Kings and Queens

Anti-Camille. I don’t think she’d do this in canon, but whatever, right? Also, the idea of Klaus having Caroline’s contact name be Queen is not mine.

Rated M but SFW for the most part. Part Two

Camille said goodnight to Klaus and his siblings with a plan in mind.

Rebekah had shown her to her temporary room – she wasn’t safe in the city for some reason they didn’t tell her – but that wasn’t where she was heading.

All upstairs was lined with spelled sage candles, though only a few were lit up. She sidestepped them for the room she wanted, at the end of the hall.

It was Klaus’ room, and she’d only ever seen it once. With dark walls, a big bed, and many pieces of artwork, it screamed ‘Klaus Mikaelson’.

She gently sat on the bed, wanting to savor being there. It was so intimate. She knew that no one else came in this room, but maybe he’d let her now that she’d come in. He was warming up to her, so it was a good possibility.

She looked around, hoping for more clues into his personality. She didn’t find much, just paintings, letters, and, oddly, a pair of women’s underwear. Camille stared at it for a long moment, noting how it seemed recent, almost like something she owned. She knew he’d never panty raided her…but what if he did? There would be no way she would know unless he said so. She shivered at the possibilities.

She set the lace down where it had been in the first place, in his drawer full of keepsakes, and moved back to the bed.

There was a phone on the bedside table. Curious, she picked it up, and opened it easily. None of the Mikaelsons had passcodes. Too technologically advanced, apparently.

There weren’t any apps, nothing on Safari, no notes, nothing like that. She didn’t check the texts, though, because surely there was a line she couldn’t cross and that was it. She did, however, check the contacts.

There were only a few – Elijah, Katherine, Queen, Rebekah, and Stefan. She only recognized the names of his siblings, though the name Stefan did sound familiar. The other two names sent a flare of jealousy through her. Katherine? Queen? Really?

Completely disregarding her hesitancy, she clicks on the texting app.

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Flower Prompts

I love these prompts so much that I know I’ve done them to death. So in honor being a thirsty ho who loves answering these meme prompts, I’ve made my own.

  • Anemone - Forsaken, Fading hope
  • Bouvardia - Enthusiasm
  • China Aster - Jealousy, After-thought
  • Daffodil - New beginnings
  • Eglantine - A wound to heal, Spring, Poetry
  • Fern - Magic
  • Gardenia - Secret love
  • Hyacinth - Please forgive me
  • Iris - Valor
  • Jacob’s Ladder - Come down/Come back
  • King Protea - Everlasting
  • Love Lies Bleeding - Hopelessness
  • Mint - Let us be friends again
  • Narcissus - Self-love
  • Orchid - Luxury
  • Primrose - I can’t live without you
  • Queen of the Meadows - Uselessness
  • Rocket - Rivalry
  • Spider Flower -  Elope with me
  • Tansy - Resistance
  • Umbrella Sedge - Home
  • Viscaria - Dance with me
  • Wallflower - Fidelity in misfortune or adversity
  • Xanthium - Rudeness
  • Yew - Sorrow
  • Zephyranthes - Expectations
April Fools’ Day

Is Keith joking or not? 

Shiro = Space Dad
Keith = Let me sleep
Hunk = Hunkules
Lance = I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid
Pidge = Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight
Allura = Queen
Coran = Don’t trash the ‘stache

Let me sleep >> Space Dad, Hunkules, I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid, Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight, Queen, Don’t trash the ‘stache

Let me sleep: Guys… I… have a small problem…

Space Dad: Define small.

Let me sleep: uh well… maybe it’s not a small problem… I’m purple

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Choices Tarot Reading

A reading about whether @elderawesome should stick with what they know, or branch out.

Card 1: You

Queen of Wands

  • You are energetic and self-assured, connected to what you want in life. Your creativity and purpose are both strong, and it allows to be bold in your choices because you will ensure that they work out. Recognize your own desires and go ahead and do it!

Card 2: Things to consider when making your choice

Knight of Wands

  • You’re already committed to an idea and ready to start going out there and getting things done, but don’t rush into things or be too impulsive.  Don’t lose sight of reality, and be sure to think things through before acting. Take constructive criticism and be sure that you have a plan.

Cards 3, 5, and 7: One course of action (sticking with what you know)

Eight of Wands

  • This card is all about action and everything coming together. The path you’re on now is coming toward a successful conclusion and things are moving so fast you might feel like things are simply moving through you, rather than you having control over what you’re doing. Just keep your goal in mind and you’ll be able to stay on the path instead of having this energy overwhelm you.

