Younow Masterlist (3)

part one, part two

Accident Analysis - excessivephan

Summary: Dan invites Phil to play a viewer suggested game of twister during his live show. It was fun, until Phil fell.

Aftermath - dailypocalypse

Summary: In which a liveshow leaves Dan crying in his room.

I Would Never - keepcalmandnevermindpanic

Summary: During a liveshow Phil joking says that Phan is his OTP and it causes shit storms.

Live Show - kittyxuchiha11

Summary: The Phan shippers are acting up again, driving Dan insane by spamming the chat in his live show. he becomes so annoyed he accidentally blurts out his feelings towards Phil. what will happen when Phil hears Dan’s rant and comes to see if he’s okay?

New Year’s Kiss - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Dan and Phil do a liveshow for the end of 2014 with a surprise waiting at the end.

Nightmare - holysmokesphan

Summary: Phil doing a live show and Dan being asleep on the couch having a bad dream and waking up screaming and Phil having to comfort him during his liveshow.

Oops - constipatedhowell

Summary: Phil is doing a liveshow while Dan is out. When Dan came home, he pretty much gave everyone a heart attack.

Same - phantasticfics

Summary: Dan is doing a liveshow and people keep bringing up phan and he gets annoyed with it so much that at one point he calls Phil in and says “i’m going to kiss Phil, to prove we dont feel anything towards each other” so they kiss but afterwards Dan realizes he really does care for Phil.

Shout-Out to Phil, tbh - maggieisnotacat

Summary: It’s just a regular Phil Sunday Younow, with…some special guests.

Simple Mistake - holysmokesphan

Summary: Phil leaves his live show on, thinking he ended it, and he and Dan kiss when their viewers have no idea they’re dating. The phangirls go crazy in the chat and gifs are everywhere. Phil feels like an idiot.

That Would Be A Yes - holysmokesphan

Summary: Dan is doing a live show when he’s asked if he’s a good kisser, so he asks Phil, his boyfriend, who confirms it for him.

The Liveshow To End All Liveshows - phanpocalypse

Summary: Dan and Phil have a fight that leads to an interesting liveshow.

They Want To Know - japan-phan

Summary: The people of YouNow want to know if he’s a good kisser, what can he do?

Younow Crashes - danteasers

Summary: Dan’s wearing Phil’s hoodie during a younow and finds a ring in one of the pockets.


May 4th, 2015 8:33 PM

  • Gator Shirt and Key are in the glass case
  • “That’s not my number”
  • “Yeah why am I wearing a shirt? I don’t wear shirts.”
  • “Who else should I block…”
  • “Omg look who just texted me. You guys know exactly who texted me”
  • “Well I am answering so will you look at that. But his text doesn’t need an answer, its the end of the conversation but im gonna still send some emoji’s”
  • “We never send an irrelevant emoji… they’re always relevant.”
  • Puts on some music TI ‘About The Money’ then sings along to ‘One Last Time’ by Ariana Grande
  • Looks like he still texting
  • The Bridge is the best part:

“I know I should’ve fought it At least I’m being honest Just stay with me a minute I swear I’ll make it worth it Cause I don’t want to be without you"

