your 9 year old cousin

What your smash main says about you
  • Mario: Likes original lays chips
  • Luigi: little brother, thinks liking Luigi is cool
  • Peach: M U R D E R
  • Bowser: definitely a furry
  • Bowser Jr.: is a furry and likes to camp
  • Rosalina: can go two ways, either disgusting mouth breather, or a really cool person. Rarely the latter.
  • Wario: hates themselves
  • Donkey Kong: either a furry or into memes way too much
  • Diddy Kong: annoying
  • Yoshi: just wants to have fun just let them have fun for once please
  • Link: Camps with arrows
  • Toon Link: Camper that knows how to play the game
  • Zelda: lands every sweetspot
  • Sheik: wishes this was melee
  • Ganondorf: tries to land uptilts and warlock punches way too often
  • Samus: wants a new metroid way too much
  • Zero Suit Samus: neckbeard that wants a new metroid game
  • Pit: funny guy that loves life
  • Dark Pit: exactly like Pit but more competitive
  • Palutena: playing a goddess poorly reflects their goddess-like status
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Lands a 9 eVERY FUCKING TIME
  • Little Mac: Thinks landing a KO punch is hard
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Scarily good at the game or a mom
  • Male Robin: trust, they are a friend
  • Female Robin: Do not trust, they are probably a Gemini
  • Marth: Wanted to play melee and got yelled at
  • Roy: wanted to play melee, lands every neutral b
  • Lucina: Spams shield breaker
  • Ike: they're gay. Has a nice and meaty feel.
  • Kirby: Cute and pink just like Kirby
  • Meta Knight: played brawl competitively
  • King Dedede: somehow wins even though they were losing the whole time
  • Dr. Mario: Cries themselves to sleep
  • Pikachu: what the hell
  • Pichu: Either really good or has a death wish
  • Charizard: "omg I love pokemon, Charizard is like the best one." "How did I lose, Charizard's a boss!"
  • Lucario: not a furry. I swear I'm not a furRY I SWEAR I SW
  • Jigglypuff: your imminent destruction brings great pleasure
  • Greninja: wanted mewtwo, but when he came out liked greninja more
  • Mewtwo: old greninja mains
  • Ness: Sinnamon Roll
  • Lucas: Cinnamon Roll
  • ROB: ?????????
  • Shulk: Actually played Xenoblade, uses Jump to nail off-stage and off-screen kills
  • Captain Falcon: way too competitive, thinks knees are hard to land
  • Fox: Either a furry or still plays melee. Bad voice actor.
  • Falco: your 9 year old cousin
  • Duck Hunt: has the personality of a dog, just wants to have fun
  • Olimar: how the fuck are they so good at the game holy shit
  • Pac-man: either a mom/dad, or a kid who owns pac-man pinball
  • Sonic: you won't win. Sonic mains always win.
  • Ryu: doesn't even like smash.
  • Mii Gunner: secluded
  • Mii Swordfighter: Neckbeard
  • Mii Brawler: I dunno they just kinda stay silent but they win all the time
  • Ice Climbers: Cries in a corner
  • Wolf: a furry with too much angst
  • Snake: Gay
  • Villager: oops
Christmas Eve


After eating a lot of food, dancing around the Christmas tree, singing at the top of your lungs, even though your grandmother sang the wrong lyrics twice, you all were happy and the mood on its best. Finally letting go of each other’s hands, you and Luke propped down onto your couch, letting your two cousins deliver all the present that were placed under the Christmas tree. After seeing your grandpa almost tearing up about an expensive vine you had bought him, whilst being on tour with Luke and the boys in Italy, one of your cousins came over to you. “Y/N this is for you.” She said smiling, handing you the little blue box. “Who’s it from?” you asked curiously, starting to wrap the paper up.  “Luke.” She said pointing towards the blond boy, who was sitting with an awkward smile, nervousness spread all over his face. Letting out a laugh, you removed the paper, and opened the box, seeing a ring in the middle of it. “Is it an engagement ring?” Your aunt asked, mouth full of peppernuts, but joy filled in her voice. Looking up at Luke with a weird expression, he let out a nervous giggle before taking the box from you. Taking the ring in his hands, he took yours; you letting him slip it on your finger. Fiddling his fingers over yours he let out a shaky breath before speaking up. “It’s a promise ring don’t worry. It’s a promise from me to you that you’ll always know that even though I’m 1000 miles away, I’ll still love you and think about you every day. It’s a promise to you that I will marry you one day and have kids with you.” Letting out the breath you were holding, you covered Luke’s face with kisses, letting his smile grow bigger. “Thank you.” You smiled, letting your cousin hand him the gift from you. “Oh no.” He said in looking up at you. “Open it.” You shrugged, learning back in onto the couch, eyeing his work, making sure to see his reaction. Opening the box, a big smile crept upon his face, making him look up at you in awe. “Baby, you shouldn’t.” He cooed, fiddling with the handmade plectrum in his hands. “But I did.” You said sternly. “I can’t explain how much I love you.” He laughed pulling you in for a much needed kiss.


