Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil is a natural vegetable oil produced by cold pressing the Rosehip berries of the Chilean Rose. It has been found to be very effective in skincare products for a range of skin conditions including; dermatitis, acne, excema, rosacea, mature and sun-burnt skin. It is a “dry” oil and absorbs directly into the skin making it an excellent oil for people with acne, large pores and oily skin types as well as all skin types from sensitive to dry.

Rosehip Seed oil contains 80% of fatty acids (linoleic-omega 6 and linolenic - omega 3). These fatty acids have an important function in the regeneration of skin cells. It can refine skin texture, refine fine lines, reduce scars, blemishes and pigmentation and the effects of sunburn.

Rosehip Seed oil is one of the few oils that contain natural occurring Vitimin A, which delays the signs of ageing. Vitamin A is also effective in treating acne, dryness, sensitivities and irritations.

As well as an excellent treatment oil for the skin, it can also be used to strengthen fingernails and strengthen thinning damaged hair.

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Argan Oil

The latest buzz ingredient in the cosmetic industry is Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa), due to it’s moisturising properties and abilities to reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is beneficial for normal and mature skin as well as Rosacea. Argan Oil is non greay oil that originates from Morocco and is produced by the kernals of the Argan tree.

Argan Oil is nutrient dense and contains Essential Fatty Acids (nutrients), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Ferulic Acid (prevents UV damage), Squalene (deactivates free radicals, moisturizing for mature skin, helps with Rosacea), and Phytosterols (reduces inflammation).

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Natural Face Mask Ingredients (Good enough to eat!)

The following Ingredients can be found in your cupboard or refrigerator. By mixing 2 or 3 of them together makes an excellent and (cost effective!)uber nourishing natural face mask.  Mash them up in a bowl and apply with a mask brush or by hand, leave on for 5-10 mins and remove gently with warm water. If you have very sensitive skin, do a patch test first on your arm in case you may get a reaction. No nibbling!!

Natural Yogurt/Buttermilk/Mayonnaise - Mildly cleansing & toning, good base for a natural mask.  Good for dry skin.  Mayonnaise has a slighly bleaching effect.

Egg Whites (Albumen) - Has a tightening, toning, cleansing effect. Can be used on Normal, combination and oily skin.

Egg Yolk - Has a nourishing effect, good for dry skin

Honey - Stimulating, softening effect on the skin. Hydrating.  Should not be used on young or sensitive skin.

Oatmeal/Yeast - Mildly stimulating exfoliant.  Used to remove blackheads.

Milk - Bleaching effect


Strawberries - Mildly stimulating and astringent, good for oily skin types. 

Apples - Mildly toning and can be soothing, also good for oily skin types

Lemon Juice, Grapefruit, Orange - All citrus fruits have a stimulating effect, they can help dry and oily skin.

Bananas - High in potassium, calcium and vitimins.  Soothing and softening effect on the skin. Great for dry skin

Papaya - Very nourishing on dry skin and an excellent enzymatic exfoliant, your skin will be glowing!

Kiwi - Stimulating - good for both dry and oily skin

Apricot - Nourishing and high Vitimin C content, great anti-oxidant


Avacados - Very gentle on the skin.  High in Vitamins & Minerals.  Soothing and softening effect on the skin. Excellent for Dry skin.

Tomatoes - Mildly toning and can be soothing. Good for oily skin

Cucumber - Cooling for sensitive dry skin.  Soothing especially for the eyes.

Potatoes - When thinly slices or grated has a decongested effect.  Reduces puffy tissue around the eyes.


Wheatgerm Oil - Nourishing, slightly stimulating

Almond Oil - Nourishing & stimulating for dry/dehydrated skin

Olive Oil -  Nourishing for dry, mature skin

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Shopping with a Conscience

It’s 2011, three years deep into Irelands worst recession in 20 years. A combination of dependency on Foreign investment, an unsustainable housing bubble and uncontrollable spending lead the Irish economy to come come crashing down in 2008 with a 13 billion euro debt to make things even worse. 400,000 people became unemployed giving a large proportion of the population a lot more time on their hands to THINK.

THINK about all the mistakes that were made and ensure that we as a nation are never in this situation again.

