youngmin birthday

Bae Jinyoung as your boyfriend

- you and jinyoung are neighbours, and oddly enough you both hardly even recognise each others presence
- whilst walking to school, during school and the walk home you guys generally ignore each other
- that doesn’t mean you don’t think about each other though
- you notice jinyoung always lingering outside his house and only starting to walk to school once you’ve left your house
- he waits for you so you can walk together! (by together i mean jinyoung walking an awkward distance away from you)
- he thinks you don’t notice but of course you do
- “are you waiting for me?”
- “me? Waiting for you? Well… I guess you noticed…“
- jinyoung losing confidence and staring at the ground
- “let’s properly walk to school together, rather than having this weird distance between us- I mean we are neighbours so we may as well.”
- jinyoung smiling was a rare moment (for now) and your lips instantly turn up at the sight of his smile
- your friendship slowly develops, from awkward conversations about homework to having an intense conversation on conspiracy theories
- “y/n stop scaring me with your lies, yOU ARE FAKE NEWS!!!”
- jinyoung refusing to listen to your theories and deciding to run away
- and now it’s some form of hide and seek as you can’t seem to find jinyoung
- “jinyoung… Please come out, I dont want to walk home without you. I’ll be too lonely without you… Jinyoungieeee I’m sorry!!”
- his heart melted when you tried to do aegyo, whether it was because he cringed so much or maybe the fact he was hopelessly in love with you
- he jumped out of nowhere and somehow you ended up in his arms
- in the heat of the moment before he knew it, jinyoung had his head leaning in and so did you
- first kiss yeAH BOIII
- his lips are soft and a blush quickly spreads
- awkward silences otw home and jinyoung continuously glancing your way
- “y/n, I’m sorry. I was out of order, I should’ve just held my feeling- I shouldn’t have just sprung on you like that we should just forg-”
- “I like you bae jinyoung.”
- he slowly intertwines his finger with yours
- “me too… I like you.”
- yay relationship!!!!
- regular detours on the route to school just so he can talk to you for longer
- jinyoung is shy with your relationship and you both have decided to keep it on the down low so not many people know you guys are dating
- he has a habit of walking past you in the hallway, deliberately making sure his fingers quickly linger on yours
- eye contact from the other side of the hallway
- “yah jinyoung, you’ll never guess what, I’m paired up with y/n for the project. I’m so lucky, not only is she smart but kind of cute- do you think y/n has a boyfriend?”
- you can tell jinyoung is angry even from the other side of the hallway, he slammed his locker before leaving without even saying bye to his friend
- it’s lunch and your at the rooftop where you normally eat lunch together and you see jinyoung pacing around
- “what’s wrong? Did something happen, you seem kind of annoyed…”
- he ignores you and continues to pace around
- “if you’re going to be like this I’ll just eat lunch in the cafeteria.”
- you storm off into the cafeteria not realising that jinyoung was actually following you
- you reach the cafeteria only to realise everyone’s eyes are on you, and then you look down to see jinyoung is firmly holding onto your hand…
- everyone was listening in to the conversation between the two of you and your group of friends
- “we’ve been dating for a long time already, I thought most people knew…”
- jinyoung answered for you, a smirk on his lips as he wrapped his hand around your waist, he knew everyone was watching and made sure they witnessed this
- so now your relationship is public!!!
- holding hands and he makes sure to hold your hand even tighter when you started complaining about how sweaty his palms are
- convenience store dates, which include several cups of ramen
- you watch him slurp his noodles and you can’t help but smile at how goddamn cute he looks
- “you must be thinking, ‘wow my boyfriend is so goddamn cute I’m so lucky to have him’- admit it y/n.”
- “no, I’m thinking ‘wow my boyfriend has sauce all over his lips’ hehehehehe”
- he stops eating and props his elbows on the table, leaning his face onto his hands PSH trying to be cute… It was working
- “the sauce just makes my lips even more kissable, y/n I know you want to kiss meeee”
- his lips were pouted and he was doing a silly type of aegyo but jinyoung was right, you did want to kiss him
- your lips meet and you can taste the ramen which causes giggles from the both of you
- jinyoung also enjoys giving you back hugs, normally out of the blue at the most random moments
- but you enjoys the way his arms feel around your waist and the way he nuzzles his face into your neck
- you’ve realised he enjoys your neck a lot
- in dramas the girl normally leans on the boys shoulder, but lmao it’s the other way around for you guys
- jinyoung likes placing his head on your shoulder and enjoys leaving kisses on your neck
- studying together includes both of you getting distracted by one another
- your both trying to study for the English test but in all honesty, the both of you are more interested in other things
- “I’m getting bored, y/n let’s take a break, pleaseee”
- he’s realised that aegyo is the key that allows him to get what you want
- “how about no”
- you focus your attention back to your notes but at the corner of your eyes you can see jinyoung approaching you
- a hand appears on your waist and the other on your cheek
- and before you know it, the studying turns into a make out session
- “jinyoung did you know that I have the same birthday as youngmin sunbae”
- you spilled the most random things into the conversation, which was fine with jinyoung
- but today he just wasn’t talking so you were trying your best to form some kind of conversation
- “what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking? Are you okay…”
- he let go of your hand and turned to face you
- “did you know that you’ve been hanging around with youngmin loads, you even left me to walk home by myself to stay with him and now you won’t stop talking about him”
- you can’t help but laugh at how childish he was being rn and it didn’t help that you were annoyed with him for ignoring you the past few days
- “so my concern for our relationship is funny?…”
- “look jinyoung, I’m laughing because you’re acting childish; we’re in the same dance club and we have to choreograph together, I’ve told you this before. I don’t understand why your so jealous when you know I like you.”
- “But he’s so much better looking than me and youngmin can dance, he’s smart and he’s so good looking-”
- “jinyoung, by any chance are you in love with youngmin sunbae???”
- this caused a chuckle from the both of you, and you slowly approached him, just about reaching your arms around his neck
- “stop comparing yourself with others, jinyoung you’re everything I want and need, tsh- why do you ruin the moment, look into my eyes instead of the ground hehehe”
- he lifted his eyes to meet with yours
- “y/n, I’m not in love with youngmin sunbae but truthfully I do have a shrine in my bedroom dedicated to him. What are you doing to me, I’ve completely fallen for you, y/n I love you so much.”
- another chuckle sprung out the both of you before embracing each other once more
- “you’re joking about the shrine right? Because if the guy I love has a shrine for someone and that someone isn’t me, we’ll have some sErIOUS issues!1!1!!”
- his arm wraps around your shoulder and the both of you start walking home, jinyoung reaches your ear and whispers
- “to be honest, the shrine in my room is dedicated to you- and a good 25% of the shrine space is for youngmin”
- if you haven’t already guessed, sarcasm is something both of you indulge in
- buT anyway first time saying ily!!!! - jinyoung enjoys squishing your cheeks especially when your annoyed, he says you look like an angry bird character
- cooking together, I mean if you consider making ramen ‘cooking’ lmao, but y'all are still cute together
- arguing over how much water to boil as well as how many packets to put in
- “but y/n everytime I put one packet you always finish first and eat some of mine…”
- most of the time spent together would be inside in each others arms cuddling; jinyoungs long body would wrap around you and he’d blow into your ear, knowing how ticklish you are
- he also tries his best to keep you awake
- “y/n I love you, wake up… You’re missing out on my cuteness and me pouring my heart out!!”
- “if you continue like this you’ll have nothing to pour out of your heart because I will have stopped it, I just want to sleeeeppp”
- he places a soft kiss on your nose before pulling you closer as he tries to drift to sleep
- “yah jinyoung, I was kidding, continue telling me about the episode of circle…”
- cute pillow talks!!
- you’ve both fallen for each other and in love, the end…

