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you guys made such incredible creations this last week and made us have so many sam and dean feelings all over again :’)

for a change of pace, the second week’s theme focuses on urban legends that have been featured on supernatural. this could include anything from hookman in season 1 to the mystery spot in season 3 to slender man in season 9 - and anything and everything in between. like always, however you choose to interpret the prompt is totally up to you!

if you plan on participating this week:

  • please reblog this post to spread the word
  • make sure to post your creation by june 4th at midnight pst
  • remember that you are free to post any kind of creation you want: graphic, gif, edit, fanart, fic, etc.
  • put a link to spn hiatus creations in the caption of your post (if it’s an image post), along with this week’s theme (if you’re posting a fic/ficlet, please put the link and theme at either the beginning or end of your post)
  • make sure to tag your post with #spnhiatuscreations so we can reblog it to the main blog

if you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask. we can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with this week!

anonymous asked:

9, because I'm a new artist And 12, because it'll be fun

9. What drawing program do you use?

Clip Studio Pain Debut! It came free with my tablet and it’s really useful once you get the hang of it despite being a trial version. I don’t recommend Paint Tool SAI if you’re anything like me, because, for whatever reason, the line stabilisation is shoddy.

12. Draw one of your favourite characters in 15 seconds


Gobblepot AU Week 2017

Dear Gobblepotters,

It’s time for another event!! What’s better than having Jim and Oswald falling in love in the current universe? Them falling in love in ALL THE UNIVERSES!!

That’s right, it’s an AU week! From June 19th - 25th we’re messing with alternate universes. And we’ve got a little bingo card set up with some prompts to inspire all of you.

Like ususal, you can write, draw, gif, make fanvids, playlists, or anything else you want, featuring Jim and Oswald. Tag your wonderful creations using #GobblepotAUWeek2017 and please be sure to mention us as well @GobblepotGazette .

And of course, a big THANK YOU to @grndmstrexo for making the banner and @gobblepotstew for the art! :D

We all look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Your mods,

@destielfourever, @grndmstrexo, @guanin and @butterfliesandresistance

anonymous asked:

the band with an s/o who has dermatographia? it's like being able to write on your skin, it's rlly cool

2D: He would find it really weird, yet awesome! He would unconsciously write new song texts on your arm if he was thinking of something nice. He would be careful, still asking you if you maybe have an allergic reaction, or if it is just your skin. 

Murdoc: Oh boy… He would really enjoy it during seks. Leaving all kinds of trails on your skin really triggers our green pickle. He can exactly see where his nails have been and he enjoys it A LOT. He would also every know and then play Tic-tac-toe with you on your arm.

Noodle: Noodle would leave the most beautiful creations on your body. It would be filled with sweet messages or little drawings. She tries to draw herself sometimes, holding her guitar etc. But she would fail sometimes doing that. She would also write Japanese words on it.

Russel: He would first read in to it. Making sure he won’t hurt you or harm you in any way. After that, the doodling begins. He would doodle all kind of figures and would play for in a row with you.

the purest things harry’s written about louis
  • sweet creature, sweet creature, wherever i go, you bring me home
  • the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation, i love you, that’s all i do, i love you 
  • i think i might give up everything, just ask me to
  • i don’t care what people say when we’re together, you know i wanna be the one to hold you when you sleep
  • you’re all i want, so much it’s hurting 

Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck in a CAS rut and a lot of my sims end up looking very similar. I’ve seen these types of click and drag generators often as writing resources, or as silly games to predict the “future” and thought it might be interesting to tailor it and incorporate it directly into the sims so I’ve thrown a quick one together. Everything is still quite open-ended so it’s all up for personal interpretation, it’s just a push to get you started. 

*Note: I included alien and vampire under gender. If you get one of these options, feel free to drag again until you get male/female to determine the gender, or choose it yourself. Like I said this isn’t set in stone and is more for inspiration than hardcore rules. If you don’t have the vampire pack, just pull a different result. No biggie.

By no means do I take any form of credit for this idea, I’m sure it’s probably even been done on simblr in the past, I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and thought I’d share it with all you lovelies as well. x

Might make a fun challenge too? tag your creations as #clickanddragcas or something and see what this prompts us all to make maybe idk!! just have fun nd make cute sims

Jupiter in the Houses & what it ensures for our future

Jupiter in the first- the more you grow the warmer you get
Jupiter in the second- you will achieve total happiness
Jupiter in the third- you’ll be successful in your studies
Jupiter in the fourth- the more you give the more you’ll get
Jupiter in the fifth-  you’ll fall in love with your creations
Jupiter in the sixth- you’ll find a job that fulfills you
Jupiter in the seventh- your s/o will be wonderful to you
Jupiter in the eighth- you’ll always gain something out of bad experiences
Jupiter in the ninth- your opinions will someday be highly respected
Jupiter in the tenth- you will be recognized for your excellence 
Jupiter in the eleventh- the more people you help, the better life gets
Jupiter in the twelfth- you will learn how to heal not only others but yourself
-crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “where’s my jupiter?”

There’ve been quite a few create-a-sim challenges floating around tumblr lately, but I wasn’t really connecting with any of the prompts, so I decided to make my own! 


- May only use ONE sim. Download someone from the gallery, create your own, use an EA townie, whatever. Make sure you’re 100% pleased though because you’ll be stuck with them till the end!

- CAN NOT change Sim’s genetics, body shape, etc. (Hair, contacts and such are free game, but try not to alter anything that couldn’t be easily changed irl.)

- I’d appreciate it if you included a link back to this post. Thanks!

- Since this was inspired by the style of lookbooks, try to include each outfit’s corresponding CC links when applicable. Not only is this super helpful for fellow simmers, it will also save you from having to answer tons of WCIFs.

- Get creative! Take your screenshots right from CAS, pose your Sim in a parallel in-game setting, or PhotoShop your own backdrop. The choice is yours!

- I tried to make each category as gender neutral as possible, so feel free to interpret each prompt however you see fit! Just make sure to stick to the rules (or not, it’s just a game) and have fun!

Day 01: Your Favorite Color
Day 02: Business Presentation
Day 03: Destination Wedding Guest
Day 04: Dance Class
Day 05: Meeting the Parents
Day 06: Home Improvement
Day 07: Lazy Sunday
Day 08: Music Festival
Day 09: Hiking Trip
Day 10: Graduation Day
Day 11: Royalty
Day 12: Secret Agent
Day 13: Comic Convention
Day 14: Ski Trip
Day 15: Grade School Teacher
Day 16: Disco Fever
Day 17: Springtime Picnic
Day 18: Pop Star
Day 19: Professional Athlete
Day 20: Day at the Beach
Day 21: Red Carpet
Day 22: Flight Attendant
Day 23: Stepford Housewife (or husband)
Day 24: Teenage Emo Phase
Day 25: 60′s Bohemian


If you decide to partake in this challenge, I’d love to see your results! Post your screenshots with the hashtag #aop lookbook challenge so I can give ‘em a like / reblog!


As a thank you for everyone’s support, I have designed a Graphig papercraft of Keith in his casual outfit that I’d like to share with everyone. If you decide to make this papercraft, please share it with me! I’d love to see your creation. Thank you for all the love and I hope you enjoy this small gift. 

Original blank Graphig template credits to Nasos (NCEmpire) (email:

Just a little reminder for all those artists and writers out there.
Keep doing what you’re doing. Cause what you’re doing is great and the creations you make or write up are something real special. 
You may not think that now but I promise you that you’ll look back after you’ve grown so much and smile upon your achievements.