Ace of Swords

  • You are perfecting what you’re doing and have insight now into what exactly it is you want out of it. What you’re doing now takes great intelligence and fortitude, but you have it. If you fully commit to this path and draw on that strength, you’ll succeed for sure.

Ace of Cups

  • This path gives you a lot of emotional fulfillment and allows you to give to others.  You really enjoy being able to give yourself to others, and it brings you a lot of joy into your life. It’s possible you’ve lost a bit of love for yourself on this path though, and need to re-learn how to be as open as you would like to be.  You need to be comfortable with who you are before you can give again the way you used to.

Cards 4, 6, and 8: Second course of action (branching out)

Page of Swords

  • There’s a lot of eagerness and excitement here, but about something that requires a lot of planning. You might be thinking of doing something that will require you to learn a lot of new skills (or even go back to school).  It won’t be easy, and you’ll need to draw on your inner strength and maybe a lot of logic and reason. But, you have the passion and enthusiasm to find the knowledge that you need.

The Lovers

  • You’re making a decision right now between what is easy for you, and what is right for you. You need to look deeply inside yourself and decide who you really want to be, remembering that what is hard for us, often shapes us the most. This might feel like you’re choosing between two separate parts of yourself, but we’re complex, and you can always be more than just one thing.  In fact, you’ll be much stronger if you can get your two halves to work together.


  • Again, this is a huge decision for you.  You’ll need to assume responsibility and be accountable for your actions. Take a look at where you are now.  Is it where you want to be? Would you choose your current path again if you had the chance? Listen to your conscience here.  Every action you take has a reaction, do your best to think through what the reaction could be if you pick this path and be sure you have all of the information.


There’s a lot of excitement here about branching out, but also warnings about how much thinking and planning it will take.  But, it’s not an impossible path, just one you need to think through very thoroughly, knowing that it isn’t the easy path. It looks like sticking with what you know is working out really well for you, even if you’re aren’t feeling it 100% right now. Be very careful about being too impulsive right now.

Bonus photo because my cat decided to help with your reading.

anonymous asked:

Do you want to recommend some blogs to me, pleaaasee?

Ahh, of COURSE I do!! I hope you mean Inuyasha blogs, because that’s probably all I could help you with! (edited!!)

inuyousha - Makes super cool gifsets, made my amazing icon ahhhh don’t you just love it? Also, she writes ficlets and posts them on here and she’s super friendly and amazing and a GREAT SINGER OMG

amaayasha - Writes and does analyses and is just so amazing in general! Probably gonna be your go-to-gal if you love friendship fluff as much as I do!

sankontesu - Also writes and always has some random cool Inuyasha headcanons that’ll just pop up and trust me you’ll always be looking forward to them!

inukagkids - Does some super super amazing art and comes up with the backing stories to… InuKag’s future kids! Oh man it is so epic the art (and sometimes short animations) are so worth it, it’s just awesome

lnukags - Posts stuff from lots of fandoms but yes, one is most def IY and their blog is SO amazing and the mastermind behind it is really nice! :)

kaminaskattana - Does some REALLY RAD FANART AHHHH like it looks JUST like the original style and they’re so amazing and it’s just so beautiful

I’m slowly running out of adjectives shit shit shit

kagomesjewel - Very very VERY awesome IY blog that you most def should follow yes your dash will be FILLED with IY it’s wonderful

masitadibujante - If you don’t love KogKag and InuSan well, you will after following them the art is THAT amazing trust me and super cute and hjshfk FOLLOW

modinu - For all of your super cool modern day headcanon’s about Inuyasha and friends, these get really descriptive and it’s just always fun to read the headcanons on here!

incorrectinuyasha - OH MY GOD do you know how much fun this blog is?? Follow for all of your  favorite quotes that could have and should have been in IY, but sadly were not.

astrokrys - Does some very adorable art for IY and also reblogs lots of IY stuff and please go follow themmmmm!

lady-griddlebone - God knows the fandom needs more Mirsan, here is where you will FIND THAT MIRSAN YES YES LOTS OF FANFICS AND SUCH PLEASE DO FOLLOW

mi-alma-congelada - God also knows that there’s more than one super amazing MirSan blog! Some top-notch Mirsan right here ALSO Jade is super sweet and yes you won’t regret following this blog :{

animaniacal-laughter - Inuyasha AND Rurouni Kenshin, could it get any better??? You’ll find some cool gifsets here and a really cool mind behind the blog, do follow!

makepretendprincess - wELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT MORE OF GOD’S HIGHLY DEMANDED MIRSAN yes there is some amazing writing here and a a really good singer too ahhh, please make sure to follow Rory!

awkwardinuyashascreenshots - Exactly what you think it is, and yes, you need to follow this, you know you need it in your life

kaiserreich - An amazing blog for IY overall, and one that you absolutely must must MUST follow!!

