#5/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“I’ll walk you home.”

ft. HighschoolCrush!Im Youngmin

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“Oh shoot…” you sighed, you were the last person to leave the library and you realized that after the librarian kindly wake you up.

You’ve been studying like crazy because of the finals, and choose this library because of its vast collection of books and people came only for studying so you can concentrate more.

All the lights have been turned off and you checked your phone, 12.47 a.m… You clearly missed the last bus, you can walk home but you were kinda scared because it’s already midnight.

You decided to at least buy something from the convenient store across the library and maybe you can call your dad or your brother to pick you up. As you entered the store, you recognized someone standing in front of the coffee aisle.

Im Youngmin.

Your crush Im Youngmin.

You tried to calmed yourself down but it’s too late, his head turned into your direction. He smiled and waved at you, “Hi Youngmin! You were at the library too?”

“Yes, I just finished eating ramyeon and about to go home, how about you? Looks like you studied hard,” you laughed sheepishly, “I slept hard earlier, too tired…”

“You’re going home?” he asked, you groaned a little as you remember your situation, “Yeah kinda, but I missed the last bus and too scare to walk home so I’m going to call my dad to pick me up here,” you shrugged.

“I’ll walk you home.”

“Well that sounds gre… what?! No no you don’t have to!!” you blushed, “If I’m not wrong, you go the other way right?” you asked, “I’ll just… call my dad…” your thumb was ready to slide the phone screen up when Youngmin hold your hand and smiled softly.

“What if I insist?”


Fan-Edited Open-Up Performance (MUCH BETTER THAN MNET’S)

A super high quality fan edit of the Open Up performance in which center Yongguk actually seems like a center and screentime is much more equal and the overall colors, aesthetic value, and quality of the video is better than Mnet’s (MAJOR props to the OP)

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this moment was so funny someone save the poor child woojin | ©