I’m making a Littlest Pet Shop game (inspired by VinCity) named after the show within the show, Super Cute Investigators. It features Blythe and Youngmee as the SCI pair working to unravel a mystery in Downtown City Park with the help of our pet friends. I’m using AGS so graphics are… PIXEL-Y. Here’s a very tiny peek of stuff I’ve been working on!

I also tweet about it every now and again if you wanna get the scoop and stay in the loop >>Twitterrr


IMO, this song is cool. Not as good as “Dance Like You Know You Can”, “Crush”. “We are the Littlest Pet Shop Pets” or “Fun Being Fun”, but still…

TRIVIA: MandoPony (Andrew Stein), most well known for his pony music and his relations with the Creber family actually sung the song.