fairtomato - If you don’t already ship Sessaken and Treeku you will once your follow bc of the AMAZING art and if you’re into Mass Effect, well, here ya go!

uyenduyle - WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE Geez the drawings on here are MAGICALLY real and trust me, you’ll love everything on this blog! Follow follow followwwww

yokai - Some really great and amazing edits and transparents over here! Inuyasha, and other fandoms too! Such a fantabulous blog to follow

inuijiness - Ahh there’s amazing writing AND amazing fanart like geez could it get BETTER like there is fanart of the fic you already know you wanna follow, it’s all so good, so good

sluttybrowniez - Omg, some super great SessRin fics over here! Also, they’re a cutie, you should def follow the blog!

hanmajoerin - An amazing writer, an amazing IY blog, and also writes the dialogue for this really cool webcomic both she and meselfandwhy are working on! Should def follow!

meselfandwhy - Ahhh, they’re such a great blog! There’s really cool  art, and they even write! It’s all super wonderful! The artist for both her and hanmajoerin’s webcomic, and also the creator of the doujin for inuyashasforest‘s amazing fic!

inuyashasforest - Such a great writer for IY, and also, made a really cool cosplay of Miroku a while ago! Definitely a good blog for writing to follow!

kay-i - Oooohhhh wow look at the IY art on that blog it’s FABULOUS! You should definitely follow them for some more great art! I remember they did a cool cosplay once, too!

aiharayuzuchi - Ooohhh my God okay so if you’ve ever seen those screencaps with the fun captions on them, yup, that was probably by this blog! Definitely a blog you should follow!

artistefish - Omg okay so there is art AND writing here and and it’s all really cute and amazing and you can’t NOT follow this blog it’s effing gorgeous please follow them, please

kaze-ranna - You saw the description, yes, it is ALL Inuyasha, a super great blog to scroll down and it’s just so nice seeing them on your dash!

tenseigaa - SessRin yes yes you are going to love this blog if you love SessRin, and even if you don’t! Super cool Inuyasha blog!

czarcastic-dog - Is currently writing a quality Naraku-centric AU fic and her’s a CHEMIST you know you want to read it! Also a great blog for the occasional analysis and it’s crazy, she knows like everything about Inuyasha, you should definitely follow

inu-fiction - Your hotspot for some fantastic IY fanfiction, and other IY things!! Cause you can never have enough fanfiction!

inu-fanon - This blog will clear up any questions you had concerning the difference between what is canon and fanon in the IY universe, a great blog to follow!

dheerse - Such quality art that I almost want to cry and bow down, please do follow them for the amazing art and for the amazing person behind the blog, yes

actualinuyasha - Lots of lots of fantabulous INUYASHA this blog is beautiful and fantastic and yes you will love it, please do follow them!

toward-tomorrow - Sooo many amazing gifs and edits! You guys must check out this blog! Also some amazing analyses on the series itself!

itsamourshippinguniverse - Has a bunch of super cool IY stuff! Lots of amazing headcanons and theories and ackkk how did I forget you? Ily, I’m so sorry ♥

inukikfanfluff - OH MY GOSH yessss some quality art and also InuKik ftw and also a really nice mod so do check them out!! Can’t get enough InuKik ack why am I not fOLLOWING YOU

queen-of-sinking-ships - Ahh yet another amazing blog tat posts a bunch of IY stuff ahh yes please follow them!! So nice too omg

ALL RIGHT WHO DID I MISS? If I missed anyone, please include yourself, or them, in a reblog, or come yell at me to edit this! If you want me to change how I described you on here, let me know, just come at me

I hope I helped out, anon!

I've decided to rename all the CS-centric episodes with appropriate titles

The Doctor - You Bested Me
Tallahassee - I Was Hoping It’d Be You
Into the Deep - I Think He May Care For You
Queen of Hearts - When I Jab You with My Sword, You’ll Feel it
In the Name of the Brother - I’d Pick You
And Straight on Til Morning - You and I, We Understand Each Other
Heart of the Truest Believer - I Quite Fancy You, From Time to Time
Lost Girl - Perhaps I Would
Quite A Common Fairy - My Boyfriend? Hook?
Good Form - As You Wish
Ariel - Until I Met You
Dark Hollow - When I Win Your Heart
The New Neverland - The Long Haul
Going Home - Good
New York City Serenade - I Came Back to Save You
The Tower - It Means it Still Works
The Jolly Roger - I Swear on Emma Swan
Bleeding Through - Boom!
Kansas - Hook, Come Back to Me
Snow Drifts - Oh Now That’s Much Better
There’s No Place Like Home - So Are You