Why You Should Stan Boyfriend:
  • they literally have nice songs for everyone to enjoy
    • cutesy [x] [x]
    • bad boy/darker songs [x] [x]
    • slow songs/ballads [x] [x]
    • upbeat songs [x] [x]
    • fairytale concepts [x] [x]
    • cool japanese songs too [x]
  • amazing, unique voices [see above]
  • very solid album songs too tbh
  • super sweet and nice to fans
  • lots of hyung line vs. maknae line action
  • entertaining on variety shows [see Weekly Idol]
  • lots of sass and jokes 
  • Boyfriend W Academy is still one of the greatest things to have happened
  • TWINS [double the fun tbh]
  • One twin raps (Kwangmin) & the other sings (Youngmin) 
  • They’re slowly and steadily gaining more fame in Korea w/ their recent concepts, indicated by their first two wins
  • They’re well aware that they are not Starship’s most popular group and work so hard to improve
  • Attractive dorks –– all of them.
  • they’re just so great??? pls love them

150625 Boyfriend in Lanai Cafe Facebook Update ~

■Gangnam Lanai Cafe “Boyfriend” photoshoot

It’s Hawaiian Kona, Lanai Cafe pancake
So this was yesterday? At the Lanai Cafe on June 25
  The wonderful princes came to visit our place.

The unmistakable, popular group “Boyfriend”
They come to visit Lanai Cafe.

As Boyfriend came to visit our Lanai Cafe it became so much brighter than usual.

Please give lots of love to Boyfriend along with Lanai Cafe.

Boyfriend fighting~!!

Cr: lanaicafe | Trans by me^^

Boyfriend react to their short girlfriend

Donghyun:Oh my god, this burger is bigger than your -joking-.

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Hyunseong: -When you are trying to catch something but don´t get-.

Hyungseong: You are so cute jagi *try not laugh but fails*.

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Jeongmin: -You are shorter than him, but when you weare high heels you are taller-.

Jeongmin: You are very pretty in high heels, but please jagi don´t weare them when we go out together.

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Youngmin:-When you say that you´re too short-.

Youngmin: Where do you here that ridiculous thing, you are perfect.

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Kwangmin: -He think that you are adorable when you try to kiss him but you can´t because he is very tall-.

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Minwoo:-He die of laughter when you try to take something but do not get-

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Y/N: What is so funny? Try it.

Minwoo: Ok.

-When he can´t-.

Minwoo: Whatever, I don´t want to take it.

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*Sorry, not sorry*