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I don’t really like drawing Hanzo as a super “tsundere” since the term has such a negative implication to it due to terrible animu portrayals which show them as abusive and unapologetic for it.

I see Hanzo more as a flustered fluffy mess when it comes to the cowboy and doesn’t know what to do with himself when the cowboy blindsides him. But I hope this was okay?  Thank you for the ask @funkeyfun64!

Just a reminder that breaking up with someone who is toxic to your life is not a two person decision. It isn’t up to them whether you break up with them or not, don’t buy into the whole “you can’t do this to us” bullcrap. Yes, you can. 



**I have slowly becoming a Gency Shipper (TuT)**
Here’s my little tribute for Gency Week Day#2 OW Alternative Universe
I will be doing more Overwatch Academy Comic , Stay tuned !
And Last but not leaset, Thankyou @zeearts for featuring + reblogging my shits to Gency week. This is actually a token of appreciation for her!