

  So here are the rules: 

  • Must be following me.
  • Both reblogs and likes are counted as a vote. 
  • no giveaway blogs.
  • it would be much appreciated if you stuck around as a follower after the giveaway. 
  • keep your ask box open! Another winner will be chosen if there is no response within 48 hours after sending you a message. 

Winners will be chosen on February 5th, 2017

What I’m comfortable with drawing:  Mass Effect/ fallout/ overwatch/ OCs/ custom ryders/ custom shepards/ custom lone wanderers. I’m pretty easy going so if you win, just ask! I’m still learning so please understand there are some things I just cant draw. 

Absolutely will not draw: furries, nsfw. ehrm, that’s all I can think of. listen, i’ll just let you know if it’s too much? 


Bringing this guy back around for a few reasons:
1) I feel like it goes unnoticed and under-appreciated.
2) In honor of Pasek and Paul’s Golden Globe win.
3) Tveit countdown… 13 days until Aaron’s first Wolf Trap show on Saturday (& Tv'oo weeks for those attending the Sunday show)!!


Everything worth doing takes time. You have to write a hundred bad songs before you write one good one. And you have to sacrifice a lot of things that you might not be prepared for. Like it or not, you are in this alone and have to follow your own star.

Bob Dylan


Taehyun, I will fully support you.

Honestly, my heart is shattered right now. For Nam Taehyun to feel the need to leave Winner (and YG as a whole) due to his mental health issues breaks my heart. But I understand that he felt this was what he needed to do. He took his time off to try and seek help, but you can’t find that overnight. And when I go back to see his last post, I feel myself getting emotional. “I want to sing.” He is very clearly heartbroken to have to make this choice. But I will be behind him every step of the way. Winner will never be the same, and it sucks to lose one of my biases, but they will hopefully go forth with him in mind and make him proud. Nam Taehyun, I wish you all the best. I hope you find the healing you need, and I hope that you will be able to keep singing and using that beautiful gift of yours. I hope you keep doing what you love, but you continue to put yourself first. We love you.

*pls do not delete the text or self-promote*


Hello babes! Gina and I decided to host a tea awards because we both love tea and because why not haha so we are very excited to represent to you all, the Tea Awards by Voquecity and Tauah.


  • Mbf @voquecity​ and @tauah
  • Reblog this post at least once (likes arent counted but can be used for bookmarking)


  • Chamomile tea - Best Overall
  • English breakfast tea- Best Posts
  • Earl grey tea  -  Best Theme
  • Vanilla bourbon tea- Best URL
  • Pomegranate tea - New Discovery
  • Mint tea - Nicest Blogger
  • Floral tea- Bodoor’s Faves
  • Tropical tea- Gina’s Faves


  • A follow from me and Gina x
  • Two new friends! :)
  • You will be featured on a fab page (under construction)


  • Talk to us/ send us messages
  • Have a clean & unique blog
  • Reblog this post more than once :)
  • Reblog some of my uploads here
  • Follow Gina on instagram here and message her your url


  • Winners will be posted when we are happy with the notes.
  • Banner by the lovely @bannersbyrehticent / @rehticent
  • For questions or clarifications please message us
  • Please do not let this flop.