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It’s a dream come true

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s audience spotlight moment at the 2017 Oscars with mother Luz Towns-Miranda. And. I NEVER talk about him like this, okay, but my god. This PRECIOUS CHILD. Okay?
Are any of us okay???
Yes. Because Luz.


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Who’s got two thumbs and is now officially a member of the glorious Red Army? This guy!

Also got a RWBY backpack, which ended up being smaller than I was expecting. I didn’t take into account that Kerry was the one modeling it when I was trying to work out the size…

(he/him, please)

ohdaddyjohnny  asked:

All three nct units ;)

  send me a kpop group and i’ll tell you  


who was my first bias: MARK LEE
who is my current bias: Doyoung my love my life my one my only <333
favorite era: …7th sense forever yall. their only era when will they return :’)
most played song by them: to be honest 7th sense and without you are played the same amount i love both those songs so much

NCT 127

who was my first bias: swEATS taeyong
who is my current bias: doyoung duh
favorite era: limitless because they included johnny and doyoung and everyone seems much happier with them around so like. happy nct makes me happy ;;;;
most played song by them: baby don’t like it or switch

NCT Dream

who was my first bias: HAECHAN MY SON
who is my current bias: haechan i love that kid so fRICKING much
favorite era: chewing gum because they were all there ;;;;;;
most played song by them: my first and last it’s. so good. haechan gets me every time with that “oh maybe maybe”