  • ‘Bang Bang’ comes on next which he cuts short to put on ‘Love Me Harder’ followed by “Break Free” and sings both in a high pitch falsetto
  • “What the hell is digifest I thought vidcon was the move”
  • ‘Post to Be’ for a bit then Zach needs a moment for ‘Can you Feel the love tonight’
  • “Come here Pizzle lets rock back and forth to this”
  • Gives a tired a Pizzle a wet willie
  • Broski goodnight kisses, and a little rough housing
  • Zach can’t be mad while Randy Newman is on though
  • Peyton is stressing Zach out. Dad comes to save the day.
  • “I love you too goodnight”
  • ‘The Circle of Life’ is apparently a club banger and Ari should remix
  • Zach is Ari’s 2nd biggest ban, Pizzle is the 1st
  • “I’ll make a man out of you.” This broadcast is basically an Ari/Disney sing along.
  • Zach says he’s about to slay this next song…‘Reflection’
  • Rate performance 1-10 …10 being Ari, 1 being Cody
  • Ariana is queen “duh”
  • Regular Disney night suggestion, we’re watching Parent Trap
  • “15k likes you guys are the BESSSTTTAHBDKHBD”
  • End Broadcast
  • Pool to himself chillin with an icepop
  • “Idk what happened (about the last broadcast ending). Tiger was about to do some tricks for you guys though”
  • “What’s black white & blue all over? A Zebra at the north pole.”- IcepopJoke
  • “Fallout Boy is the best”
  • "Leak my number? Okay 561…..7
  • Follow Mishka Bushka on instagram
  • "Don’t judge me by friends. So if Mishka posts some crazy shit, That’s not a reflection on me”“All my friends are problematic. They’re problems. I’m a problem” Chat- You are who you hang out with" Z-“No you’re not!”
  • “Type F if this is a good view. Type R if this is a good view. Type A if this is a good view. Type N if this is a good view. Type K if this is a good view. Type I if this is a good view. Type E if this is the good view” (FRANKIE)
  • Jumps in pool and does laps
  • Pizzle’s science project: room temp, frozen, boiling golf balls. Which one bounces the highest? (room temp one)
  • Chillin in the yard with Tiger. Puppy’s tired.
  • What am doing tonight? Should I give away the Nicole thing tonight or tomorrow (Fan painting of him and Nicole)
  • Pick players tonight… Rock, paper, scissors tomorrow
  • Helping Pizzle with math. Elementary school math makes no sense.
  • Trying to think of a way to pick players without it only being top fans.
  • Settles on Top 5 at the end of this broadcast and Top Random
  • “I don’t date? that’s not true.”
  • Setting up and activating up replacement phone
  • Blocks a troll names Amanda, who claims Dominic tweeted that him and Frankie are trying to work things out (and deleted the tweet)
  • Blocked another fake Eva account, EvaBlissFully
  • Singing ‘Shut it down’ and gets into it.
  • Blocks 5th person of the day
  • Dinner with The Rances
  • Jill was watching BruhItsZachsMom instead of Zach
  • Zach says Taylor Swift is a cat lady and boring. Too classy for Zach
  • Starting a new Trend: Wear a lightning charger around your neck
  • “Who is Mcguyver, I know he’s important because he’s in a Drake song” (Really Rose? *facepalm*)
  • Zach’s gonna be busy in July. Peyton says Survivor.
  • Blocks another Eva
  • Funniest line he heard in a while “Frankie’s tattoos slayed me”
  • Zach got Josh to start saying LOL OMG etc..
  • Dinner was on fleek, Jill slayed dinner
  • Another Eva block, persistent af
  • An Ethan cooper block
    We don’t know about Bobby apparently, and Zach can’t tell us
  • Y'all better start with the ass kissing
  • Top 5 fans pick who the randoms are

*This recap was longer because I (almost) watched the full broadcast. In the future I plan on skimming through broadcasts and giving a short recap at the end of the day. Send requests for caps, or video clips to my ask.

Also please utilize the submit feature if you would like to help with the recaps.

  • Basketball court with Pizzle and Friend
  • “I’m gonna go school some 10 year olds”
  • Plays for a while until his knee starts bothering him
  • Runs into his neighbor Brett
  • The decision between pool and golf is causing Zach stress. “My life is so hard”
  • (to Dad outside the house) Z “Can I show everyone what you’re doing“ D- “No” Z-”Why is it illegal?” D- *laughs* “No” Z- “Why can’t I show them what you’re doing” *cue yikes face from above”
  • He started singing and ….I…I think he broke. I momentarily consider calling someone for help
  • Tiger distracts him. I think he’s okay.
  • Stream ends unexpectedly as the camera is on tiger. A new stream starts a few minutes later.