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What about the band with a demonic S/O who works directly for the man downstairs?

2D: He thinks its pretty cool but after seeing so many horror movies he is a bit worried. He knows not to mess with that stuff and wants absolutely nothing to do with it. He still loves you but he can’t help but feel on edge around you

Murdoc: He’s a satanist and has sold his soul to the devil so he knows all about it. If anything its just another thing you have in common and he becomes even more attracted to you

Noodle: Considering she’s killed demons in the past she’s a tad concerned. She tries not to get too involved in it and stays out of your business. She doesn’t want it to effect how she sees you but it definitely doesn’t help matters 

Russel: After all the shit he’s been through because of demons he isn’t all that happy to find out about your partnership with the devil. He tries to separate you from the demons in his past but it can put a strain on the relationship at times