ghost-log  asked:

gotta do SPN for the fandom meme

You and Marina both asked for Supernatural, so I’ll do this once and tag you both when I get home.

First Person I Fell in Love With: Dean Winchester. *whistles* Hey baby.

The person I never expected to love as much as I do now: Bobby. But I should’ve known better. I ALWAYS love the grumpy old vet guy who reminds me of my dad.

Person I would totally smooch: Dean.

Person I would want as a best friend: Bobby, and that’s how I’m trying to play it in my human!Impala ask blog, but it’s hard when you play both characters. XD

Person I would want as a little brother/sister: Charlie.

Person I’d want to be like: Is it wrong to say Abbadon? Like, a less evil Abbadon. She’s got her shit together. She’s fierce, driven, and girl can rock the Hayworth hair.

A pairing that I love: Destiel. Yes. I do.

A pairing I despise: Wincest, but again, despise is a strong word. I’ve actually thought about how it /could/ happen, but it would be HORRIBLY dysfunctional and not sexy at all. (A deconstruction of the pairing, I guess.) So. Um. You should never ask me to write Wincest unless you want your heart shattered. Because I will dry ice and mallet that sucker.

ghost-log  asked:

but cris if i ask you to bring me a beer it means i love you

Now that I’ve had time to think about it (which means I should go to bed soon), I could see how it would in the sense that you have to trust in the knowledge I’m going to bring you a cold beer. (I don’t know how it is in other Hispanic homes, but in my family, it’s a disappointment if the beer isn’t cold.) And if you can’t trust someone to bring you a cold beer when requested, pues donde esta el amor?