Boyfriend Reaction: When they forget your birthday

Donghyun: [thinking of a way to apologize]

Hyunseong: [acts cute] I`m so sorry I forgot, honey~~ Forgive me

Jeongmin: [doesn`t admit forgetting your birthday] I DIDN`T FORGET you… you just ruined my surprise! [you: then where is it?] Well…

 Youngmin: I`m just a human-being and humans tend to make mistakes quite often…

But you know what, I`m really sorry? See? [shameful aegyo]

Kwangmin: It is today you say?..

I`ll be your gift~

Minwoo: [shockedd and mad at himself because he had been preparing for your birthday a few weeks ahead and thought he couldn`t forget]

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)

anonymous asked:

what do you think are youngmin's attractive features?

Jo Youngmin’s attractive features? You mean..

His eyes?

His eyelashes?

His scar imperfections?

His lion hair?

His neck porn?

His rarely seen arms?

His hands?

His 뒷모습 (back profile)?

His lips?

His smile?

His laugh?

His aegyo?

His ‘charismatic’ gaze?

His gheiness?

His… alter ego?

The way he eats?

The way he jumps?

The way he seduces you?

The way he slips on the ice?

The way he sneezes?

The way he asks for a chocolate?

The way he acts?

The way he dances?

The way he walks in with lawd gooseh?

His artistic skillz?

His never-ending derps?

His fear of ghosts?

His aggressiveness??

The way he celebrates success?

His dandystyle fashion sense?

The way he wears glasses?

The way he interacts with animals?

His voice + the way he sings?

The way he performs?

The way he stands on the stage?

The way he makes hearts?

The way he takes care of kids?

His meaningful and touching thoughts?

His kindheartedness?

His perfect face?

His overall existence?

If that’s what you meant by attractive features, then I think these are his attractive features, THE features that makes him, him… The features, that makes him Jo Youngmin

Happy birthday hatchdeii to you joyoungmin, you lil piece of perfection.