”You’re gonna have a great competent.” Your sister explained to Calum, pointing towards you, who were already ready to eat the dessert. “She’s been wining 3 years a row.” “How did you manage to do that?” Calum asked, with an “o” shape formed on his mouth. “I guess I’m just really lucky.” You laughed, folding the napkin out, placing it on your lap. “I don’t really like rice pudding.” You shrugged, taking a spoonful, smashing it onto your plate. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Cal said in disbelief. “How can you win so many times yet don’t even like the dessert!” He said, getting frustrated. “I guess I’m just a lucky potato.” After eating all the 3 bowls your grandmother had made, something happened. “I HAVE IT.” Calum yelled finally, making your home family cheer, except for you. “I cannot believe I just ate 3 plates of this rice shit, and then you win!” You said whipping the white excess from your mouth. “Better luck next year.” Calum laughed trying to pull you into a hug but you refused.” Nonono don’t you even dare.” You laughed backing off. “I’ve been winning in this family for so long, a freaking peasant from Australia is not going to beat me!” You said running a hand through your hair. “Baby there’s always next year.” Calum tried, but your grandmother interrupted. “Just give up Calum, Y/N is stubborn like shit, there is nothing to do.” Hey!” you defended, laughing at your grandmother. “God knows where she has it from.” You father laughed looking over at your mother. “Don’t blame it on me, blame it on her.” Your mother said stubbornly pointing at your grandmother. “How do we live with this?” Your father joked, asking Calum. “I don’t know sir. These women are just an addiction I guess?” He laughed making your father give him a high five. Catching you by the waist Calum pulled you into his chest, making you let out a huff before placing your arms around him. “I’ve got something for you that may cheer you up.” He said, pulling away, handing you the envelope. Looking curiously you opened the envelope, taking out 2 plane tickets. Looking up at Calum in disbelief for the second time that day, you face broke into cheer. “When are we leaving?” you asked hugging him. “Tomorrow.” He answered placing a kiss to your forehead.


”Michael?” You called walking down the hallway to your parent’s house, in search for finding him and your brother since dinner was ready and they were the only one missing. Opening the door to your brother’s door, you saw the two boys, jamming with guitars in their hands, playing different chords. “Ehm guys.” You interrupted, making them both snap their heads up towards your voice. “Dinner is ready.” You said when all the attention was on you. “Yeahyeah we’ll be there in a minute.” You brother said before going back to his guitar play. Shrugging, you closed the door again before heading towards the dinner table. “Where are they?” Your cousin asked, sitting impatiently waiting for the food. “They’ll be here soon. I think we should just start.” You couldn’t even finish your sentence before your whole family was digging into the food like animals. “Heyhey save something for us.” Your brother laughed taking his place on the opposite side of you, while Michael sat on the empty chair next to you. “I’m warning you, my grandmother knows how to fill you up with food.” You warned making him raise an eyebrow. “You think I can’t take it?” He asked a smug smile on his face. “I’m just saying it.” You pointed out. After eating and talking you started to help the orders by doing the dishes and taking plates from the table. “Y/N” Michael moaned making you snap your head towards him, giving him your full attention. “Could you carry me to the living room please?” He asked rubbing his stomach lightly. “Nope.” you laughed taking the last plates that were on the table towards the sink in the kitchen. “Come on fatty.” You laughed patting his shoulder making him stand up. “We’re going to dance around the Christmas tree.” After dancing around three times, Michael couldn’t take it anymore and had to sit down. “Guys how can you eat so much without feeling any pain.” Michael asked making your family laugh. “Wimp” You uncle laughed making Michael laugh as well. “I guess you aren’t a real Y/L/N yet.” You aunt teased, making you speak up. “He will someday.” You smiled, looking lovingly over at your boyfriend and his bloated stomach. He winked at you, making you giggle before you added; “But currently he’s a coward.” You teased, sticking your tongue out at him. “I’ll get there one day.” He said confidently. “Just not today.”


”Y/N?” Ashton asked surprised, seeing you stumbling around with your uncle laughing hysterically. Are you drunk?” He asked in disbelief seeing your eyes going round, not really focusing on anything. ”It’s his fault!” You hiccupped, pointing towards your now innocent looking uncle. “She wanted to herself.” He defended rising his hands in the air. “Good luck mate.” He said, patting Ashton on the back, leaving you two on the hall alone. “I can’t believe you got drunk at Christmas Eve” He laughed lightly taking your by the waist, pulling you down the stairs towards the living room. “Y/U/N wanted me to drink so much at dinner. He thought it would be fun since he has never seen me drunk before.” You explained smiling dazedly towards your boyfriend.  “That’s great to know.” He laughed. Setting you down onto the couch he joined you, pulling you into him. “Aw look at them.” Your aunt said, making her and your mother aw in unison. “He’s such a good boyfriend.” Your mother told your aunt making you look over at them. “He’s also good at-“Ashton covered your mouth before saying something you would regret. Getting the hint you shut your mouth lying back onto Ashton’s chest, letting him caress your hair. “Boyfriends are ridiculous” your cousin said making your mother laugh. “You’ll get there one day.” Your mother reassured making your cousin let out a disgusted expression. “Boys are disgusting.” She pointed out making Ashton look up in disbelief. “Hey!” he snapped making your 9 year old cousin to laugh. “Expect you Ash, you’re ok.” “Why thank you.” Ashton said in satisfaction, you still laying with your head no his chest, placing with his plaid shirt. “Have you been thinking about engagement?” You aunt asked making sure to ask, after seeing you basically pass out on Ashton’s chest, small snores coming out of your mouth. “Well not really, I think I’ll think about it after the tour is over.” Ashton answered refereeing to the tour he was currently doing, but came home for Christmas just for you. “I’ll just let you know that you have our blessing.” You dad said, sitting down next to your mom, giving her a light peck on the check. “That’s wonderful to know.” Ashton answered looking down at you lovingly, before looking up at your parents again, the same lovingly expression covering their faces.