So what can we do to fix this? Each individual can start today by thinking about how we use and consume the products we use in our homes everyday;

Where does our food come from?
What ingredients are in our cosmetics?
Are our clothes made in a sweat shop in India for 50 cent a day?
How much waste do we produce?

There is so much emphasis on being thrifty now, cutting back on spending and getting a good deal on Groupon, but this is crippling small businesses and is actually hurting   our economy even more. Yes consumerism was excessive in the past ten years or so, but consumerism is needed to keep our economy ticking over, instead, now we should still consume but be more conscience when shopping.

We should Shop Local - support local food suppliers, local fashion designers and natural skincare producers.  The best place to find these are at farmers & fashion markets.  Bigger department chains and stores should also play a part in helping the local economy and should incorporate a local element to their collections. This creates a local currency which in the long run is more sustainable. By supporting local business we are strengthening our economy.

The days of mass production is disappearing.  With less money in our pockets, consumers now want quality and their purchase to last.  This change of mindset is good news for small producers and the consumer to help step by step to a stronger, more self-reliant and sustainable local economy.

Scented Candles - Killing me softly?

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, our Vanilla scented candles can kill us! A recent study by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, found that synthetic candles produce “smoke laced with almost as many toxins as those produced by cigarettes” and their paraffin wax produces “volatile organic compounds”, their synthetic jasmine fragrances and vivid dyes can produce harmful particles when heated, and their cored wicks can produce soot containing lead, zinc, tin and metal cadmium. Plus, they’re to blame for asthma. So by creating a scented haven, our living rooms are now as polluted as O'Connell Street!

“lighting many of them every day for years, or lighting them frequently in an unventilated bathroom may cause problems”, says Dr Amid Hamidi of South Carolina University who lead the study. The chemical released in harmful amounts include human carcinogesn and chemical know to cause asthma attacks, such as toulene and benzene.

However, not all scented candles are harmful, hurray!! Quality handmade soy based candles, scented with pure essential oils are safe and in fact beneficial to our wellbeing! yet most of us purchase the mass produced candles made in China, with chemical fragrance and dyes and paraffin wax, so next time you want to purchase candles or buy a gift for someone who suffers from Asthma, opt for the natural soy based candles, they smell nicer, burn for a longer time and won’t harm us.

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YouOrganic Orange & Cinnamon Woodwick Soy Candle

Handmade using eco soy wax and pure essential oils of Orange and Cinnamon and a walnut wood wick

Woodwicks make a soothing crackling noise when burning. Soy wax burns slower then normal wax, perfect for the dark winter nights ahead.

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Sweet Orange Essential Oil (citrus aurantium dulcis)

Sweet Orange Essential oil has a jolly, fresh aroma, burn this oil on a dark winter evening and it will bring a bit of sunshine and make your mood cheery!  It’s a detoxifier, boost immunity and helps ease insomnia.  It is also an excellent oil for the skin, resulting in healthy, smooth and glowing skin and is also effective on acne and dermatitis.  Always make sure you are purchasing natural and pure essential oils, not synthetic fragrance oil.  Purchase from health stores or pharmacist and ask the staff for advice.  I always keep my citrus essential oils in the fridge as these oils go rancid quicker then herb or floral oils.

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Foods that Nourish the Skin - From the inside

On a daily basis we are exposed to the ultra violet (UV) radiation from the sun, pollution and free-radicals which break down the collegen and elastin (the protein structure that our skin is made up of) Anti-oxident rich foods can help treat the skin from the inside. As a Naturopath and Skin Therapist, I believe in the effectiveness of topical treatments of the skin, however to get real results, you need to start with your diet.  These are some of the best foods to eat.

Foods that protect the Skin






Brazil Nuts


Cashew Nuts

Corn on the Cob


Dark-green Leaf vegetables






Pink Grapefruit





Sunflower Seeds


Sweet potatoes




Wholemeal pasta

Whole-grain cereals

Foods that Regenerate the Skin





Protein-rich foods - Lean red meat, chicken, fish, tofu and eggs

Foods that rehydrate the Skin


Hemp Seeds

Oil Fish


Salads - Lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber 

Maintaining the body’s fluid levels. This is best achieved by drinking herbal teas

Anti-Aging Drinks

Fiji Water

Green Tea

Pomegranate Juice

White Tea

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