if i fought this indie singer, who would win? (pt. 2)

so i saw this text post floating around a few years ago and absolutely loved the concept. so, just to make it certain i’m not stealing your idea, rather just adding some other artists i think should be mentioned. original text post by @miragesofu! here we go.

Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear): There is a 40% chance Ed knocks you out. He’s so full of love and in a happy relationship with his adorable boyfriend. Although I feel like if threatened, his inner protective grizzly bear could come out. (Like that time he roasted Taylor Swift on Twitter?) So if you really want to, you can fight Ed. (But why would you want to?)

Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice): There is an 80% chance Ellie knocks you out. I mean have you seen how much cred she has from being in one of the best grunge/indie bands in the modern music scene? Also, her brother is a model so they could both just easily stun you with a glance. Don’t fight Ellie.

Yannis Philippakis (Foals): Turn around. Walk the other direction. He will get Dickensian on your ass. There is no way in HELL you are gonna win this one. Sure, he’s 5′7 but this man has the strength of 10 greek gods. He may come off as cuddly and soft (which he is) but it’s all a front. Don’t. Fight. Yannis.

Jack Steadman (Bombay Bicycle Club): 0% chance Jack knocks you out. He’ll most likely be preoccupied with sampling the most indie shit you’ve ever heard that he won’t even realize he’s supposed to be in a fight. Fight Jack.

Joe Newman (Alt-J): 50% chance Joe knocks you out. He’s got a bit of pent up anger from people always asking what his band’s name means. He’s got a soothing voice that could put you in a trance mid-fight so, it’s up to you. So if you’re up to it, Fight Joe.

Harry Koisser (Peace): -500% chance Harry knocks you out. I mean come on, he’s in a band called Peace. Doubt he’s gonna be in any fights anytime soon. He’s always wishing he had perfect skin so I doubt he’s gonna want to get it all cut up. I mean, sometimes he kinda deserves to be punched 4everever. so. Fight Harry.

Alex Trimble (Two Door Cinema Club): 0.5% chance he knocks you out. He’s all recovered from the hiatus and is back to his normal self. Although, he’ll probably be lecturing you on why social media is corrupt and ruining our lives. He’s also lost his northern irish accent completely. So for that reason alone: Fight Alex.

Van McCann (Catfish and the Bottlemen): 30% chance Van knocks you out. He’s not the strongest dude in the game, but he’s definitely got determination. If anything, he’ll get a good punch in but it will most likely have been complete luck. He’s a good guy though. Fight Van.

Connor Schofield (Jaws): 60% chance Connor knocks you out. He’s in one of the best indie bands right now and has written some Bops. Been on sold out tours and has 2 albums out. All of this under his belt whilst being unsigned. This guy has some tricks up his sleeve. So if you want to? Fight Connor?

Dave Bayley (Glass Animals): 60% chance Dave knocks you out. In a physical fight? Maybe not. But in a battle of wits this kid would have you begging for mercy. Went to Oxford University and is super smart just because. Brought back Pineapple’s and made them indie again. Don’t fight Dave.

Elena Tonra (Daughter): This one’s gonna end in a draw. Sure, she’s super cute and super petite but have you heard her lyrics? This girl has experienced a bit of life here and there. Once you hear those words all you’re gonna want to do is make her a cup of tea and ask her if she’s ok. Don’t fight Elena.

Matt Hitt (Drowners): -0% chance Matt knocks you out. This guy is like best friends with Alexa Chung and dated that one girl from 50 shades. He’s gotten cool from the people he knows. Sure. he’s got a cute face but the only thing he’ll get out of a fight is looking super angsty with a bruised eye. Fight Matt.

Josh Tillman (Father John Misty): -420% chance Josh knocks you out. He’ll be too busy writing about the demise of our society while simultaneously calling you out on your bullshit. He’s got some important things to say, but let’s admit it. He needs a good punch. Fight Josh.

