thing i learned from hxh characters
  • gon:go after what you want
  • killua:cherish the people important to you
  • leorio:be selfish for the right reasons
  • kurpica:your friends safety is more important than revenge
  • meruem:no matter how emotionless you think you are, you will love someone someday.
  • komugi:someone will appreciate you for who you are
  • pouf, pitou, and youpi:being too loyal can be your downfall
  • kite:you can't do everything by yourself
  • hisoka:dont trust everyone
  • alluka:if everyone hates you but you have one person who truly loves you, you'll never be alone.
  • pariston:its not about the goal, its about the journey thats fun (this shouldnt be serious but it is fuck)
  • ging:follow your passion (just dont have a kid and abandon them on an island with your sister dickhead)