youngtitan213 does art

YO somewhere someone wrote in some fic this little bit about Leo being extra anxious over human anatomy because of the lack of shell on the back, leaving the internal organs more exposed to danger. (This of course happens as Karai has lashes on her back) I thought the notion was beautiful and brilliant and it often pops up in my mind.

EDIT: much love to lexininja!!!! Thanks for inspiring.



Photoshop for the illustrations, import to After Effects for some cheap and cheerful fireworks, export image sequence and import back into Photoshop to be gif-ified. 

April taking Raph topside to see fireworks on New Years Eve was my original idea. The more I thought of it though, I realized that I can’t ever imagine April or Raph going to do something such as this without the other bros. 

So this turned out Familial. But that’s okay, I kind of like it better this way.