Ben Howard: 15% chance Ben knocks you out. This guy’s middle name is angst. It isn’t. But it should be. He’s got some words that can tear your heart out. But overall, he just wants to be listened to. Don’t fight Ben.

Justin Vernon (Bon Iver): 10% chance Justin knocks you out. I mean come on, we’ve all heard holocene. That guy wouldn’t hurt a fly. Although he is very versatile and could be useful in a fight. (Most likely not). It won’t get you anywhere, so unless you really want to, Fight Justin.

Declan McKenna: -0% chance Declan knocks you out. This kid is one of the youngest in the game right now. Memes are his thing. Relatable to them #youngpeople. He’s just so easy to make fun of. So for the fun of it and because it’ll be an easy win, Fight Declan.

Mac Demarco: 0% chance Mac knocks you out. This guy is the literal definition of chill. He’ll probably offer to grill you a hotdog or some weird shit like that. He’ll get in a fight with you and at the end of it all still tell you “God Bless.” Just because it’ll be fun, Fight Mac.

Thomas Mars (Phoenix): 0.5% chance Thomas knocks you out. This guy is like 40 something now? Been in the game for long while. One of the OG Indies. There will probably be some sort of language barrier between you two, so it’s probably not even worth the fight away, Don’t fight Thomas.

Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol): 5% chance Gary knocks you out. He’s a bit tired of being known as that ‘Chasing Cars’ guy. He’s also Irish so I wouldn’t want to fight an angry Irish man. But then again, he’s just another tall lanky Irish dude. Fight Gary.

Sameer Gadhia (Young the Giant): 50% chance Sameer knocks you out. This guy has the face and voice of an angel. Again, super smart and witty. But at the same time, has something intimidating about him. I’d say it’s a hit or miss. Don’t fight Sameer.

Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys): 0% chance Dan knocks you out. Okay this dude not only has The Black Keys, but has another band called The Arcs AND a solo project. Someone needs to tell this guy to sit down and take a break. He’s probably tired as hell. Fight Dan.

i always see those “7th graders now vs. me in 7th grade” things and it actually makes me think

  • girls are even more pressured to look more beautiful, wear more makeup, and look more like 20something year old women than they were when i was in 7th grade
  • like me, the people in question probably weren’t that fixated on looks in 7th grade (aka Not Cool and also Had Hobbies and Was A Child) as opposed to girls that (unfortunately) learn to hate how they look super young
  • people tend to blame girls who try to look older/more beautiful/more “sexy” instead of critically thinking about what causes our culture to pressure them to do this. it’s not because girls are just inherently shallow or attention-seeking it’s bc
  • from increasingly young ages girls are taught that they’re not worth much as a person if they’re not acceptably pretty and feminine

anonymous asked:

Considering you watched Motorcity, Tron Uprising, and Star Wars Rebels, do you have anything to say in regard to each property's portrayal of a resistance movement in response to an oppressive government?

Great question! It is interesting that in the last 3 years, Disney of all networks has aired three programs with an emphasis on young people aggressively challenging an oppressive government structure (and then promptly failed to renew two of them).

Now, I’m just a simple woman… I ain’t never taken part in no grass-roots rebellion. But I feel like Tron Uprising paints the most realistic version and least “fun/escapist” of engineering socialdissent. Ironic in that this show takes place in a virtual world.

  • Beck and Tron operate with extremely limited resources; a lot of their campaign is based around fooling the military into believe The Resistance is larger and more potent than it actually is (we see this theme brought up in Star Wars: Rebels too)
  • There’s an emphasis on the importance of icons, people will rally behind the image of someone rather than the individual themselves. People blindly lay down their lives for Tron, but Beck who knows Tron as a person will not necessarily follow Tron’s orders to the letter
  • There’s a whole episode dealing with people who tag (get it?) along behind social causes for self centered reasons as opposed to a genuine desire to offer help
  • Beck’s actions have a strong and immediate impact on the people within the city, though not always for the better. A lot of early episodes deal with curfews being enacted or instances of brutality by the military because of Beck and Tron stirring the pot. This is why characters like Zed and Mara were so important, because they gave us a window into the concept of public opinion and what it is to live in a world on fire. Mara always wants to fight back, but has too many responsibilities to fully commit… and least at first. Zed initially regards the occupation as a scary, but unavoidable annoyance that can be dealt with by keeping his head down. Then he tries to benefit off of it. Then he realizes just how horrible things are becoming and takes up arms. We see micro examples of this transformation happening within the population all throughout the series.

