Baby was supposed to give a speech for their UR MAN win,

But being Baby, he was about to cry and can barely talk,

It’s not like Saeng can talk any better, so he told Baby to gave the mic to Kyu,

and Kyu was the one who gave the speech,

even though he himself was actually speechless and can barely lifted himself during the encore..

This is an old gifset (see the quality?) buried in my draft.. Glad that i found this :)


Q: You′ve fulfilled your childhood dream, but now you must have a new dream.

YS: I′ve fulfilled my first dream by being the member of a group. People don′t remember you if you never make it to the top, though. I’m sorry I didn’t get to stand at the peak with SS501, but I want to try again alone. It won′t be easy, but I like having a life full of challenges.