Motorcity, by contrast paints social rebellion as the most totally cool, radical, balls-to-the-wall awesome thing you could do. Which makes sense given the tone and aesthetics of the series. It’s all about living fast and free: driving your race car in an impossibly awesome sub-terrain party zone with your buds; eating pizza and drinking soda as you play your music super loud and stick it to “the man”… who is also unknowingly the overbearing father figure of your maybe girlfriend which also gives it this kinda Footloose allusion.

At times, Motorcity toys with the idea that a lawless society would indeed have negative aspects like unsanitary living conditions and gang violence… (see also the way Claire is treated by other civilians anytime she’s in Motorcity) but it never really goes anywhere with this. There’s a kernel of intrigue here in terms of the dilemma between a life of mature security with no personal liberties vs. a life of juvenile, dangerous, freedom that unfortunately never gets reconciled.  And yes, I’m aware that Motorcity’s inability to explore it’s concepts to their fullest were a result of network standards.

Don’t worry, complaining about Disney’s treatment towards its third parties is something I’m always here for…

I love you…

And then we have Star Wars: Rebels… Which I think strikes a nice balance between the two. Though admittedly that perhaps can be thanked to the series borrowing tonally from Firefly more than once. (And the only one confirmed for a second season, though admittedly that may simply be due to Star Wars’ brand power…)

We’ve got the “feel-good” element of joining a super-duper-cool band of buddies/surrogate family unit to fight an unambiguously evil foe with equal measures of down-to-earth realism:

  • The Ghost’s crew, by their own admission, can never hope to stop The Empire on their own
  • Their actions are largely based around keeping themselves and other impoverished citizens safe/fed
  • Retaliation by The Empire is bloody and horrific

I don’t have a ton to say about Rebels at this point, particularly in terms of it’s depiction of antagonistic characters versus the way such characters were approached in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, since I’m saving that for a full-on video review.

However, I will say though that out of these three shows: Tron Uprising is far and above my favourite; and a lot of the reasons why have to do with the way it framed rebellion. But, again, I am not the demographic for action cartoons. I can’t help that, but I care share with you my thoughts and opinions.

Young Peoples Meeting

I used to think there were two types of people. Those who drank and those who didn’t. Those who didn’t were fucking weirdos lacking a social life or even social skills on some level. Boy, was I wrong, especially now being introduced to the young people’s AA community. Went to a meeting tonight, rowdy, emotional, inspirational, and welcoming all at the same time. They invited me to crash a suprise party they were throwing for one of the members and so I went, thinking I had nothing to lose. Well, young women and men surrounded me, gave me their contact info, had genuine interest in my story and were fucking cool! It was cigarette and red bull fueled fun, and while I didn’t think I could genuinely have a good time without alcohol, tonight proved different. 

okay sorry but real quick:

it is actually so incredibly disappointing to me that people aren’t in support of what these kids are doing. They actually established a picketing of the AP US History conservative conglomerate to fight the systematic bleaching of Us History. They are actually trying to institute a board to eliminate civil disobedience and the likes from the curriculum to “promote positivity surrounding US History and nationalism”. In protest, students are actually promoting their EDUCATION against censorship. WHY THE HECK WOULDN’T YOU SUPPORT THAT. Kids are FINALLY standing up for their education and you mock them in spite, and undermine the importance of young people being heard. As if they don’t face enough opposition in the face of what they think is right.